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18/09/2019 13:25:30

Partners Drive Growth – Embrace the Model of Collaborating with Partners

I’ve worked with many software companies, opening markets, establishing new clients and building channel and alliance go-to-market partners. My clients think of revenue like a fork – multiple sources that are defined, scored, and driven. Here are a few US partners that provide ISV’s a competitive advantage:

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  1. Starting up a small business in New Zealand

    I am German and living in Spain. I am programmer and want to offer applications and software online.The tax and health injured is high so I am thinking to start my business overseas.Currently I am collecting information and can’t find anything about opening a business as a non-resident without residence in NZ.

    Total Posts: 3 Last post by sam

  2. Public liability in France

    I am starting a hiking business in France, but based in UK. Does anyone have any contacts where I can get PL insurance valid in France?Many thanks

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  1. Prepare your food and drink business for a no-deal Brexit

    United Kingdom 18/09/2019 11:14:48

    What you need to do to prepare your food and drink business for a no-deal Brexit.

  2. International Happiness At Work Week: How To Boost Employee Satisfaction

    United Kingdom 18/09/2019 10:43:14

    Happiness at work has a significant impact on life outside of work, and employees are generally happier when they feel valued in the business. However, according to a survey by Perkbox, 45% of employees say their place of work does not have anything in place to help reduce stress levels and improve their mental health.

  3. UK & Australia commit to rapid and ambitious free trade agreement

    United Kingdom 18/09/2019 09:58:09

    The UK and Australia will today (Wednesday 18 September) agree to begin trade negotiations as soon as possible after the UK leaves the EU on 31 October.

  4. UK International Trade Secretary visits New Zealand, Australia and Japan

    United Kingdom 16/09/2019 12:16:55

    Liz Truss will meet her counterparts, senior government figures and businesses in each country to ensure trade negotiations can begin rapidly.

  5. Complete your VAT Return to account for import VAT in a no-deal Brexit

    United Kingdom 16/09/2019 11:00:00

    If you've chosen to account for import VAT on your VAT Return in a no-deal Brexit, find out how to complete your return.

  6. New Security Export Strategy will boost British exports

    United Kingdom 11/09/2019 17:29:36

    Department for International Trade (DIT) is today launching a new Security Export Strategy

  7. UK trade agreements with non-EU countries in a no-deal Brexit

    United Kingdom 10/09/2019 12:36:17

    Find out which new trade agreements will be in place if there's a no-deal Brexit.

  8. UK-South Korea trade agreement

    United Kingdom 10/09/2019 11:03:24

    Documents containing treaty information and a summary of the UK-South Korea trade agreement.

  9. Using a fast parcel operator to import and export

    United Kingdom 09/09/2019 15:54:48

    How to use a fast parcel operator and the rules they must follow when making customs declarations.

  10. Transporting goods between the UK and EU in a no-deal Brexit: guidance for hauliers

    United Kingdom 09/09/2019 10:59:39

    Hauliers and commercial drivers will need the correct documentation to travel to, from or through the EU if the UK leaves without a deal.

  11. Register for simplified import procedures in a no-deal Brexit

    United Kingdom 06/09/2019 14:00:04

    Find out if you can register to use simplified transitional procedures for goods you’re bringing into the UK from the EU.

  12. Visa Requirements for British Nationals wanting to live in Mexico

    Mexico 06/09/2019 10:11:16

    As a British National willing to live in Mexico without earning a salary there, the following type of visa may be the best for you.

  13. New service to open overseas markets for UK businesses

    United Kingdom 05/09/2019 11:23:00

    A new online service launched today will make it easier for British businesses to trade globally.

  14. Melbourne Ranks Third Largest Global Market for Flexible Workspace

    Australia 05/09/2019 09:50:42

    More businesses are swapping the constraints of conventional office space for coworking and serviced options in Melbourne.

  15. Importing and exporting wine if there’s a no-deal Brexit

    United Kingdom 04/09/2019 15:34:30

    Rules for wine importers, exporters, producers, retailers and distributors if there’s a no-deal Brexit.

  16. Apply for grants if your business completes customs declarations

    United Kingdom 03/09/2019 09:57:43

    Find out what grants you can apply for to get funding for training and IT improvements if your business completes customs declarations.

  17. Company Formation in UAE Made Easier - Aurion Business Consultants

    UAE 02/09/2019 14:02:08

    Business Setup in the UAE is made easier with our cost-effective Company Formation Package.

  18. Aurion PRO Services - Your One Stop Solution for all Business Support Services

    UAE 02/09/2019 13:59:53

    Outsource your PRO Services and reduce operational expenses! We work for your business support services while you focus on your core business activity.

  19. Business Opportunities in the Sharjah Airport International Freezone

    UAE 02/09/2019 13:54:26

    Get your business registered in one of the most dynamic Freezones of the UAE. SAIF Zone offers a host of benefits to its investors.

  20. Can a RAKICC Offshore Company Buy Property in Dubai?

    UAE 02/09/2019 13:46:51

    Yes, companies in RAKICC Offshore Jurisdiction can now buy property in Dubai.

  21. How to Choose a Career Coach

    United Kingdom 02/09/2019 10:00:01

    1. The coach you hire is going to have a direct interest in you. They will focus on your and try to find what your career needs so you can reach your income, wealth, lifestyle and equity goals. This will help in building a relationship and trust. This is important because it involves your future. It is great when there is someone who is invested in your “why”.

  22. Exporting to France

    France 02/09/2019 08:26:25

  23. What certificates you need to export live animals from the UK, and what you'll need to do in a no-deal Brexit.

    United Kingdom 30/08/2019 11:23:33

    Export live animals

  24. UK FinTech companies announced for trade mission to Latin America

    Mexico 29/08/2019 15:41:03

    DIT has announced 7 British FinTech companies have been chosen to attend a UK trade mission to Finnosummit in Mexico City.

  25. The Importance Of Inclusion And Diversity To The Workplace

    29/08/2019 14:48:55

    By 2025, millennials (generation Y) will make up approximately 75% of the worldwide, occupying a growing number of leadership roles in the workplace. 74% of this generation also believe that their workplace is more innovative when the culture is more inclusive.

  26. Doing Business in Vietnam by Atul Singh Chandel

    Vietnam 29/08/2019 14:03:31

  27. Doing business in China online: The most comprehensive guide to digital marketing in China

    China 29/08/2019 14:00:46

    Digital marketing in China is quickly becoming the central element of the overall business strategy for companies entering this rapidly growing market. What makes it particularly challenging for foreign companies is the absence of familiar digital marketing tools such as Facebook, Google, YouTube etc

  28. After Brexit: Consequences for the European Union

    United Kingdom 29/08/2019 13:58:12

    This topical and important book identifies the short to medium-term economic, financial and social consequences of Brexit. Containing perspectives from leading thinkers across legal, economic and financial fields, it considers both the general effect of UK withdrawal on the European integration process, and the specific impact on the free movement of capital, goods and people

  29. The UK After Brexit: Legal and Policy Challenges

    United Kingdom 29/08/2019 13:56:07

    The UK after Brexit is the result of a cooperation between a group of leading academics from top institutions in the UK and beyond. It offers students, practitioners, and scholars an authoritative, informative, and thought-provoking series of analyses of some of the key challenges facing the UK legal system in and through the process of 'de-Europeanisation'-that is, in and through 'Brexit.'

  30. Doing Business After Brexit: A Practical Guide to the Legal Changes

    United Kingdom 29/08/2019 13:53:49

    On 23 June, 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union. Uncertainly has caused market volatility, illiquidity in property funds, fear amongst individuals and the OECD reported on 11 July, 2016 that the economic shock and disruption delivered by Brexit is on a par with the impact of devastating and unforeseen natural disasters

  31. Carry out international road haulage after Brexit

    United Kingdom 29/08/2019 11:25:10

    What UK goods vehicle operators need to do to carry out international road haulage if there's a no-deal Brexit.

  32. Does having a USA Visa facilitate the process for the Work Visa to Mexico?

    Mexico 29/08/2019 07:58:06

    Absolutely not.

  33. Easing Global Operations Challenges

    USA 28/08/2019 11:42:58

    If you look at all of the components of managing a global business at once, you can quickly be overwhelmed with the logistics, plans, and compliance issues.

  34. US-China Tariffs and your Global Business

    USA 28/08/2019 11:39:26

    A trade war between the US and China has been escalating for more than a year, beginning in March 2018 with the US government imposing new 25% tariffs on steel imports from China.

  35. International trade standards and why they are important for MSMEs

    27/08/2019 15:36:17

    Opinion of: Lisa McAuley, CEO of the Global Trade Professionals Alliance (GTPA) Standards are the key to consistency in business. They set out the processes, procedures and frameworks to ensure that products, services, processes and people meet a qualified set of expectations. Standards streamline and systematise complexity to provide a level of trust in the best means to achieving an outcome, a capability, a competency or an output.

  36. Trade wars and global supply chains

    27/08/2019 15:34:22

    We are in a trade war and it is here to stay Opinion by: Niels Strazdins, Head of Global Trade Policy - Global Trade Professionals Alliance

  37. 11 Tips to Start a Business in a Foreign Land

    UAE 27/08/2019 09:31:21

    by Vineeth Vypana Posted on August 7, 2019

  38. The GTPA is delighted to participate in GTR Asia 2019 in Singapore from the 3-4th September

    Singapore 23/08/2019 09:11:40

    Lisa McAuley, CEO of the GTPA will join the panel session on Doing well by ‘doing good’: Promoting sustainability and the circular economy.

  39. UK and Korea to sign trade continuity deal to ensure businesses are ready to trade post-Brexit

    United Kingdom 22/08/2019 11:47:18

    The UK and Korea sign a continuity Free Trade Agreement.

  40. Readout of International Trade Secretary's call with Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry

    Japan 21/08/2019 09:47:26

    International Trade Secretary, Liz Truss spoke with Japan's Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Hiroshige Seko.

  41. UK launches programme to promote trade with Brazil

    Brazil 20/08/2019 17:34:38

    The UK has today launched a £20 million programme to help Brazilian SME's trade with the UK and other countries.

  42. Things to Consider if You Want to Trade in Another Country

    20/08/2019 16:27:33

    Starting a business is never easy, but it can be even more difficult if you are UK based and want to trade overseas.

  43. Nearly A Quarter of Businesses Worldwide are Spying on their Employees

    United Kingdom 19/08/2019 15:05:55

    As more businesses invest in surveillance technology to monitor and track employees in the workplace, questions are raised around whether the benefits override growing concerns around digital ethics, and if employers truly understand the privacy implications.

  44. Why you need the Budget calculator when buying property

    United Kingdom 19/08/2019 10:24:15

    Buying a home is one of the most important decisions in one’s life and requires careful consideration. You may be contemplating purchasing a home or some property but feel that the process is too complicated. We have broken down the process and the various costs to make it easier for you to prepare.

  45. How do you register your business in Denmark?

    Denmark 16/08/2019 13:07:55

  46. Opening a Business in the Bahamas – What You Need to Know

    Offshore 15/08/2019 10:56:17

    The Bahamas is well known for its popular offshore company vehicles and financial services. Because the Bahamas does not levy corporate taxes, companies stand to gain a lot by using these services and starting up in the region.

  47. Preparing to Move Overseas for a Franchise Start-Up - Five Tips to Make the Process Smoother

    United Kingdom 15/08/2019 10:42:20

    As an owner of a franchise, there are all sorts of benefits that you are able to take advantage of. Because it isn’t a brand new start-up in the sense of a new name, vision, and business plan, you’ve already got that built-in brand recognition that can help you to establish a customer base right out of the gate.

  48. New UK Leadership could impact global operation

    United Kingdom 14/08/2019 09:26:55

    Boris Johnson has been elected the new Prime Minister of England. Along with any new leadership, he will bring with him new ideas, Brexit plans, and more. So how could this impact your global operations? Let’s look at few potential changes for companies operating in the UK:

  49. Global Payroll Reporting Must Haves

    USA 14/08/2019 09:24:38

    The phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” is usually not used in global payroll conversations – but what if “what you don’t know” is hurting your business and bottom line?

  50. Helping your global teams simplify payroll

    USA 14/08/2019 09:21:43

    Payroll teams are usually overwhelmed by global payroll due to keeping up with local regulations, lack of reporting, and no control over the monthly process.

  51. Do I need an export licence?

    United Kingdom 13/08/2019 17:57:40

    Which exports are controlled and therefore require a licence, how to apply and what compliance responsibilities you'll have.

  52. Trade Secretary announces Freeports Advisory Panel will ensure UK is ready to trade post-Brexit

    United Kingdom 13/08/2019 11:12:24

    The first new Freeports will be established after we leave the EU, to turbocharge growth and ensure towns and cities across the UK benefit from Brexit trade opportunities.

  53. When Is Your Business Ready to Sell?

    United Kingdom 13/08/2019 08:44:56

    You may be ready to wrap you your involvement in a business. If that's the case, you'll want to ready your most valuable asset for a quick sale. Selling a business involves knowing the precise valuation and setting parameters for the transaction.

  54. Why Andorra is Better

    Offshore 12/08/2019 13:59:02

    If you’re picking a country to form your business in, you’re likely wondering which one has the best traits. After all, no one wants to form their business in a country stricken by poverty and ravaged by war.

  55. Tips for Making A Magic Photo Booth – Complete Guide

    United Kingdom 12/08/2019 09:14:03

    Do you want to make a magic photo booth for your guests?

  56. International Trade minister visits Washington DC and New York City

    USA 08/08/2019 15:59:55

    A free trade agreement is top of the International Trade Secretary’s agenda during her visit to the US this week.

  57. Starting a Company in Montenegro – and Why You Should

    Offshore 08/08/2019 09:52:51

    There are many benefits to starting a company in a country other than your own – least of all, the added tax benefits that can be associated with having an off-shore enterprise where the taxes paid are much less than you would have paid compared to your own country.

  58. Foreign Secretary's visit to Toronto, Canada - 6 August 2019

    Canada 07/08/2019 10:47:49

    Statement by the Foreign Secretary during his first bilateral trip to Canada and following his meeting with Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland.

  59. Common Event Planning Mistakes You Should Avoid

    United Kingdom 05/08/2019 11:09:54

    Events are essential in our lives as they mark a date when something occurred.

  60. Tourism Industry in Dubai

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:45:37

    Dubai is expected to become the third most-visited city in the world by surpassing Paris this year. Dubai is the fourth most-visited city after Bangkok, London, and Paris.

  61. 6 Key Components to build a Knowledge Management Strategy

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:42:19

    Knowledge Management is becoming a vital component of business strategy. The importance of Knowledge Management is to be attributed to its two main functionalities, i.e., Knowledge Sharing and Collaboration.

  62. Changing Visa Rules in the UAE – 2019

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:40:43

    The UAE Government has updated a few Visa Regulations for the residents and visitors.

  63. How to Setup a Retail Business in Dubai?

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:36:10

    The Dubai Chamber Analysis forecast a 5% growth for the Dubai Retail Sector over the next 5 years. 6 Steps in Setting Up your Retail Business in UAE

  64. Freelancing Options available in the UAE

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:33:18

    Freelancing is becoming more common in the UAE especially with the younger generation. The Government initiatives and various cost-effective freelance permits issued by the various Freezones is supporting the new trend.

  65. What are the Freelance Options available in UAE?

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:30:14

    Freelancing is becoming more common in the UAE especially with the younger generation. The Government initiatives and various cost-effective freelance permits issued by the various Freezones is supporting the new trend.

  66. Opening a Corporate/Personal Bank Account in the UAE– FAQ

    UAE 05/08/2019 09:25:44

    Here are some of the frequently asked questions by our clients on Bank Account Opening in the UAE.

  67. Exporting to Australia after Brexit if there’s no deal

    Australia 02/08/2019 16:28:18

    Guidance explaining changes for UK exporters to Australia if we leave the EU with no deal.

  68. Exporting to Switzerland after Brexit if there’s no deal

    Switzerland 02/08/2019 16:26:10

    Guidance explaining changes for UK exporters to Switzerland if we leave the EU with no deal.

  69. Exporting to Norway after Brexit if there’s no deal

    Norway 02/08/2019 16:23:56

    Guidance explaining changes for UK exporters to Norway if we leave the EU with no deal.

  70. Exporting to India after Brexit if there’s no deal

    India 02/08/2019 16:21:43

    Guidance explaining changes for UK exporters to India if we leave the EU with no deal.

  71. The Krugerrand Gold Coin

    Cyprus 02/08/2019 09:22:02

    A springbok (a medium-sized antelope found mainly in southern and southwestern Africa), gracefully prancing through the sparse steppe, emerged to the embodiment of the bullion gold coin since 1967: The Krugerrand is the first modern bullion gold coin, celebrating its 50th birthday two years ago in 2017.

  72. What are Bank Gold Accounts, and how do they work?

    Cyprus 02/08/2019 09:19:26

    Since a very few years, banks all over the world reacted on the increasing demand in physical gold by small and medium sized bank customers. The banks’ answer is offering so-called Gold Current Accounts or Gold Saving Accounts, which became very popular in many countries.

  73. 4 Things You Need to Know About Small Business Lines of Credit

    United Kingdom 01/08/2019 09:48:46

    Many businesses survive hard times with the help of loans; the lending institutions provide different loan options for small business owners, so are you looking for additional working capital for your company?

  74. International Trade Secretary Liz Truss meets with US Ambassador

    United Kingdom 30/07/2019 11:53:08

    Readout of meeting between International Trade Secretary Liz Truss' meeting with American Ambassador to the United Kingdom Woody Johnson

  75. Trade Continuity and Future Ambition - The UK After Brexit

    United Kingdom 30/07/2019 08:24:47

    Director DIT for Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Noel McEvoy, argues in the Swiss Export Journal that the UK offers unique opportunities for export and investment for Swiss businesses. The trade agreement with Switzerland ensures that trade between our two countries can continue to thrive after Brexit.

  76. Your Guide to Starting a Business in Malta

    Malta 29/07/2019 17:03:41

    There are many advantages to starting a business in Malta, and you may be wondering about the steps you need to take to do so yourself, read on for more.

  77. Toronto Outstrip US Cities with 14% Growth of Flex Space Supply

    Canada 29/07/2019 11:36:24

  78. How To Use Instagram For Business

    United Kingdom 26/07/2019 10:36:43

    The best tips to improve your business using Instagram

  79. Exporting to the Netherlands

    Holland 25/07/2019 13:55:26

  80. Derbyshire eco-furniture business heads to Beijing

    United Kingdom 25/07/2019 08:43:05

    Full Grown will be exhibiting some of its grown furniture at the Beijing Expo 2019

  81. Overseas Business Risk – Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 24/07/2019 16:05:44

    Rumen Radev is the current Head of State. He won the November 2016 presidential election against the centre-right candidate with nearly 60% of the votes

  82. How the government monitors imports into the UK.

    United Kingdom 24/07/2019 16:01:09

    The Trade Policy Group of the Department for International Trade (DIT) and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) advise and deal with a range of trade policy, regimes, procedural issues governing imports into the UK

  83. How Smart Cities Around the World Impact Workplace Trends

    United Kingdom 24/07/2019 11:32:57

    As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology for efficiency and success, a report by IDC shows an estimated two-thirds of global cities will be investing in smart city technology by up to $135 billion by 2021.

  84. What You Need to Know When Expanding a Business Abroad

    United Kingdom 18/07/2019 07:42:35

    There will inevitably come a time when a business needs to expand in order to thrive. Much like a plant will need its pot to be changed so that a larger number of roots can be accommodated, you might have finally decided to increase your present operations to cater to an overseas client base.

  85. Indian financial services market access for UK strengthened

    India 17/07/2019 09:43:28

    Top UK and Indian business and finance leaders meet to celebrate strong financial services ties and explore new business opportunities

  86. Flexible Space Represents 5% of Overall Office Space Market, According to Global Cities Report

    United Kingdom 15/07/2019 15:26:00

  87. Decree 9,904 / 2019 Benefits to Service Exporters

    Brazil 15/07/2019 15:03:21

    The Decree 9,904 / 2019, published on July 8, makes about 12 thousand service exporters eligible to an Income Tax (IR) rate of 0%. This benefit is applicable on payments to foreign service providers that intermediate transactions between the Brazilian entity and its foreign clients. It is also applicable on the payment of documentation issued outside Brazil.

  88. Have a Low Budget? No Problem! These Tips Will Help Market Your Business

    Singapore 12/07/2019 12:05:10

    Most of the budget of a company is used for marketing. Companies face many challenges when they how low budget for marketing.

  89. Europcar Summer Offer

    United Kingdom 11/07/2019 17:31:26

    £25 OFF FOR £125+ BOOKINGS! Summer has arrived!

  90. UK exports remain strong despite global slowdown

    United Kingdom 11/07/2019 08:47:42

    Latest ONS data shows demand for British goods and services continue to grow to record heights despite a challenging global outlook

  91. International Trade Secretary visits Washington, DC

    United Kingdom 10/07/2019 09:05:34

    International Trade Secretary to meet Ivanka Trump, Robert Lighthizer and other senior figures in Washington, DC.

  92. UK companies to benefit from UK-Saudi trade

    United Kingdom 09/07/2019 15:29:18

    A summary of the outcomes from the first Economic and Social Pillar meeting of the UK-Saudi Arabia Strategic Partnership Council.

  93. News from the Ministry of Economy and Development.!! Do you know what a Direct Investment Ombudsman (OID) is?

    Brazil 08/07/2019 13:06:03

    The OID is an online platform for foreign investor assistance managed by the CAMEX Executive Secretariat.

  94. Demand for Flexible Space in Paris is Almost Double the Global Average

    France 05/07/2019 14:37:29

  95. South East tech sector soars

    United Kingdom 05/07/2019 10:11:21

    The South East continues to dominate the tech industry alongside London.

  96. South West Ireland and Midlands partner to boost economy

    United Kingdom 05/07/2019 10:09:04

    Companies from South West Ireland and the Midlands attend the UK launch of the Joining the Dots programme to promote stronger partnerships and collaboration

  97. Northern Powerhouse Trade Mission Launched at India Roadshow

    United Kingdom 05/07/2019 10:07:15

    DIT announces Northern Powerhouse trade mission to India in October as roadshow in Manchester and Sheffield highlights rapidly expanding opportunities for trade

  98. Transfer of Domicile to RAKICC Offshore from any Global Offshore Jurisdiction

    UAE 03/07/2019 12:06:56

    Transfer of Domicile is the process of moving the company’s existence from one Offshore Jurisdiction to another. The transfer can be from either the same country (other Offshore jurisdiction) or cross-country.

  99. 3 Things to Know about the Long-term Visa announcement in the UAE

    UAE 03/07/2019 12:02:18

    The UAE Government is currently in the process of issuing long term visas for 5-year and 10-year period to the foreign investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, and outstanding students.

  100. How to get an E-commerce License in the UAE?

    UAE 03/07/2019 11:58:08

    UAE is a country with the most internet penetration (91%) in the world. The digital environment and infrastructure here in UAE support E-commerce growth.

  101. Second Polish-British Business Trade Investment Forum takes place in Warsaw

    Poland 03/07/2019 09:20:15

    Over 400 representatives of government, business, media, NGOs and academia from the UK and Poland attended the second Polish-British BTI Forum

  102. USA- The land of opportunities

    USA 02/07/2019 14:55:08

    The United States of America, the land of opportunity – and with a population of more than 330 Million there certainly are plenty of opportunities to explore when it comes to exporting goods and services.

  103. 50% Admit Working Extra Hours Affects Relationships

    United Kingdom 01/07/2019 12:45:06

    Figures by the TUC revealed that, since 2001, the number of employees working 48-hour weeks has risen by a quarter of a million to three million, while half a million British workers suffered from work-related stress in 2018, and 44% said it was due to workload.

  104. As a sales person, how can you provide valuable industry insight?

    United Kingdom 01/07/2019 12:26:43

    Sure, your clients may have been working in the industry for a long time, but they don't know everything. In this video, I talk about 3 ways you can easily gain industry knowledge and use that to provide some insight to clients, adding value during the sales process.

  105. Lebanon Industry: Price Dumping leads to New Tariffs on Imported Products

    27/06/2019 15:38:49

    Lebanon’s industrial sector is currently going through some vast changes in order save the country’s industry, jobs and economy. During the course of 2018, the Ministry of Industry (MOI) issued a total of 476 industrial permits during the first half year only.

  106. What's the point of sales people?

    United Kingdom 27/06/2019 14:34:02

    Well, there's certainly lots of things we do that we don't need to do... but equally, we can add significant value to our clients. My video gives my thoughts on how & why... comments very welcome and if you like it, please share. If you don't like it, then, well, um, please let me know too!

  107. Liam Fox to break ground on UK pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai

    UAE 27/06/2019 09:51:45

    Ground breaking at the UK Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai and construction partners announced

  108. Dr Liam Fox: Future of Trade and Export Forum speech

    United Kingdom 27/06/2019 09:44:33

    International Trade Secretary's speech to The Telegraph Future of Trade & Export Forum in London.

  109. Inward investment brings 4,800 new jobs a month to the UK

    United Kingdom 26/06/2019 13:55:52

    Over 57,000 new jobs were created as a result of inward investment from foreign direct investment projects in 2018/19.


    China 26/06/2019 12:32:51

    Chinese vesion

  111. How to get a Management Consultancy License in Dubai?

    UAE 26/06/2019 08:12:35

    Dubai has grown into a major business hub of the Middle East. Many of the Global players have their headquarters and business operations in Dubai.

  112. International Trade Secretary’s vision for new UK-USA trade agreement

    USA 25/06/2019 08:48:55

    In a speech in London on Tuesday (25 June), Dr Liam Fox will set out how the UK and USA can benefit from an ambitious future free trade agreement.

  113. Cyprus Film Production Scheme - Impressive Pick-Up

    Cyprus 24/06/2019 12:28:46

    The scheme for the promotion of the film industry in Cyprus has started giving fruits less than a year after its introduction.

  114. Br-Exit - To Be or Not to BE

    Ireland 24/06/2019 08:48:05

    Prepare for the uncertainty of Brexit to mitigate the potential risks such a customs costs, currency fluctuations, lower Euro cashpools, delayed exports and imports, regulatory issues and margin erosion.

  115. How to Establish Your Business Overseas

    United Kingdom 21/06/2019 11:34:57

    Expanding your business internationally can prove to be one of the best ways to grow your revenue.

  116. 51% Of Workers Want Four-Day Work Week

    United Kingdom 20/06/2019 12:31:50

    Research conducted over last three years shows that just over half of UK workers (51%) want to work a four-day work week – favouring the idea of working longer hours Monday to Thursday and taking Friday to Sunday off.

  117. Take a rest and go forward! Thereby issues are solved

    Canada 20/06/2019 08:00:35

    Issues are composed by complex elements which are inserted in space and time. Its relationship is intricate and has a dynamic that gets nocuous effects in the emotional state. The only efficient way to interact with them is dealing by using the rationality, for this reason the mental and physical aspects are so important.

  118. Demand for Coworking Spaces Continues to Rise in Sydney

    Australia 19/06/2019 11:09:30

    Despite the mature nature of the Australian market, demand continues to rise as companies of all sizes swap the constraints of traditional offices for flexible workspace.

  119. Chinese market access gives a multimillion pound boost for British beef

    China 19/06/2019 10:16:30

    Good news for Welsh farmers who could see their beef served on Chinese dinner plates by the end of the year

  120. £230M boost for British beef as China agrees market access

    China 19/06/2019 10:12:57

    British beef could be served on Chinese dinner plates by the end of the year, following an agreement reached between China and the UK.

  121. Nigeria Case Law

    Nigeria 18/06/2019 17:50:57

    Federal High Court Holds That the Attorney-General of Federation of Nigeria Has a Discretionary Duty under Section 3 (1) of the Foreign Judgment Reciprocal Act, 1990 to Promulgate an Order to Bring the Act into Operation

  122. Dubai’s Growing Startup Culture

    UAE 18/06/2019 09:56:51

    Dubai’s Growing Startup Culture makes it an entrepreneur-friendly location. Dubai has a growing network of thought leaders, entrepreneurs, incubators and the private sector. The geographic proximity to key markets is making Dubai a notable destination for start-ups.

  123. Big wins for British businesses as Vice Premier Hu Chunhua visits

    China 18/06/2019 08:50:48

    Deals between British and Chinese companies worth more than £500 million were announced today, during a visit to the UK by Chinese Vice Premier Hu Chunhua.

  124. Northern healthcare firms target new opportunities in Africa

    United Kingdom 17/06/2019 16:36:14

    Health sector businesses from the Northern Powerhouse could benefit from new export opportunities across Africa thanks to a recent trade mission led by DIT.

  125. Introducers & Financial Advisors Wanted

    Ireland 17/06/2019 15:46:03

    Are you able to put together your own roster of Investors?

  126. Liam Fox visits Turkey to strengthen trade relations

    United Kingdom 17/06/2019 14:50:00

    The International Trade Secretary will meet with government ministers and businesses to strengthen bilateral relations.

  127. Second Polish-British Business Trade Investment Forum to take place in Warsaw

    United Kingdom 17/06/2019 14:47:33

    The second Polish-British Business, Trade and Investment Forum will take place on June 27-28 in Warsaw, under the lead theme "Building Clean Growth Together".

  128. Essential oils business drops in on UAE

    UAE 13/06/2019 15:50:52

    Aromatherapy is seeing a resurgence as UK industry exports of essential oils totalled £179.5 million in 2018

  129. How to Engage the Best Talent in the World

    United Kingdom 13/06/2019 15:22:21

    How do you recruit talent for your overseas businesses? We’ve noticed that there are three main ways that people tend to recruit overseas, being

  130. UK holds more foreign investment than Germany and France combined

    United Kingdom 13/06/2019 13:16:12

    The UK held more inwards Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) stock than Germany and France combined by the end of 2018, according to the latest United Nations data released today.

  131. DIT leads hundreds of global investors to London Tech Week

    United Kingdom 12/06/2019 12:41:53

    Dr Liam Fox welcomes a delegation of over 600 businesses and government representatives from over 20 countries to London Tech Week.

  132. Taking Global Payroll to the Next Level

    USA 12/06/2019 12:32:31

    Companies with international employees are challenged with managing unique payroll requirements in each country.

  133. Simplifying Global HR Compliance

    USA 12/06/2019 12:29:44

    Your company has decided to expand overseas – so exciting!

  134. How Brexit is impacting the HR Industry

    United Kingdom 12/06/2019 12:26:18

    Following the referendum held in the United Kingdom (UK) in 2016, it was determined, by majority vote, that the UK would no longer be a part of the European Union (EU).

  135. Redomiciliation to and from Cyprus

    Cyprus 11/06/2019 13:28:00

    Re-domiciliation is the process through which a company can shift its domicile from one jurisdiction to another, by changing the country under whose laws it is registered, without losing its corporate identity.

  136. 7 Best Countries to Open an Offshore Bank Account

    UAE 11/06/2019 08:23:22

    Offshore Bank Account is a very effective financial tool for investing in international markets. It is a 100% legal activity in almost all countries in the world.

  137. 4 Cost Effective Freezones in the UAE

    UAE 11/06/2019 08:13:06

    The Freezones in the UAE has already gained acclaim among investors. The Freezones in the UAE offers a whole lot of infrastructure and business support to the investors. There are more than 40 Freezones currently in the UAE.

  138. Companies obliged to announce free positions

    Slovakia 10/06/2019 16:06:55

    to the Slovak Labor Office. Since April last year companies are obliged to publish the basic salary of the advertised job position. Starting in January, employers must fulfill more duties in order to execute a proper recruitment.

  139. UK-USA special relationship helps drive British exports to record heights

    United Kingdom 10/06/2019 15:59:09

    Latest ONS data shows rapidly growing demand from the USA helped UK exports climb to a record high of £645.8 billion in the 12 months to April 2019.

  140. Your Clients and Partners Are Selecting Your Team - Not Only Your Product

    USA 10/06/2019 12:11:27

    I realize there are exceptional sales and alliance people that utilize individual approaches and derive excellent results. Here's an approach I use and am happy to share.

  141. First meeting of government trade advisory group

    United Kingdom 10/06/2019 11:11:21

    Representatives from businesses and interest groups met 6 June to discuss the UK’s future trade strategy with the Department for International Trade.

  142. British Airways touches down in Islamabad

    United Kingdom 10/06/2019 11:05:09

    The first British Airways flight has landed in Islamabad as the airline began its first service between the UK and Pakistan in 10 years.

  143. London Tech Week welcomes the largest ever Aussie delegation

    United Kingdom 10/06/2019 11:01:39

    London’s most innovative tech festival starts today with 100 Aussies ready to see what makes the UK number one in Europe for investment in digital startups.

  144. UK and Korea sign joint statement for trade continuity

    United Kingdom 10/06/2019 10:58:30

    The UK has today signed a joint statement for trade continuity with Korea

  145. Knowledge Management – Best Practices for Organizations

    UAE 10/06/2019 10:26:17

  146. “Risk-Off”, “Gold-On”

    Cyprus 06/06/2019 16:44:27

    When the risk appetite of investors is tapered due to changing market sentiment, they choose ‘flight to quality’ investments such as safe-haven-assets, such as Gold, to protect their investment portfolio against further losses. A move that has long been as visible as during the month of May, 2019.

  147. Finding it impossible to open a bank account in EU for your offshore company? We have solutions!

    Ireland 06/06/2019 14:28:09

    The past years were quite tough for offshore companies’ owners when it was coming to the bank account opening.

  148. News from the Ministry of Economy and Development.!!

    Brazil 05/06/2019 13:32:54

    Do you know what a Direct Investment Ombudsman (OID) is?

  149. How to Protect Your Overseas Business from Hackers

    United Kingdom 05/06/2019 09:54:02

    For almost every business, expanding your reach overseas is one of the primary goals when it comes to appealing to more customers.

  150. Liam Fox announces ‘gamechanger’ financial support package for UK SME exporters

    United Kingdom 05/06/2019 08:15:31

    Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox, will announce major steps that will unlock finance for SMEs exporting to emerging markets.

  151. New VAT number in 2020 for sole proprietors / ZZP

    Holland 04/06/2019 12:48:12

    Approximately 1.3 million sole proprietors / ZZP in the Netherlands will receive a new VAT identification number from the Tax Authorities as of January 1st 2020. This new VAT number no longer has a link with the BSN (Dutch personal social security number). The VAT number used to consist out of the BSN and the VAT code: B.01.

  152. Insight determining tax residency by the Dutch tax office

    Holland 04/06/2019 11:56:55

    Recently the Dutch tax authorities have shared documents which give some detailed information on how they determine whether a person qualifies as a Dutch tax resident. The first important insight is that the tax office only focusses on the facts within the Netherlands.

  153. Growth of Startups in Thailand

    Thailand 04/06/2019 07:32:57

    When we talk about Thailand, the most common thing that would come to our mind is its TukTuk, beautiful long beaches and its gold-colored architectures. It is a country well known for its tourist destinations and people from all over the world flock to this wonderful country. But Thailand is serious about its startups as well.

  154. How to Retain Talent During Business Relocation

    United Kingdom 03/06/2019 14:25:11

    Better amenities, talent pools, tax breaks, affordable real estate and increased odds of success are just a few of the reasons businesses choose to relocate. A new address has the potential to improve profitability, provide access to new markets, increase employee happiness and even lower the overall costs of doing business.

  155. Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM) – The Financial Freezone of the UAE

    UAE 03/06/2019 14:12:01

    The new addition to the financial landscape of the UAE is the Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM). It is an international financial center for local, regional and international institutions based in the UAE to start their branch, office, or headquarters.

  156. 7 Best Countries to Open an Offshore Bank Account

    UAE 03/06/2019 14:09:02

    Offshore Bank Accounts are a good way of diversifying your investments and achieve global mobility. Of course, it helps you in tax savings to an extent.

  157. IFZA - Cost-Effective Freezone in the UAE

    UAE 03/06/2019 14:01:07

  158. A New FinTech Hub for the Levant: StartechEUS FinHub

    Cyprus 03/06/2019 12:46:56

    An exciting development in the FinTech industry and for the Lebanese economy: The first FinTech hub, StartechEUS FinHub, is scheduled to start operation soon with its offices located in Beirut, Lebanon at the Beirut Business District (BDD).

  159. A guide to doing business in Spain

    Spain 03/06/2019 09:19:35

    Spain is the fifth largest economy in the European Union and now one of the fastest growing in the Eurozone.

  160. Import Planning in Brazil

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:51:18

    If you ever intend to import to Brazil, it is better to plan it well. Listen to Gabriel Jacintho explaining how it works.

  161. Funding a Brazilian Company

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:50:03

    When opening a Company in Brazil, it is important to know Brazilian’s Central Bank regulations on Foreign Exchange transactions. Listen to Gabriel Jacintho to understand how you can fund your Brazilian subsidiary.

  162. Opening a Brazilian Subsidiary – Legal Representation

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:48:52

    ne of the Legal requirements when opening a Company in Brazil is to have Brazilian residents representing the foreign shareholders and the Brazilian Company. Carolina Jacintho explains in this video the Proxy Holder and Legal Manager positions.

  163. Gabriel Jacintho, from G. Jacintho Consultoria, talks about funding possibilities for foreign investors in Brazil.

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:47:29

  164. Gabriel Jacintho talks about how to establish a company in Brazil

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:46:22

  165. Gabriel Jacintho talks about the import activity

    Brazil 20/05/2019 14:44:56

  166. Future of Corporate Governance Through Blockchain-powered Smart Companies

    Offshore 20/05/2019 11:03:42

    Sitting in the same room of thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners across the world over the past few days, one persisting topic that kept popping up is our ability to adapt to digital disruption. In the era when everything seems to be ripe enough for disruption left and right, existing businesses are righteously concerned about the never-ending quest for ‘what next?’ and more importantly, ‘how?’

  167. 24-Hour Access To Offices Is Most Important Feature For Workers

    China 16/05/2019 15:55:06

    The flexible office market has never been more popular, continually evolving with innovative and exciting amenities. With this continuous growth, the need to differentiate has become more crucial.

  168. Companies obliged to announce free positions to the Slovak Labor Office

    Slovakia 16/05/2019 08:13:45

    Since April last year companies are obliged to publish the basic salary of the advertised job position. Starting in January, employers must fulfill more duties in order to execute a proper recruitment.

  169. U.S. Steel won't be on sale, on contrary new investment of 130 mil Euro is in move

    Slovakia 15/05/2019 15:16:38

    The biggest employer in the east of Slovakia, U.S. Steel Kosice will build a new production line. In Kosice they want to produce special electrotechnical plates from the 3rd quarter of 2020.

  170. Holiday Vouchers in practice - Slovakia 2019

    Slovakia 15/05/2019 15:14:11

    In case you have a company with more than 49 employees and your employee is working for you more than two years, you are obliged under the new legislation valid from January 2019 to pay him a holiday allowance in case he has spent at least 2 nights in a hotel on the territory of Slovakia. This allowance is a per year maximum 275€ or maximum 55% of the effective costs stated on the invoice for such stay.

  171. Consultant Service Business Development for Food & Beverage in Austria

    Austria 15/05/2019 08:12:54

    We thank you for your interest in our services and the Austrian market.

  172. Surrey Translation Bureau wins another award!

    United Kingdom 14/05/2019 16:30:15

    Surrey Translation Bureau (STB) has once again received the prestigious Corporate Member Award from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting (ITI).

  173. Off-Shore Company Registration in the UAE

    UAE 14/05/2019 09:16:35

    UAE is a land of business opportunities. There are immense ways to set up your business here in UAE. Based on the business activity, nature of business, ownership and other criterions, the options are numerous. Broadly the business is set up in Mainland, Freezone, and Offshore in the UAE.

  174. IFZA – The most Cost-Effective Freezone in the UAE

    UAE 13/05/2019 13:09:52

    The International Free Zone Authority of Fujairah (IFZA) is the most cost-effective Freezone in the UAE. It is one of the latest commissioned and fastest growing economic zone currently in the UAE. IFZA has a wide range of business activities that can be licensed for company incorporation. With access to the world’s prominent shipping routes, Airports, and logistics infrastructure, the IFZA Freezone is becoming a center for company formation in the UAE.

  175. 8% Increase in Flexible Workspace Supply in Denver

    USA 09/05/2019 12:01:45

    Supply of flexible office space has increased by 8% in Denver as businesses of all sizes look to secure agile office space in prime locations,

  176. How does GDPR affect cross-border employment?

    United Kingdom 02/05/2019 14:49:27

    GDPR is an EU regulation that obliges organisations to protect personal data and privacy of EU citizens. On the surface, this important legislation may only seem relevant for businesses which operate within the EU, however, even if your business is based outside of the EU you might still need to ensure you’re compliant.

  177. Contemporary Training For a Classic Subject

    USA 02/05/2019 11:29:06

    There is a wide range of strategies for training out there when it comes to project management. However, there are a few techniques that emerge conspicuously from others.

  178. Top Brexit Cities: Key Locations for Businesses to Watch Out For

    United Kingdom 30/04/2019 10:42:53

    Ongoing uncertainty makes it increasingly difficult to predict what the UK business ecosystem will look like or which cities will thrive post-Brexit. Despite this, business owners are keeping their eyes open for new opportunities both locally and abroad while negotiations draw on.

  179. A guide to exporting to Dubai

    UAE 29/04/2019 10:22:15

    Dubai, known for its tall buildings, luxury lifestyles and career opportunities for foreigners, is the largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates, and the buzzing hub of the Middle East.

  180. Building brand awareness when expanding in a new market

    United Kingdom 26/04/2019 10:43:01

    When planning your company’s international expansion, it may seem tempting to copy the exact same successful approach that you have already used in a different region.

  181. Travelling Made Easy When Starting a US Business as a UK Entrepreneur

    United Kingdom 25/04/2019 17:08:45

    Whether you are starting a new business or simply want to expand your current company to a United States base, it’s an exciting prospect.

  182. 5 Step Checklist for selecting the best business setup consultants in the UAE

    UAE 25/04/2019 08:27:23

    Here is a checklist for selecting the right business setup consultants in the UAE. Choosing the right strategic partner will help the faster realization of the formation and running of your dream company in the UAE.

  183. Labour Costs Slovakia

    Slovakia 24/04/2019 09:38:07

    In case you want to expand to a foreign country, naturally one of the first questions that pop-up.. What about the labour costs ? In this article we would like to give a structured introduction in case of Slovakia.

  184. Have you started a new business in the Costa del Sol?

    Spain 23/04/2019 15:43:59

  185. Thailand Reforming Itself To Make Doing Business Easier

    Thailand 23/04/2019 15:08:36

    A person might start a small resort serving local people as well as tourists in Thailand. It would possibly take him around two months to set up his business after finalizing the location of business, employees and getting the business registered. He would find it considerably easy to start his business.

  186. How To Setup A Business In Dubai?

    UAE 17/04/2019 15:33:23

    1. Commercial Trading License 2. Professional License 3. Industrial License

  187. Presidential elections in Slovakia

    Slovakia 17/04/2019 08:53:48

    30.03.2019 - First female president in Slovakia. The lady who set the expectations very high - Zuzana Caputova. Political newcomer beated the current Eurocommissaris Maros Sefcovic.

  188. Growth of Startups in Thailand and Forward Outlook

    Thailand 17/04/2019 08:16:25

    When we talk about Thailand, the most common thing that would come to our mind is its TukTuk, beautiful long beaches and its gold-colored architectures.

  189. Shariah Gold Standard Encouraging Investors

    Cyprus 15/04/2019 09:18:11

    Wealthy individuals in Islam have often been shying away from investing in gold and other precious metals in order to safeguard their investment portfolio against risks (and not for the purpose of speculation), as it did not exist as an investible Shariah-compliant asset until lately.

  190. Holding a Board of Directors Meeting in Nigeria

    Nigeria 12/04/2019 14:23:39

    How many members may call for a Board meeting (“the meeting”)?

  191. Implementation of Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive in to Cyprus Legislation

    Cyprus 12/04/2019 08:25:35

    As reported recently through the interview of our Managing Director in, enactment of legislation was in process for the implementation of the European Commission’s Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive (ATAD). On 5 April 2019, the relevant bill was voted into law by the Cyprus Parliament. The main provisions have been covered in the interview. Some other points worth mentioning, following the enactment of the Law,

  192. How to Motivate Staff and Grow Your One Person Business into an SME

    United Kingdom 11/04/2019 13:46:58

    Starting your own business is a big decision but it can also bring big rewards, which is why more and more people are launching businesses in the UK and overseas.

  193. Top Tips on Starting an As-a-Service Start-Up

    United Kingdom 11/04/2019 13:45:15

    Opening a new tech start-up is not without its challenges. There are already thousands of tech companies competing for the same market segments, so you know that the market is saturated.

  194. Why you should invest in Manchester properties

    United Kingdom 11/04/2019 13:42:38

    Are you planning to invest in a north-west property? If so, have you considered purchasing a buy-to-let property in Manchester?

  195. What is a Tax Domicile certificate?

    UAE 10/04/2019 14:53:30

    Known as a tax residency certificate, that is issued by the International Financial Relations & Organisations Department allows government entity companies and individuals to take advantage of agreements of double taxation avoidance.

  196. Average Cost Per Desk Kuala Lumpur in 2019

    Malaysia 10/04/2019 09:43:40

    In 2017, flexible workspace centre supply in Kuala Lumpur grew by 36%, making it the fastest growing key city in the APAC region, outpacing fast-growing markets in Gurugram, Chennai, Brisbane, Hong Kong and Sydney. The Malaysian capital saw a further 12% growth in 2018, while more mature markets such as Singapore saw a 9% increase.

  197. New Research: 70% Of Small Businesses Have No Strategic Plan For Brexit

    United Kingdom 09/04/2019 14:43:46

    Over six million Brits have signed a petition to revoke Article 50 and remain in the European Union – one of the largest ever recorded on the Parliament website. It is clear that as deadlines loom, a nation remains confused about Brexit, what it means and how much of an impact it will have on them.

  198. The Growing Popularity of ITIL Certification: Is ITIL Certification Offering Value to the Marketplace?

    India 09/04/2019 10:04:34

    The competition in the IT space is insane. Corporations are competing with businesses all over the world.

  199. Nine Ways Businesses Can Benefit from Co-Working Space in 2019

    Australia 05/04/2019 10:04:31

    In the Asia-Pacific region, seven of the ten largest and fastest growing flexible workspace markets in the world are thriving,

  200. Doing Business in Mexico. 2019 Mexico Forecast

    Mexico 04/04/2019 16:34:54

    1.) Overall economic status Mexico’s economic freedom score is 64.8, making its economy the 63rd freest in the 2018 Index. Mexico is ranked 12th among 32 countries in the Americas region, and its overall score is above the regional and world averages.

  201. Dubai Expo 2020 – Why now, is the time to Invest in a Start-up.

    UAE 03/04/2019 09:13:17

    In a year’s time, the city of Dubai will host the most-awaited event of the decade. The entire world is looking forward to the Dubai Expo 2020 and they have all the reasons. Starting October 20, 2020, Dubai will host this world event for six months, until April 10, 2021.

  202. "Düsseldorf - where business works"

    Germany 02/04/2019 13:17:55

    The Office of Economic Development will be using this new publication to promote Düsseldorf as a business location both at home and abroad.

  203. Road to a startup business in Thailand

    Thailand 02/04/2019 12:51:40

    Planning for a startup in Thailand? Here, in this blog, we have tried to bring a roadmap for assisting entrepreneurs looking for their own startup in Thailand.

  204. How to Prepare Yourself for Your New Business Venture

    United Kingdom 28/03/2019 12:47:23

    Starting a new company is easy; we have you covered in that department. You can now form an LLC or a corporation within minutes, all from the comfort of your home.

  205. Stress Awareness Month: Almost Half of Managers Not Trained on Managing Mental Health Problems

    United Kingdom 27/03/2019 17:55:08

    Within every business, there will be those who suffer in silence to the point that control is lost and the very act of getting out of bed becomes utterly overwhelming. Employees are still reluctant to share mental health information with their managers or bosses, seemingly for good reason. The stigma associated with mental health, being treated unfairly, becoming the subject of office gossip or compromising their employment terms are all legitimate fears.

  206. Gold Prices Up as Fed Moves Dovish

    Cyprus 26/03/2019 07:40:38

    Gold prices leaped on Wednesday, 20th March, to $1.309 an ounce, up 0,19% on that day, following the Federal Reserve’s unexpected dovish stance.

  207. Which is the best legal structure when entering the German market?

    Germany 25/03/2019 10:04:50

    Germany is an attractive location, which can be gauged from one figure: 1,124 projects - never before have foreign companies invested so much. In 2017, the amount of net direct investments amounted to around 70 billion Euros, a record figure. According to the EY ("Europe Attractiveness Survey 2018"), there are various reasons for this: qualified specialists, a good infrastructure, a stable legal and political environment.

  208. What Makes Germany an Attractive Market for Your Business Expansion?

    Germany 25/03/2019 10:02:18

    As the largest economy in the European Union, Germany is a formidable force that is hard to ignore when it comes to business development and expansion. If you are considering starting a business in Germany, you probably want to know why this market is attractive for you and your operation.

  209. Why Germany is the Perfect Place to Secure Your Business Against Brexit

    Germany 25/03/2019 10:00:28

    Brexit is finally here, after two years of negotiations, and will possibly go into effect in April 2019. If you live in the UK and are considering the implications and economic disasters that will unfurl once England severs ties with the European Union, it might be time to move your business into a more stable socioeconomic climate.

  210. Introducing Our Newest Jurisdiction for Blockchain-powered Businesses

    Offshore 25/03/2019 09:36:00

    Expanding regulated options for Smart Companies is what we do — from founders to founders.

  211. Your Own Coworking Space: Getting It Right

    United Kingdom 22/03/2019 07:44:28

    Technology has changed the way we work a lot in recent years. Gone are the days of spending hours in cubicles; today is the era of working remotely and coworking with fellow professionals.

  212. Five Ways to Beat Imposter Syndrome at Work

    United Kingdom 21/03/2019 10:16:07

    The overwhelming feeling of crippling self-doubt and dread known as Imposter Syndrome has impacted a whopping 62% of people at work, according to a report by Access Commercial Finance. The survey of over 3000 adults in the UK shows over two-thirds of women (66%) have suffered from imposter syndrome compared to over half of men (56%) within the last 12 months. This raises a significant question: are women more likely to experience feeling inadequate in the workplace?

  213. Avoid Miss-Hiring to Boost Performance

    Thailand 21/03/2019 09:52:06

    If you’re owning and managing a business for a long time, you might have come across at least one situation when you felt, “I wish I’d never hired him/her.” Looking back, you might recognize a lack of experience or skills, however, you released the offer for ending the cycle of CVs, interviews and phone calls. For convenience, you might have rationalized the hiring decision feeling optimistic that he/she might just require few training sessions to nail the work. Does it work out?

  214. Money claims in Spain

    Spain 20/03/2019 13:20:20

    The payment procedure allows to claim monetary debts provided there is documentary proof of the sum outstanding.

  215. Introduction of National Healthcare System in Cyprus

    Cyprus 19/03/2019 14:13:43

    The General Healthcare System (GHS) Law came into force as from 1 March 2019.

  216. An Analysis of the Challenges and Prospects in Real Estate Development in Nigeria

    Nigeria 15/03/2019 12:22:32

    As a developing country, Nigeria's real estate sector ("the sector") is evolving at a tremendous pace. Governments at all levels are more aware of the role of real estate development in the growth of their respective territories. Nigeria's budding sectors such as telecommunications, agriculture, power, tourism have provided a veritable platform for the sector to thrive. Private-Public Partnership on real estate development is on the increase.

  217. Registering a Private Company Unlimited by Shares (Unlimited liability company)

    Ghana 14/03/2019 09:55:10

    A private company unlimited by Shares, according to the Ghana’s company’s code 1963, Act 179, section 9C is a company with no limit on the liability of its members.

  218. Business in Thailand – How Different It Is From Rest Of The World

    Thailand 13/03/2019 09:22:06

    Let’s say you’ve an interesting concept for a business and you are looking for an ideal location for launching it. You prefer Thailand since you’ve visited Thailand before and you enjoy the climate, lifestyle, food and people in general. However, you’re pondering whether starting a business in Thailand makes a sound decision.

  219. Americans do the funniest things!

    United Kingdom 13/03/2019 09:08:09

    Localisation and its Pitfalls Localisation can be a veritable minefield – instead of watching your p’s and q’s, the s’s and z’s are your main focus, and don’t forget those oxford commas! Our clients are often surprised when we explain to them that, actually, there are many things when it comes to language choices that make a reader’s face crumple up in disdain, so localisation is a must.

  220. Introduction to localisation

    United Kingdom 13/03/2019 08:57:38

    As our world becomes increasingly international, the need to make your goal, message or campaign accessible on a global scale is essential for any growing business. But, it’s commonly thought that when it comes to English, everyone speaks and understands the same language, right? We all know that US and UK English have their differences; there’s the age-old Football vs Soccer discussion, and the missing (or extra) ‘u’ in colour. Other than that, it’s all just English. Or is it?

  221. Amendments to Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Scheme

    Cyprus 12/03/2019 14:22:12

    The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved on 13 February 2019 a number of important amendments to the Citizenship by Investment Scheme, now officially termed as Cypriot Investment Scheme (the ‘Scheme’), offered by the country. The most important changes are covered below.

  222. Claiming against a debtor in Spain using a European Enforcement Order (EEO)

    Spain 12/03/2019 12:04:37

    Gascón Bernabéu is a firm of solicitors who specialise in international debt collection for both private clients and companies.

  223. Up to 30% Off + Complimentary Breakfast + Late Check-out, Culture Vulture Offer - Millennium Hotels and Resorts, Europe

    United Kingdom 07/03/2019 11:04:04

    Make the most of Europe’s cultural events and enjoy a up to 30% off your stay at Millennium Hotels and Resorts. Plan a visit to the cinema or the Louvre in Paris, British Summer Time Festival in Hyde Park, the new Tate Liverpool or any of the other summits, conferences or cultural events in Europe to participate in this exclusive offer.

  224. Initial steps for starting a business in Thailand

    Thailand 07/03/2019 09:25:27

    Setting up a business in Thailand could be an intimidating prospect, but if you get it right, it could be an enjoyable and lucrative one. There’s a wealth of opportunity in the service and industrial sectors and in import and export sector in general.

  225. For The Digital Nomads Community: 7 Reasons Why Start a Blockchain Smart Company

    Offshore 07/03/2019 07:16:47

    Wifi? Check. Laptop? Check. Picturesque surroundings and white sandy beaches? Check. What about that business structure...?

  226. In a Post Brexit world…

    United Kingdom 06/03/2019 16:25:52

    What will happen should the United Kingdom leave the EU without a deal for those that are currently registered for VAT in Europe as distance sellers? There are several potential hypotheses to this. They, are, for now only hypotheses but serve to give an indication of how you may prepare yourself for a “No deal” Brexit.

  227. Offering high quality translations at competitive prices.

    United Kingdom 06/03/2019 14:19:07

    Helping clients around the world expand seamlessly into any global Market, and enabling mutual benefits arising from different cultures. Translation is a powerful business growth tool when applied in the right way.

  228. Translation for law firms

    United Kingdom 06/03/2019 14:13:04

    Offering high quality legal and business translations at competitive prices.

  229. Information and events for British citizens in France

    France 06/03/2019 10:53:36

    The British Embassy in Paris has been holding meetings across France to update British citizens working and living in the country and answering their questions regarding Britain's departure from the European Union.

  230. Leading UK FinTech companies announced for trade mission to USA

    United Kingdom 06/03/2019 10:44:17

    DIT has announced that 13 British FinTech companies have been selected to attend the UK trade mission to Empire FinTech week in New York City.

  231. Liam Fox launches new export champion community

    United Kingdom 06/03/2019 10:37:54

    New Export Champion Community launched as the Board of Trade meets in Durham and 6 companies from the Northern Powerhouse receive Board of Trade Awards (BOFTAs).

  232. Recommendations when planning to contact prospective customers in Germany

    Germany 06/03/2019 08:24:22

    Have an appealing website including pictures of your production facilities / office building / production line / machines etc. "Appealing advertisment in your own field; Beat the drums for your business“

  233. Germany Tax Certificate for marketplaces -delayed

    Germany 05/03/2019 11:10:06

    The Federal Ministry of Finance for Germany has delayed the requirement for a USt 1 TI tax certificate which should be obtained by all non-resident online sellers.

  234. Abolition of Capital Duty and Other Important Changes in Cyprus Companies’ Law

    Cyprus 05/03/2019 09:20:08

    Some important amendments to the Cyprus Companies’ Law (the ‘Law’) have been introduced recently through the Companies (Amending) Law (No.3) of 2018. Some of these changes are considered as in force as from the date of publication of the amending law, on 18 December 2018, whereas others are enforceable by the end of the year 2019 or upon relevant notification by the Registrar of Companies. The most important of these amendments are covered below.

  235. Substance & De-offshorisation

    UAE 05/03/2019 08:50:07

    The challenge The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)is currently committed to a process called ‘de-offshorisation’ which, in real terms, calls for a complete dismantling of the offshore corporate sector.

  236. Types of Technology Transfer Agreement Registerable in Nigeria

    Nigeria 04/03/2019 12:14:39

    The National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) is the technology transfer office in Nigeria with a mandate to regulate the acquisition of foreign technology.

  237. SMART Visa For Foreign Workers

    Thailand 27/02/2019 08:54:49

    BOI confident “SMART Visa” to support targeted industries and attract more experts, executives, and investors

  238. Tax deduction of costs related to the purchase or sale of a participation

    Holland 26/02/2019 13:02:31

    The Supreme Court recently ruled that costs related to the purchase or sale of a participation are tax deductible in case the transaction is not finalised.

  239. Digipanda launches campaign towards Chinese students coming to UK in 2019

    China 26/02/2019 12:19:34

    Digipanda Marketing Co. Ltd, the China dedicated digital marketing agency, is to launch a new marketing campaign with Chinese students coming to UK being target audience.

  240. Corporates to Become the Driving Force in the Flexible Workspace Industry this Year

    United Kingdom 25/02/2019 10:22:44

    Corporates are set to become the driving force within the flexible workspace industry as the way they view their office portfolios continues to change,

  241. Registering a Technology Transfer Agreement in Ghana

    Ghana 25/02/2019 09:21:41

    Several local entities go into technology transfer agreements or management services agreements with foreign entities for the use of their technologies and services in Ghana.

  242. 2019 Mexico Forecast: Doing Business in Mexico

    Mexico 21/02/2019 09:43:01

    Overall economic status Mexico’s economic freedom score is 64.8, making its economy the 63rd freest in the 2018 Index. Mexico is ranked 12th among 32 countries in the Americas region, and its overall score is above the regional and world averages.

  243. Top PropTech Trends Reshaping Real Estate Market

    United Kingdom 20/02/2019 12:12:45

    Advances in AI applications are already causing revolutionary changes in the commercial real estate field, and we’ll continue to see a shift in the way real estate professionals do business in the years to come.

  244. What Should You Consider Before Doing Business in SE Asia

    Thailand 19/02/2019 08:08:16

    Doing business in South-east Asia is an eye-opening and interesting experience. You would find that the business culture in South-east Asia is relatively different from the West, as there are specific customs and expectations which business professionals are expected to follow, in order for keeping their clients and customers happy.

  245. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Andorra Enters in to Force

    Cyprus 13/02/2019 13:43:16

    As reported before, a Double Tax Treaty (DTT) was signed between Cyprus and Andorra on 18 May 2018. On 11 January 2019 the DTT entered in to force. It generally applies from 1 January 2020.

  246. Damages for Unlawful Termination of Employment in Nigeria

    Nigeria 13/02/2019 07:45:52

    All employment has its terms. The terms may be written in a single contract, several documents, custom and usage or inferred from the conduct of the employee and his employer. The terms of employment usually stipulates the procedure, notice and termination package in which the employer would pay to the employee upon termination of the employee’s employment.

  247. CIF – Spanish Registration Number for Foreign Companies

    Spain 12/02/2019 11:28:19

    GB Abogados offer a wide range of services to both private clients and companies. Our accountancy and finance department are well versed with providing services and solutions to companies from within Europe and beyond.

  248. The Smart Company - and why should it be on the radar of every entrepreneur today?

    Offshore 12/02/2019 09:48:51

    As an aspiring entrepreneur, setting up a legal structure for your new business is one of the first essentials you need to think about when you’re ready to make things official. While most entrepreneurs love to innovate new ideas and solve problems, innovating a corporate legal structure really isn’t something many have even thought about. Yet how your company is structured by design will determine how it will run, wouldn’t you agree?

  249. Advantages of establishing a company in the Republic of Seychelles

    Offshore 12/02/2019 08:33:50

    Setting up a company in the Republic of Seychelles should be on every entrepreneur’s radar of options today. Looking at the advantages, International Business Companies (IBC) are subject to 0% corporate income tax on foreign income, only one shareholder is required to start the company, the island nation has extraordinarily high commitment on confidentiality and political independence from international pressure, just to mention a few.

  250. Economic Growth Forecast For All EU Countries In 2019

    Malta 11/02/2019 14:11:31

  251. AI in Business: 2019 Trends and Predictions

    United Kingdom 08/02/2019 12:38:00

    AI is already being implemented in businesses around the world, and while worries persist over whether robots will be taking over the workplace, some are predicting that it will actually improve and even create jobs in the future.

  252. 30% ruling from 8 to 5 years as per 1 January 2019

    Holland 07/02/2019 10:16:51

    The maximum amount of years the 30% ruling may apply has been reduced from 8 to 5 years as per 1 January 2019. The 30% ruling is essentially a tax credit for expats working in the Netherlands to compensate for the additional costs expats usually make for working away from their home country. By applying the 30% ruling the employer can pay out 30% of the salary tax free. Therefore, the reduction can result in significantly lower net wages for expats with the 30% ruling.

  253. Independent Contractors in Mexico

    Mexico 06/02/2019 15:39:45

    Franklin presents information regarding independent contractors in Mexico.

  254. Reference Rates for 2019 for Notional Interest on Equity

    Cyprus 04/02/2019 17:16:43

    The Cyprus Tax Department published on 30 January 2019 an update on bond yield rates per country as at 31 December 2018 to be considered for the notional interest deduction for 2019 to which equity injected in to Cyprus companies is entitled. The rates are as follows:

  255. Cyprus International Trusts

    Cyprus 01/02/2019 15:19:05

    The law governing the establishment of trusts in Cyprus is based on the English system. It is a combination of the English Principles of Equity and Statue Law. Cyprus International Trusts are regulated by the International Trusts Law 69(I)/1992 as amended by Law 20(I)/2012.

  256. How to Renew GIPC Investor Registration

    Ghana 31/01/2019 11:19:52

    Have you registered your company with the GIPC? Renew your GIPC registration with ease by following this step by step guideline that shows you what you need to know, the key requirements and common mistakes investors make.

  257. In a sales role, you should try not to be TOO polite

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:07:35

    One of the biggest frustrations I have with fellow sales people is when they downplay the value they bring to clients and prospects.

  258. Understanding your customers

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:06:04

    Talking to Humans: Success starts with understanding your customers

  259. What does it take to be a great sales person?

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:04:41

    Marketing and sales differ greatly, but they generally have the same goal. Selling is the final stage in marketing which puts the plan into effect.

  260. How to make sales targets less daunting

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:03:08

    If you have targets for 2019 that seem really daunting, spend some time breaking them into bite sized chunks - focus on the activities that you need to do, and you'll hit your number.

  261. How do we help companies expand into new markets?

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:01:34

    We help when you are ready to grow internationally, ready to accelerate.

  262. What I learned in the first month

    United Kingdom 31/01/2019 09:00:01

    Three things I've learned in the first month of setting up

  263. 12 Mandated Federal Benefits in Mexico

    Mexico 22/01/2019 14:46:35

    Franklin and Marisol discuss the mandated benefits; provide a brief explanation of each benefit, and who they apply to.

  264. Eight Ways to Crush the Career Blues in 2019

    United Kingdom 21/01/2019 13:19:42

    January can be tough. A combination of debt, cold weather, time since Christmas, low motivation and failed New Year’s resolutions sees the most depressing day of the year also known as Blue Monday fall on 21 January this year

  265. Chinese Digital Marketing

    China 15/01/2019 11:07:25

    Yes, every Chinese consumer relies on WeChat and it is the most powerful digital tool in the world. This doesn’t mean that you can sit down leisurely and wait for sales to grow simply by having a brand WeChat account. The Chinese digital marketing ecosystem works in its own way and is constantly evolving to meet new demands.

  266. Choosing the right registered office address in China

    China 14/01/2019 15:37:21

    It is every real estate agents' mantra: Location, location, location. You've certainly heard the phrase enough and may wonder what inspires agents to say the word three times.

  267. Chicago Dominates Flexible Workspace Market in Illinois

    USA 14/01/2019 12:27:38

    With a high demand for office space in Chicago,

  268. Stages of court litigation in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 11/01/2019 08:34:20

    Bulgarian Legislation has a several levels of court litigation. Basically yhe court litigation in Bulgaria has been created and settled in four different instances (stages).

  269. Brexit shenanigans return.

    United Kingdom 09/01/2019 11:05:30

    Theresa May suffered a minor setback yesterday evening as the government lost a vote on an amendment to the Finance Bill limiting the scope to raise funds in the case of a ‘no deal’ Brexit, in particular the ability to change taxes

  270. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and the UK - Amending Protocol in Force

    Cyprus 09/01/2019 08:36:33

    As recently reported, a Protocol amending the new Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and the UK of 2018 has been signed on 19 December 2018. In summary the Protocol provides for a “grandfathering” period for what concerns the taxation of pensions.

  271. Markets hope for a breakthrough in China/US trade talks.

    USA 08/01/2019 10:56:44

    The dollar has regained some ground overnight reversing some of the sell-off seen on Friday. Comments from Fed Chair, Jay Powell in Atlanta that the bank would look to be “patient” re: rate rises throughout 2019 had seen the greenback sold off and stock markets jump in America.

  272. Personal income tax rates 2019

    Holland 08/01/2019 08:56:15

    Personal income tax rates applicable for tax year 2019. Personal income tax rates 2019 for income from (former and/or self-) employment and home ownership (also referred to as “box 1”):

  273. Application term 30%-ruling reduced to five years as of 2019

    Holland 07/01/2019 14:58:10

    Both the Dutch House of Representatives and Senate have now approved the Tax Plan 2019 which includes the transitional rules for expats with a 30% ruling issued in 2018 or earlier. Therefore this new legislation will become effective as of January 1st 2019.

  274. Austin and Dallas dominate flexible office space market in Texas

    USA 07/01/2019 13:14:16

    Austin and Dallas dominate flexible office space market in Texas

  275. Dollar dives as Powell hints at pause in rate hikes.

    USA 07/01/2019 11:22:23

    It was a topsy-turvy end of the week for the greenback as it rallied on a strong Non-Farm Payrolls release before being sold off on the back of dovish comments from Fed Chairman, Jay Powell.

  276. USD outlook for 2019 shifting rapidly

    USA 04/01/2019 15:56:55

    GBP / USD Expected Range: 1.2620 – 1.2710

  277. Bank of England keeps all things steady.

    United Kingdom 03/01/2019 11:29:14

    With the year wrapping up there were no surprises at the end of it from the Bank of England as they decided not to change the precedent of altering rates at the end of the year.

  278. Physical Precious Metals Storage & Trade

    Cyprus 21/12/2018 09:47:35

    Secured wealth outside the banking system

  279. May heads to Brussels after surviving no confidence vote

    United Kingdom 13/12/2018 10:06:46

    It was another dramatic day in UK politics yesterday as Prime Minister, Theresa May, survived a vote of no confidence brought upon her by members of her own Conservative Party.

  280. Make Your Leave Days Work For You in 2019

    United Kingdom 12/12/2018 11:06:12

    We all know the benefits of a healthy work-life balance by now: Improved mental and physical wellbeing, a better social life, increased creativity, productivity, job satisfaction and more. But with a quarter of Brits working more than 40 hours a week, we still have a long way to go. According to a survey by PaymentSense, 38% of workers across the UK say they worry about work being completed while on annual leave, and 59% admitted their work negatively impacts day-to-day life.

  281. May in fight of her life to save job

    United Kingdom 12/12/2018 10:37:24

    The rumour yesterday that 48 MPs had written letters of no confidence to Sir Graham Brady, Chairman of the 1922 Committee, has been confirmed this morning.

  282. Digipanda Launches Its New Year Offer!

    China 11/12/2018 14:41:39

    To celebrate Christmas, New Year and the Chinese New Year, Digipanda Marketing, the London based China marketing company, is launching its New Year Offer:

  283. May pulls vote which sees pound sink

    United Kingdom 11/12/2018 10:56:30

    There are perhaps not enough superlatives or metaphors to describe the events currently unfolding within the halls of Westminster or Downing Street but an apt one may be is that the ‘left hand does not know what the right hand is doing’.

  284. Challenges of Hiring Talent Overseas

    USA 10/12/2018 14:15:16

    As your business expands, the need to hire talent overseas grows. The recruiting and hiring process in other countries is very different from the U.S., and can cause issues for companies trying to expand. Here are the top 3 challenges companies face when hiring overseas:

  285. Crucial week for pound with parliament set to vote on May's Brexit deal

    United Kingdom 10/12/2018 10:27:01

    It’s one of the most crucial weeks for the pound since the 2016 EU Referendum with parliament due to vote tomorrow night on UK Prime Minister, Theresa Mays proposed Brexit deal.

  286. Düsseldorf is NRW’s driving force ...

    Germany 10/12/2018 09:48:55

    ... for foreign direct investments

  287. Commodity currencies suffer as US-Asia trade relations take a different turn

    USA 06/12/2018 11:13:05

    It was a quiet day on the U.S. dollar front as stock markets were closed to pay their respects to the late President George H.W.Bush.

  288. The Accounting Conundrum Solved – Accounting in the UAE Made Simple

    UAE 05/12/2018 13:15:52

    Companies based in the UAE reap many benefits as the UAE has one of the fastest growing economies in the world. The UAE accept new investors with open arms, and Dubai has become one of the best places in the world in which to have a company based.

  289. 'A real deal or no deal at all’ – Donald Trump

    USA 05/12/2018 13:00:38

    The confidence expressed from Beijing regarding the negotiations with Washington on the trade tariffs may not have spilled over in to the Asian equity markets and the USD has struggled to hold its level ahead of today’s market closure due to the day of mourning declared for former President George Bush.

  290. Out of the frying pan, into the fire

    United Kingdom 04/12/2018 10:14:31

    It really is ‘out of the frying Brexit pan and into the Brexit fire’ at the moment for the government although this time it seems somewhat self-inflicted

  291. Translation and Real estate

    United Kingdom 03/12/2018 16:15:23

    Real estate is a global business. Regardless of where you practice – in your hometown or around the world, you will be impacted by the fact that we are in a global real estate market with global economies need translation services supplier (Honest translation).

  292. Risk on as US and China agree to a trade war ceasefire.

    USA 03/12/2018 10:47:03

    Risk demand gapped higher overnight, in response to the US-China trade ceasefire announced over the weekend. The greenback opens slightly weaker this morning as a result, especially so vs. the commodity currencies.

  293. Dollar falls as Fed signals end of rate hikes

    USA 29/11/2018 11:50:34

    There was big move in USD across the board yesterday as US Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell reset expectations of domestic monetary policy

  294. Green Investments: Exemption From Equity Tax And Tax Credit

    Holland 28/11/2018 17:03:29

    Green investments: exemption from equity tax (box 3) and additional tax credit. In these times of low interest rates on savings deposits, green investments can tax wise be a favorable alternative to low-yielding assets.

  295. Traders demonstrate caution ahead of US GDP and Fed Chair’s keenly awaited speech

    USA 28/11/2018 11:18:50

    The US dollar index edged higher on Tuesday touching a high of 97.50, shrugging off less hawkish than expected comments from Fed member Clarida yesterday afternoon, who said that monetary policy is not a pre-set course.

  296. It Pays to be an Intern

    Ghana 28/11/2018 10:20:30

    Internships programs are designed to help students gain some work experience and get hired after graduations these days.

  297. Dos and Don’ts of Doing Business with Ghanaian Companies

    Ghana 28/11/2018 10:16:36

    Go Global with Rubby A Golo, CEO Global Trade Consult

  298. Dos and Don’ts of Doing Business with Foreign Companies

    Ghana 28/11/2018 10:14:09

    Go Global with Rubby A Golo, CEO Global Trade Consult

  299. Why West Africa needs the skills to fulfil its potential

    Ghana 28/11/2018 10:08:40

    I got so excited when I completed my Lumina Spark Practitioner Qualification this year. Exploring the Lumina Spark model in my business, it then dawned on me that it would be a good idea to share this article about ‘Why West Africa needs the skills to fulfil its potential’. Part of this article was first published by Inemmo Leadership Development Solutions in September 2016.

  300. Get Ready To Sell Overseas

    Ghana 28/11/2018 10:01:32

    Tips on exporting your products abroad

  301. Fiducenter Managing Director Panellist at two events in November

    Cyprus 27/11/2018 12:20:53

    November has been a busy month for our Managing Director, George Savvides, in terms of panel discussions.

  302. Demand for Flexible Workspace in Asia-Pacific has Outstripped Global Markets

    China 27/11/2018 11:04:09

    Over the past 12 months, the flexible workspace market has grown faster in the Asia-Pacific region than any other destination in the world, according to Instant’s APAC Flexible Workspace 2018 report. Supply of flex centres across top locations has grown consistently above 15%, with the only inhibitor to growth being a lack of available space for expansion.

  303. Risk sentiment whipsaws on Trump/China rhetoric, Italy and Brexit

    United Kingdom 27/11/2018 10:51:20

    The pound got off to a good start yesterday morning as London traders reacted to the news that the EU had agreed to May’s Brexit proposal.

  304. Pound rises as EU approves Brexit withdrawal agreement.

    United Kingdom 26/11/2018 13:00:30

    The pound has risen modestly this morning as traders digest the news of the EU signing off UK Prime Minister, Theresa Mays Brexit withdrawal agreement in Brussels yesterday.

  305. Survey shows British SMEs are not shaken by Brexit

    United Kingdom 26/11/2018 08:49:24

    Each year at OFX, we take a pulse-check on how UK businesses are feeling about international trade, and this year we found a few surprising insights from the results. The survey, commissioned by OnePoll in June 2018, surveyed 500 owners and senior managers at UK businesses with between 10 and 249 employees. Here’s what we found:

  306. Expand Your Business to Japan

    Japan 26/11/2018 07:54:36

    Process of Brexit goes slowly but steadily towards its end, March 2019, whatever the consequences may be. Needless to say, it has already a great and will have more impact not only on UK but also on other countries including Japan. To think it positively, it may be a good opportunity for many of UK companies to (re)turn their fresh eyes to fast-growing Asian market and its heart of prosperity, Japan.

  307. Is Amsterdam Becoming Europe’s leading flexible workspace capital?

    Holland 22/11/2018 15:54:40

    With Amsterdam becoming one of Europe’s fastest growing tech hubs and a prime business destination for international start-ups and investors entering the Dutch market, it has become increasingly expensive for businesses to establish themselves in the city’s top districts. With limited space due to restrictions on new office development and a highly competitive market in the city, demand for office space in this global hotspot outstrips supply.

  308. Düsseldorf, the state capital of the Start-Up-Region

    Germany 21/11/2018 17:02:16

    North Rhine-Westphalia is a real incubator for innovative and future-orientated companies. Nearly every fifth Start-up has their headquarters here. That means 19 % of all German Start-Ups in NRW are residing here, whereby over half are in the urban centre of Rhine-Ruhr. In this way the state dethrones Berlin (15,8%) for the first time.

  309. Germany is in the Top 3 of the most competitive national economies

    Germany 21/11/2018 16:59:32

    Germany is a very attractive country thanks to its competitiveness

  310. A Complete Guide to Saudi Visas

    Saudi Arabia 21/11/2018 11:42:22

    Organising your visa for Saudi Arabia can be complex and without expert knowledge it can be hard to know which visa is right for you. However, with the right support you can ensure you have the right visa for your purpose of travel and that you remain compliant. In this article we break down the types of Saudi visas, visa requirements and how to remain compliant.

  311. Dollar recovers as May heads to Brussels

    United Kingdom 21/11/2018 10:17:41

    GBP/USD fell away throughout yesterday’s European session as the greenback regained some of the ground lost on Monday.

  312. Another potentially big day for the pound as leadership challenge continues to loom.

    United Kingdom 20/11/2018 13:13:47

    Reports circulated yesterday morning that there were growing numbers of MPs ready to submit letters of no confidence in Theresa May, but despite this, GBP/USD held steady. It was only as she addressed the CBI conference later in the day that GBP/USD shed a quick 70-80 points, albeit she didn’t say anything we hadn’t already heard before.

  313. Trademark Registration Process in Nigeria

    Nigeria 19/11/2018 15:34:15

    1. Trademark Search Trademark search is conducted with the name of the trademark and its logo. The search report shall disclose marks which are close to the proposed mark and its class. This will make the trademark agent ascertain whether the mark will be accepted for publication or not. Trademark search takes a period of 24-72 hours (1-3 business days).

  314. The Rise of Remote Working: Top Global Industries Leading the Way

    United Kingdom 19/11/2018 10:19:03

    More business owners are swapping rigid 9-5 schedules and traditional office environments in favour of flexible space and remote working as an option for saving costs, retaining employees and encouraging a healthy work-life balance.

  315. Why should you use Abounding LTD for currency exchange

    United Kingdom 13/11/2018 11:07:16

  316. Branch in the UK Vs. UK Ltd (subsidiary) Company

    United Kingdom 13/11/2018 08:28:12

    We are frequently asked about a branch vs. a subsidiary (Ltd) company and benefits/drawbacks of both.

  317. Global Regulation Changes Affecting Payroll in 2019

    USA 12/11/2018 13:17:00

    Each year, governments change regulations that affect payroll calculations and processing. Global payroll teams have to adjust procedures and ensure new requirements are being met to stay in compliance.

  318. Tax Refund if Your Tax Burden Fluctuated Over a Period of Three Years

    Holland 12/11/2018 12:11:51

    You could be eligible for a tax refund if your tax burden fluctuated strongly over a consecutive period of three years.

  319. Excessive Burden Leads to a Tax Reduction in Box 3 Dutch Equity Tax

    Holland 12/11/2018 12:08:42

    An excessive burden can lead to a (time-proportional) reduction of box 3 (Dutch tax on equity). A previous ruling by the Court of Appeal has now been confirmed by the Supreme Court.

  320. One Stop Shop in The Netherlands

    Holland 12/11/2018 12:04:15

    TaxAble can serve and guide your company as a one stop shop for incorporation and full tax compliance & accountancy.

  321. Personal Tax in The Netherlands

    Holland 12/11/2018 11:59:43

    We are specialised in all types of personal tax. Preparing personal income tax returns, requesting 30% rulings, calculation of a salary split and tax treaty advisory are part of our daily business.

  322. Business Tax in The Netherlands

    Holland 12/11/2018 11:55:51

    We specialize in all forms of business taxes. For both the larger companies and SMEs we prepare tax returns, provide proactive advice on all kinds of tax issues, enter into (preliminary) consultations with the tax authorities and handle tax objections / court appeal procedures.

  323. Tax Rules Full Electric Cars Will Change as Of The Year 2019

    Holland 12/11/2018 11:50:59

    The tax rules for full electric cars will change as of the year 2019. It can still be very interesting to get a full electric company car before the end of 2018 in order to avoid the “Tesla tax”. In the below we give an overview of the current company car tax system as well as the changes for the coming years.

  324. Munich Garching: the Smart, fast, innovative campus of TUM

    Germany 07/11/2018 13:31:58

    The Bavarian king Ludwig II and Elon Musk have a lot of character traits and interests in common. Surprised? King Ludwig II had to argue and fight with his finance ministers in order to finance his ambitious castle building project. Elon Musk had his fair share of doubters and also financing issues to overcome during the early stages of building his ambitious tech companies, namely Tesla and SpaceX.

  325. Which Country Will Automate its White-Collar Workforce First?

    United Kingdom 07/11/2018 13:15:53

    “Artificial intelligence will probably replace 50% of human jobs within ten years.” – Kai-Fu Lee, former Head of Research for Google, China

  326. Recognising the early signs before you’re burned out

    United Kingdom 07/11/2018 11:54:36

    According to HSE, around 15.4 million working days are lost due to work related stress in 2017 with 595,000 British workers suffering from Mental Health issues such as depression and anxiety over the last 12 months with 239,000 new cases. Further research by the CIPD and SimplyHealth found presenteeism had more than tripled from 26 per cent in 2010 to 86 per cent in 2018 and was associated with rising stress levels.

  327. Low-cost training for China companies

    China 07/11/2018 11:47:08

    Training staff is great for business. It motivates employees, boosts retention and drives efficiency. But what if you’re a cash-strapped startup in China?

  328. Innovation in the Automotive Field

    Germany 07/11/2018 10:43:34

    Asahi Kasei Concept Car „AKXY’s” first European presentation in Düsseldorf

  329. 10 Differences Between Human Resources Mexico and the Global / International PEOs

    Mexico 06/11/2018 15:40:05

    Franklin discusses the 10 differences between Human Resources Mexico and the Global PEO / International PEO / Employer of Record / Global Employment Solutions.

  330. German Court decides in favour of a Cyprus company in a CFC case

    Cyprus 06/11/2018 15:34:24

    In a decision published on 17 October 2018, the German Federal Financial Court decided on the application of the German Controlled Foreign Company (CFC) legislation in a triangular case involving a Cyprus company.

  331. Five Year Visas for the UK

    Saudi Arabia 06/11/2018 12:40:29

    Some of you will know that an MoU was recently signed between the UK and KSA to make the UK only the second country, behind the US, eligible for 5 year multi-entry business visit visas..

  332. Types of visas for Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 05/11/2018 10:43:59

    Saudi Arabian visas can be complex, which can sometimes lead to difficulty remaining compliant. However, with the right support, your visit to Saudi Arabia can be made simple and worry-free. Below we break down the Saudi visa; the types of visas, the requirements, what you need to apply and staying compliant.

  333. What are the benefits of shared services?

    Saudi Arabia 05/11/2018 10:40:42

    Benefits of shared services Shared services are an organizational model where a defined set of support services are managed by an independent, internal, and centralized organization. Shared services separate operational and strategic activities to enhance focus and effectiveness throughout the organization.

  334. Erlangen & Nuremberg: the center of gravity for med tech

    Germany 01/11/2018 14:36:21

    Tired of yet another founded-in-the-garage, rags-to-riches start up story? Then you’ll be relieved to learn that this start-up wasn’t born out of a garage but out of a pub: Corscience’s founders scribbled an offer letter on a beer mat. The unorthodox sales pitch gained them their first commercial development contract for an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) on behalf of Hamburg based Weinmann Emergency, a leading manufacturer of medical device solutions for emergency services.

  335. Alfa Management Consutancy

    UAE 01/11/2018 10:18:28

  336. UAE Key Facts

    UAE 01/11/2018 09:07:42

    Introduction Who we are? Registered management consultants, business consultants and accounting professionals and auditors Offices in Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah in UAE and associates and counter-parts offices in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Chennai, Singapore and Hong Kong having more than one-decade experience.

  337. Accounting services Netherlands

    Holland 31/10/2018 13:04:32

    Accounting services Netherlands is something we can support your business in as a whole or providing it partially. Together with you, we will determine how the Dutch accounting services should be set up and which way of processing fits the best for the company. Our qualified and certified tax accountants will prepare the year end accounts, including the VAT returns and the corporate income tax return of the company.

  338. Cross Border Freelancing

    Holland 31/10/2018 12:59:41

    Self-employed professionals, i.e. freelancers or independent contractors (in Dutch: zelfstandigen zonder personeel, zzp), working with their Dutch company in a foreign country will oftentimes have to deal with foreign or international tax rules and regulations.

  339. Working in the Netherlands

    Holland 31/10/2018 12:57:25

    Foreign employees who start working in the Netherlands for a company will have several questions when they arrive in the Netherlands. Not only the employees but also the employer might have questions with respect to the employment.

  340. Assignment in the Netherlands / 183 days rule

    Holland 31/10/2018 12:53:51

    An assignment in the Netherlands or a secondment to the Netherlands of employees, is nowadays one of the instruments for internationally orientated companies to expand their business. In order to structure the business as good as possible, correct delegation structuring has become very important for these companies.

  341. Subcontractor in the Netherlands – subcontracting

    Holland 31/10/2018 12:50:31

    Foreign companies or individuals who are coming as a subcontractor in the Netherlands might have tax related questions when they come to Holland.

  342. Complex Texts Translators Have to Work With

    United Kingdom 31/10/2018 09:26:27

    We have a whole host of fully-trained professionals here at Surrey Translation Bureau ready to provide you with high quality translation services for a variety of industries and sectors depending on your needs.

  343. Permanent establishment (P.E.) in the Netherlands

    Holland 31/10/2018 08:36:03

    Recent changes, originating from the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project of the OECD, to tax law and tax treaties may have severe consequences for companies working with a broker or agent (employee or contractor) abroad.

  344. AEI hits 100!

    Saudi Arabia 25/10/2018 11:32:34

    AEI Saudi was founded in 2012 by two people working out of a borrowed office near the Kingdom Tower in central Riyadh. Our guiding principle was that:

  345. Saudi PIF at Full Throttle towards a Greener Future

    Saudi Arabia 25/10/2018 11:29:43

    The Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF) made some of its first moves into the world of tech back in 2016, when it invested $3.5bn in US ride-hailing service Uber. Now, two years on, it would seem the PIF is moving into the electric vehicle (EV) space too.

  346. How to Obtain a Free Zones License in Ghana

    Ghana 25/10/2018 11:08:19

    The Ghana Free Zones Authority (GFZA) was established by an Act of Parliament, The Free Zones Act 1995 (Act 504) in 1995. This Act enable the establishment of free zones in Ghana for the promotion of economic development; to provide for the regulation of activities in free zones and for related purposes. The implementation of the Programme actually commenced in September 1996.

  347. Registering for VAT in Spain

    Spain 23/10/2018 10:42:43

    The process of registering for VAT in Spain is open to international companies. IVA (Impuesto de Valor Añadido) is currently 21% in Spain.

  348. Avoiding the surprises of European business expansion

    United Kingdom 23/10/2018 09:59:12

  349. 2019 Mexico Forecast: Doing Business in Mexico

    Mexico 18/10/2018 08:44:41

    2019 Mexico Forecast: Doing Business in Mexico.

  350. The Difference Between Translators and Interpreters: Which Do I Need?

    United Kingdom 16/10/2018 12:54:42

    As a trusted translation company in Surrey, the team at Surrey Translation Bureau have noticed a lot of people getting rather mixed up when it comes to translators and interpreters; many simply do not know the difference between the two, and will often end up using the terms interchangeably (much to the chagrin of translators and interpreters alike!).

  351. Conducting Business In Ghana

    Ghana 15/10/2018 16:11:47

  352. Get to Know Your Global PEO / International PEO

    Mexico 15/10/2018 14:25:29

    Franklin discusses shell companies in the target countries. Definition and best practices for PEO (Professional Employer Organization.) Global expansion should be taken seriously.

  353. Get rich in Africa

    Africa 15/10/2018 10:33:50

  354. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia approved by Saudi Council

    Cyprus 11/10/2018 11:42:22

    Saudi Arabia's Shura Council (Majlis Al-Shura) approved the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia on 26 September 2018. As previously reported the DTT was signed on 3 January 2018. The particulars of the DTT are presented below in summary.

  355. UK Legal Structures

    United Kingdom 10/10/2018 10:34:46

    There are different types of UK legal structures. The decision making process will vary depending on your objectives for setting up in the UK – such as testing the market, or employing staff.

  356. Top 5 reasons why companies are setting up in the UK

    United Kingdom 10/10/2018 10:32:55

    Foreign Direct Investment is as ever popular with the UK market. There are a number of reasons for this, but we are seeing a constant flurry of companies setting up in the UK because:-

  357. Setting up in the UK for Australian exporters

    United Kingdom 09/10/2018 11:33:40

    With the UK business culture being very similar to Australia, now has never been a more poignant time for Australian companies to export their products and services to the UK market.

  358. Here’s More to English Than US V UK

    United Kingdom 09/10/2018 07:59:10

    Globally over 80 countries recognise English as an official language, with current estimates stating that nearly 1.5 billion people speak some level of English.

  359. The Different Courts in Spain

    Spain 09/10/2018 07:50:58

    The Spanish legal system operates with a number of different courts. Each court has a distinct role and handles a specific type of legal case.

  360. The Must- Do On Foreign Business Expansion In Brazil

    Brazil 09/10/2018 07:35:02

    During the last decades, Brazil has risen to become one of the biggest economies of the world, being considered a member of the BRICS (Brazil-Russia-India-China-South Africa), former developing countries nowadays taking shape of a state with a fully grown and strong economy.

  361. Is Your Global Reporting Working for You?

    USA 08/10/2018 14:08:03

    Companies with international employees have to balance payroll, benefits administration, and compliance to maintain a strong global workforce.

  362. Toutiao: an Emerging Social Media Platform in China that You Can’t Afford to Ignore

    China 08/10/2018 13:26:43

    Marketers in UK who care about the China market may be very familiar with the famous abbreviation “BAT”, which refers to the top 3 internet giants in China: Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent.

  363. The DMCC Business Setup Guide

    UAE 08/10/2018 09:48:03

    DMCC or ‘Dubai Multi Commodities Center’ was set up in 2002 as a strategic initiative from the Government of Dubai to build a physical marketplace for Commodities in the UAE.

  364. Ajman Free Zone Visa Guide

    UAE 08/10/2018 09:44:25

    The establishment of Ajman Free Zone Authority (AFZA) in 1988 ushered an era of economic growth and business innovation in the UAE. The zone’s strategically centralized location, low operational expenses, contemporary infrastructure, and lucrative business setup policies have helped it build a global reputation of a profitable destination to invest and live.

  365. Offshore Company Formation and the Legal Standpoint

    UAE 08/10/2018 09:40:22

    While political upheavals may have given a bad rep to its functional outlook, offshore company formation is actually a great means of a legal tool to conceal, protect or transfer assets/property/funds through secure laws that are duly authorized by the host country’s legislature.

  366. Ghadan 21: Abu Dhabi’s Major Development Projects Unveiled

    UAE 08/10/2018 09:37:15

    The government of UAE has announced a Dh50 billion bid as an initiative to accelerate Abu Dhabi’s economic growth by cultivating start-up businesses in the region.

  367. Going Global Speaker Martha Owusu

    Africa 05/10/2018 12:24:51

  368. Company Pension Schemes

    United Kingdom 04/10/2018 09:48:45

    UK Company Pension rules have been in the news for the past few years, particularly that the UK population are not making sufficient financial provision for their retirement and with longer life spans many people run the risk of not being able to live comfortably when they retire. The Government have taken steps to ensure that employees are members of a pension scheme and do not solely rely on state pensions.

  369. An overview of UK payroll costs

    United Kingdom 04/10/2018 09:46:29

    Calculating UK payroll for your employees should not be taken lightly. The employee will suffer if the correct calculation and methodology including previous UK experience is not applied. We look at providing an overview of UK payroll costs, taken from a typical payroll summary spreadsheet we provide to our clients, and break it down – cost by cost – including pension.

  370. INTRATONE opened branch in Düsseldorf

    Germany 04/10/2018 09:43:00

    Intratone is a division of Cogelec, a manufacturer of intercom and access-control equipment.

  371. Average Wage UK: What Salary should you be earning at your age?

    United Kingdom 02/10/2018 12:31:01

    Your age isn’t the only number that increases over time. As you accrue more experience in the workplace, your value to employers inevitably increases, and salary expectations should follow in line.

  372. Cyprus - Tax Treatment of Non-Refundable Capital Contributions

    Cyprus 02/10/2018 10:31:22

    Through Interpretative Circular 25 (the “Circular”), released on 3 September 2018, the Cyprus Tax Department clarifies the tax treatment of non-refundable capital contributions (i.e. when a capital contribution is made to a company without any issue of shares in exchange) by Cyprus taxpayers (the “Contributor”) to companies, which are tax resident abroad.

  373. Gross up Non Deductible Expenses - Mexico PEO - Human Resources Mexico

    Mexico 01/10/2018 16:26:37

    Marisol Perez - Human Resources & Payroll Manager explains the gross-up of non tax deductible expenses.

  374. HR Tech + Vegas = VR and AI – Oh My!

    USA 01/10/2018 12:47:54

    We had an amazing time in Las Vegas, Nevada for the 2018 HR Tech Conference. Bright lights, great music, roulette wheel spinning and smiling people everywhere I went.

  375. Closing the Gender Pay Gap in Latin America

    Colombia 01/10/2018 12:42:17

    For years on end, there has been a wide gender pay gap in Latin American countries.

  376. Integrating Your Global Systems

    USA 01/10/2018 12:20:10

    Companies with international employees face many hurdles when it comes to integration.

  377. Employment law in Spain

    Spain 01/10/2018 10:48:34

    GB Abogados provide a range of employment law services to both companies and individuals.

  378. “Secure your European business today against Brexit”

    Germany 27/09/2018 10:31:34

    “The risk of a hard [no-deal] Brexit is growing by the day,” said Joachim Lang, the head of the Federation of German Industries (BDI), in a wide-ranging interview with the Rheinische Post newspaper. “Every business would do well to prepare for this worst-case scenario.” The Guardian 27.8.18

  379. Iran’s alternative Foreign Exchange Market

    27/09/2018 10:28:00

    The Central Bank of Iran (CBI) set up a secondary market for foreign exchange due to a major change in Iran’s foreign exchange policy which resulted reduction in the availability of foreign currency and the volume of foreign exchange transactions.

  380. Who can authorize a Company to Institute Legal Proceedings under Nigeria Law?

    Nigeria 27/09/2018 08:17:02

    Section 299 of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (“the CAMA”) provides that;

  381. Brits Love To Complicate Things

    United Kingdom 26/09/2018 11:51:34

    Give Me Liber-tea or Give Me Death! (I’m Sure that’s how the Saying Goes) .

  382. There’s More To English Than US V UK

    United Kingdom 26/09/2018 11:45:41

    Globally over 80 countries recognise English as an official language, with current estimates stating that nearly 1.5 billion people speak some level of English. Although, theoretically, we should all be able to understand each other, certain variations are so different that they could be considered a new language.

  383. Reasons why startups and SMEs should consider a virtual office in China

    China 26/09/2018 08:07:43

    Do you want to expand into a new market, like China, with minimal initial office expense and hassle? Perhaps you are just doing market research in China, or your ecommerce site is attracting overseas customers and you’d like to learn more about the new potential opportunity before committing, or you are considering sending an employee or two abroad to open up the Chinese market.

  384. Where Do We Get The Exchange Rate That We Use? Human Resources Mexico

    Mexico 25/09/2018 10:34:32

    ranklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal, provides the web site so clients and employees can confirm the exchange rate used when invoicing and processing payrolls.

  385. Campus Frankfurt Riedberg: the science city

    Germany 25/09/2018 10:26:02

    If there’s one German city that’s always been keen on the construction of new buildings, high rise or low rise, it’s Frankfurt.

  386. ‘Film in Cyprus’ online platform and the new Cyprus filming scheme

    Cyprus 24/09/2018 15:20:57

    Last year in September the Cypriot cabinet has approved a new filming scheme, which was created with the aim to attract overseas filming companies to shoot their films in Cyprus.

  387. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Andorra approved by Andorra

    Cyprus 24/09/2018 14:38:18

    As reported before, a Double Tax Treaty (DTT) was signed between Cyprus and Andorra on 18 May 2018. On 13 September 2018 the DTT was approved by Andorra.

  388. How to verify an EU VAT number

    Spain 18/09/2018 11:17:00

    When dealing with a company in an EU member state, it is important to ensure that you have the correct company details for inclusion on all invoices.

  389. Compliance and the Art of Outsourcing

    Lithuania 18/09/2018 09:39:10

    When you run a business, you get into it because you love your end product and want to connect with your ideal customer. Yes, there’s a lot of organizational activity and paperwork that comes with it, but the work is worth it. One area in which many businesses are now thinking again about their balance is the issue of compliance. It’s one that won’t go away if you try and sweep it under the carpet, and there can be severe repercussions for getting it wrong.

  390. How the EU GDPR Regulation Will Affect the Outsourcing Industry

    Lithuania 18/09/2018 09:35:21

    Outsourcing is something that virtually every business does to save money. In the digital age, so much of what is moved abroad is information. That way companies can stay competitive while paying less for the services they rely on. With the EU GDPR coming into force from May 25th, 2018 it’s time we took a closer look. To say it’s going to change things is an understatement.

  391. Why Nearshoring Could Be Exactly What You Need

    Lithuania 18/09/2018 09:33:12

    With it becoming increasingly easier to connect with people all around the world with the click of the button it is safe to say that the world is becoming a smaller place. This is a great thing for customers because it means that they can make use of expertise all around the world. What it means for businesses on some levels though is increased competition.

  392. 5 benefits of setting up a Representative Office in China

    China 17/09/2018 09:22:18

    The Chinese authorities aim to make it as easy as possible for foreign companies to start a business in the country. This is the guiding idea behind the wide range of options available in China’s free trade zones, representative offices and mainland businesses.

  393. FDI and Business Environment in Iran

    17/09/2018 08:42:42

    Despite its challenges, Iran is an interesting country to invest in with lots of opportunities and market chances locally and in the region. There are many areas in services and production that are far from saturation. Especially smaller foreign investors continue profitable operations in Iran.

  394. Golden Visa Program - Greece

    Greece 14/09/2018 13:20:11

    Greece, a unique place to invest and live.

  395. Digipanda is to launch UK tour discount card for Chinese visitors

    China 13/09/2018 13:34:12

    Digipanda, the London based digital marketing agency focusing on China market, is to launch a brand new UK tour discount card for Chinese visitors coming to UK.

  396. What is a free trade zone in China and why should you consider one for your company setup?

    China 13/09/2018 07:43:12

    China has long been an attractive destination for entrepreneurs the world over. Offering a lower tax rate compared to most European startups, a strategic location at the heart of the world’s largest and fastest emerging markets, and a government committed to nurturing and supporting business, it’s not hard to see why.

  397. Why Should I Register My TM?

    Ghana 12/09/2018 16:32:38

    Registration with the Ghana Trademark office gives you the exclusive right to use the trademark in Ghana.

  398. Mandated Federal Holidays in Mexico - Human Resources Mexico

    Mexico 12/09/2018 15:07:09

    Mandated Federal Holidays in Mexico. Franklin and Mayra discuss the dates for the federal holidays, what days are fixed, what days float, and what happens if an employee works a federal holiday in Mexico. Employees can't sign away their rights in Mexico. (Constitution of Mexico and Federal Labor Law.)

  399. Cost Per Desk Miami

    USA 12/09/2018 12:48:23

  400. Annual Report shows 8% increase in flexible center growth in Miami since last year

    USA 12/09/2018 12:42:49

    Florida boasts one of the most concentrated flexible workspace markets in the US, alongside California, Texas, New York and Illinois. According to a report by Instant Offices, with an 8% increase in flexible center growth since last year, the trend is seeing consistent growth as more companies choose flexible space over conventional offices.

  401. 30%-ruling

    Holland 12/09/2018 10:21:55

    In the Netherlands a very interesting tax benefit is offered for specialist staff recruited from abroad. This tax benefit is known as the 30% ruling. This ruling can be granted after a request thereto at the tax authorities and is applied by the employer on the salary of the foreign specialists through the withheld wage tax. In order for the foreign specialist to qualify for this ruling, he/she has to meet certain specific (quality) requirements.

  402. Blockchain working group in Cyprus

    Cyprus 11/09/2018 14:27:08

    The Cypriot cabinet has decided to form a joint working group to develop and implement blockchain technology in Cyprus in order to keep up with the international developments.

  403. Employee Enrollment Process Under Your Legal Entity – Human Resources Mexico

    Mexico 10/09/2018 11:41:52

    Hire an employee under your legal entity in Mexico. Franklin and Mayra discuss the enrollment and contract process under your legal entity in Mexico. Recruitment, Employment Contract, and Background Checks. (Documents needed: IMSS registration, SAT registration, active bank accounts, and more.) Placing employees on your payroll in Mexico. Presented by Franklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal and Mayra Muro - Administration Manager for Human Resources Mexico S de RL

  404. Role of Administrator of a Spanish Company

    Spain 10/09/2018 11:13:50

    The role of administrator of an SL in Spain

  405. What Are The Key Considerations While Hiring An Expat In Saudi Arabia?

    Saudi Arabia 06/09/2018 09:14:25

    When hiring an expatriate, there are many considerations, such as the state of the company, the employee’s visa status and whether the employee is already in the Kingdom or would be relocating. Below we break down some of the key considerations companies should consider before hiring an expat

  406. What Is A Saudi Arabian Commercial Agency?

    Saudi Arabia 06/09/2018 09:09:00

    What is a commercial agency?

  407. Is There A Cooling-Off Period Before Processing A New Saudi Arabia Visit Visa Application?

    Saudi Arabia 06/09/2018 09:06:24

    There is no cooling-off period before processing a new visit visa. Generally, you can apply for another visa as soon as your previous application was rejected.

  408. Exporting To Saudi: What You Need To Know

    Saudi Arabia 06/09/2018 09:03:48

    The Saudi Arabian market is a prime location for foreign investors looking to export into the GCC region. As Saudi Arabia’s market is considered emerging, there are many gaps in the market and the lack of local manufacturing gives opportunities for foreign investors looking to export to Saudi Arabia.

  409. Massive discount in Business setup cost at DAFZA

    UAE 05/09/2018 14:12:01

    Dubai Airport Freezone Authority popularly known as DAFZA, is becoming a potential opportunity for the business starters with attractive packages and reduced costs for business registration, license, visa etc.

  410. European Alternatives to Selling on Amazon

    United Kingdom 05/09/2018 13:46:18

    Amazon may be an e-commerce powerhouse in countries like the USA and the UK, but in the rest of Europe, it’s a slightly different story. While Amazon dominated almost 50% of the American e-commerce market in 2017.

  411. Blue Marble named 2018 Global Payroll Supplier of the Year

    USA 05/09/2018 08:30:29

    Blue Marble Named 2018 Global Payroll Supplier of the Year by the Global Payroll Association

  412. Blue Marble Global Payroll

    USA 05/09/2018 08:26:13

    Thank you for screening our video. Say goodbye to mind-numbing expansion-plan-destroying payroll expansion, Say HELLO to effortless easy global payroll- the way it should be. We are more than just a revolutionary global payroll solution. Blue Marble Global Payroll is a partner in your success. EMBRACE INNOVATION. JOIN THE REVOLUTION

  413. You Can Renew Your GIPC Investor Certificate In 7 Days If You Avoid These 9 Mistakes.

    Ghana 04/09/2018 12:22:35

    Registration with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC)

  414. Gross up Non Deductible Expenses - Mexico PEO

    Mexico 04/09/2018 09:42:07

    Marisol Perez - Human Resources & Payroll Manager explains the gross-up of non tax deductible expenses.

  415. Abounding Limited

    United Kingdom 03/09/2018 15:44:04

    At Abounding Ltd we work closely with a number of companies across the UK and Ireland and assist them with their foreign payments when purchasing/selling abroad.

  416. 20% off the list price for English into French, Spanish, German, Portuguese and Chinese – this offer runs till the end of September 2018.

    United Kingdom 31/08/2018 17:05:57

    Feel free to get in touch if you are considering a translation project I’m always happy to give advice and help as much as I can.

  417. Metlife Renewal and Increase 2018 - Mexico PEO

    Mexico 30/08/2018 14:54:13

    Mayra Muro - Administration Manager, explains the benefit , renewal, and increase to Franklin, the General Manager / Principal.

  418. Register tour operator, touristic agency in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 30/08/2018 10:51:50

    Bulgarian travel agency or tour operator businesses can be conducted only by Bulgarian companies that are listed in the Register of Tour Operators and Travel Agents, part of Bulgarian National Tourism Register.

  419. LLC Formation in Dubai

    UAE 29/08/2018 12:45:29

    Setting up Business is an integral decision as many entrepreneurs and investors are eager to establish their business across Dubai.

  420. Over Two-Thirds of Employees embrace the Growth of AI in the Workplace

    United Kingdom 29/08/2018 11:12:22

    The modern workplace has already embraced advanced technology with smart devices, paperless workplaces, cloud services and wearable tech that tracks employee productivity – in fact, much of this tech is already old news when it comes to the average workday.

  421. GDP in Spain 2nd Quarter 2018

    Spain 29/08/2018 09:20:25

    The Spanish Institute of Statistics have published the provisional Gross Domestic Product figures for the second quarter of 2018.

  422. Agriculture sector in Africa

    Ghana 28/08/2018 11:12:00

  423. Invest In Africa

    Ghana 28/08/2018 11:10:53

  424. Signing the CSA - Mexico PEO

    Mexico 28/08/2018 11:08:15

    Liliana Lopez - Corporate Communications along with Mayra Muro the Administration Manager discusses what happens after you sign the Client Service Agreement (CSA)

  425. Employee Termination and 90 Day Severance PEO Mexico

    Mexico 23/08/2018 08:35:13

    Franklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal asks clients to notify Human Resources Mexico about employee issues. Termination = 90 day severance.

  426. Legal Documents Transfer Of Property

    Bulgaria 22/08/2018 09:42:00

  427. How to Calculate the Daily Pay Rate in Mexico

    Mexico 22/08/2018 09:26:43

    How to Calculate the Daily Pay Rate in Mexico. Franklin and Marisol discusses the calculation based on weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly, and monthly payroll in Mexico. What is the daily pay rate used for in Mexico?

  428. “Speak My Language”: More Thought Required Regarding Accessibility And Translation Services

    United Kingdom 21/08/2018 15:10:22

    As a highly in-demand professional translation agency, Surrey Translation Bureau knows more than anyone just how vital translation services are in today’s increasingly multicultural society, whether they’re needed for personal matters or business transactions.

  429. Cyprus residence and work permits – Companies with Foreign Interest

    Cyprus 21/08/2018 14:49:50

    Cyprus companies with non-EU shareholders that provided a paid-up capital of the company of minimum EUR 171.000 can employ up to 15 non-EU persons in upper and middle management positions, with residence and work permits issued by the Cyprus authorities. Family members can join by way of family reunification.

  430. Birmingham is the UK’s Most Entrepreneurial City

    United Kingdom 21/08/2018 12:22:51

  431. Changing the usage license of a commercial property in Spain

    Spain 20/08/2018 11:24:18

    When renting or purchasing a commercial property in Spain, it is important to ensure that the building has the correct licenses prior to commencing business.

  432. Invoice Process and Audits - Mexico PEO

    Mexico 20/08/2018 09:25:24

    Ivonne Villalobos - Finance Manager explains the Human Resources Mexico invoice process, credit limit, special instructions, and audit process for all client invoices.

  433. Virtuzone and Dubai FDI invite you to attend the Dubai Business Forum on 5th September in London.

    UAE 17/08/2018 10:28:02

    A truly international city, Dubai is a tier 1 financial jurisdiction and the beating business heart of the Middle East and North Africa. Superbly located within a 7-hour flight of two thirds of the world’s population, the city is perfect if you wish to do business in Eastern and Western time zones.

  434. How Does Overtime Work? Mexico PEO

    Mexico 16/08/2018 12:04:34

    Human Resources Mexico, S de RL clients get a brief explanation on how overtime works in Mexico and the process for authorizing overtime.

  435. IBG’s EID Offer a Thrifty Path to Incorporation in Ajman FZ and SHAMS FZ

    UAE 16/08/2018 08:04:03

    This coming EID, Middle-East’s premier business setup solutions provider IBG Consulting is offering a heartwarming welcome to all entrepreneurs and SMEs eager to form their Ajman and SHAMS free zone companies in UAE.

  436. Sovereign Licensed As A Trust Or Company Service Provider In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 15/08/2018 14:51:59

    AUGUST 2018 – Sovereign is pleased to announce that it is among the first Hong Kong-based firms to be formally licensed as a Trust or Company Service Provider (TCSP) under Hong Kong’s newly created TCSP licensing regime.

  437. No Wasting Time - Human Resources Mexico

    Mexico 15/08/2018 12:49:48

    We handle payroll, HR, travel, office, cars, phones, laptops and more. We are the PEO partner for your globalization in Mexico. The PEO used by the Global PEO. White collar employees on our payroll in Mexico

  438. Market Research on Fish Farming and Aquaculture in Ghana

    Ghana 15/08/2018 08:03:20

    Fish makes up 60 percent of the average Ghanaian’s protein diet. It is the next popular animal protein after chicken and beef and expected to overtake them in a few years. Global trends currently show a growing demand for healthier substitutes to beef and chicken, and fish can be a much leaner and lower calorie source of protein.

  439. The AEI ladies have hit the road!

    Saudi Arabia 14/08/2018 13:17:18

    It’s been a little over a month since the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia was lifted and while we haven’t seen the mass influx of female drivers that some might have expected, the previously all-male traffic jams of Riyadh have become slightly more diverse!

  440. AEI Discount for Opportunity Arabia – London

    Saudi Arabia 14/08/2018 13:15:07

    Opportunity Arabia – Oil and Beyond will be returning as the ‘must attend’ occasion of the annual UK-Saudi bilateral events calendar this year. The resurrected event, now in its 14th edition, will be held in London on September 19th 2018.

  441. 3 Things to Know Before Hiring a Global PEO

    Mexico 14/08/2018 11:57:26

    3 Things You Should Know Before Hiring a Global PEO / Global Employer of Record - presented by Franklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal of Human Resources Mexico, S de RL

  442. UK SMEs are more confident than ever before in 2018

    United Kingdom 13/08/2018 10:18:48

    Marketing trends and predictions all point to the importance of agile strategies capable of responding to audience behaviour in real-time, and UK businesses agree that staying close to changing customer demands is key to driving growth.

  443. UAE Business Sectors gain momentum as the year progresses

    UAE 13/08/2018 09:05:13

    Last month’s fiscal upturn hit a new high as June’s business confidence for UAE gained momentum with new foreign investment inflows, strategic incentives for company formation in UAE, innovative marketing initiatives, and positive business sentiments stabilizing financials strains.

  444. Growing Participation of Women Entrepreneurs in the UAE

    UAE 13/08/2018 08:59:38

    In the social strata of UAE’s female population, women have always remained the backbone and an integral part of UAE’s social structure and national culture.

  445. Invoice Process and Audits

    Mexico 10/08/2018 08:28:01

    Ivonne Villalobos - Finance Manager explains the Human Resources Mexico invoice process, credit limit, special instructions, and audit process for all client invoices.

  446. Proposal and Client Enrollment

    Mexico 10/08/2018 08:26:02

    Franklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal of Human Resources Mexico discusses the HRM Proposal and Client Enrollment information.

  447. How to Hire a Global PEO / Employer of Record - Human Resources Mexico S de RL

    Mexico 10/08/2018 08:21:23

    6 Steps to take for hiring a global PEO / employer of record. Franklin discusses proposals, references, employment agreement, insurance, service agreement, and clarify details.

  448. Important Notice - Expense Policy Change - Human Resources Mexico, S de RL

    Mexico 10/08/2018 08:17:30

    Franklin D Frith II - General Manager / Principal gives an important Client Notice regarding the SAT fiscal invoice requirements that affect whether an expense can be classified as tax deductible or non tax deductible. This can affect the bottom line of our clients.

  449. Digipanda Launches “New Semester & Golden Week” Campaign to Target Chinese Students Population in UK

    China 08/08/2018 18:53:04

    Digipanda Marketing, the London based China digital marketing agency, is to launch its “New Semester & Golden Week” campaign, aiming at helping inbound travel & tourism businesses promote towards the 150,000 Chinese students population in UK.

  450. Companies created in Spain May 2018

    Spain 08/08/2018 16:59:09

    The Spanish Institute of National Statistics have collated figures from the mercantile registry for the incorporation of companies in Spain during May 2018.

  451. Being self employed in Spain

    Spain 08/08/2018 16:49:48

    Are you thinking of being self employed (autonomo) in Spain but are unsure of the conditions?

  452. EBRD To Invest $200M In Lebanon

    07/08/2018 16:27:49

    According to Alain Pilloux, EBRD’s Vice President for Banking, the bank has invested in Lebanon $75 million so far and this amount will reach more than $100 million by the end of its first year of operation in Lebanon. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) plans to continue financing projects in Lebanon by increasing the investment to $200 million by next year.

  453. CySEC launches its FinTech and RegTech focused Innovation Hub

    Cyprus 07/08/2018 16:25:45

    The Cypriot regulatory body, CySEC (The Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission) has established an Innovation Hub, with the aim to address and explore the quickly evolving FinTech and RegTech developments.

  454. International Companies in Düsseldorf - Lush Cosmetics

    Germany 07/08/2018 09:25:56


  455. International Companies in Düsseldorf - TRIVAGO

    Germany 07/08/2018 09:23:47

    "Düsseldorf has a perfect size and has a super high quality of living....we are always able to attract good talent here...there is not a reason to go somewhere else..."

  456. Registry of approved service providers for the Cyprus Investment Programme (CIP)

    Cyprus 03/08/2018 12:38:06

    The Committee of Supervision and Control for the Cyprus Investment Programme has published its registry, listing all the licensed service providers for the Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Program.

  457. Berlin-Buch campus: science and research mingling in Berlin

    Germany 03/08/2018 11:03:08

    Berlin’s north-eastern district Prenzlauer Berg is well known as a desirable residential area: a stroll through this neighbourhood reveals a good selection of restaurants and bars, fashion and furniture stores, organic food shops…. Prenzlauer Berg is considered by many as the perfect stomping ground for young families as well as discerning hipster, with rising but still affordable apartment rents to add another plus to the equation.

  458. Doing business in China online: The most comprehensive guide to digital marketing in China

    China 02/08/2018 12:55:11

    Digital marketing in China is quickly becoming the central element of the overall business strategy for companies entering this rapidly growing market.

  459. Doing Business in China ~ Part 1: Importing and Exporting

    China 02/08/2018 12:52:03

    Today, there has never been a better time for importing and exporting your products and services to China. Especially for small-to-medium sized enterprises and large companies.

  460. 1 hour to save 1000 hours of stress: Doing business in China

    China 02/08/2018 12:49:27

    1 hour of reading can save you more than 1000 hours of stress and potentially lots of money doing business in China. Discover 5 key lessons learned by Sylvain Gauthier an executive producer of live shows in China with a total of more than 10 years of experience doing business in this challenging part of the world. Any business leader currently or thinking about doing business in China should invest that one hour and understand these five guiding principles

  461. Business and Travel in China: Broad Issues and Political Trends

    China 02/08/2018 12:46:21

    China is an interesting a thought provoking country that intrigues travellers and business people alike. This book was written to help those planning on doing business and/or living in China. It highlights the major issues and trends that may impact on your business and/or travels. It includes a list of helpful references towards the end to help broaden your search for information.

  462. Procedures for Importing Vehicles and Engines into the United States

    USA 02/08/2018 12:42:25

  463. Healthcare innovation campuses in Germany: placing them on your map

    Germany 02/08/2018 12:02:31

    Germany is famous around the globe for the production of beer, bratwurst and cars, but the country is also a major global player in healthcare, pharma and chemicals. Starting a new series I will introduce you to several innovation campuses in Germany.

  464. Funding Possibilities In Brazil

    Brazil 01/08/2018 14:51:42

    Gabriel Jacintho talks about funding possibilities

  465. How To Establish A Company In Brazil

    Brazil 01/08/2018 14:50:41

    Gabriel Jacintho talks about how to establish a company in Brazil

  466. Brazil Import/Export

    Brazil 01/08/2018 14:46:40

    Gabriel Jacintho talks about the import activity

  467. Speak My Language

    United Kingdom 01/08/2018 11:17:49

    More Thought Required Regarding Accessibility And Translation Services

  468. Navigating Countries, Cultures, and Expectations

    China 01/08/2018 09:53:18

    Expanding a business all across the globe is always the bigger goal of every business owner.

  469. Investing in Cyprus, the little Powerhouse

    Cyprus 31/07/2018 14:56:08

    Investing in Cyprus – the little Powerhouse between Europe and the Middle East

  470. Benefits of Company Formation Services for Startup Companies

    China 31/07/2018 14:46:00

    What are the benefits of company formation services for startup companies?

  471. 4 Warning Signs that Tell It Is Time to Consider HR Outsourcing Services

    China 31/07/2018 14:35:40

    What are the most evident signs that it’s time for a business to consider HR outsourcing services?

  472. How To Register Food Products In Ghana

    Ghana 31/07/2018 12:56:34

    The registration of food products is a process that involves a review of the manufacturing process, an assessment of food safety and quality, and confirmation of compliance with FDA labeling regulations. The registration of any food product with the FDA is a very slow process and can take between one or two months to be completed from the date samples are submitted for laboratory tests.

  473. easyHotel Flash Sale

    United Kingdom 31/07/2018 10:19:10

    Our Flash Sale is now on! This offer is applicable for August stay dates and is valid until midnight on Wednesday the 1st of August on all sale bookings.

  474. Transfer company shares LLC Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 31/07/2018 07:36:21

    The most common and most popular legal-organizational form for performing micro, small or even medium business in Bulgaria is Limited Liability Company. Through the registration of a company, usually a small number of partners of shares resources and efforts to carry out their business project.

  475. How to marketing towards Chinese community in UK using WeChat Moment Ads

    China 30/07/2018 10:48:57

    According to official statistics in 2011, UK has a Chinese population of 430,000. Another statistics by HESA, there were over 95,000 Chinese students in higher education institutions in UK. Statistics released by Visit Britain shows 260,000 Chinese visitors travelled to UK in 2016.

  476. Enforcing a foreign judgement in Spain

    Spain 30/07/2018 08:54:33

    In Spain foreign judgements are recognized based on bilateral or multilateral treaties or understandings.

  477. New Delivery Service to China

    China 27/07/2018 08:58:24

    Introducing our new and improved delivery service!

  478. Special Pricing for Ready-Made Delaware USA LLCs

    USA 26/07/2018 13:24:12

    IBCF is selling Delaware USA “shelf” LLCs formed in 2012 and 2014, at very low prices.

  479. Collective Investment Schemes in Cyprus: Important Legislative Measures

    Cyprus 26/07/2018 11:20:45

    A series of legislative measures were recently voted by the Cyprus Parliament in order to further encourage the establishment of funds in Cyprus as well as to attract foreign investors and senior executives in firms offering fund administration services in order to relocate to Cyprus and become tax residents of the country. The measures decided are briefly covered below.

  480. Getting enforcement order Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 26/07/2018 09:11:22

    Procedure for issuing an order for payment

  481. Cyprus Unregulated Funds (Registered Alternative Investment Funds, “RAIF”)

    Cyprus 25/07/2018 14:37:59

  482. Employing foreign workers in Spain

    Spain 25/07/2018 11:31:07

    In order to employ non-EU individuals in Spain, the employer must ensure that the worker is legally able to work in the country.

  483. IBG Consulting Adds Another Trophy to its Shelf

    UAE 25/07/2018 09:44:15

    29th May, Sharjah UAE - IBG Consulting UAE has secured a major milestone by winning SHAMS Excellence Award, marking its incredible run last year in setting up over 50 companies for business owners in Sharjah Media City.

  484. Lebanon’s fast-growing start-up ecosystem

    23/07/2018 14:33:33

    The start-up scene in Lebanon is thriving quickly and Beirut is becoming the Middle East’s tech hub.

  485. The Top Fastest Growing London Sectors in 2018

    United Kingdom 23/07/2018 10:29:20

    London’s economy has experienced strong growth over the past decade,

  486. Going Global

    United Kingdom 23/07/2018 10:18:18

    Going Global is Europe’s leading exhibition dedicated to providing businesses with absolutely everything they need to expand internationally, and trade overseas, in this uncertain economic climate.

  487. UK ratifies Double Tax Treaty with Cyprus

    Cyprus 17/07/2018 07:49:32

    As we reported earlier on, a new Double Tax Treaty (DTT) was signed between Cyprus and the UK on 22 March 2018.

  488. How to Start a Business in China with a PEO

    China 17/07/2018 05:54:53

    As the second biggest economy in the world, China is attracting many companies worldwide in starting or expanding their respective businesses in the country. However, this endeavor would prove quite challenging. The reasons abound, including the following obstacles:

  489. Registration of a Branch in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 16/07/2018 12:15:48

    The dynamics of modern business relations can make you aware of the necessity of doing business in different settlements. If you have such a need, you are generally faced with three options for doing business:

  490. Brexit white paper or white flag?

    Germany 16/07/2018 10:38:25

    Thanks to the release of the Brexit white paper, we now have some visibility of the direction of travel for the post Brexit UK-EU relationship for the trade of goods, and less clarity for services.

  491. The purchasing power of physical gold and silver

    Cyprus 12/07/2018 12:33:31

    The purchasing power of physical gold and silver – hedging inflation and economic risks

  492. How to Boost Employee’s Productivity in an Open Plan Office

    United Kingdom 12/07/2018 10:05:43

    According to a recent Harvard study, workers in open plan offices have 70% less physical interactions with other colleagues, making teams less collaborative as the majority choose to email each other than bringing the conversation face to face.

  493. Cyprus Company Obligations

    Cyprus 11/07/2018 09:07:08

    With ever increasing regulations and reporting requirements, it is now of even more importance to ensure that Cyprus companies are meeting all of their statutory and other reporting obligations.

  494. Starting a new business in Ghana; Obtaining Construction Permits

    Ghana 10/07/2018 04:50:35

    How do you obtain a construction permit for your new project in Ghana?

  495. Applying transport licence Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 10/07/2018 04:26:40

    Any carrier wishing to carry cargo on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and / or on the territory of the European Union must register a transport company and hold the respective license to carry cargo on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria or a license to carry out international freight transport.

  496. The Cyprus Investment Programme

    Cyprus 09/07/2018 14:41:44

    The Cyprus Citizenship by Investment Programme – Your Passport to the EU

  497. Cyprus Leads In CBI Index

    Cyprus 09/07/2018 11:12:52

    The Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management, in its recent study of citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes, has ranked Cyprus above other EU countries. A primary objective of the CBI Index is to identify factors which satisfactorily measure the features and desirability of CBI programmes in various jurisdictions.

  498. 17.7% of UK’s Flexible Workspace market dominated by Hybrid Offices

    United Kingdom 06/07/2018 12:15:42

  499. Implementation of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the UAE

    UAE 06/07/2018 08:10:28

    The United Arab Emirates and other GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries have decided to implement Value Added Tax for all business transactions inorder to strengthen the Governments for providing adequate infrastructure, safety, security, public services and welfare of the people.

  500. US Citizens Form Bee-line in UAE Free Zones to Set Up Companies

    UAE 06/07/2018 08:07:23

    Have UAE Residency Visa and Offshore Bank Account

  501. How To Get Residency Visa In UAE?

    UAE 06/07/2018 08:04:13

    There are different ways to get a Residency Visa in UAE.

  502. Offshore Company in Dubai

    UAE 06/07/2018 08:00:37

    An offshore company refers to the one based outside the domestic boundaries, where the principal investors reside.

  503. How to Change Registered Agent of Offshore Company in RAK?

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:56:55

    Offshore companies in any jurisdiction can be setup only through Registered Agents of that particular jurisdiction. Hence the credentials and local presence of that Agent has to be ensured before selecting a Registered Agent.

  504. How to Open Offshore Bank Account in Dubai ?

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:41:51

    As per the statistics published by UAE Central bank, there are 46 Commercial banks are operating in the UAE & 68 Representative Offices of Foreign Banks in Dubai. The United Arab Emirates has earned the reputation of being the safest country for banking operations. With an extensive network of local and international bank presence combined with conducive business environment makes UAE an attractive destination for global investors.

  505. The Beginner’s Guide for Business Setup in Dubai

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:37:29

    Planning to invest in the wonderful land of UAE? Here is the best place for you.

  506. What is meant by DESIGNATED ZONE?

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:32:20

    UAE has imposed VAT (Value Added Tax) at the rate of 5% from January 1, 2018, on import and supply of Goods and Services at each stage of production and distribution.

  507. What is Ejari? and How to Register It

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:18:50

    EJARI EJARI (“My rent” in Arabic) is an online registration system to regulate and facilitate the rent market, and the effect of implementing this system is to legalize the relationship between landlord and tenant. EJARI is mandatory for New Trade License or renewal of License, Family Visa or renewal of Family Visa, and many other Municipality transactions.

  508. Do You Really Need a Sponsor to Start Business in UAE?

    UAE 06/07/2018 07:15:27

    There exists a lot of confusion on different types of companies that can be set up in UAE by foreign entrepreneur. There is also complexity about the need of UAE local sponsor to start a business.

  509. VAT For Pan-European Fulfilment By Amazon (FBA)

    United Kingdom 06/07/2018 07:04:38

    Amazon Prime is big business, and its popularity is only increasing. The membership scheme now offers same day delivery in some locations, and has been steadily adding more strings to its bow, including free music, movies, books and video games for Prime customers.

  510. Know Your Companies Part 3

    Ghana 05/07/2018 17:23:18

    An External Company

  511. Know Your Companies Part 2

    Ghana 05/07/2018 17:21:07

    Company Limited By Guarantee

  512. Know Your Companies Part 1

    Ghana 05/07/2018 17:17:21

    Company Limited By Shares

  513. Essentials for a Non-Ghanaian doing Business in Ghana

    Ghana 05/07/2018 17:09:44

    As a foreigner intending to establish a business in Ghana, you may be confronted with varied and sometimes conflicting information on what the statutory requirements are and what are the benefits for establishing a business in Ghana.

  514. An introduction to Trademarks in Ghana

    Ghana 05/07/2018 16:56:11

    Examines what a trademark is, the validity, classifications, requirements & timelines involved in registering a trademark in Ghana

  515. Cyprus: An Asset To International Business Companies

    Cyprus 05/07/2018 08:22:17

    Cyprus is considered as a leading jurisdiction for international business companies, as well as one of Europe’s most significant business and financial centres, thanks to its trustworthy legal system, favourable tax laws, stable tax policies and straightforward business legislation.

  516. INCOTERMS 2010

    Spain 04/07/2018 15:48:47

    INCOTERMS are the set of rules which govern the transport and delivery element of international trade. The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) formulated INCOTERMS in order to provide formal regulation to international trade. The latest edition of INCOTERMS was introduced in 2010.

  517. Cyprus Leads In Citizenship By Investment Index

    Cyprus 03/07/2018 15:25:04

    The Financial Times‘ Professional Wealth Management, in its recent study of citizenship by investment (CBI) programmes, has ranked Cyprus above other EU countries. A primary objective of the CBI Index is to identify factors which satisfactorily measure the features and desirability of CBI programmes in various jurisdictions.

  518. Cyprus – Luxembourg double tax treaty entered into force

    Cyprus 02/07/2018 10:33:33

    The double taxation avoidance treaty between Cyprus and Luxembourg which was signed on 8 May 2017 in Nicosia, has entered into force on 21 of May 2018 with the application of its provisions starting 1 January 2019 aiming to expand trade and economic relations between the two countries.

  519. How to proceed after forming your German company?

    Germany 28/06/2018 09:32:17

    You have done it! Your German company is official. INDIPA assisted you through the complete process, from the preparation of the company contract and the opening of the bank account through to the registration of the company with various public authorities. You can now launch your sales activities and take over the market!

  520. Interview of our Managing Director during Going Global 2018

    Cyprus 27/06/2018 14:45:17

    We are delighted to announce the release of the video with the interview of our Managing Director, George Savvides, during the Going Global Exhibition 2018.

  521. The Cyprus IP-Box Regime

    Cyprus 27/06/2018 12:51:10

    Simultaneously with all other EU countries, Cyprus adopted a new IP Box Regime as per the provisions of the OECD BEPS Action 5 and the new EU rules for the tax treatment of profit from the utilisation of intellectual property.

  522. Cyprus Start-Up Visa For Third Country Entrepreneurs – An Alternative Access To Europe

    Cyprus 27/06/2018 08:46:49

    European Union (EU) and non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals, to reside in Cyprus and to establish, operate and develop innovative startup businesses with a good prospect of high growth, provided they meet certain criteria.

  523. UK employees admit working during annual leave for fear of falling behind

    United Kingdom 26/06/2018 15:53:03

    A recent survey conducted by Glassdoor had found 40% of employees took a maximum of half their annual leave entitlement during the past holiday year, while 13% had reported only taking a quarter of their allowance within the year.

  524. A guide to exporting to China

    China 26/06/2018 09:12:10

    China – often referred to as ‘the world’s factory’ – has seen unparalleled economic success in the past few decades. No other country produces and exports more goods, and China is also the second largest importer in the world.

  525. 5 Reasons to Use Business Formation Services When Expanding a Company Abroad

    China 26/06/2018 08:46:25

    Why should business formation services be used and relied on when expanding a company abroad?

  526. Cyprus Non-Domicile Individuals (Non-Dom)

    Cyprus 21/06/2018 13:24:35

    Cyprus remains one of the best and most popular corporate jurisdictions.

  527. Legal Check of Property in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 20/06/2018 09:05:43

    Acquisition of land in Bulgaria

  528. Income Tax Exemptions on Employment in Cyprus - Tax Circular

    Cyprus 20/06/2018 07:30:28

    Interpretative Circular 2017/4 (the “Circular”), issued by the Cyprus Tax Department, deals with exemptions from income tax of income from employment in the Republic of Cyprus.

  529. Dionysiou & Partners LLC Wins Commercial Law Award 2018 By International Advisory Experts (IAE) Publication

    Cyprus 18/06/2018 14:14:19

    One of Cyprus’ leading corporate law firms, Dionysiou & Partners LLC, has recently earned the honourable ‘International Advisory Expert (IAE) Award for Commercial Law in Cyprus’.

  530. Bulgarian Construction Law Requirements

    Bulgaria 14/06/2018 08:44:36

    Based on the Construction Law in Bulgaria the construction of a building could be divided in four major stages:

  531. UK Spain Double Taxation Treaty

    Spain 13/06/2018 10:41:02

    The UK Spain Double Taxation Treaty was updated in March 2013 with changes effective from 12 June 2014

  532. VAT Reclaims for International Companies

    Spain 13/06/2018 10:36:31

    GB Abogados´accountancy department processes VAT reclaims for international companies who trade with Spain.

  533. Big Data of Chinese Visitors to UK issued by Ctrip

    China 13/06/2018 07:43:19

    Ctrip says over 60,000 Chinese visitors booked UK tours via its website or APP, which represented an almost 100% increase over that of 2016, making UK one of the destinations that saw biggest increase in terms of number of Chinese visitors.

  534. Advantages Of A Cyprus Company

    Cyprus 12/06/2018 16:48:41

    The establishment of a Cyprus company may, if structured correctly, offer a tax efficient way for businessmen around the world to conduct their business internationally. Below you may find a list of advantages which should be taken into consideration and which will assist you in determining whether a Cyprus company is in fact the ideal corporate structure for your business:

  535. How to Send Money Online

    United Kingdom 12/06/2018 14:59:06

  536. Cyprus Passport scheme – stricter procedures, limited number of passports

    Cyprus 11/06/2018 13:03:48

    Due to the mounting criticism of foreign countries Cyprus has tightened its vetting process in its Citizenship by investment scheme.

  537. Sovereign Worldwide Cost Of Living Index

    Singapore 11/06/2018 12:19:58

    We all know that Singapore is the world’s most expensive city to live in (according to the Economist Intelligence Unit) but is it?

  538. Redomiciliation Of Overseas Companies To Cyprus

    Cyprus 11/06/2018 10:36:09

    Cyprus legislation allows for the redomiciliation of companies. Companies from an alternate jurisdiction can initiate a transfer of their registered office to Cyprus thus being able to benefit from Cyprus’ favourable tax environment and at the same time keep its original legal identity.

  539. The Logistics Of Exporting To Latin America

    Brazil 08/06/2018 11:06:21

    The transit time from the UK to Latin America is between 1 to 3 days via air and between 15 to 30 days via sea.

  540. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Through Cyprus

    Cyprus 07/06/2018 07:32:47

    Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) are gaining considerable recognition in the finance world. ICOs are considered somewhat a contemporary method of collective funding; nonetheless, despite its novelty, ICOs are becoming the go to method in terms of fundraising start-ups and other entities whose objectives are commonly the financing innovative Blockchain technology schemes.

  541. British Corner Shop £1 Promo is Back!

    Australia 06/06/2018 11:46:07

    Yes, that’s right – our MASSIVE £1 sale is back by popular demand!

  542. Singapore’s Flexible Office Market set to see further growth

    Singapore 06/06/2018 11:35:46

    Singapore’s flexible office market grew by 22% last year

  543. Cyprus Introduces Incentives For Global Film Industry

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 11:27:53

    Towards the end of 2017, the Cyprus Council of Ministers approved an incentives programme for the film industry in Cyprus. The programme aims to attract international productions to Cyprus and includes a great array of economic incentives.

  544. Liquidation trade companies in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 06/06/2018 09:40:28

    Although undesirable, events such as the liquidation of commands do happen, so our law office provides legal advices and professional assistance ias dissolution of business activities, when liquidating commercial companies and non-profit organizations.

  545. Responding to Challenges

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 09:10:54

    A World Full of Challenges…

  546. Luxembourg ratifies Double Tax Treaty with Cyprus

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 09:05:51

    As per a relevant publication in the Journal Officiel du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg, Luxembourg ratified the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) with Cyprus on 17 April 2018.

  547. Double Tax Treaty signed between Cyprus and Andorra

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 09:03:05

    Cyprus and Andorra signed a Double Tax Treaty on 18 May 2018. The treaty is based on the OECD Model Tax Convention and incorporates the minimum standards introduced by the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) project. Further details will be reported subsequently.

  548. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Luxembourg enters in to force

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 09:01:51

    The Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Luxembourg (DTT) entered into force on 21 May 2018. The treaty will generally apply as from 1 January 2019.

  549. Fiducenter Cyprus @ Going Global 2018

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 08:49:36

    Interview of our Managing Director, George Savvides, on the occasion of participating, for yet one more year, in the Going Global Exhibition held in Excel London on 16 & 17 May 2018. Find out why Cyprus can be considered as an ideal base not only for expanding overseas but also for servicing existing international markets, something of particular importance for the UK in the light of Brexit.

  550. Protocol to Cyprus - Mauritius Double Tax Treaty enters in to force

    Cyprus 06/06/2018 08:46:18

    On 30 April 2018 the amending Protocol to the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) between Cyprus and Mauritius, which signed on 23 October 2017, entered into force.

  551. Western EU Bank Proposal

    Ireland 05/06/2018 14:30:53

    We know how demanding it is to manage a business or your assets without a stable and secure bank account, that’s why our company would like to offer you a complete treasury solution to facilitate the day-to-day management of your company, funds and assets.

  552. Rise of the Freelancer: Key demographics leading UK’s self employed sector

    United Kingdom 05/06/2018 13:01:51

    The workforce is changing as more people swap the security of a 9-to-5 job for the flexibility of freelancing,

  553. Roundtable meeting with visiting business delegation from Tianjin, China

    China 05/06/2018 09:35:05

    A business delegation from Tianjin China is visiting UK in mid-June. They are going to hold a round table meeting with UK businesses who are interested in entering China market from Tianjin.

  554. Cyprus economy uptrend continues in 2018

    Cyprus 04/06/2018 14:45:07

    During the first quarter of 2018, the economy of Cyprus rose by 0,8%, compared with Q1 of the previous year. The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development readjusted its forecast for the economic growth of Cyprus in 2018 from 2,5% to 3,2%, while the European Commission estimates 3,6%.

  555. Festive special from MYR2,549 - Qatar Airways, Malaysia

    Qatar 30/05/2018 17:03:46

    Qatar Airways, offering up to 50% off flight tickets to exciting worldwide destinations.

  556. Business services in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 30/05/2018 14:16:37

    Opening your company’s bank accounts and also setting-up the e-banking – once your company is officially established and listed, it has got a unique company’s number. Then we shall open on your behalf your company bank account(s) in local and/or foreign currencies, depends on your wish and commercial purposes. Moreover, we shall set-up your e-banking and inquire your debit card. Just give us one day to complete all that.

  557. How Employment Solutions Can Help Manage Your Business

    China 30/05/2018 12:38:38

    Operating Efficiency Reducing Cost Focus on Core Business Operations Cost-Effective Market Entry

  558. Why You Need Background Due Diligence And Company Checks In Transactions

    Ghana 30/05/2018 11:25:23

    Are you doing a transaction in Ghana with a local business entity? Whether it is an arms-length trade transaction or a one on-one-transaction, the importance of background due diligence checks cannot be overemphasized.

  559. Cyprus company registrations - 2018 Q1 overview

    Cyprus 29/05/2018 10:35:47

    The number of new Cyprus company registrations continues to rise in 2018.

  560. Legal Test for a Valid Board of Directors’ Resolution under Nigerian Law

    Nigeria 29/05/2018 07:57:23

    The Board of Directors (“the Board”) is a group of individuals, elected by the shareholders or the Directors themselves with a mandate to establish policies for corporate governance and management of the company.

  561. Getting a corporate bank account for your China business

    China 24/05/2018 10:41:44

    When setting up a business in China, it can feel like your to-do list is never-ending.

  562. Fiducenter at Going Global 2018

    Cyprus 23/05/2018 17:24:23

  563. Nearly half of UK workforce would feel comfortable using wearable devices at work

    United Kingdom 23/05/2018 16:53:22

    With the international market for wearables having reached a new high in 2017 with 16.9% growth year on year,

  564. Choosing your company name in China

    China 23/05/2018 13:06:51

    In the words of Shakespeare – what’s in a name? Well when it comes to setting up a business in China, the answer is quite a lot

  565. Insuring physical precious metals – are you fully covered?

    Cyprus 22/05/2018 10:37:12

    Insuring our valuables and the precious things that we have is essential. If you own physical gold, silver or other precious metals, you would not like to risk loss of a part of your wealth. But are you sure that the insurance of your gold and silver really provides full coverage, full in terms of the full value being insured, and in terms of really being insured against all risks?

  566. How to choose the right business activity for your China company

    China 22/05/2018 10:28:52

    When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are faced with several important decisions.

  567. Register your LLC Company in Dubai 5 min without having to rent office.

    UAE 21/05/2018 15:38:21

    Get your Company Registered in Dubai with 100% Foreign Ownership without having to rent a Physical Office.

  568. Cyprus International Trusts

    Cyprus 21/05/2018 15:08:08

    The law governing the establishment of trusts in Cyprus is based on the English system. It is a combination of the English Principles of Equity and Statue Law. Cyprus International Trusts are regulated by the International Trusts Law 69(I)/1992 as amended by Law 20(I)/2012.

  569. Using a PEO in Spain

    Spain 21/05/2018 13:58:24

    Many of my clients often ask - How does the PEO model work in: - Spain, Germany, the UK, China, Timbuctoo, or any other far flung or (sometimes closer to home) location?

  570. Using a PEO in the UK

    United Kingdom 21/05/2018 13:55:52

    This article is written as part of a continuing series aimed at helping companies expand internationally.

  571. Using a PEO in Germany

    Germany 21/05/2018 13:53:14

    Today we will explore using a PEO service, also known as an Employer of Record, in Germany.

  572. Would you like to participate in Germany‘s strong economy?

    Germany 14/05/2018 11:22:29

    The German economy is enjoying its fastest rate of expansion since 2011. Experts predict this will continue. What is the reason for the high economic growth in Germany in 2017?

  573. Average Cost per Desk in San Francisco in 2018

    USA 11/05/2018 09:51:03

    San Francisco is one of the most expensive places in the world in which to rent a desk, with average monthly costs ranging between $950 in Downtown to $1500 in the exclusive Financial District

  574. Physical Gold Storage – But How?

    09/05/2018 15:11:06

    Unallocated gold storage, allocated gold storage, segregated gold storage or allocated and segregated gold storage – these terms describe the form of storage and the legal relation of a gold owner with his or her physical gold purchased and stored.

  575. Chinese investments in Germany

    Germany 03/05/2018 14:54:25

    Chinese overseas investments in Europe and especially in Germany have grown exponentially in the past years. 2016 was a record-breaking year in terms of deals and volume transaction with respect to Chinese mergers and acquisitions. China’s outbound M&A grew by 246%, 3.5 times the previous record year in 2015.

  576. Ukraine: Huge reforms that do work out

    03/05/2018 14:50:55

    Ukraine has been struggling tremendously for two decades with corruption, outlaws, raiders, unjustified enrichment, and political instability. However, effective reforms of the current government are resulting in obvious improvements in many sectors. Foreign direct investment increases for two years.

  577. Indian investments in Germany

    Germany 03/05/2018 14:44:55

    Indian companies became one of the most important foreign investors around the world in the past years. The strong European brands and advanced technology attract Indian investors to Europe.

  578. The New Cyprus India Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA)

    Cyprus 03/05/2018 14:31:28

    Published on: 05/05/2017 After some years of tough negotiations, the new Cyprus India Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) has been signed on 18 November 2016. The new Cyprus India DTAA is expected to re-boost trade and investment activities between the two countries.

  579. Cyprus Tax Residence status for individuals in 60 days

    Cyprus 03/05/2018 14:28:41

    The Parliament of Cyprus has approved by common consent the proposal of amending the rules for determining tax residency of individuals in Cyprus.

  580. Indie Operators Own 93% of the US Flexible Workspace Market

    USA 01/05/2018 16:03:33

    Two key trends are dominating the US flexible workspace market,

  581. WeChat Moment Ads: Help You Precisely Reach Your Target Audience in China

    China 30/04/2018 13:09:18

    WeChat has become the upgraded portable combination of newspaper, radio and TV of Chinese people. According to Tencent’s own statistics, by the 3rd quarter of 2017, WeChat has 963 million active users, most of whom are aging between 15-40.

  582. Discover the benefits of obtaining a Curacao e-gaming license!

    Offshore 30/04/2018 09:25:15

    As one of the first countries in the world, Curacao offered gaming licenses to international entrepreneurs since 1996. This license is tried and tested and is relatively easy to get. At Oneworld we can assist you in the entire process of applying and obtaining a Curacao e-gaming license!

  583. Bank of Beirut goes Phygital

    26/04/2018 13:29:56

    As digital transformation is propagating all around the world, only organization that are leveraging digital technologies to reinvent their business models will survive. Digital transformation is different in every industry. It has completely changed the banking industry as well in the past few years. Banks had/have to deal with digital disruption at every level, from new technology and new competition to increasing customer expectations etc.

  584. Londoners commute on average of 74 minutes every day

    United Kingdom 26/04/2018 10:56:42

    Commuting in the UK has always been an issue, with an average commute nearly an hour long at 54 minutes.

  585. Bulgaria Business Services

    Bulgaria 25/04/2018 10:53:40

    Opening your company’s bank accounts and also setting-up the e-banking – once your company is officially established and listed, it has got a unique company’s number. Then we shall open on your behalf your company bank account(s) in local and/or foreign currencies, depends on your wish and commercial purposes. Moreover, we shall set-up your e-banking and inquire your debit card. Just give us one day to complete all that.

  586. Common Questions on Outside Directors' Rights and Protection of Minority Shareholders under Nigerian Law

    Nigeria 23/04/2018 16:03:18

    Can minority shareholders restrain majority directors' decision to enter or continue with a transaction?

  587. Brexit no greater time to explore new and unchartered territories across the globe

    Russia 23/04/2018 15:07:43

    Edinburgh-based translation business, weRtranslations led by management team, Paul P Kenny and Maria Graves, weRtranslations has a worldwide client base.

  588. Mobile Marketing is Key to Attracting Chinese Visitors

    China 18/04/2018 09:00:17

    “The use of mobile phones has surpassed the one of PC/tablets and is now the core of e-commerce, and the entire user’s behavior is around mobile phones, at least in China.” —-Kevin Guo, General Manager Strategic Cooperation & Marketing Innovation at Ctrip.

  589. 3 Effective Ways to Increase Your Website’s SEO

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 15:41:37

  590. Start a business in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 17/04/2018 13:05:30

    Why choose Bulgaria to start your business?

  591. The ideal business entity

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 09:31:30

    For overseas companies the two main choices are between a Subsidiary or a Branch (often referred to as an overseas company).

  592. The right business model

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 09:29:03

    Many companies decide to invest overseas when they have established an export trade and a customer base. But has appropriate thought been given to the right business model?

  593. The right market place

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 09:26:37

    What does the right market place look like for opportunities in the UK? Why are you looking to setup a UK company? Is the UK the right location for you, or should you be setting up in another European country perhaps?

  594. Choose a trusted advisor

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 09:24:03

    Choose a trusted advisor to help you research the UK and European market as opportunities can be a minefield. In order to make sure you are getting the most appropriate advice, you need to talk to the right people.

  595. Top 10 tips for UK setup

    United Kingdom 17/04/2018 09:22:00

    We have created our list of Top 10 tips for UK setup as we are often asked “what should we be considering when setting up in the UK”, or “what do we need to have in place to setup in the UK”.

  596. What Are Ghanaians Spending On? – 35 Products To Trade In

    Ghana 17/04/2018 09:06:08

    Investment opportunities abound in Ghana, especially in the area of trade. Wouldn’t it be great if as a new market entrant, starting a business in Ghana, you knew exactly what product(s) to import into Ghana?

  597. FOREX License In Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 16/04/2018 11:05:51

    Every company, who wants to operate and get licensed on the Bulgarian FX market, needs to be registered as an investment intermediary in Bulgaria and become licensed by the Bulgarian Financial Supervision Commission. This statutory body operates under the umbrella of the European MiFID.

  598. How to set up online presence in China (Part 2)

    China 16/04/2018 08:55:03

    In an article posted last week, we discussed how to set up official Chinese website in China.

  599. AXA Business Insurance April Offer

    United Kingdom 12/04/2018 14:40:02

    AXA Business Insurance is designed to keep your business running, whatever lies ahead.

  600. Choose legal advisor Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 12/04/2018 12:01:05

    Bulgarian government launched a property advisor’s list in Bulgaria, which contains useful information about legal steps for purchasing, buying selling property in Bulgaria, property maintenance and all charges, fees and taxes involved.

  601. UK Taxes – an overview

    United Kingdom 12/04/2018 11:27:58

    Taxation matters are dealt with by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). There are thousands of pages of tax legislation, but no general anti-avoidance rules.

  602. European Account Preservation Order

    Bulgaria 10/04/2018 16:50:09

    Bulgarian courts will freeze bank accounts of debtors and abroad

  603. 12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities

    USA 10/04/2018 14:24:24

    12 Amazing Franchise Opportunities Second Edition is the Ultimate Franchise Guide to help you discover new and amazing franchise opportunities that may be worthy of your investment.

  604. The Lifestyle Business Owner

    USA 10/04/2018 13:58:09

    How to Buy a Business, Grow Your Profits, and Make It Run Without You

  605. How to set up online presence in China? (Part 1)

    China 10/04/2018 08:34:10

    As more and more UK businesses start switching their eyes onto China market, how to have an online presence there has become one of the most asked questions, as apparently, having an online presence is a more cost effective way to reach out to potential customers in that country.

  606. Digipanda Marketing Is Running Liverpool’s Official WeChat Account

    China 09/04/2018 14:19:49

    Digipanda Marketing has entered into a contract with Liverpool Vision, under which Digipanda has been authorised to operate Liverpool’s official WeChat public account.

  607. Doing Business In India Simplified

    India 06/04/2018 09:55:30

    About the Book Couple of questions that are always there in the mind of an entity looking at India as the next business opportunity.

  608. Three Most Common Misconceptions about China Marketing Efforts by UK Inbound Businesses

    China 05/04/2018 14:49:16

    Inbound travel & tourism industry may be one of the few sectors that have been benefited from the chaotic Brexit. The depreciation of pound sterling has helped bring in greater influx of visitors from all over the world, especially China.

  609. Digipanda Connects Inbound Travel & Tourism Businesses with Alipay & WeChat Pay

    China 05/04/2018 11:18:39

    London based digital marketing agency Digipanda Marketing, specialists in the Chinese market, has launched a new service in which it can connect inbound travel & tourism businesses with Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two most popular mobile payment solutions among Chinese visitors.

  610. Can You Be a Friend and Still Be the Boss?

    United Kingdom 05/04/2018 10:56:44

    While it’s essential to build solid bonds with your team, defining areas of respect, authority and productivity can be challenging when navigating the line between boss and friend.

  611. Cyprus: An ideal gateway

    Cyprus 05/04/2018 09:20:45

    Over the last few years the international business sector has experienced unprecedented changes, which have totally reshaped the landscape including…

  612. Investing In Precious Metals

    Cyprus 04/04/2018 18:03:08

    More and more wealthy individuals (HNWIs) and funds prefer to invest in precious metals, mainly gold, relying on its physical and sustainable value in times where monetary currencies are exposed to over-heated economies and unpredictable political decisions.

  613. Russia: Law amending CFC and corporate tax residence rules signed and published

    Cyprus 04/04/2018 14:31:00

    The President of the Russian Federation signed on 29 December 2017, Law No. 436-FZ of 28 December 2017 (the Law), which amends the Tax Code and several legislative acts. The Law was thereafter published in the official government portal. It provides for the following main changes in controlled foreign company (CFC) rules:

  614. Branch office vs. Branch registration in the UK

    United Kingdom 04/04/2018 09:55:36

    Branch office vs. branch registration in the UK – this is often the key question in the minds of most decision makers of overseas based companies when looking to setup and expand into the UK.

  615. Cyprus - Russia Double Tax Treaty – Court decision for thin capitalization rules

    Cyprus 03/04/2018 15:43:02

    The Russian Supreme Court (the ‘Court’) issued a decision on 6 March 2018 for to the case OJSC SUEK-Kuzbass, related to the application of the Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Russia of 1998 as amended in 2010 (the ‘DTT’).

  616. Cyprus and the UK sign new Double Tax Treaty

    Cyprus 03/04/2018 15:31:49

    Cyprus and the United Kingdom signed an updated double tax treaty with respect to Taxes on Income and Capital Gains and the Prevention of Tax Evasion and Avoidance on Thursday, the 23rd of March 2018.

  617. The Cyprus Holding Company

    Cyprus 03/04/2018 15:23:13

    Choosing the appropriate location for a holding company may be a complex procedure, which involves careful consideration of various tax and non-tax factors.

  618. 3 Ways to Speed Up Your UK-Based SMEs Growth in 2018

    United Kingdom 29/03/2018 13:41:58

  619. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Ukraine – Taxation of dividends in Ukraine

    Cyprus 28/03/2018 11:17:03

    On 15 February 2018, the Ukrainian State Fiscal Service (SFS) published a Guidance Letter (the "Letter"), which clarifies the tax treatment of dividends paid by a Ukrainian resident to a resident of Cyprus based on the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) between the two countries of 2012.

  620. Mergers and Acquisitions Lawyers in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 28/03/2018 09:58:09

    As a corporate and company lawyers (acquisitions lawyers) in Bulgaria, our work is connected with some company transformations.

  621. Liquidation of Companies in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 27/03/2018 10:34:13

    Our law office, acting as company lawyers In Bulgaria, works with many legal issues & problems.

  622. New Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and UK

    Cyprus 26/03/2018 12:50:51

    On 22 March 2018, Cyprus and the UK have signed a Double Tax Treaty (DTT). Once in force and effective, the treaty will replace the existing DTT between the two parties of 1974. The new treaty is generally based on the OECD Model Tax Convention framework, albeit with some modifications.

  623. Uncovering The Gender Pay Gap In The UK

    United Kingdom 26/03/2018 11:38:31

  624. What the Pay Gap Looks Like in Britain

    United Kingdom 26/03/2018 11:30:44

    According to the data revealed by the ONS, Britain has the fifth largest gender pay gap in Europe behind Estonia, Czech Republic, Germany, and Austria, but ahead of countries like Poland and Greece. In London, the gender pay gap has barely changed in over two decades, with full-time female employees earning 14.6% less per hour than their male counterparts.

  625. Looking to establish a company in China?

    China 23/03/2018 14:24:16

    When you establish a company in China, there have 4 questions waiting for your decision

  626. Foreign Investment Opportunities for UK companies in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 20/03/2018 11:08:53

    The Saudi Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program (NTP) have opened up numerous foreign investment opportunities for UK companies.

  627. Tax Circular clarifying income eligible for 50% exemption from personal tax

    Cyprus 20/03/2018 08:32:29

    We have reported several times in the past about the very attractive personal tax exemption of 50% of employment income of a non-resident person taking up residence in Cyprus to work for an employer in the country.

  628. Double Tax Treaty between Cyprus and Russia – Clarification of Direct Investment requirement

    Cyprus 20/03/2018 08:29:28

    On 23 February 2018 the Russian Ministry of Finance (MoF) issued a clarification with regards to the interpretation of the term “direct investment” in relation to dividends as per the Double Tax Treaty (DTT) between Cyprus and Russia of 1998, as amended in 2010. The clarification is based on what was agreed by the competent authorities of Russia and Cyprus on this matter.

  629. The New Era of International Business

    Cyprus 20/03/2018 08:24:44

    We are delighted to announce that our new website and corporate video are now available and have very recently gone live!

  630. Saudization: a full breakdown

    Saudi Arabia 20/03/2018 07:35:02

    Saudi Arabia, in the past, relied heavily on expatriates to fill the workforce, however, with almost two-thirds of the Saudi population below the age of 35, the Saudi government are looking to increase the number of nationals in the workforce.

  631. Sales support for market expansion in Austria and Germany

    Austria 19/03/2018 11:37:54

    Consultant Service – contacting potential customer (short CS-CPC)

  632. What Is The Cost Of Registering A Business In Ghana + Other Fees?

    Ghana 15/03/2018 17:50:30

    How much does it cost to register a business in Ghana and what other statutory charges are there in maintaining a company’s books?

  633. Technologies And Innovations: The Rise Of The Digital Ghana

    Ghana 15/03/2018 17:45:22

    From digital banking to e-commerce, technological innovations have changed the landscape of livelihood and how business is done in Africa.

  634. Is It Still Viable To Invest In Commercial Office Properties In Accra?

    Ghana 15/03/2018 13:28:39

    The Africa rising story will not be complete without the evolution and contribution of real estate on the continent. From Tunis to Cape Town, Dakar to Nairobi, the skylines are changing and demand for high-grade real estate is on the rise largely due to increase in economic activities and growing middle class.

  635. What Is The Cost Of Immigration Services In Ghana?

    Ghana 15/03/2018 13:15:43

    The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is the principal source for all immigration services in Ghana in accordance with the Immigration law. GIS provides various services including visa on arrival, work permit, residence permit, visa extension, cancellation of residence permits and transit visa, among many other services.

  636. How To Obtain A Visa On Arrival To Ghana

    Ghana 15/03/2018 13:12:09

    How can you obtain an entry visa or visa on arrival to Ghana? An entry visa issued by Ghana Immigration Service is a permit issued to foreigners who wish to enter or transit through Ghana’s territory. Emergency Entry Visa is issued upon arrival and is usually valid between 14 to 30 days.

  637. Starting a Business in Ghana – Labour and Employment

    Ghana 15/03/2018 13:04:27

    The story is not much different in Ghana, where about a third of the entire population is made up of young men and women between the ages of 15 and 35 years. With an increase in the number of graduates from secondary and tertiary institutions, it can then be deduced that a good percentage of this youthful population is skilled labour. This, to any business, ought to be good news.

  638. 10 Obligations Of Foreign Employers And Employees In Ghana

    Ghana 15/03/2018 12:58:35

    There are obligations for foreign employers and employees in Ghana! Do you intend to hire an expatriate in Ghana? Are you an expatriate intending to resign and take-on a new job offer? What are the requirements and obligations for your dependents on residence permit?

  639. Registering A Business In Ghana – Company Limited By Shares

    Ghana 15/03/2018 11:53:18

    Starting a business in Ghana

  640. Business Registration With The GIPC As A Foreign Investor

    Ghana 15/03/2018 11:45:18

    The Ghana Investment Promotion Centre (GIPC) is a government agency established under GIPC Act 865, 2013 to promote, coordinate and facilitate investment in all sectors of the Ghanaian economy.

  641. Registering An External Company, Liaison Or Representative Office In Ghana

    Ghana 15/03/2018 11:36:52

    External Companies are companies that are incorporated outside of Ghana with a registered place of business in Ghana. They are regulated by the laws of the country in which they were originally incorporated. External companies may be established in a country (outside its country of incorporation) for purposes of facilitating the business interest of its parent company.

  642. Lebanon’s ICT sector growth

    15/03/2018 10:34:51

    Lebanon has a fast-growing Information Technology sector. It’s market size was USD 436.2 million in 2016 and it is expected to further grow at a compounded annual interest rate of 9.7% and reach USD 543.5 million by 2019. The impact of this growth on the national GDP is forecasted to be greater than USD 6 million by 2017.

  643. Lebanon investment opportunities and incentives

    15/03/2018 10:27:16

    Why should foreign companies consider investing in Lebanon? Lebanon has a lot to offer for foreign investors on numerous diverse fields.

  644. Lebanon - Economic and financial market overview

    15/03/2018 10:24:30

    Despite the global and regional economic challenges Lebanon has maintained its financial stability over the past quarter century. The financial sector, especially the banking sector has grown rapidly over the past years.

  645. Reconstruction of Syria

    15/03/2018 10:19:15

    Reconstruction of Syria - Forming of Joint-Ventures with Lebanese Construction Companies: Entering Joint-Ventures with experienced Lebanese companies will provide European construction companies great advantages, such as access to local labour and engineers, local expertise, avoiding language barriers and security issues, and reducing costs.

  646. How To Register A Not-For-Profit Or NGO In Ghana

    Ghana 14/03/2018 09:20:20

    Sometimes, people are oblivious to the fact that a Not-for-Profit or Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is also termed as a company limited by guarantee.

  647. Fiducenter Cyprus - The New Era of International Business Services

    Cyprus 13/03/2018 15:42:15

    We provide a comprehensive range of international business services related to Cyprus, including professional consultation, accountancy and tax compliance and administration, formation of investment funds, companies, trusts and other investment and business vehicles, immigration, bespoke services related to specific sectors and structures and much more.

  648. How to Ask for a Raise

    United Kingdom 08/03/2018 13:52:09

    Asking for a raise can take you completely out of your comfort zone

  649. 1 out of 3 Employees taking time out due to Mental Health

    United Kingdom 08/03/2018 10:50:17

    Within every business, there will be those who suffer in silence to the point that control is lost and the very act of getting out of bed becomes utterly overwhelming.


    Bulgaria 07/03/2018 15:10:59

    Located at the heart of the Balkan Peninsula, Bulgaria is a very interesting & strategic hub for start-ups & business point for foreign companies & investors between NORTH WEST & SOUTH EASTERN EUROPE.

  651. Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 07/03/2018 15:04:37

    The litigation procedures in Bulgaria are very interesting and conservative and could continue for different periods, depending on the complexity of every legal case.

  652. Legal services to import & export in/from Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 07/03/2018 15:00:31

    Our legal team from corporate & company lawyers in Bulgaria works on the emerging market economy in Bulgaria. The country is a major exporter of industrial commodities.

  653. Dividend tax in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 07/03/2018 14:55:31

    Working as professional tax lawyers in Bulgaria, many clients asked us how much is the dividend tax rate in Bulgaria.

  654. Bulgarian Debt Collection Lawyers

    Bulgaria 07/03/2018 14:48:23

    As Bulgarian lawyers in commercial law and litigation procedures, we work with many companies and physical persons who have got problems in collection debts in Bulgaria.

  655. The Effect of Nigeria’s Recent Recession on Corporate Practice

    Nigeria 07/03/2018 13:24:09

    1. What impact has the 2016-2017 recession in Nigeria had on the corporate sector?

  656. Importation and Exportation Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 28/02/2018 13:51:24

    Import Business Nigeria is an open market with a population of over 180 million people. This means products from other countries can be sold in the Nigerian market. However, the Nigerian Customs Service "Import Prohibition List", bans the following products from importation to Nigeria;

  657. Local Content Participation in Nigeria

    Nigeria 26/02/2018 07:28:18

    Despite the pressure of globalization, the Nigerian Government is responsible of ensuring that businesses in Nigeria remain competitive. This informed the need for the Government to put in place frameworks to enhance the ability of local companies to exploit local opportunities while staying competitive globally. This is the essence of local content legislations in some sectors. The local content provisions in some sectors include;

  658. New Research: 71% of Flexible Workspace Users More Engaged at Work

    United Kingdom 21/02/2018 11:50:18

    As co-working and flexible space continues to see rapid growth in major global cities, research by

  659. Find out more about setting up an offshore company in UAE

    UAE 20/02/2018 16:21:08

    The benefits that you can take advantage of offshore company formation setup; whether you are seeking asset protection, confidentiality, privacy, tax savings (depending on your jurisdiction) or simply growing your business outside of the US or UK. There are a number of pitfalls to keep in mind and choosing the right jurisdiction to form companies, based on your specific needs, is a critical first step.

  660. The impact of industrial nations on global tax evasion

    Cyprus 20/02/2018 14:03:29

    Are we doing something wrong in this world when it comes to fighting tax evasion? Obviously, yes!

  661. Impact of Nigeria’s Legislations and Business Practices on Foreign Investments

    Nigeria 14/02/2018 16:46:23


  662. The Role of Legislations and the Courts in protecting Foreign Investments in Nigeria

    Nigeria 12/02/2018 16:28:49

    Under Section 6 (6) of the 1999 Nigerian Constitution, Nigerian legislations and powers of the courts extend to all matters between persons or between government and any person in Nigeria, and to all actions and proceedings for the determination of any question as to the civil rights and obligations of that person.

  663. Iran’s Risk Rating has upgraded to 5

    12/02/2018 10:47:03

    Iran's rating in the country risk classifications of the Participants to the Arrangement on Officially Supported Export Credits (CRE), has upgraded from 6 to 5 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD).

  664. Bahrain, The Place For Your Startup

    Bahrain 08/02/2018 16:12:24

    Kickstart Bahrain is a world-class ecosystem for Start-Ups dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs willing to establish a business in the Kingdom of Bahrain. We provide all-in-one incubator, accelerator , training, business consultancy and co-working (along with Commercial Address) in the heart of Manama City.

  665. Migrate to Cyprus!

    Cyprus 06/02/2018 14:48:52

    Explore Migration Opportunities in Cyprus

  666. Cost Per Desk New York

    USA 06/02/2018 14:37:59

    New York remains one of the largest markets for flexible workspace in the world, ranking second globally for the growth in the supply of flexible workspace over the last year

  667. Cyprus’ Significant position in the EU ‘Horizon 2020’

    Cyprus 05/02/2018 13:47:42

    Cyprus has ranked first in the EU in terms of per capita absorption of funds from ‘Horizon 2020’ Research and Innovation Programme, Dr. Vassilis Tsakalos, General Director of the Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation (RPF), has said CNA.

  668. Banque du Liban (BDL)’s assets increased by 16%

    Cyprus 05/02/2018 13:43:34

    According to the Lebanon’s Central Bank or Banque du Liban (BDL)’s balance sheet, total assets of the bank reached $118.3 billion at the end of 2017, rising by $15.9 billion which is 16% increase compared with the previous year.

  669. Cyprus and Saudi Arabia signed Double Taxation Treaty

    Cyprus 05/02/2018 13:39:35

    Double Tax Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) was signed between Cyprus and Saudi Arabia on 03 January 2018, in Riyadh for the avoidance of double taxation between two countries and the prevention of tax evasion.

  670. A guide to exporting to Germany

    Germany 02/02/2018 16:08:54

    In any export strategy, ‘speaking’ the language of the customer can be essential for success. For this reason, translation and localisation both have an important role to play here. But, in order to be successful when introducing products to a foreign market, we need to be aware of the linguistic challenges inherent to this process.

  671. Cyprus for ICT and R&D Business

    Cyprus 01/02/2018 11:29:24

    Cyprus is rapidly developing as a centre for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and Research and Development (R&D)

  672. Cyprus Startup Visa for third country nationals

    Cyprus 01/02/2018 11:11:21

    The Cypriot cabinet has approved the so-called Cyprus Startup Visa scheme on the 15th of February 2017 with the aim to attract foreign investments from non-EU countries (third countries) to Cyprus in the fields of innovation and research and development (R&D).

  673. Substance in Cyprus

    Cyprus 01/02/2018 10:53:59

    The changing regulatory requirements, global tax reforms and initiatives such as the Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action plan undertaken by the OECD raise important questions for international financial centres and companies.

  674. Mexico, the best country in LATAM to do business

    Mexico 30/01/2018 17:32:29

    Mexico has gone through different facets that have made it the country it is today, with a political and economic stability. Currently, Mexico has global competitive advantages, which make it a totally attractive country for foreign entrepreneurs, such as low inflation, the size and strength of its internal market, its economic rate in growth and its ability to generate advanced manufacturing.

  675. A Comparative Analysis Of The English And Nigerian Regime On Registration Of Foreign Judgement

    Nigeria 30/01/2018 12:05:46

    As a former colony of England, the legislation for recognition of foreign judgment in Nigeria is modeled after that of England. Nigeria’s Reciprocal Enforcement of Foreign Judgment Ordinance, 1958 (“the Nigerian Ordinance”) provides for registration of judgments of only commonwealth countries.

  676. Eight Ways to Crush Your Career Blues in 2018

    United Kingdom 30/01/2018 08:47:30

    The bluest Monday of the year came and went on 15 January and according to recent reports by Instant Offices.

  677. Where will my Cyprus Company get taxed?

    Cyprus 29/01/2018 09:14:19

    The definition of tax residency of companies varies from country to country.

  678. Cyprus as a Regional Hub/ Gate to the EU

    Cyprus 29/01/2018 09:11:13

    The History of Cyprus as a Commercial Regional Hub

  679. Bank Account opening in Cyprus and in other EU countries

    Cyprus 29/01/2018 08:58:03

    This article informs about necessary documents and information required for the opening of a bank account in Cyprus or elsewhere.

  680. How to register a Cyprus Company?

    Cyprus 29/01/2018 08:52:58

    About Cyprus Company Formation and Cyprus Company Registration

  681. Doing business in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 25/01/2018 09:24:17

    Doing business in Saudi Arabia can be perilous for the new enterprise but promises rich rewards. Those who wish to tap the commercial riches of doing business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia need this book. Unlike other books about doing business in the Kingdom, this practical guide will help you avoid the mistakes and pitfalls for the unwary.

  682. Zero Fees on First Money Transfer

    United Kingdom 25/01/2018 05:15:18

    WorldRemit have got a fantastic offer for first-time customers giving you the chance to send money FEE-FREE to more than 125 countries – quickly, easily and securely via smartphones, tablets or computers.

  683. Local Labor Laws: Our Expertise

    China 23/01/2018 15:08:16

    Employee leasing has been found out as one of the best solutions for companies who want to set up a new office in a foreign jurisdiction or hire overseas employee.

  684. Motivating Your Team During the Least Productive Time of the Year

    United Kingdom 23/01/2018 14:19:02

  685. How much does the UK trade with the EU and the Rest of the World?

    United Kingdom 19/01/2018 11:32:33

    UK Imports, 2016

  686. Explore the trade relationship between the UK and the rest of the world in our interactive map.

    United Kingdom 19/01/2018 11:27:20

    UK trade with the rest of the world, imports and exports, 1999 to 2016

  687. Speaking louder than words: theatre and translation

    United Kingdom 18/01/2018 15:39:04

    There’s an adage that says the words we use only make up seven per cent of communication and occasionally I think there’s something in it, especially when I’m at the theatre. Millions of us study Shakespeare at school – whether we like it or not – and, by the time we leave, we can usually read it aloud fairly confidently, even if we’re not always entirely sure what he’s waxing lyrical about.

  688. The Rise of Alternative Resolution Mechanisms in Nigeria

    Nigeria 18/01/2018 13:24:39

    In the course of business, it is inevitable that disputes will arise occasionally among business associates. While commercial disputes are common, the way they are handled can have a profound impact on the profitability, viability and survival of the business.

  689. The risks of free translation

    United Kingdom 18/01/2018 10:48:13

    Due to the cross-country nature of the internet and ever-increasing globalisation in most commercial markets, utilising a UK translation service has become essential to all kinds of businesses. This means that many small companies, often on restricted budgets, are now in need of reliable translations and frequently end up turning to free online translation software like Google Translate.

  690. Considering Entering The German Market?

    Germany 17/01/2018 10:30:54

    Germany is by far the number one market in Europe and number four worldwide. There are over 45,000 foreign companies already established here.

  691. How to Avoid the January Blues in Your Workplace

    United Kingdom 10/01/2018 17:07:06

    According to recent reports by Instant Offices, it’s the cold, dark, and dreary winter months, particularly January, that tend to be the least productive period for employees. Here are some tips on how to boost employee motivation and productivity during the seasonal dip in team morale.

  692. Procedure for Obtaining Banking Licence and Prospects in Banking Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 08/01/2018 11:37:47

    Laws and Regulations

  693. Requirements To Incorporate A Mexican Company LLC

    Mexico 03/01/2018 14:10:21

    Zaldivar Consulting, S.C. (ZC) is an Accounting & Consulting Firm with 25 employees, with offices in Mexico City and Morelia, Michoacan.

  694. Greece - Golden Visa program

    Greece 21/12/2017 09:04:02

    Greece, a unique place to invest and live

  695. Industries with the Highest Annual Bonuses

    United Kingdom 19/12/2017 09:51:30

    Year-end bonuses have always been a hot topic and subject of much debate and controversy.

  696. Corporate migration to Cyprus

    Cyprus 19/12/2017 09:42:39

    In line with the international practice of permitting companies to move their seat of incorporation, companies are allowed under the laws of Cyprus to change their jurisdiction.

  697. Saudi Arabia Business in Review 2017

    Saudi Arabia 19/12/2017 09:31:54

    In 2017 Saudi Arabia experienced extensive growth in the private sector, development in areas such as infrastructure and healthcare and innovation in technology. King Salman’s Vision 2030 and the National Transformation Program (NTP) objectives played a large role in the reforms seen across the Kingdom. The overall goal to diversify the economy away from oil meant Saudi welcomed new reforms focused on modernizing the country and easing the arrival of foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

  698. STARTUPS.CH Aims at Having Registered 3000 New Companies

    Switzerland 13/12/2017 08:38:10

    Winterthur, 2 November 2017 – STARTUPS.CH, a leading specialist in online company formation, is encroaching new customer segments while substantially expanding its product range. STARTUPS.CH is thus aiming at 3000 new companies having been registered via its eponymous web platform

  699. An Exposition of Entertainment Law in Nigeria

    Nigeria 12/12/2017 11:32:16

    Entertainment law is the entire legal services to the entertainment industry. It involves the application of contract, corporate, finance, torts, bankruptcy law, immigration, securities law, right to privacy, tax law, insurance law, employment and labor law and intellectual property law principles to the interactions between players in the entertainment industry.

  700. Leadership Versus Traditional Management

    United Kingdom 12/12/2017 10:59:16

    Instant Offices Head of HR, Ciara McGrath, looks at how rigid traditional management styles are making way for leadership-based ones and how it impacts business today.

  701. Advantages of Setting Up a Limited Company in Ireland

    Ireland 11/12/2017 14:37:10

    Are you looking for a base for your international operations?

  702. Brillantmont International School Lausanne, Switzerland – 135 years of educating today’s young people.

    Switzerland 08/12/2017 10:19:19

    A little earlier this year, Brillantmont International School in Lausanne, Switzerland, recently welcomed back over a hundred alumni to celebrate its 135th anniversary. The oldest had studied at the school nearly 70 years ago, whilst the youngest left very recently.

  703. Nangia & Co LLP becomes Praxity's First Indian Member

    India 01/12/2017 12:51:41

    The world’s largest alliance of independent accounting & consulting firms has chosen Nangia & Co LLP as its first ever Indian Member firm.

  704. Trade Plates TV Live: Perrys chairman Ken Savage and shipping expert Jamie Hill

    United Kingdom 30/11/2017 08:08:33

    Feature on Trade Plates TV

  705. Week’s Forecast & Events

    29/11/2017 10:26:18

  706. - Last Week’s Summary

    29/11/2017 10:19:30

  707. Income tax returns (ITR): On sale of property, here is what you should know

    India 28/11/2017 10:35:11

    Once your return is processed and an intimation is issued under section 143(1), the refund shall get processed and paid into your bank account mentioned in your ITR.

  708. Mobilisation/Demobilisation Charges Form Part of ‘Receipts’ Under Section 44BB

    India 28/11/2017 10:32:39

    Evolution of ‘Oil and Gas’ Industry (hereinafter referred to as ‘industry’) in India dates back to the pre-independence era. However, the industry witnessedits splurge only in the decade of 1970s and 1980s.

  709. Property market in India

    India 28/11/2017 10:28:38

    What is joint development agreement and what triggers income tax liability

  710. CBDT relaxes Avoidance Agreement

    India 28/11/2017 10:24:16

    In a Press Release on 27 November 2017, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (‘CBDT’) has issued a clarification, thereby relaxing India’s position on the acceptance of Transfer Pricing Mutual Agreement Procedure (‘MAP’) cases and bi-lateral Advance pricing agreement (‘APA’) in cases of countries where Article 9(2) of OECD Model tax Commentary is absent.

  711. Saudi Arabia opens its doors to overseas entrepreneurs

    Saudi Arabia 28/11/2017 08:46:38

    As a part of Vision 2030 and Saudi Arabia’s goal to diversify the economy away from oil, the Saudi government have introduced the overseas entrepreneurs business license.

  712. #CyberMonday 2017 Specials!

    USA 27/11/2017 16:21:50

    This #CyberMonday, we wanted to give our clients a little something to show our appreciation. We are offering $99 LLC or INC formations in the United States! (Please note: formations reserved to US states ONLY. The $99 fee does not constitute a formation package and state fees (which vary) will be charged additionally. Registered agent services or any additional services requested will be charged additionally.)

  713. Commercial Litigation and ADR Mechanisms in Nigeria

    Nigeria 27/11/2017 11:25:47

    Litigation is the most common form of dispute resolution in Nigeria. Its origin is entrenched in the English common law. Oftentimes, litigation is cumbersome because of ingrained culture of litigation which results in overflow of cases and delay in adjudication. This is bad for business and business relationships. The need for a more efficient dispute resolution process has contributed to the prominence of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanisms in recent years.

  714. USA 27/11/2017 08:58:47

  715. Do You Live in London’s Most Entrepreneurial Postcode?

    United Kingdom 21/11/2017 11:49:03

    The capital has slipped down our rankings as one of the UK’s most entrepreneurial cities, but there are still areas which are full of innovators. So, which postcode is the most entrepreneurial in the richest city in the world?

  716. Due Diligence Requirements in Nigeria

    Nigeria 20/11/2017 12:46:32

    It is important for investors to conduct due diligence on a target Nigerian company before investing in it whether by means of restructuring, mergers, acquisitions or takeovers. This is because the real state of the company may not be stated in the books of the target company or known to the investor until it takes full control of the company.

  717. Procedure for Transfer and Transmission of Shares in Nigeria

    Nigeria 15/11/2017 16:07:59

    Legal Framework The Provisions of the Companies and Allied Matters Act (CAMA) and a Company’s Article of Association (“Articles”) provides for the transfer and transmission of shares of the shareholders of the Company. Section 22 (2) of CAMA provides that a private company may by its Articles restrict the transfer of shares of its members. Where there is such restriction, the Articles may provide for preemptive right upon transfer of shares.

  718. Canada's HIGHStyle Impression Management Announces International Presence With New Licensing Opportunities

    Canada 15/11/2017 15:47:33

    Canadian based HIGHStyle Impression Management, announces today that they are ready to allow people around the world access to the formula that has made the company so successful in its home country.

  719. Women will effectively work for free for the rest of 2017

    United Kingdom 10/11/2017 12:24:59

    Today, November 10th, is the day where women stop earning money compared to men in 2017

  720. Your Most Valuable Resource is Our Specialty

    China 10/11/2017 09:23:09

    A business owner only wants what is best for the business. We can all agree that the main driving force why a business is running is its employees. Getting quality employees to work for your business will help it to grow and succeed. But the thing is, it’s going to be quite hard to get the right employees to help your business in achieving its goals. From the pool of applicants and fresh graduates, it’s quite daunting to come up with a shortlist and ensure that you only hire top shape employees.

  721. 7 Things You Need To Know When Starting a Business in China

    China 10/11/2017 09:16:14

    Starting a business in China can become quite challenging to most companies and firms of foreign origin. If your business is Western, you might find almost total opposite. Business owners find themselves getting the advice of a Chinese consulting firm. It is the most obvious method to follow as these consulting firms know the ways of the complex business system in China. You might find that the legal structure is unique and it isn’t like the legal structure you are used to.

  722. The Right Benefits for the Best Talent

    China 10/11/2017 07:02:53

    Employees are the main driving force of a company. They are the ones responsible in doing tasks to uplift the image and competency of the business in the global setting.

  723. The 30% Solution: How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability

    Canada 07/11/2017 16:39:54

    The 30% Solution - How Civility at Work Increases Retention, Engagement and Profitability, provides essential information, facts, insights from the field, and practical tips related to the business of civility.

  724. Guidelines for claiming IGST refund on exports and other procedural requirements

    India 07/11/2017 09:20:43

    CBEC vide Instruction No. 15/2017-Customs dated 09 October, 2017 has issued detailed guidelines for claiming IGST refund on exports. Summary of the guidelines are provided below:

  725. Reserve Bank of India issues Master Directions for regulating Peer to Peer Lending Platforms in India

    India 07/11/2017 08:52:55

    In April 2016, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) issued a consultation paper on Peer to Peer (P2P) Lending, providing an overview of business models that are operational both domestically and internationally, and assessing the need to regulate such business models operating in India, considering the impact that it can have on the traditional banking channels and the non-banking financial company (NBFC) sector.

  726. Aadhaar based e-sign facility for Provident Fund Portal

    India 07/11/2017 08:45:55

    The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) issued a circular introducing Aadhaar-based e-sign facility for employers to authenticate various documents on the Provident Fund portal on 06 October 2017. Earlier, the authentication was done through Digital Signature Certificate (“DSC”).

  727. Contract receipts of a JV result in diversion of income to JV members; receipt not an income of the JV

    India 07/11/2017 08:42:53

    In a recent decision of the Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) High Court (“HC”) in the case of Soma TRG Joint Venture6 (“the Assessee”). The HC, in this case, was concerned with the issue of whether the contract revenue received by a joint venture (JV) accrues as income in its hands or whether it results in diversion of income at source from the JV to the JV members.

  728. No service PE by considering only solar days of services rendered in India

    India 07/11/2017 08:24:33

    Bangalore Income Tax Appellate Tribunal (“ITAT”) in the case of a company resident of Saudi Arabia (“the Assessee”), dealt with the issue of taxability of income for rendering services in India, under the India-Saudi Arabia Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (“DTAA”).

  729. Common Question on Registration and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Nigeria

    Nigeria 31/10/2017 10:22:24

    What legislations regulate registration and enforcement of foreign judgments in Nigeria?

  730. How Does a Notary Service work?

    United Kingdom 31/10/2017 06:14:54

    Notaries form the third and oldest branch of the legal profession in England and Wales. Despite this, the role they play and the services they provide remain relatively unknown to many in this country

  731. What is the benefit of a multi-lingual notary?

    United Kingdom 31/10/2017 06:11:11

    London–based businesses with international interests might often find themselves in need of the services of a London notary public. Foreign Commercial Registries, Regulatory Bodies, Courts and business partners among others might request that certain corporate documents be “notarised”. These documents can be split into two broad categories: – those which need to be signed by a representative of the company and those where no signature is required.

  732. FAQ's - Italian Documents

    Italy 30/10/2017 17:44:34

    As a London notary public, we notarise documents to be used in other countries on a daily basis. Having an insight into the legal system operating in a particular country and being able to speak the language is of real benefit to the notary and his or her client.

  733. Protecting Intellectual Property Rights Abroad

    United Kingdom 30/10/2017 17:41:43

    We deal regularly with documents relating to protection of patents, copyright, trademarks and industrial designs when clients want to protect their brand, products and service in markets across the world.

  734. What types of documents should be Notarised and when?

    United Kingdom 30/10/2017 17:36:06

    As useful as it would be, there is no rule or provision in this country that neatly sets out what types of documents a notary can or cannot certify.

  735. Increase your sales with new international customers

    Austria 30/10/2017 12:16:40

    In times of economic changes, it is important to conquer new markets. This gives you more stability and also more sales. Use our services to get to new customers quickly and efficiently.

  736. Turkey Export-Import

    Turkey 26/10/2017 12:04:34

    Trade and Business Directory Volume 1 Strategic Information and Contacts (World Strategic and Business Information Library)

  737. Importing in China (2017)

    China 26/10/2017 11:51:57

    How to Make a Living Importing Products from China and Selling it on Amazon for Huge Profits

  738. Importing From China Is Easy

    China 26/10/2017 11:46:59

    How I Make $1 million a Year by Private Labeling: How to Find Products to Import, Find Suppliers, and Have Them Delivered to Your Doorstep

  739. Exporting From Failure To Success: An Exclusive Global Guide For Small & Medium Enterprises

    26/10/2017 11:42:55

    Exporting From Failure To Success: An Exclusive Global Guide For Small & Medium Enterprises is a book for SMEs around the world. The structured proven way to build exports, as outlined in this book, will serve as a guide for SMEs on the exporting path. This approach is based on the author's 20 years plus experience in doing business, developing business, structuring deals, closing deals, advising on global sales, exporting and coaching business executives in 38 countries on five continents.

  740. China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global

    China 26/10/2017 11:36:31

    Presenting an unrivalled perspective into the inner-workings of Chinese corporations and their expansion plans for international markets, this book combines executive interviews and first-hand accounts providing the sorely needed context to the rise of Chinese companies in home and overseas markets and how the West can successfully compete.

  741. The Rise of Workspace on Demand

    United Kingdom 24/10/2017 11:42:40

    In the past 12 months, the global hybrid and co-working office space market has grown an astonishing 18%. That means the market is now twice the size it was back in 2013 and accounts for a third of all flexible space across the world.

  742. An Appraisal of Business Potentials and Legal Framework in Nigeria’s Solid minerals Sector

    Nigeria 19/10/2017 11:51:48

    Nigeria is richly endowed with a variety of solid minerals of various categories varying from precious metals to stones and also industrial minerals. Much of these minerals are yet to be exploited. Statistically, the level of exploitation of these minerals is very low in relation to the extent of deposits found in the country. Recent policy reforms have brought the solid minerals sector to the fore. The emphasis is on encouraging massive foreign investor’s participation in the sector.

  743. Holiday Hack: More Than Double Your Holiday Leave in 2018

    United Kingdom 19/10/2017 08:52:33

    Most employees in the UK are entitled to around 28 days of paid leave annually, but with some strategic planning you can more than double your leave in 2018!

  744. 2017 Saudi Update

    Saudi Arabia 18/10/2017 15:11:30

    AEI Saudi is a market entry consultancy that helps foreign businesses to succeed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The below is a quick update on what has been going on and why now is the perfect time for your business to consider exporting to Saudi:

  745. How can Paul Beare Ltd help their clients when setting up in the UK?

    United Kingdom 18/10/2017 15:03:32

    Key points for setting up in the UK beginning with the client's objectives through to pension obligations, human resources, employment contracts and VAT.

  746. UK Company Structures available for entities expanding into the UK

    United Kingdom 18/10/2017 15:02:13

    A high-level overview of the different types of UK legal structures available for overseas companies setting up in the UK including: branch, Ltd Company, Subsidiary Company, Partnership and Joint Venture.

  747. What is involved in setting up a UK company bank account?

    United Kingdom 18/10/2017 15:00:57

    We look at what is involved and the requirements of setting up a UK company bank account from anti-money laundering requirements to the bank mandate itself.

  748. Why should an overseas company setup in the UK?

    United Kingdom 18/10/2017 14:59:35

    An exploratory video at why overseas companies should setup in the UK covering the english language, centralised timezone and ease of doing business.

  749. Doing business in Greece

    Greece 18/10/2017 10:57:45

    To elect Greece is to choose an exciting country, located in the south east Coast of Europe, as well as to invest in (and buy) high quality services and products. One of the most discussed countries regarding its financial environment in the last years, Greece is again on track and has become an appealing destination for investors all over the world.

  750. Surrey translators crowned winners at UK language sector awards

    United Kingdom 17/10/2017 13:41:07

    Surrey Translation Bureau, a language service company based in Farnham, has been crowned the winner of the Project Management Team of the Year category at the Association of Translation Companies’ (ATC) 2017 Language Industry Summit Awards.

  751. The Effect of Free Zones on Dubai’s Economy

    UAE 16/10/2017 08:55:08

    After transforming from a town surrounded by endless miles of desert, Dubai is now one of the world’s best business destinations for startups, investors, entrepreneurs and corporations.

  752. Turn to Europe Emirates Group for Your Business Needs

    UAE 16/10/2017 08:52:40

    In today’s globalised world, international expansion is on every corporate horizon.

  753. Why Dubai? Understanding the world’s brightest business destination

    UAE 16/10/2017 08:48:08

    With annual business growth averaging at 33% over the last decade, Dubai can justifiably claim to be one of the world’s pre-eminent and most progressive locations for international commerce. With the prime objective of attracting the world’s top enterprises, Dubai has established a business-friendly landscape, supported by generous tax and regulatory regimes which allow for powerful, sustained growth.

  754. Legal Issues arising from a Technical Expatriate’s Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 12/10/2017 10:28:25

    Apart from the oil and gas sector which remains the mainstay of Nigerian economy, the technical know how of expatriates are also needed in other budding sectors of the Nigerian economy such as tourism, mining, agriculture, manufacturing, power, real estate, construction, cable television and telecommunication. For expatriates to carry on their businesses in Nigeria some legal issues arises and same must be effectively dealt with to ensure smooth running of their businesses.

  755. Achieving Economic Substance For Offshore Entities In UAE

    UAE 11/10/2017 14:51:17

    A major problem faced today by trading corporations established in offshore jurisdictions is to satisfy the “economic substance” criterion. This is the case with corporations established in traditional offshore jurisdictions including the BVI, Cayman Islands, Belize, Antigua, Nevis, St Lucia, Vanuatu etc which were set up at a time that regulations and supervision were lax and no questions were raised.

  756. Golden Triangle to Play a Key Role in Post-Brexit Economy

    United Kingdom 11/10/2017 13:49:25

    In their most recent report, Bidwells found that Cambridge and Oxford are attracting digital tech and science firms to look outside of the capital. Having reported on high investments in growth, Cambridge, Oxford and London are creating a world leading hub of innovation and development, also referred to as the ‘Golden Triangle’.

  757. Film Production Scheme to be introduced in Cyprus

    Cyprus 10/10/2017 08:46:46

    The Council of Ministers of the Republic of Cyprus approved on 27 September 2017 a scheme aiming to put Cyprus on the map of attractive destinations for shooting films and other audio-visual productions.

  758. Legal Framework and Prospects of Lottery Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 09/10/2017 16:41:26

    What is the legislation regulating lottery business in Nigeria?

  759. Legal Framework for Carrying On Pharmaceutical Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 06/10/2017 11:39:14

    All aspects of pharmacy practice in Nigeria are regulated by the Pharmacists Council of Nigeria Act (1992 No. 91) (“the Act”).

  760. Registration Of Patents In Nigeria

    Nigeria 04/10/2017 13:18:52

    Types of Patent registration in Nigeria There are two types of patent applications in Nigeria, namely; (1) PCT or Conventional Patent and (2) Non-conventional Patent.

  761. Unlocking Asia through licensing

    Australia 29/09/2017 14:51:45

    Whether you’ve developed new technology, artwork, medicine, software, a piece of music or a new plant, many “creations of the mind” come under the banner of intellectual property (IP).1 These creations are often an important source of income for their owners and laws are place to recognise and protect their use.

  762. Procedure For Trademark Registrations In Nigeria

    Nigeria 26/09/2017 15:50:27

    In Nigeria, for a trade mark to be registered, it must contain or consist of at least the name of a company, individual, or firm, represented in a special or particular manner; the signature of the applicant for registration or some predecessor in his business; an invented word or invented words; a word or words having no direct reference to the character or quality of the goods, and not being according to its ordinary geographical name or a surname; or any other distinctive mark.

  763. Your Gateway For Expanding Your Business In The Middle East

    UAE 26/09/2017 10:02:15

    Capital International Group - is a pioneer organization in U.A.E, serving the business community for over a decade. The company primarily services small, medium and large corporates by offering business consultation.

  764. ipostparcels 5% off all UK, Ireland and international orders

    United Kingdom 22/09/2017 12:02:32

    ipostparcels 5% discount until the end of this month (Saturday 30th September 2017). This code is valid for both domestic and international orders and cannot be used in conjunction with any other voucher code.

  765. Patent translation – a patent-ial headache!

    United Kingdom 21/09/2017 15:40:09

    Those of you who are fans of BBC’s Dragons’ Den, known by an array of different names across the world such as Die Höhle der Löwen in Germany and Shark Tank in the US, will be familiar with the format where contestants pitch their business ideas to several entrepreneurs. The contestants are then faced with fielding somewhat probing questions from their potential investors, the ‘dragons’, some of which may touch on the issue of ‘patents’.

  766. Legal Framework for Transfer of Technology in Nigeria

    Nigeria 19/09/2017 11:54:26

    The Transfer of Technology in Nigeria is governed by the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion Act, Cap, N62 Laws of the Federation 2004 (“the Act”). The Act established the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (“NOTAP”). The principal function of NOTAP pursuant to the provisions of the Act is to monitor the transfer of foreign technology to Nigeria.

  767. The IFC Trade Finance eLearning program is open again for enrolment to Trade Finance practitioners around the world.

    Ireland 15/09/2017 13:32:48

    This initiative is sponsored by International Finance Corporation's Global Trade Finance Program and delivered by eBSI Export Academy’s team of worldwide experts in order to ensure the highest standards of quality.

  768. Procedure for Registration of Private Companies Limited by Shares in Nigeria

    Nigeria 13/09/2017 17:46:50

    Applicable Law

  769. Incentives to invest in/relocate to Cyprus

    Cyprus 13/09/2017 09:18:13

    As part of its effort to attract foreign high net worth individuals as well as to attract qualified individuals to relocate and work in the country, either on their own or as part of a group structuring/reorganisation, Cyprus offers some very attractive incentives.

  770. How Much Does It Cost To Rent Office Space In The UK?

    United Kingdom 13/09/2017 08:00:44

  771. Legal Framework for Foreign Companies to Carry on Business in Nigeria

    Nigeria 11/09/2017 18:31:38

    How can a foreign company carry on business in Nigeria?

  772. Latest Report Reveals Why 2017 Is the Year of Flexible Workspace

    United Kingdom 11/09/2017 11:22:24

    New report reveals a 12-month snapshot of flexible workspace market data

  773. Austria is launching a support and promotion campaign for companies

    Austria 11/09/2017 10:49:31

    As a result, many companies and customers are looking for new business opportunities. They are ready to invest and build new business relationships.

  774. Work permits for Cyprus companies

    Cyprus 08/09/2017 10:33:16

    As an alternative route to obtaining Cyprus residency by investment, individuals can obtain work permits for Cyprus companies that they are directors.

  775. Starting up your company in Cyprus

    Cyprus 06/09/2017 08:19:29

    Why register your Company in Cyprus? Cyprus is considered to be one of the most attractive jurisdictions in Europe to form a limited liability company due to its advantageous tax system. As a full member of the EU, Cyprus is ideal for holding assets in Europe because it offers you the same benefits that a traditional offshore jurisdiction has to offer.

  776. PEO Worldwide are excited to be partnering with

    United Kingdom 05/09/2017 13:27:03

    We support companies doing just that.

  777. Setting up your company in Ireland

    Ireland 24/08/2017 13:11:33

    The process for opening a company in Ireland is quite straight forward. A limited company can be formed within 3 to 5 days and costs up to €500 approximately.

  778. Looking To Open A UAE Offshore Company & Bank Account?

    UAE 24/08/2017 08:37:22

  779. Long-Term value of Social Skills for Children

    Canada 21/08/2017 18:25:28

    There is a growing interest in the topic of social skills education for children and adults a like.

  780. Interpretative Circular on exemptions from income tax in relation to employment in Cyprus

    Cyprus 21/08/2017 13:51:49

    On 24 July 2017 the Cyprus Tax Department has issued Interpretative Circular 2017/4 (the “Circular”) regarding exemption from income tax of income from employment in the Republic of Cyprus.

  781. Important amendment in individual tax residency rules in Cyprus

    Cyprus 21/08/2017 13:49:55

    On 14 July 2017 the Parliament of Cyprus approved a bill that gives the right to an individual to be considered as tax resident in Cyprus, provided that he meets certain requirements. The new provision provides an incentive to individuals who are not tax residents in any other state for any tax year to transfer their tax residence to Cyprus.

  782. Cyprus – Important Amendments on Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law

    Cyprus 21/08/2017 13:45:21

    On 14 July 2017 a law amending the Assessment and Collection of Taxes Law was published in the Official Government Gazette of the Republic of Cyprus. The amending law provides for the following:

  783. Tax treatment of related party financing transactions – Guidance issued by Cyprus Tax Authorities

    Cyprus 21/08/2017 13:43:11

    As we have reported before the fixed profit spreads applied on related party financing transactions adopted by the Cyprus Tax Authorities were set to be abolished on 1 July 2017. On 30 June 2017 the Cyprus Tax Authorities issued a Circular in relation to the new rules to apply on this area from 1 July 2017 onwards.

  784. Should you do business in the US through a subsidiary?

    USA 16/08/2017 15:16:12

    When deciding the best way to enter or expand your presence in the US market, one option is to do business through a US subsidiary or other affiliated entity. Operating in the US through a separate US entity can be – but is not always – the best choice. How do you know if it is right for your business?

  785. Website localization

    15/08/2017 09:44:56

    Website localization is the process of adapting an existing website to local language and culture in the target market.

  786. Merger and demerger of companies in Hungary

    Hungary 15/08/2017 08:52:30

    Under Hungarian corporate law, companies may transform into another company form or merge with each other, as well they may resolve to demerge into separate entities.

  787. Find Out About Labour law in Hungary

    Hungary 15/08/2017 08:50:22

    The followings are the key statutory elements of an employment relationship.

  788. Employment agreements in Hungary

    Hungary 15/08/2017 08:48:28

    Employment in Hungary is regulated in detail by the Hungarian Labour Code. Deviation from the rules of the statute is generally allowed for the benefit of the employee and only in writing.

  789. Company set-up in Hungary to establish a Hungarian company

    Hungary 15/08/2017 08:46:22

    In order to establish a Hungarian company, it needs to be registered with the Hungarian Court of Registration.

  790. The Most Company Forms in Hungary

    Hungary 15/08/2017 08:42:51

    In Hungary, the types of business associations and other entities used for business operations are regulated in statutes and one may only choose from the regulated entities when considering investment in Hungary.

  791. What Employees Expect from Work in 2017

    United Kingdom 11/08/2017 10:26:50

    Reports show that by 2020 millennials will make up a third of the global workforce

  792. Register UAE Offshore Company With A Bank Account

    UAE 11/08/2017 08:35:13

  793. The new Brazilian Labor Legislation

    Brazil 10/08/2017 08:40:22

    The Brazilian Senate has approved on July 14, 2017, a controversial labor reform bill - the first major overhaul in 70 years. The law aims to reduce costs for businesses and allow firms to negotiate contracts freely with employees. It will go into effect on November 11, 2017.

  794. Global Flexible Workspace Market

    USA 09/08/2017 11:00:24

    Grows 18% in Just 12 Months. Exclusive data from the Global Cities Report, the first ever comparison of flexible workspace around the world

  795. Market entry and expansion to Austria

    Austria 09/08/2017 10:04:44

    Physical borders are becoming ever less important due to new technologies but everyday technologies are not so simple to apply in the real world of business.

  796. Austria Market Entry

    Austria 07/08/2017 09:38:44

    My name is Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner I am a business consultant from Austria. I am glad that I may introduce the advantages of my homeland to you.

  797. Migrate your company to Cyprus!

    Cyprus 07/08/2017 08:46:47

    In line with the international practice of permitting companies to move their seat of incorporation, companies are allowed under the laws of Cyprus to change their jurisdiction.

  798. Going Global Live returns to Olympia, London! - (November 16th & 17th)

    United Kingdom 02/08/2017 07:37:03

    Going Global Live is Europe's leading event for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations and it is returning to Olympia in London on the 16th & 17th of November 2017.

  799. Discount Vouchers: Pros and Cons

    26/07/2017 17:56:47

    Spring season sale, Christmas season sale, End of season sale, winter sale and god knows how many sales make us wait for the dress or gadget just because the price will be reduced.

  800. Challenges doing business in Brazil

    Brazil 25/07/2017 15:17:42

    Brazil has enormous potential for UK companies, but it will take time, money and effort. Challenges include:

  801. Global Flexible Workspace Market Grows 18% in Just 12 Months

    United Kingdom 18/07/2017 15:36:50

    • Exclusive data from the Global Cities Report, the first ever comparison of flexible workspace around the world • Key cities analysed in the UK, Australia, EMEA and Asia Pacific • Emerging markets for co-working show greater proportional growth than established cities

  802. What makes Ireland great for business?

    Ireland 13/07/2017 16:09:28

  803. Why invest in Croatia?

    Croatia 13/07/2017 15:20:17

    The Europe of today has become a significantly different place than it used to be a quarter of the century ago. Advances in technology, opening of borders between Union members, the migrant crisis, the big finantial crises and a whole lot of other factors have influenced the direction the Europeans are heading for today.

  804. Tips When Setting Up A Company In Ireland

    Ireland 13/07/2017 11:22:42

    10 tips to follow when forming a company with an agent.

  805. Why Form A Company In Ireland?

    Ireland 13/07/2017 10:46:49

    Considerations: The new 2014 act in Ireland makes it easier for Directors to manage a company. It is the goal of the Irish Government to make Ireland the easiest place in the world to do business.

  806. Which UK City is the Most Entrepreneurial in 2017?

    United Kingdom 11/07/2017 13:18:35

    We already know how great the UK is for business, but which cities are leading the way when it comes to entrepreneurship?

  807. Do you plan to open a subsidiary or representative office in Russia?

    Russia 06/07/2017 09:10:56

    Have you already started a research yourself? If yes, you are familiar with how complicated that can task can be. Obviously, setting up a new business is not only about choosing the correct legal entity type. Its about accounting, reporting, employment, payroll and many more.

  808. Transcription: speaking volumes

    United Kingdom 05/07/2017 10:58:49

    When you mention translation to someone from outside the industry, they may well initially think of real-time translation of spoken content, or interpreting as it is known, as is familiar from the European Parliament, for example. Their second thoughts –often after being corrected! – may then turn to the translation of written documents. But one often-overlooked activity within the field combines aspects of both written and spoken translation; I’m referring here to transcription.

  809. Holding real estate in Germany

    Germany 22/06/2017 09:06:59

    Fund Structures and German Taxation at a Glance

  810. Switzerland: Company Formations, Shelf Companies and Tax Consulting

    Switzerland 20/06/2017 13:44:34

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Colleagues, I am pleased to offer you our Law firm’s services, which we have been providing for the last 10 years in Zug and Zürich (Switzerland). Since 2007 we have been serving our clients within Corporate and Tax law as well as M&A, IP, restructuring and Migration Law.

  811. Start A Company In Brazil

    Brazil 19/06/2017 15:43:28

    To be able to operate in Brazil, foreign companies must, first of all, establish a Company in Brazil, registering the Articles of Association in the Government agencies and obtaining a Corporate Tax Payer Number (CNPJ).

  812. A Parent's View

    Thailand 19/06/2017 15:02:13

    Being an IB school in Bangkok, we receive a lot of interest from parents about our curriculum and programmes. We have also found that having current parents speak with prospective parents is a great way for them to find out all about KIS.

  813. Field Trips at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:59:56

    Making connections between what is being learned inside the classroom to what goes on outside of the classroom is fundamental to a strong IB education.

  814. Admissions at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:58:16

    Thinking about applying for a seat at KIS? Our admissions staff are here to help you find out if KIS is the best fit for your family.

  815. Native Tongue Languages at KIS

    Thailand 19/06/2017 14:51:03

    At KIS we are currently teaching 10 different languages, and our students come from 49 different nations! Being open-minded and great communicators is a big part of the IB, and we fully embrace those and all aspects of the learner profile.

  816. Open A Company In Malta

    Malta 15/06/2017 15:41:32

    The most common form of business entity in Malta, be it for trading, holding or other purposes, is the limited liability company. A Maltese limited liability company may have the status of a private or public limited liability company.

  817. Dubai Airport Freezone – New License Packages

    UAE 14/06/2017 11:16:41

    Dubai Airport Freezone, graded as world’s no: 1 Freezone with its five star facilities has announced new packages BRONZE, SILVER & GOLD.

  818. FEEL FREE TO GROW IN UAE – the land of Freezones & Offshores (Tax free)

    UAE 14/06/2017 11:14:45

    UAE is a country blessed with political stability, ultramodern infrastructure, world-wide connectivity, security and stable economy.

  819. Guaranteed hassle-free Company Registration in just 2 days!

    UAE 14/06/2017 11:13:31

    Ajman Offshore known for its easy documentation process and inexpensive incorporation fees, has become one of the fastest growing offshore entity in the UAE.

  820. Offshore Company Registration

    UAE 14/06/2017 11:11:55

    OFFSHORE COMPANIES (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS COMPANIES) is a company which does not carry out any substantial business activities in its country of formation and is framed in a law of no tax jurisdiction for the purposes of legally reducing any kind of tax payment and enhancing one’s wealth management.

  821. Maternity Leave Around the World

    United Kingdom 07/06/2017 15:13:17

    Instant Offices take a closer look at what maternity leave looks like around the world...

  822. Reasons to Avoid Checking Emails During the Holidays

    United Kingdom 26/05/2017 10:22:39

    As we prepare to sign off for Summer, Instant Office’s Head of Marketing John Williams asks, has the world made it impossible for us to unplug while we’re on holiday?

  823. Surrey Translation Bureau receives prestigious award

    United Kingdom 23/05/2017 16:39:41

    Surrey Translation Bureau has received the prestigious Corporate Member Award from the Institute of Translation and Interpreting.

  824. The FrankfurtRheinMain region in the heart of Germany is becoming the fastest-growing fintech hub in Germany.

    Germany 23/05/2017 16:30:47

    According to recent studies, the fintech sector in the region grew by 45 %, more than twice as much asthe average nationwide growth in this sector (22 %).1

  825. Housing & Offices in FrankfurtRheinMain

    Germany 23/05/2017 15:38:46

    Welcome to FrankfurtRheinMain! If you are looking for an accommodation or need information about the housing market – this section will give you the important answers.

  826. The FrankfurtRheinMain region - Education & Schools

    Germany 23/05/2017 15:32:38

    The German School System Explained

  827. The FrankfurtRheinMain region - Taxes

    Germany 23/05/2017 15:30:47

    Fundamental Principles of Corporate Tax Law

  828. Countries That Defy The 9 to 5

    United Kingdom 23/05/2017 11:22:52

    Countries like Germany, Norway, Sweden and France are proving that you don’t have to work eight hour days or more to be productive.

  829. US Companies - Setting up a business in Germany

    Germany 23/05/2017 11:04:59

    With the latest developments, it seems like the negotiations for the free trade agreement (TTIP) between USA and EU have failed.

  830. Why Coworking is rising in popularity

    United Kingdom 16/05/2017 16:59:46

    The demand for shared offices and coworking space is on the rise with the total coworking market currently standing at around £15.75 billion. More businesses than ever are looking towards a flexible way of working in order to reduce costs, increase agility and offer more options to their teams.

  831. Banco BNI Europa to provide £45m to UK SMEs through MarketInvoice

    United Kingdom 15/05/2017 11:14:11

    • European Bank BNI Europa in strategic partnership with MarketInvoice • Brexit: European Institutions propping up UK SMEs with working capital • MarketInvoice Pro take-up driving interest from Institutions

  832. Bank of England - "Super Thursday"

    United Kingdom 11/05/2017 11:14:11

    The Bank of England will provide it's view on the UK economy and inflation. Some analysts are predicting a hawkish BoE, if that is the case there are rumours of stop loss buyers above 1.3000.

  833. Start Arabic (Learn Arabic with the Michel Thomas Method)

    Egypt 11/05/2017 09:44:53

    Learn over 50 essential words at the heart of Egyptian Arabic and how to put them together to make yourself understood. This 1-hour basic introduction to Egyptian Arabic with the Michel Thomas Method will get you speaking the language immediately: no books, no pens, no memorizing - just listen, connect and speak.

  834. Going Global Live ExCel London on the 17th & 18th May

    United Kingdom 10/05/2017 12:57:31

  835. Doing Business in China Paperback – 25 Jan 2017

    China 09/05/2017 10:21:55

    China has changed dramatically since the first edition of Doing Business in China was published in 2000 but the second, third and now this fourth edition have kept pace with the rapid developments.

  836. Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably

    United Kingdom 08/05/2017 17:26:32

    Laurel Delaney writes in a tremendous spirit of service to entrepreneurial and small business leaders navigating the opportunities of globalization. Whether leading a fresh startup, a small business, or an entrepreneurial growth company seeking greatness, the question of whether―and how―to go global must be addressed.

  837. Exporting From Failure To Success: An Exclusive Global Guide For Small & Medium Enterprises

    United Kingdom 08/05/2017 17:23:02

    Exporting From Failure To Success: An Exclusive Global Guide For Small & Medium Enterprises is a book for SMEs around the world. The structured proven way to build exports, as outlined in this book, will serve as a guide for SMEs on the exporting path. This approach is based on the author's 20 years plus experience in doing business, developing business, structuring deals, closing deals, advising on global sales, exporting and coaching business executives in 38 countries on five continents

  838. Canada: - a practical immigration guide

    Canada 08/05/2017 17:10:03

    If you dream of a better life in Canada, and feel that it is just that – a dream – you will find that this book is your complete guide to make this dream come true. This practical immigration guide is a an all-encompassing resource that will greatly simplify your move to Canada and make your immigration as comfortable, easy, and pain-free as possible.

  839. Starting a Business in France: A Step-by-step Guide

    France 08/05/2017 17:06:25

    New legislation in France is now making it easier for a foreign national to start and run a business there. "Starting a Business in France" has been written to give step-by-step guidelines to British and other anglophone nationals moving to France.

  840. Starting a Business in Italy: How to set up and run a successful business in the Bel Paese

    Italy 08/05/2017 17:03:36

    Italy is the land of entrepreneurs and small businesses are the backbone of its economy. And because of the unwritten employment laws that dominate the job scene in Italy, setting up your own business can be an excellent alternative to finding employed work.

  841. Best in Class Franchises - Service-Based Franchises Paperback

    United Kingdom 05/05/2017 11:09:21

    Best In Class Franchises - Service-Based Franchises is an effort to pick the "best" franchises from among over 2,000 service-based franchise systems.

  842. Best in Class Franchises - Food-Service Franchises

    United Kingdom 05/05/2017 11:06:27

    Best In Class Franchises - Food-Service Franchises is an effort to pick the "best" franchises from among over 500 food-service franchise systems. While picking the "best" of anything is subjective in the final determination, every effort has been made to employ rigorous metrics whenever possible

  843. Doing Business with the United Kingdom 2017: A Guide for Investors and Trading Partners

    United Kingdom 05/05/2017 10:51:36

    This new publication series from Legend Business provides an authoritative and essential guide to the post-referendum business climate in the United Kingdom together with outlines of the laws, business regulations and practices that affect those looking to complete business in the UK. The Guide also reflects the likely impact of the 2016 decision to leave the European Union on businesses in the UK

  844. Taking Control?: British and European Trade Policy After Brexit

    United Kingdom 05/05/2017 10:49:21

    The idea that the European Union must win the global economic 'race' has become a growing obsession among politicians and policymakers. The financial and Eurozone crises have only served to reinforce the message that the EU's 'generous' welfare states must either 'sink or swim' on their ability to compete in the global economy. This logic has culminated in recent talks with the US aimed at establishing a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

  845. The Daily Telegraph Business Guide to Brexit

    United Kingdom 05/05/2017 10:44:49

    A Comprehensive Guide to the Consequences of Leaving the EU and How Your Business Can Come Out on Top

  846. Adding value to your export plan with translation!

    United Kingdom 03/05/2017 08:41:01

    International trade offers a very attractive path to growing your consumer base and increasing your product or service exposure.

  847. UK GDP - Announced at 9:30

    United Kingdom 28/04/2017 09:03:28

    Gross Domestic Product (GDP) measures the annualized change in the inflation-adjusted value of all goods and services produced by the economy. It is the broadest measure of economic activity and the primary indicator of the economy's health.

  848. The best countries to do business with right now

    United Kingdom 27/04/2017 17:03:35

    British businesses face the challenge of turning a profit and growing revenues despite the decline in the pound making it potentially more costly to buy from abroad. Importing from America for example is now more expensive with the pound rate 13% down against the dollar compared with one year ago.

  849. How Much Does it Cost to Put Down Your Laptop in London?

    United Kingdom 27/04/2017 08:26:03

    Office space in London is more expensive than ever

  850. The German translator at STB

    Germany 13/04/2017 11:01:15

    At Surrey Translation Bureau we are very fortunate to have an in-house translation team! This is a huge advantage, because our in-house translators can respond to urgent translation requests quickly and advise our project managers on linguistic queries.

  851. I need a French translator! – A guide for the first-time translation buyer

    France 12/04/2017 10:16:27

    So, you’ve just been tasked with organising the translation of some of your company’s marketing material or technical manuals into French. You’ve never handled a translation project before, and suddenly you’re in at the deep end.

  852. Increase fines for violation of legislation on personal data

    Russia 12/04/2017 09:37:46

    From July 2017 there will be a significant increase in administrative fines for violation of legislation on personal data:

  853. Busted: 6 common misconceptions about finding a translation agency

    United Kingdom 11/04/2017 13:47:56

    Finding a translation agency that can help you to take your business global can seem overwhelming: where in the world are people going to be reading my documents? What languages do they speak? How can I know that my message is being conveyed accurately? Will the translator be able to post me my documents in time? What time is it there? What time is it here?!

  854. Forex Brokers and Binary Options

    Offshore 11/04/2017 08:21:21

    Vanuatu regulation increasingly popular among Binary Options and Forex Brokers

  855. After the Brexit The Dutch Option

    Holland 10/04/2017 09:38:01

    The Opportunity to Open a Company in the Netherlands after the Brexit

  856. FSP Registration in New Zealand

    New Zealand 10/04/2017 09:31:49

    Forex FSP application to trade as a Foreign Exchange dealer

  857. Wealth Management

    Offshore 10/04/2017 09:29:31

    Owning property Guaranteeing the control, and Make it working for your own heirs

  858. The Onshore Alternative for International Trade and Tax Planning

    Offshore 10/04/2017 09:22:18

    The Offshore, the Developed countries and Tax Authorities

  859. Good News for who intend to open a Company in Brazil

    Brazil 07/04/2017 09:05:31

    The new legislation for Individual Companies of Limited Responsibility, also known as EIRELI, will be in force, starting on May 2nd.

  860. Hong Kong is a gateway to doing business in China

    Hong Kong 06/04/2017 11:12:48

    Hong Kong is the greatest direct and foreign investment source in China. Hong Kong is the regional headquarter of offices representing many parent companies located outside Hong Kong, many companies around 81 percent are responsible for doing business across China, Making Hong Kong a Gateway to China.

  861. Why start a business in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong 06/04/2017 11:10:56

    Invest in the freest economy in the world When thinking of starting a business overseas, Hong Kong should be on top of your list.

  862. Pound stumbles then recovers as Article 50 triggered

    United Kingdom 03/04/2017 11:31:57

  863. Tomorrow, Prime Minister Theresa May is set to trigger Article 50

    United Kingdom 28/03/2017 10:02:13

    This is a major political event for the UK and the EU, and like many of the political events we have seen in the last 12 months, could cause volatility in currency markets.

  864. 1 in 4 firms say workers log over 80 overtime hours a month

    Japan 27/03/2017 12:03:03

    Nearly 1 in 4 companies have admitted that some employees do more than 80 hours of overwork per month, according to the nation’s first white paper on “karoshi” or death by overwork.

  865. Japan, ranked 34th out of 41 developed nations in UNICEF’s child poverty index

    Japan 27/03/2017 12:01:07

    Japan has some of the worst wealth inequality and highest rates of child poverty among the world’s developed nations.

  866. A Serge in the number of Foreign Tourists

    Japan 27/03/2017 11:45:05

    The Japanese government is promoting the construction of larger hotels outside major cities as part of a drive to welcome 40 million foreign visitors a year by 2020, when Tokyo will host the Olympic Games

  867. Brexit Is Here

    United Kingdom 27/03/2017 10:06:49

    On Wednesday March 29th UK Prime Minister Theresa May will send a letter to Donald Tusk the President of the European Council signalling the triggering of Article 50 and starting the two year process for the UK to leave the European Union.

  868. How to win your next pitch

    United Kingdom 21/03/2017 09:12:11

    During the pitching process, 78% of clients say they’re most influenced by the business that proves how knowledgeable it is, however, research suggests that many businesses aren’t managing to get this across in their pitch and there’s currently a gap in what is being delivered versus what is wanted. According to Park Communications, for businesses lucky enough to make it to pitching stage, it’s crucial to be credible, attention-worthy and trustworthy.

  869. How to Identify and Prevent Burnout

    United Kingdom 20/03/2017 10:56:38

    It’s difficult to define burnout succinctly and so, even more difficult to intercept it. Most people only realize that they are truly burnt out when it’s too late and then they need to work towards eliminating the symptoms, often while still having to deal with the stresses that caused it in the first place.

  870. Costless ways to boost employee productivity

    United Kingdom 07/03/2017 13:02:20

    According to Instant Offices, when it comes to business, there are many benefits to exercising the brain to become more productive, and cognitive training is easier than you think.

  871. AFEX FX Market Watch - Monday 6th March

    United Kingdom 06/03/2017 14:26:40

    Today's key data • AUD Retail sales MoM • GBP MPC Member Hogg speaks

  872. The perils of a free translation

    United Kingdom 06/03/2017 10:09:22

    The importance of investing in your digital and print materials

  873. Form 5472 – A New Information Return for Foreign Owned US LLCs and Other Businesses – What You Need to Know

    USA 03/03/2017 14:02:43

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) of the United States of America has mandated a new filing requirement, known as Form 5472, for foreign shareholders of 25% or more in US LLCs. This form requests basic information on foreign owners’ citizenship and residence as well as the company’s transactions with foreign shareholders (exclusive of dividends).

  874. New Regulation For Power Purchase Agreements

    Singapore 03/03/2017 13:57:59

    Auraylius Christian

  875. OJK’s Circular Letter On The Conversion Of Rural Banks Into Islamic Rural Banks

    Singapore 03/03/2017 13:55:23

    by Eivan Hadhy Prabowo

  876. Non-Fiscal Facilities Imposed on Industry Sector

    Singapore 03/03/2017 13:50:20

    By Arien Kartika Sari

  877. Development and Empowerment of Communities through Activities of the Mineral and Coal Mining Sector

    Singapore 03/03/2017 13:48:16

    by Alfons Emanuel Moller

  878. Britain is open for business: a commitment to open trade

    Germany 01/03/2017 14:50:52

    Speech by Secretary of State for International Trade, Dr Liam Fox at SuperReturn International Private Equity conference in Berlin.

  879. Robin Walker: 'Gibraltar has particular interests'

    Offshore 01/03/2017 14:48:26

    Ministers held the second meeting of the Joint Ministerial Committee (Gibraltar EU Negotiations) to discuss our EU exit.

  880. Digital Strategy to make Britain the best place in the world to start and grow a digital business

    United Kingdom 01/03/2017 14:46:35

    Culture Secretary launches Digital Strategy set to create a world-leading digital economy that works for everyone.

  881. Japan is as happy as it feels — which is miserable

    Japan 01/03/2017 09:56:21

    What does Japan have going for it? It is a democracy, it is at peace, it is the world’s third-largest economy and it enjoys to the full the emblematic happiness of our time — a level of technological empowerment that the less fortunate past had to conjure up in fantasies of genies and wizards.

  882. Market Watch - Monday 27 Feb 2017

    United Kingdom 27/02/2017 12:08:31

    Today's key data • USD Durable goods orders m/m • NZD Trade balance

  883. The perils of a free translation … and an insight into Machine Translations

    United Kingdom 23/02/2017 16:59:42

    In the first part of this series about free translations, we discussed why it can be a bad business decision to ask your international distributors to look after your translations. In this part, we’ll focus on reasons why you should avoid using Google Translate to translate business documents.

  884. Routes to market part 1: traditional methods

    United Kingdom 22/02/2017 10:15:16

  885. Need help translating an Arabic document?

    UAE 20/02/2017 14:42:58

    First spoken in Iron Age north-western Arabia, Arabic is one of the most common languages in the world. Residing in over 27 countries, there are over 1.6 billion Muslim who speak the language.

  886. Fiducenter Cyprus - Going Global Live Event

    Cyprus 17/02/2017 09:07:39

    Fiducenter Cyprus

  887. Time management or self-management?

    United Kingdom 16/02/2017 12:17:13

    One of our Project Managers, Ruth Bond attended the ‘Interactive Time Management Workshop’ organised by the Institute of Translating & Interpreting (ITI) earlier this month. Here is her account of how the day progressed and what she gained from it:

  888. Setting Up A Company In Ireland

    Ireland 15/02/2017 15:48:41

    IRELAND Ireland is a very suitable jurisdiction for companies to be based whilst acting in commercial transactions.

  889. Mark Garnier speech to the British Chamber of Commerce in Mexico

    Mexico 15/02/2017 09:24:10

    Speech delivered to British and Mexican business leaders in Mexico City

  890. Benefits of Going Offshore

    Israel 14/02/2017 09:25:09

    Why do so many businesses choose to incorporate outside their home country?

  891. Face-to-face communication is essential for driving businesses forward!

    United Kingdom 13/02/2017 15:22:54

    Technological advances over the last century or so have meant that newer, and in some cases easier, means of communication such as emails and Skype are now commonplace, whilst good old-fashioned face-to-face communication is fast becoming a thing of the past.

  892. We can help you translate from Greek to English!

    Greece 10/02/2017 09:50:44

    Translate Greek to English. We are a trustworthy organisation who keep all documents confidential. So worrying about security is not something you need to think about. This is one of the reasons why we are rated as high as we are by our customers.

  893. Turning pro bono translation on its head

    United Kingdom 09/02/2017 15:56:42

    More often than not, inexperienced translators find themselves in a Catch-22 situation: they need to gain experience in order to get started in the industry but clients and/or agencies may be unwilling to allocate work to them as a result of their overall lack of translation expertise.

  894. UK-India to increase flights to boost tourism and trade

    India 09/02/2017 12:31:10

    UK and India have agreed a deal to ease restrictions on flights between the two nations.

  895. MarketInvoice to double lending to £2bn in 2017

    United Kingdom 09/02/2017 08:50:22

    • MarketInvoice lent over £2,000 per minute to UK business in 2016 • Launch of confidential invoice discounting service, MarketInvoice Pro, targets companies with permanent funding need, and expands reach and size of funding available • Brexit presents growth opportunities for UK business

  896. Translate German To English

    Germany 06/02/2017 11:06:49

    Do you require the professional help of a linguist? Perhaps you have a document in which you need help translating from German to English? Or maybe in your profession you receive documents in various languages, and are concerned they’re not translating clearly? If so, look no further than Surrey Translation Bureau for all this and much more.

  897. How to market translation services to your potential clients?

    United Kingdom 03/02/2017 13:35:39

    Picture the scene: somebody needs a service which you provide and they simply arrive at your office and ask you to help. Sound unlikely? Well, that’s because this hardly ever happens.

  898. Quality matters – to you and to us!

    United Kingdom 03/02/2017 12:21:40

    Here at Surrey Translation Bureau, we take immense pride in delivering top-quality written translations to our clients so it should come as no great surprise that quality management plays an integral role in our day-to-day operations

  899. Can SMEs Still Afford to Set Up Business in Hong Kong?

    Hong Kong 02/02/2017 11:01:26

    According to Instant Offices, although it is one of the most expensive cities for high-rise office rentals in the world, demand for office space in Hong Kong continues to soar. Despite being such a competitive market, research suggests it’s still possible for small businesses to secure affordable workspace in this thriving global hub.

  900. Why Dublin is Becoming a Serious Challenger to London post-Brexit

    Ireland 02/02/2017 10:57:26

    Among the popular bars, fine dining and historical landmarks of Dublin is a flexible workspace market

  901. I know what is at stake for Ireland in Brexit: article by Theresa May

    Ireland 02/02/2017 09:23:08

    Writing in the Irish Times, the Prime Minister sets out the government's commitment to the UK's relationship with the Republic of Ireland.

  902. Why invest in the Netherlands?

    Holland 02/02/2017 08:53:28

    The establishment of a company in the Netherlands can be business wise very lucrative for companies and individuals. Companies always look at factors like, availability / knowledge of the workers, business costs, how is the transport / telecom quality, the political situation and much more before they decide to do business in a country. We have outlined below several reasons why a company should establish a company in the Netherlands.

  903. UK fintech delegation heads to Australasia

    Australia 02/02/2017 08:48:58

    A trade delegation of eleven UK fintech companies will visit Australia and New Zealand in March

  904. AFEX Market Watch Wed 1st Feb 2017

    United Kingdom 01/02/2017 16:13:52

    GBP - Sterling The Pound had an excellent morning after Manufacturing PMI was released in line with expectations at 55.9 and on the back of a rumour that the BoE MPC vote tomorrow would see four members voting for a rate hike immediately.

  905. UK open for Indian gaming companies with global ambitions

    India 01/02/2017 10:33:10

    The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) in India will host a panel discussion at the CII India Gaming Show on 2 February, New Delhi.

  906. UK food and drink trade mission looking for Indian partners

    India 01/02/2017 10:08:14

    The trade mission brings together 17 of the most iconic British brands to network with Indian businesses in Mumbai and Delhi.

  907. Establish an US entity

    USA 01/02/2017 09:37:42

    In order to establish a US entity, you can use the 10 steps laid out below as a guide:

  908. AFEX Market Watch Mon 30th Jan 2017

    United Kingdom 30/01/2017 14:39:21

    GBP After last weeks continued push higher for sterling, this week sees the important Bank of England (BoE) inflation report on Thursday and the Monetary Policy Committee vote on interest rates. We expect no change in rates but the inflation report will be important as the market is well aware that inflation has been jumping higher since last June, the market will be trying to gauge how far inflation can rise before the BoE hikes rates.

  909. Are you thinking about taking your business overseas?

    United Kingdom 25/01/2017 13:48:19

    Going Global 2017 will provide you with an unprecedented level of information, advice and opportunity in expanding your business into international markets. Going Global is Europe’s largest exhibition for businesses looking for international expansion and returns to London’s ExCeL on the 17th and 18th of May 2017.

  910. UK - South Africa joint trade statement

    South Africa 25/01/2017 08:34:17

    Joint statement by UK Secretary of State for International Trade Dr Liam Fox, and South Africa Minister for Trade and Industry Dr Rob Davies.

  911. How to Lease Commercial Property in Jersey

    Jersey 24/01/2017 11:30:06

    While the terminology may seem quite familiar to real estate practitioners in the United Kingdom and elsewhere, the legal practice of Jersey commercial leases can be very different.

  912. How Dealslands Is Growing Its Voucher Business In UK

    United Kingdom 23/01/2017 11:17:01

    Vouchers have always been the favourites of the shoppers. They make use of it for buying every kind of products and services. With the booming of online retail stores, a whole new world of e-vouchers came into existence. This eventually paved way towards the rise of a number of coupon websites across the globe.

  913. Disorganised Employees Can Cost Managers Up to 10% of Their Salary

    United Kingdom 20/01/2017 14:03:03

    AnyJunk take a look into the implications that cluttered desks can have on a business and its employee productivity, as well as tips and solutions for decluttering the office.

  914. Brexit Statement by British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Vicki Treadell

    Malaysia 20/01/2017 09:02:07

    H.E Vicki Treadell echoes the Brexit speech by UK Prime Minister Theresa May, and explains what it means to the UK-Malaysia relationship.

  915. Caught out by Brexit?

    United Kingdom 19/01/2017 08:53:46

    Concerned about Trump’s unpredictability?

  916. The government's negotiating objectives for exiting the EU: PM speech

    United Kingdom 17/01/2017 13:48:24

    Prime Minister Theresa May sets out the 12 negotiating priorities for Brexit as part of the Plan for Britain after leaving the EU.

  917. Birmingham delegation visits Doha to discuss trade and investment

    Qatar 16/01/2017 11:13:38

    UK-Qatar Trade and Investment Conference cited as a strong signal of strengthening relationship between the two nations.

  918. Cyprus company obligations

    Cyprus 16/01/2017 08:59:14

    With ever increasing regulations and reporting requirements, it is now of even more importance to ensure that Cyprus companies are meeting all of their statutory and other reporting obligations.

  919. 5 New Year’s Resolutions To Make For Career Progression

    United Kingdom 13/01/2017 14:55:26

    Not all career resolutions are created equal. While it’s essential to set goals for the year ahead, the way you approach them may hinder rather than help your progress at work.

  920. Apply early for visas with #BEATthepeak campaign

    India 13/01/2017 11:44:39

    The UK encourages Indian visitors to apply early for visas with #BEATthepeak campaign.

  921. Brexit - Why UK based businesses start companies in the Netherlands

    Holland 13/01/2017 10:15:21

    In the wake of the Brexit referendum, entrepreneurs are taking steps to safeguard their businesses. Although Article 50 has not been invoked yet, many entrepreneurs are already planning how to secure the future of their business.

  922. The Startup Games are coming to Sydney

    Australia 12/01/2017 08:55:26

    The UK’s Department for International Trade is looking for Australian and New Zealand companies to participate in the Startup Games

  923. No Cash? No Problem! How to Start a Business with No Money

    United Kingdom 09/01/2017 15:24:33

    Money shouldn’t necessarily be the reason a great idea gets shelved but sadly, a lack of cash is often the biggest reason why entrepreneurs put their plan on hold.

  924. Market Watch - Monday 09 Jan 2017

    United Kingdom 09/01/2017 12:11:56

    Today's key data • GBP Halifax HPI MoM See key data for this week

  925. Liam Fox's speech to the British Chambers of Commerce, Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 06/01/2017 17:05:05

    Speech delivered by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox to UK and local businesses at the British Chambers of Commerce in Hong Kong

  926. 5 Reasons Your Business Meetings Aren’t As Productive as They Could Be

    United Kingdom 05/01/2017 14:42:03

    Instant Offices’ Head of Marketing John Williams takes a closer look at the reasons why meetings may be hampering your productivity.

  927. AFEX Market Watch Mon Dec 19th

    United Kingdom 19/12/2016 09:20:22

    Monday Dec 19 • 09:00 EUR German IFO business climate • 12:30 AUD MPC meeting minutes • 03:00 JPY BOJ policy rate & statement

  928. The 5 opportunities and challenges of doing business in Europe

    Germany 14/12/2016 09:50:02

    If you’re looking to expand globally then the EU is hard to beat: The biggest single market in the world with 500 million consumers, standardisation of rules and regulations and geographically well located.

  929. Why you need expert local support in Germany to start your business

    Germany 14/12/2016 09:44:49

    Governments are generally pretty good at providing support. And we know too that that kind of help only goes so far: government departments are not of course in business with you - sure they want you to succeed. But they can usually only provide a finite amount of expertise, then stand back and wish you well.

  930. Can Better Time Management Help You Grow Your Business in 2017?

    United Kingdom 13/12/2016 14:21:30

    “How can I manage my time better?”, is a question that crops up with alarming regularity. And, at the start of the holiday season, is more pertinent than ever as productivity starts to slip. For entrepreneurs, this can have serious implications on their business – luckily there are steps you can take to prevent a productivity gap from opening!

  931. Letters of credit for importers and exporters

    United Kingdom 13/12/2016 13:26:55

    Letters of credit and how they can be used to reduce risk in international trade.

  932. AFEX Market Watch Mon 12th December 2016

    United Kingdom 12/12/2016 10:10:25

    Monday Dec 12 No top tier data Tuesday Dec 13 02:00 CNY Industrial production YoY 09:30 GBP CPI YOY 10:00 EUR German ZEW economic sentiment

  933. Six Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction Without a Raise

    United Kingdom 08/12/2016 15:13:06

    Instant Offices’ Head of Marketing, John Williams, weighs in on boosting employee satisfaction and happiness in the workplace.

  934. Holiday Hack: More Than Double Your Holiday Leave in 2017

    United Kingdom 08/12/2016 14:04:18

    Most employees in the UK are entitled to around 28 days of paid leave annually, but with some strategic planning you can more than double your leave in 2017!

  935. British Secretary of State for International Trade visits Brazil

    Brazil 07/12/2016 12:57:14

    Dr. Liam Fox meets Brazilian Minister for Development, Industry & Trade for the UK-Brazil JETCO 2016

  936. Why the Dutch speak english so well

    Holland 06/12/2016 17:14:14

    The Dutch speak english very well. Linguistically Dutch is one of the languages which have a close relation with English. The two languages have much in common looking at both grammar and vocabulary. Also quite a percentage of media is in English. Doing business in Holland can therefore be done in the english language. Read more in this blog about why the Dutch speak english so well

  937. AFEX Market Watch Mon December 5th 2016

    United Kingdom 05/12/2016 13:14:07

    Sunday Dec 4 Italian Constitution Amendment Vote Austrian Presidential Election

  938. AFEX Market Watch Friday 2nd December

    United Kingdom 02/12/2016 09:45:18

    Friday Dec 2nd • 00:30 AUD Retail sales MoM • 09:30 GBP Construction PMI • 13:30 CAD Unemployment Rate and Employment change • 13:30 USD Average hourly earnings • 13:30 USD Non-farm employment change and unemployment rate

  939. Doing business in the Netherlands

    Holland 02/12/2016 09:24:58

    As a country, the Netherlands acts as a logistics hub for Europe through the Rotterdam port and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. It is possible to access 95 per cent of Europe’s most lucrative consumer markets within 24 hours due to its outstanding infrastructure. This makes the Netherlands an ideal gateway for expanding your business. Next to that, the Netherlands features one of the most highly educated and multilingual workforces in Europe

  940. Tax advantages Holland

    Holland 02/12/2016 09:17:35

    In this blog we take a look at the following tax advantages in Holland

  941. Joint statement by the Minister of State for Trade Policy and Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment

    Australia 30/11/2016 10:09:22

    The International Trade Minister, Lord Price, met Australia’s Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment, Steven Ciobo, in Canberra today (30 November 2016) for the inaugural meeting of the Australia-UK Trade Working Group.

  942. Global Entrepreneur Programme (GEP) introduced in Chile

    United Kingdom 24/11/2016 12:47:42

    GEP presented the support that the organisation provides to help overseas businesses to globalise and establish in the UK.

  943. Department for International Trade’s Autumn Statement settlement

    United Kingdom 24/11/2016 12:45:43

    Measures to boost UK exports and build upon trade policy expertise as we leave the EU were announced in the Chancellor’s Autumn Statement.

  944. Faster entry at UK border now available to Israelis

    Israel 22/11/2016 17:20:32

    Visitors from Israel to benefit from faster entry to the UK as Registered Traveller Service is expanded.

  945. The Aid/Humanitarian Sector and Global Mobility: 5 Ways Mauve Can Support

    United Kingdom 22/11/2016 09:58:19

    This week’s post explores why a service offering like Mauve’s proves useful to the aid and humanitarian sector.

  946. The UK’s Landmark Uber Employment Tribunal Ruling: Exploring the Dangers of Employment Status Misclassification

    United Kingdom 22/11/2016 09:52:54

    We look at the risks associated with incorrectly defining workers as self-employed in light of a recent Uber tribunal case.

  947. Applications for UK fintech companies to join trade mission to Australia now open

    Australia 22/11/2016 08:21:58

    The UK Department for International Trade (DIT) will select up to 12 UK fintech companies to participate in a trade mission to Australia from 20 - 23 March 2017.

  948. AFEX Market Watch Mon 21st November 2016

    United Kingdom 21/11/2016 09:27:49

    Monday Nov 21st • 16:00 EUR ECB President Draghi speaks

  949. UK and Norway announce new trade dialogue

    Norway 15/11/2016 13:50:30

    Joint statement from the UK Minister for Trade Policy and the Norway Minister for Trade and Industry.

  950. UK Businesses to Report Gender Pay Gap in 2018

    United Kingdom 14/11/2016 12:09:39

    This year, Equal Pay Day marked a gradual decrease in the gap in salaries between full-time employed men and women, 0.2% since last year.

  951. Brexit and Planning for the Future…

    United Kingdom 14/11/2016 10:45:55

    Matt Dawson won the Rugby World Cup in 2003 with England and has a successful media career presenting for the BBC.

  952. Be Passport Aware: Check passport expiry before booking trips

    United Kingdom 14/11/2016 10:36:30

    Before booking that trip, check to see if everyone’s passport is valid for entry into the country you are planning to visit.

  953. KIS Continues Fantastic Full Scholarship Opportunities For The IB Programmes For Ages 9-16

    Thailand 14/11/2016 10:33:58

    KIS International School in Bangkok, Thailand is a full International Baccalaureate School. As the school has become more and more in demand, thanks to its great atmosphere, welcoming community and excellent academic results, KIS is growing from 2 classes per year group to 3 classes per year group.

  954. Colombia state visit strengthening trade and investment links

    Colombia 10/11/2016 13:05:45

    Government investing up to £1 billion to support trade and development in Colombia as new partnerships open in oil and gas sector.

  955. £1 billion in deals from PM's trade mission to India

    India 10/11/2016 13:03:45

    Prime Minister Theresa May's visit to India from 6 to 8 November 2016 resulted in over £1 billion worth of deals.

  956. Liam Fox visits Pune to take forward the India-UK collaboration

    India 10/11/2016 09:38:06

    UK Cabinet Minister visits Pune to lend support to business delegations on connected cities and advanced manufacturing.

  957. The UK is ready to do more business with Cuba and to become a strong partner for the island for the long term.

    United Kingdom 10/11/2016 09:27:53

    This year the UK had 19 companies participating at Havana International Trade Fair including exhibitors and visitors.

  958. UK-China discuss the next step for economic and trade relations

    China 10/11/2016 09:17:39

    Billions of pounds of projects will be showcased to the delegation, while talks will focus on building on the UK-China trade relationship.

  959. Work Etiquette: Should Co-workers Be Friends on Facebook?

    United Kingdom 09/11/2016 10:00:48

    Instant Offices take a look into Facebook friend culture in the workplace. Should we be friends on Facebook? It’s a question many of us don’t know how to answer when it comes to bosses, colleagues and other professional contacts. But with more than one billion people active on Facebook it’s inevitable that our virtual lives will overlap with our professional ones eventually.

  960. International Trade Secretary in India to strengthen trade relations

    India 08/11/2016 12:43:34

    The UK Secretary of State for International Trade, Liam Fox is visiting India from 6-10 November.

  961. The UK is destination of choice for Australian Retailers

    Australia 03/11/2016 10:30:56

    The UK is the number 1 destination globally for Foreign Direct Investment retail projects by Australian companies

  962. Doing business in Iran: trade and export guide

    02/11/2016 12:38:46

    On 16 January 2016, Iran received extensive economic and financial sanctions relief following confirmation from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that Iran had met its obligations under the nuclear deal agreed on 14 July 2015, meaning the country is now able to trade more freely globally.

  963. International Trade Secretary speech at second Iranian trade conference

    02/11/2016 09:45:04

    Speech delivered by International Trade Secretary Liam Fox at 'New Prospects for British-Iranian Trade and Investment' conference in London.

  964. United Arab Emirates – Consular Fees

    UAE 01/11/2016 09:34:37

    You can now pay consular and Emergency Travel Document fees by Credit Card. Please note that the Embassy only accepts some credit Cards (e.g. MasterCard and Visa), Debit cards and Electron Cards are accepted if payment is received in pound sterling

  965. The New Visa Application Centre in Kuwait City opens 30 October

    Kuwait 26/10/2016 17:14:10

    The UK’s new visa application centre in Arraya Tower will officially open its doors on 30 October, offering excellent facilities for applicants.

  966. Co-working has become hot news of late and why not?

    United Kingdom 25/10/2016 13:02:36

    The chance to work in well-designed offices, in amazing locations, at relatively low prices – what is not to love? And the rise in co-working spaces coincides with the rise in the number of self-employed workers across the UK.

  967. Understanding Work Personality Types

    United Kingdom 19/10/2016 15:50:02

    How Managers Impact Workplace Success

  968. Notices to exporters

    United Kingdom 19/10/2016 15:34:48

    Notices to exporters published by the Export Control Organisation (ECO).

  969. Establishment of UK-New Zealand trade policy dialogue

    New Zealand 19/10/2016 15:25:16

    Joint announcement from Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, Secretary of State for International Trade, and Hon Todd McClay, Minister of Trade for New Zealand.

  970. New 'Innovation is GREAT' partnership with McLaren

    United Kingdom 19/10/2016 15:23:54

    The GREAT Britain Campaign (GREAT) has announced a unique partnership with McLaren to help highlight the UK’s innovative culture.

  971. UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

    Ghana 19/10/2016 09:25:47

    British High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin delivered a speech at the launch of the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

  972. New SCHNEIDER GROUP representative in Italy

    Italy 12/10/2016 14:37:30

    Moscow, 12. October 2016 – SCHNEIDER GROUP, an international consulting company, is pleased to announce the appointment of Luca Orselli to the position “Representative in Italy”.

  973. Payroll & Taxes In Singapore: What Business Owners Need To Know

    Singapore 12/10/2016 13:01:45

    Setting up or expanding a business in Singapore means understanding the city's tax and payroll landscape. Make sure you know the territory...

  974. AFEX Market Watch Mon 10th October

    United Kingdom 11/10/2016 10:01:06

    Monday Oct 10th • All Day USD and CAD bank holiday • 19:01 GBP BRC retail sales

  975. Average Wage UK: what salary should you be earning at your age?

    United Kingdom 06/10/2016 16:32:00

    Your age isn’t the only number that increases over time. As you accrue more experience in the workplace, your value to employers inevitably increases, and salary expectations should follow in line.

  976. Going Global – Europe’s leading exhibition for businesses looking to expand internationally

    United Kingdom 05/10/2016 09:57:28

    If you own or manage an SME, this event is an unmissable opportunity for you to network and gain information or assistance in exporting your products or setting up overseas operations –

  977. SIN helps Indian High Value Manufacturing investment to UK

    India 04/10/2016 10:32:54

    A key objective for India is to ‘make in India’ and the UK is well placed to support these ambitions for mutual benefit

  978. Venture Capital Switzerland: Financing Start-ups

    Switzerland 29/09/2016 15:09:29

    Venture Capital in Switzerland is offered by some organisations. It is institutional equity, which is provided by specific funds. Venture Capital is provided mostly in the early Start-up-phase. Venture Capital funds finance Start-ups and offer higher amounts than Business Angels.

  979. Establishing a branch in Switzerland – a legal overview

    Switzerland 29/09/2016 15:07:54

    Switzerland is a popular location for businesses. Establishing a branch in Switzerland is attractive to both domestic and foreign businesses. This article provides a legal overview.

  980. Founding a company in Switzerland

    Switzerland 29/09/2016 15:05:20

    Founding a company in Switzerland is a fast and simple process. Despite the unburdened course of action we recommend consulting a legal expert.

  981. Many foreigners are confident enough to attempt a business start in Switzerland

    Switzerland 29/09/2016 15:03:24

    In Switzerland, many foreigners have taken on self-employment by starting their own business. The migrants of the first and second generation account for a considerable amount of new business starts.

  982. Establish own business in Switzerland as a foreigner

    Switzerland 29/09/2016 15:00:02

    Foreigners are generally not disallowed from founding a company in Switzerland. However, a distinction is made between persons from EU/EFTA-states and citizens of third countries.

  983. Department for International Trade London & ERDF Trade take London businesses to Nigeria and Ghana

    Ghana 27/09/2016 13:35:38

    British companies from energy, infrastructure, education & training industry to visit Ghana and Nigeria

  984. AFEX Market Watch Monday September 26th 2016

    United Kingdom 26/09/2016 14:36:56

    Monday Sep 26 • 09:00 EUR German IFO business climate • 09:30 GBP BBA Mortgage approvals • 10:30 CHF SNB Chairman Jordan speaks • 16:05 EUR ECB President Draghi speaks

  985. 3 Major Myths about Flat Organizational Structures in Business

    United Kingdom 21/09/2016 11:30:03

    If you’ve worked in a company with a hierarchical or ‘tall’ organisational structure, you’ve probably experienced the frustrations that can arise from dealing with long chains of command and potential bureaucracy.

  986. How to Find, Recruit & Manage Independent Sales Agents

    USA 15/09/2016 11:31:47

    If you are looking to expand your sales into new markets or territories it usually means you have to find a dedicated sales person to work direct for your company. This is an expensive and time intensive method of expanding your business.

  987. 8 Positive Things That Happen When You Discover Your Business Niche

    United Kingdom 14/09/2016 14:57:34

    Gone are the days when solely marketing your business to as many people as possible gave you a competitive advantage.

  988. Europcar Unmissable Deals

    United Kingdom 13/09/2016 10:01:29

    Book now and take advantage of our amazing prices, available in many great worldwide destinations. Wherever your travels take you, save on car hire with our Happy Deals!

  989. New, easy-to-use online visa application system launched in Indonesia

    United Kingdom 07/09/2016 10:17:42

    As part of a global rollout, Access UK is now available for Indonesian customers applying for a visa to visit the UK

  990. Do’s & Don’ts for Getting Along in a Coworking Space

    United Kingdom 06/09/2016 17:05:10

    We’ve all experienced an annoying coworker; the person in the office who clears their throat endlessly, pounds their keyboard too loudly or is oblivious to how pungent their fish lunch is.

  991. SIN Japan Lead a GREAT Robotics Campaign Resulting in over £350,000 of Investment

    Japan 06/09/2016 09:13:51

    During 2015-2016, SIN Japan teamed up with UK Trade & Investment to introduce the best of UK Robotics research and innovative companies to Japanese partners.

  992. Launch of UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce

    Ghana 05/09/2016 14:21:58

    British High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin delivered a speech at the launch of the UK-Ghana Chamber of Commerce.

  993. UK should become the global leader in free trade

    United Kingdom 05/09/2016 13:45:16

    Prime Minister Theresa May will set out her ambition for the UK to become the global leader in free trade when she attends the G20 Summit in China.

  994. British Minister calls for greater commercial collaboration with India

    India 05/09/2016 13:12:41

    The Rt Hon Liam Fox MP, the UK’s Secretary of State for International Trade is visiting New Delhi and Mumbai.

  995. IP and BREXIT: The facts

    United Kingdom 25/08/2016 14:28:39

    Facts on the future of intellectual property laws following the recent Referendum decision.

  996. Survey to identify trade and investment barriers in 7 overseas markets

    Brazil 23/08/2016 12:20:25

    Department for International Trade (DIT) wants feedback on doing business in Brazil, Colombia, India, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Taiwan and Vietnam.

  997. Brexit:UK/Malaysia-A New Opportunity(Speech by HE Vicki Treadell)

    Malaysia 23/08/2016 10:54:42

    British High Commissioner to Malaysia, Her Excellency Vicki Treadell spoke at a seminar entitled 'Brexit: UK/Malaysia - A New Opportunity'

  998. A One Stop Shop Service

    Malta 22/08/2016 13:21:25

    DeMontford Bell is a highly renowned financial services introducer. Over the years, this company has built up a global network of financial services providers, including banks, law firms, accountants and company formation agents

  999. Australian Business Culture and Etiquette: What you Need to Know

    Australia 22/08/2016 10:59:01

    International business often requires a knowledge of various countries’ business etiquette. No doubt some will be quite different to what you’ll be familiar with.

  1000. AFEX Market Watch Mon 22nd August

    United Kingdom 22/08/2016 09:49:56

    Mon Aug 22 • No first tier data Tues Aug 23 • 07:00 CHF Trade balance • 11:00 GBP CBI industrial order expectations

  1001. Is your fleet eco friendly?

    United Kingdom 18/08/2016 10:59:23

    We’re all trying to find ways of contributing less to the environment when it comes to pollution and waste and as a business it’s important you take eco friendly practices within your company seriously.

  1002. 15 Ways to Improve Your Leadership Skills at Work

    United Kingdom 09/08/2016 15:59:08

    Every team needs a leader to help them grow and push them to be the best they can. For those starting a new business- this is vital.

  1003. UKVI launches new 24-hour Super Priority Visa service in Nigeria

    Nigeria 09/08/2016 12:33:29

    The new service allows customers to process their applications within 24 hours

  1004. AEI Saudi - Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 09/08/2016 10:59:48

  1005. 10 Ways to Manage Office Conflict

    United Kingdom 09/08/2016 10:08:40

    An inevitable part of running a business or managing a team is learning to deal with conflict according to Instant Offices.

  1006. Ulf Schneider celebrates 15 Years in the East

    Russia 08/08/2016 12:37:39

    Moscow, 10 August 2016 – Managing Partner and Founder of SCHNEIDER GROUP, Ulf Schneider, recently celebrated his 15 year anniversary of being in Moscow and the East. On this occasion he reviewed his accomplishments and contributions in the Russian-speaking countries

  1007. AFEX Market Watch Mon Aug 8th

    United Kingdom 08/08/2016 10:48:30

    • 12:01 GBP BRC Retail sales

  1008. Outsourcing or offshoring – what’s the difference?

    Australia 05/08/2016 08:38:43

    Article by Stefanie Lowe You have heard the terms outsourcing and offshoring – but what do they really mean? With the rise in globalisation, mobile internet and cloud technology and pressure on business efficiencies with increased competition and business costs, outsourcing and offshoring have become normal business practice.

  1009. UK Interest Rate Decision Today at 12:00

    United Kingdom 04/08/2016 09:44:24

    Today at 12:00, Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England, is expected to announce a drop in the UK interest rate from a seven-year record low of 0.5 per cent to 0.25%. This new "Emergency" base rate would be an historically low level and is a result of the UK economy shrinking following Britain’s vote to leave the European Union. However, last month there was a 77.5% chance of a cut but this never materialised.

  1010. The Incoterms 2010 Pocket Guide

    United Kingdom 03/08/2016 13:00:45

    The Pocket Guide is sold in packs of 5.

  1011. ICC Guide on Transport and the Incoterms 2010 Rules

    United Kingdom 03/08/2016 12:57:28

    by the International Chambers of Commerce

  1012. SCHNEIDER GROUP August 2016

    Russia 03/08/2016 12:41:04

    Digital products and online services Foreign suppliers have to pay VAT

  1013. How to Create an Internet Marketing Plan

    United Kingdom 03/08/2016 12:10:04

    Any entrepreneur with an understanding of the modern marketing landscape will have already considered the role of online marketing in their overall marketing strategy. Digital marketing isn’t just something that is going to be important in the future. It is already critical to generating momentum for a new venture and without a presence online, a new business will most assuredly be left in the dust of its competitors.

  1014. Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably

    United Kingdom 02/08/2016 17:15:52

    Laurel Delaney writes in a tremendous spirit of service to entrepreneurial and small business leaders navigating the opportunities of globalization.

  1015. How to Import Wine: An Insider's Guide

    USA 02/08/2016 17:13:12

    Since the 2011 publication of the first edition of How to Import Wine tectonic change has fundamentally reshaped the US wine business landscape.

  1016. ipostparcels August Discounts

    United Kingdom 02/08/2016 16:14:15

    Vouchers can be used unlimited times during this month.

  1017. Despite a fall in manufacturing output in the second quarter of 2016, it’s still a good time for UK exporters

    United Kingdom 02/08/2016 15:43:50

    The Bank of England released construction data yesterday, announcing that industrial output had seen its sharpest fall since June 2009.

  1018. SCHNEIDER GROUP moves to the new office in Kazakhstan

    Russia 02/08/2016 11:58:10

    Moscow, 2 August 2016 – SCHNEIDER GROUP, international consulting company, is pleased to announce about the movement of one of its Kazakhstan’s branch offices in Astana to a new place

  1019. Consistent Excellence On Ib Diploma By Kis Students

    Thailand 01/08/2016 16:38:57

    The class of 2016 continued the excellent academic results that KIS is known for. Our 32 graduating students ALL participated in the full International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma programme and ALL of them passed, receiving the prestigious IB Diploma. This 100 percent pass rate is significantly higher than the IB average pass rate worldwide this year of 81%.

  1020. Do you want to sell to the Russian market with your online-shop?

    Russia 01/08/2016 13:15:39

    SCHNEIDER GROUP offers support for companies operating in Russia and the CIS/Poland and helps foreign firms entering these markets.

  1021. India: trade fact sheet

    India 01/08/2016 10:46:40

    Key facts and figures on Indo-British trade and investment

  1022. AFEX Market Watch 1st August 2016

    United Kingdom 01/08/2016 10:37:17

    AFEX Market Watch

  1023. Creative and cultural: international trade regulations

    United Kingdom 01/08/2016 10:33:21

    Regulations for whole productions or scenery, props and costumes, for museum artefacts, artworks and antiques, and details about Film Tax Relief.

  1024. Electronic goods: international trade regulations

    United Kingdom 01/08/2016 10:31:46

    Regulations if you are importing or exporting electronic goods, including licensing, certification, safety and environmental requirements.

  1025. 50 Jurisdictions, 300 Million Potential Customers

    USA 29/07/2016 16:57:11

    Unlocking One of the World’s Biggest Markets, The United States of America

  1026. AFEX Market Watch 26th July 2016

    United Kingdom 26/07/2016 14:55:27

    Tuesday Jul 26th 09:30 GBP BBA Mortgage approvals 15:00 USD Conference Board Consumer Confidence

  1027. New online visa application service launched in Madagascar

    Africa 26/07/2016 14:03:48

    A new online visa application service has been launched for customers in Madagascar applying for a visa to visit the United Kingdom.

  1028. Are you seeking to invest in, trade with, or expand your business in Indonesia?

    26/07/2016 13:51:48

    Perhaps you are even considering starting up a new venture in Indonesia or further afield in South East Asia?

  1029. UK to open 3 new government offices across the US

    USA 26/07/2016 13:46:50

    International Trade Secretary Rt Hon Liam Fox MP announces plans to open 3 new offices in the United States.

  1030. UK Minister for International Trade to visit Thailand

    Thailand 26/07/2016 09:29:25

    Mark Garnier, newly appointed Minister at the Department for International Trade, will visit Thailand from 27 to 29 July.

  1031. AFEX Market Watch

    United Kingdom 25/07/2016 10:48:38

  1032. EFT International June Update

    United Kingdom 25/07/2016 09:53:17

  1033. Exporting To Algeria

    Africa 21/07/2016 17:29:51

    Algeria export overview Algeria is a stable country politically. President Bouteflika was re-elected in 2014 for a further five years. It is the biggest country by area in Africa with a population of 38 million.

  1034. How to Start Your Own Business: A Step-by-Step Guide

    United Kingdom 21/07/2016 16:45:47

    Starting your own business can be a great way to take hold of your destiny, maximize your revenue, decide your working hours and choose who you work with. It can however be one of the most stressful ventures of your career! Being your own boss isn’t for everyone. Having what it takes to bridge the gap between a good idea and a good business is what separates successful startups from those that fail.

  1035. Doing Business In Singapore Guide

    Singapore 20/07/2016 11:04:05

    Singapore is a small but wealthy city-state, occupying a strategically vital location at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia, where major sea lanes between east and west converge. Singapore’s historic role as an entrepôt and trans-shipment centre for the region has traditionally created opportunities across a broad spectrum of sectors.

  1036. Doing Business In Panama

    Offshore 20/07/2016 10:55:32

    Panama has a solid foundation of economic and political stability. Panama grew at 8.4% in 2013 – the second-fastest growth rate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  1037. Doing Business In South Korea

    South Korea 20/07/2016 10:50:05

    Nestled between two great powers, Japan and China, South Korea remains off the radar to most UK companies even though it is home to 50 million people generating GNP of US $1 trillion, making it the world’s 12th largest economy – just less than the size of the entire Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and equal to 2% of global GDP.

  1038. PM embarks on first visit overseas

    Germany 20/07/2016 09:04:15

    Theresa May will visit Berlin and Paris to build relationships with European partners as the UK prepares to negotiate its exit from the EU.

  1039. The Importance of a Digital Detox

    United Kingdom 14/07/2016 12:05:10

    The proliferation of digital devices mean that we’re constantly connected to the office, wherever we might be. It can become difficult to switch off from works.

  1040. Brexit & Your International Business

    United Kingdom 14/07/2016 11:54:05

    So it has actually happened – the British electorate has voted in favour of a change. The result did come as a bit of a surprise but is seen by many as a much needed wake up call for the EU, which is politically complicated and seems to be led by a bloated administration.

  1041. New Confirmation Statement

    United Kingdom 14/07/2016 11:51:46

    From 30th June 2016, a new Confirmation Statement will replace the Company Annual Return which has to be filed each year with Companies House.

  1042. Labor Dispatch: a new way to start a business in China

    China 13/07/2016 12:45:00

    In terms of business opportunities, China stays one of the main focus for foreign companies’ development strategies. However, a strong economic growth, the promise of a huge output market and a diverse group of customers make investing in China both a chance and a risk.

  1043. PM David Cameron statement on Theresa May and next steps

    United Kingdom 12/07/2016 11:55:46

    David Cameron made a statement in Downing Street on the timings of transition to the new Prime Minister Theresa May.

  1044. Trade and Investment Minister works towards deeper trading relationship with Hong Kong and China

    China 11/07/2016 17:05:45

    Trade and Investment Minister Lord Price returns from his first official trip to Hong Kong and China.

  1045. Demand for Flexible Workspace Reaches Record Levels as Workers Choose Locations Closer to Home

    United Kingdom 11/07/2016 15:17:03

    LONDON, 2016

  1046. Call centres in the Cloud

    Japan 11/07/2016 10:11:05

    Outsourcing giant Adecco and NTT East are developing a cloud-based call centre application that allows housewives and retirees to work from home as call centre operators. Adecco estimates that using this system they will be able to sign up around 1,000 remote employees over 3 years.

  1047. Japan’s first salaried foreign ninja

    Japan 11/07/2016 10:08:10

    A region of Japan looking to use ninja warriors to boost tourism has made an American the first foreign national to draw a salary for joining the country’s traditional group of assassins

  1048. Keep Calm and Carry On

    USA 11/07/2016 08:35:15

    Never has the old adage of “Keep Calm and Carry On” been more prudent than in the days and weeks following Brexit. It is key to keep reminding ourselves, especially for entrepreneurs, that trade talks and exit strategies are a work in progress.

  1049. Brexit – What does it mean for businesses operating both in and outside of the UK?

    United Kingdom 11/07/2016 08:30:20

    While the UK government looks to finalise a plan for economic stability following the UK’s EU referendum result, businesses are seeking clarification on what the impact of the vote will mean for them. We’ve identified three of the most common challenges companies both in and outside of the UK are currently facing, along with potential solutions.

  1050. Cyprus – An Appealing Option After Brexit

    Cyprus 11/07/2016 08:23:25

    As the dust begins to settle from the recent verdict of the UK people to exit the EU, business decision-makers and individuals seem to be left with more questions than answers. Depending on the specific circumstances of each business/individual, the extent of the impact from the Brexit will vary. Subsequent to the evaluation of the impact, each person will have to consider its options and take immediate and possibly tough decisions.

  1051. Brexit and Germany

    Germany 11/07/2016 08:20:36

    Our office provides legal and tax consulting as well as business services (e.g. tax compliance/bookkeeping/ payroll services) especially to UK parent companies of German subsidiaries or German startup companies.

  1052. Brexit and Spain

    Spain 11/07/2016 08:17:12

    Our perspective is that of accountants and tax consultants in Spain. We deal with a wide range of resident and non-resident Brits (and other nationalities), working or doing business in Spain or simply having a holiday home and retiring to this most pleasant country.

  1053. Are You Looking To Attract Investment From The UK?

    United Kingdom 07/07/2016 15:45:06

    Prysm Group, the UK's largest independent exhibition organiser announces today the launch of Foreign Direct Investment Expo.

  1054. British Ambassador in conversation with Japanese investors about the UK’s EU referendum

    Japan 30/06/2016 13:00:54

    On 29 June the British Ambassador to Japan, Tim Hitchens had a discussion with Japanese investors about the results of the UK’s referendum on EU Membership.

  1055. What A Waste Of Taxpayers Money

    Japan 30/06/2016 12:06:54

    A program ostensibly designed to bring foreign health care workers to Japan to alleviate labour shortages has become a huge waste of taxpayers' money.

  1056. KIS proudly launches its new interactive prospectus

    Thailand 30/06/2016 11:59:03

    KIS recently launched its new school brochure featuring interactive technology for parents who want to discover more

  1057. Six reasons why your startup should expand to Sydney

    Australia 30/06/2016 08:52:28

    With startup ecosystems becoming increasingly globally interconnected and the teams running these startups becoming more international, searching for a new location for startup expansion has never been more important.

  1058. A Second Capital for Japan?

    Japan 29/06/2016 09:10:41

    On the heals of the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, Kansai at the western end of Japan is stepping up its efforts to convince the national government that one of its three major cities (Osaka, Kyoto and Kobe) should be designated as Japan's backup capital.

  1059. Business Secretary to chair Business Roundtable

    United Kingdom 28/06/2016 09:33:22

    Business Secretary Sajid Javid will today chair the first meeting of Britain’s business leaders since the EU Referendum.

  1060. British Ambassador to Russia comments on EU Referendum

    Russia 27/06/2016 16:08:59

    Ambassador Laurie Bristow’s opening comment at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Europe round table on the UK’s EU Referendum

  1061. Top tips for importing goods from abroad

    United Kingdom 27/06/2016 11:29:12

    Importers of goods and services from abroad face many challenges and risks associated with international trade, however, getting it right is fundamental and the opportunities and financial gains of importing successfully can be large. Importers of gooods and services from abroad might have the benefit of a diverse supply chain, reduced costs and general business efficiency. We’ve put together a list of tips to check help you succeed in importing from abroad.

  1062. Message from UK Foreign Secretary to Japanese Foreign Minister on the UK’s referendum

    Japan 27/06/2016 09:32:29

    On 27 June the British Ambassador to Japan, Tim Hitchens, delivered a message from the Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond to Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida.

  1063. EU referendum outcome: PM statement, 24 June 2016

    United Kingdom 24/06/2016 10:17:00

    Prime Minister David Cameron made a statement in Downing Street on the outcome of the referendum on the UK's membership of the European Union

  1064. Your Route To Financial Freedom

    United Kingdom 22/06/2016 09:57:14

    Attend one of our FX Trading Events

  1065. Wholesale 10 Tips

    USA 21/06/2016 09:04:46

  1066. How To Import From China

    China 20/06/2016 14:54:46

    In This Ebook, We Are Providing Proper Guidance Of Detailed Step By Step Importing Procedure,

  1067. Starting a business? Tempted to put-off protecting your Intellectual Property?

    Jersey 20/06/2016 14:05:43

    Think again! Intellectual Property impacts our lives on a daily basis, countless times even before we have brushed our teeth in the mornings.

  1068. Google Apps For Business

    United Kingdom 20/06/2016 13:19:51

    20% off per user for the first year of Google Apps

  1069. Is Franchising Right For You?

    United Kingdom 20/06/2016 12:32:46

  1070. Take Control of your Future: Become Your Own Boss

    United Kingdom 20/06/2016 12:29:24

    Franchising is the word on everyone's lips, but is it right for you?

  1071. How do you maintain client relationships in the global marketplace?

    United Kingdom 20/06/2016 12:27:20

    Travelling to attend meetings with international clients can be stressful, time consuming and extremely expensive.

  1072. Export Import Management

    United Kingdom 20/06/2016 10:54:29

    This book is practical approach related to foreign trade. This book gives professional knowledge in export import procedure & documentation, customs & bank formalities, government benefits, exim policies, import sources, taxation, shipping, freight forwarding with practical assignments & much more

  1073. The Brexit currency converter

    United Kingdom 17/06/2016 12:39:07

    With the EU referendum fast approaching, what impact would “leaving” or indeed “remaining” in the EU have on the British Pound?

  1074. UKTI reveals record number of UK businesses looking to export

    United Kingdom 16/06/2016 09:17:43

    Figures show a record number of UK businesses are interested in exporting through the government’s Exporting is GREAT website.

  1075. KIS Class Of 2016 Are Awarded 1.3 Million US Dollars Worth Of University Scholarships And Are Accepted To Top Universities Worldwide

    Thailand 14/06/2016 08:39:53

    The KIS community congratulates the class of 2016! We are very proud to let you know that our 32 graduating students this year have received 140 offers from 96 universities around the world.

  1076. Online Business Startup: The entrepreneur's guide to launching a fast, lean and profitable online venture

    United Kingdom 09/06/2016 14:27:05

    ONLINE BUSINESS STARTUP isn't just a how-to guide in online marketing or SEO... it contains everything an experienced entrepreneur wished he had known when he started in business.

  1077. Webinars for Small Business Entrepreneurs

    USA 09/06/2016 13:15:53

    At Incorporate, we've made helping small business owners our top priority.

  1078. The Reformed International Business World - Does Cyprus have a place in it?

    Cyprus 08/06/2016 10:15:16

    Over the last few years the worldwide international business sector has experienced unprecedented changes, which have totally reshaped the landscape.

  1079. How to Improve Communication at Work

    United Kingdom 07/06/2016 17:16:29

    One of the most crucial aspects of working in business is communication. Being able to communicate effectively with your team and partners means that any issues are solved quickly, projects are run efficiently and that everyone is on the same page when it comes to your vision. Use these 12 tips to improve your communication skills in business and have a happy and healthy office.

  1080. Research by the Instant Group Shows Double-Digit Increases in Co-working as Corporations Drive Growth of Flexible Office Space in the U.S

    USA 07/06/2016 10:57:19

    NEW YORK, MAY, 2016

  1081. Do you want to reach a population of 180 million people with your online shop?

    06/06/2016 08:59:26

    SCHNEIDER GROUP offers you an ecommerce solution with which you can bring your shop into the Eurasian Economic Union.

  1082. New work permit rules for highly qualified specialists and foreign CEOs

    06/06/2016 08:56:48

    The new version of the Belarus law “On External Labour Migration” No 353-З dd. 05.01.2016 takes effect as of 15 July 2016. An overview of the most significant changes and trends introduced by the law is outlined below.

  1083. Corporate transfer – A simplified procedure for receiving work permits

    06/06/2016 08:52:47

    Due to the accession of Kazakhstan into the WTO, a number of amendments have been introduced to Kazakhstani legislation, including amendments related to the corporate transfer of foreign employees to Kazakhstan (i.e. the intra- company transfer of a foreign employee from a foreign company to the subsidiary, representative or branch office located in Kazakhstan).

  1084. Bond's Top 100 Franchises, 2017

    USA 25/05/2016 14:26:39

    "Bond's Top 100 Franchises, 2017" is an effort to pick the "best" franchises from among the 3,500+ franchises available.

  1085. In Asia, online shopping gets lost in translation

    China 25/05/2016 10:21:12

    No proper translation in my language

  1086. Global Serviced Office Provider Enters Iranian Market

    24/05/2016 12:35:03

    The world’s finest serviced office provider has blazed the trail for corporations setting up in Tehran.

  1087. Overseas Business Risk - Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 23/05/2016 09:18:29

    Information on key security and political risks which UK businesses may face when operating in Hong Kong.

  1088. New UK and Australian Visa Application Centre opens in Thimphu

    Australia 19/05/2016 08:27:12

    The VAC is a joint venture between Australia, UK Visas and Immigration and VFS Global their commercial partner

  1089. Update on electronic visa waiver (EVW) scheme for Kuwait

    Kuwait 18/05/2016 08:53:05

    From 23 May 2016, a fee of £15 will be introduced to cover the costs of the new EVW

  1090. Overseas Business Risk – China

    China 18/05/2016 08:48:19

    Information on key security and political risks which UK businesses may face when operating in China.

  1091. Share This Space plans to change Retail Distribution in Dubai

    UAE 16/05/2016 12:40:56

    Video Interview with Shahzad Bhatti on how Share This Space plans to change Retail Distribution in Dubai

  1092. Worldbox offers Global Portfolio Management Tool

    United Kingdom 09/05/2016 08:54:57

    The Business Intelligence company Worldbox is providing access to a new Portfolio Management service powered by its API via XML.

  1093. Seychelles Vs BVI – Battle Of The Offshore Companies

    Offshore 05/05/2016 17:54:10

    INTRODUCTION If you’re looking to form an offshore company, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is which jurisdiction you would like to set it up in.

  1094. Food Shortages Spell Opportunity

    Japan 05/05/2016 09:36:04

    Japan’s food self-sufficiency rate was 73% in 1965 falling to 37% in 1993. The rate held around 40% from 1998 to 2007 and slowly crept up to 41% in 2008 (compare this with 128% for the United States and 70% for Britain in 2003). At the national level, the goal is to return to 70% self-sufficiency. Add to this heightened consumer demand in Japan for ‘safer’ food and greater uniformity in appearance of the food and you have the start of a trend in food production.

  1095. The third in a 3-part series on the economic impact of aging in Japan

    Japan 05/05/2016 09:33:06

    Despite its crowds and fast pace of life, Japanese society retains an air of politeness, ongoing respect for traditional values and a low crime rate. On this last point, a recent report by the Japan Times showed a 40% drop in crimes from 2,800,000 in 2002 to 1,700,000 a decade later. Putting this in perspective, this is about 1,360 crimes per 100,000 Japanese residents compared to 3.466 per 100,000 in the United States.

  1096. The second in a 3-part series on the economic impact of aging in Japan

    Japan 05/05/2016 09:31:26

    In July 2010 police found the body of an 111 year-old, nominally Japan’s oldest man, lying in bed. The problem was that he had died 30 years earlier. By the time he was discovered, his 81 year-old daughter had collected JPY9M (about US$109,000) in pension payments. Subsequent investigations showed that this was not an isolated incident:

  1097. The first in a 3-part series on the economic impact of aging in Japan

    Japan 05/05/2016 09:28:41

    Debt Japan's government debt exceeds that of other industrialised nations while gross debt is around 200% of GDP (in the US, UK and Germany the ratio is below 100%). While the financial markets are punishing Ireland, Greece and Portugal for their high public borrowings, Japan stands largely immune.

  1098. Japan Not Starting Enough Startups

    Japan 05/05/2016 09:25:50

    The World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report groups countries roughly by: • Those that have a large share of primary goods in their total exports (Tonga, Morocco…) • Economies where scale-intensity is the major driver of development (Argentina, South Africa…) • Innovation-driven economies, which includes Japan, USA and UK. These produce unique goods and services created via sophisticated and often pioneering methods

  1099. Japanese talent needs grooming

    Japan 03/05/2016 10:42:30

    A recent ranking of global talent placed Japan 20th in the world for competitiveness and worker quality. While not a terrible result, it does reveal Japan’s lack of readiness for the global economy as well as for the demands for innovation, flexibility and diverse aptitudes in workers.

  1100. Government monitoring staff turnover rates

    Japan 03/05/2016 10:39:49

    Designed as a way to stem abusive employment practices, the Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry is now actively requesting that businesses disclose their employee turnover data when hiring new graduates. What is being targeted are employers that sign up a large number of new graduates assuming many of them will quit due to harsh working conditions such as extended overtime, low wages and harassment. These are colloquially known a “black companies”.

  1101. 3 years into the Bank of Japan’s Unprecedented Monetary Easing

    Japan 03/05/2016 10:37:36

    The monetary easing by the Bank of Japan has started its 4th year. What remains unclear is whether the central bank’s target of 2% inflation will be achieved

  1102. May 2016 British Embassy Oslo opening hours

    Norway 28/04/2016 10:43:10

    May 2016 British Embassy Oslo opening hours

  1103. Overseas Business Risk - Ukraine

    27/04/2016 12:41:29

    Political and Economic Prominent Ukrainian businessman and politician, Petro Poroshenko was elected President of Ukraine in May 2014.

  1104. Notarial and documentary services guide for Slovakia

    Slovakia 27/04/2016 12:29:03

    Documents, certificates, letters and notes available from the British Embassy Bratislava.

  1105. European Health Insurance Card

    United Kingdom 27/04/2016 11:55:12

    Who can use EHIC and what it's for

  1106. Special Offer: Save 85% on international transfers

    27/04/2016 10:00:46

    Save 85% Versus Bank Currency Fees

  1107. Exporting to Guyana

    26/04/2016 13:57:09

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Guyana. Guyana export overview Guyana is the fastest growing economy in the Caribbean Community (CARICOM). It is expected to be among the top growing economies in the Latin America region in 2014.

  1108. Doing Business in Australia FAQ

    Australia 26/04/2016 11:44:32

    With Australia recently signing free trade agreements with both the USA and China, interest in setting up business in Australia is rising.

  1109. Importing Goods to Australia

    Australia 26/04/2016 11:40:16

    When importing goods to Australia, you or your company may be liable for customs duty and various taxes. In this article we discuss what those payments may be, and how they are applied.

  1110. Penguin’s Guide to Free Trade Agreements in Australia

    Australia 26/04/2016 11:34:24

    What is a free trade agreement? A free trade agreement is an arrangement between two or more countries to reduce or remove barriers to trade. Increasing business between the cooperating nations, they often cover import tariffs & quotas, products & services, and foreign investment regulations.

  1111. Commercial Drones Flying High in Australia

    Australia 26/04/2016 11:24:55

    Australians are no strangers to new technology. As a nation of early adopters, we have insatiable appetites for tablets & smartphones. We’re big downloaders of apps, heavy internet users, and social networkers.

  1112. UK firms take ideas to Malaysia and Singapore

    Malaysia 26/04/2016 09:40:14

    Ten UK firms with an expertise in connected cities visited South East Asia to pitch their ideas to businesses, investors and government.

  1113. Black Firms Exploit Workers

    Japan 25/04/2016 10:54:18

    Traditionally a newly hired employee in Japan would enter an unspoken agreement where they would remain with a company for at least 3 years. The period it takes for persistence to be rewarded is reflected in an old saying that goes, “ishi no ue ni mo sannen” (“even the coldest rock will warm up after three years”).

  1114. A workable legal framework has been established in many industry sectors

    Turkey 25/04/2016 09:55:43

    Energy, Infrastructure & Competitive Markets

  1115. Japan – a Paradise for Entrepreneurs

    Japan 18/04/2016 11:45:49

    I have worked across Asia and the experience has been fantastic. On the business front, it has provided markets many times the size of my native Australia. In addition, these markets come with a population density that offers great opportunities around economies of scale and low distribution costs.

  1116. Vanuatu Regulation

    Offshore 11/04/2016 10:42:45

    Increasingly Popular among Binary Options and FX Brokers

  1117. Denmark Bitcoin Company Suitable Danish Structures for Bitcoin Operations and Banking Packages

    Denmark 11/04/2016 10:38:38

    For Bitcoin Company all structures can be used since regulation applies for all company types. Actually TAX authorities confirm that you as a private individual (or company) are not liable to pay taxes on profits derived from bitcoin operations. If you setup the structure as K/S or IVS it is not taxable in Denmark, whereas the Limited Company IVS or ApS are taxable.

  1118. Bitcoin Company Denmark Advantages

    Denmark 11/04/2016 10:30:48

    General Information Denmark is a small country compared to other European countries. However, Denmark has always been heavily involved in trading with other countries, consequently Denmark has developed a favourable regime of Tax Treaties, trade regulations etc

  1119. Bitcoin Trading Company in Denmark

    Denmark 11/04/2016 10:27:00

    Background Information about Virtual Currencies

  1120. Outsourcing to freelancers is the future!

    United Kingdom 08/04/2016 13:42:44

    Outsourcing has become an important part of managing a successful business; it offers the ideal combination of securing maximum expertise and minimum outlay.

  1121. Isle of Man Introduces Regulation for Bitcoin Businesses

    Isle of Man 08/04/2016 09:11:42

    What is Bitcoin? Unlike conventional currency, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies hold no physical form as coins or notes.

  1122. Advantages of Ontario Limited Partnerships

    Canada 08/04/2016 09:06:44

    Highly prestigious Canadian Company No restrictions on the residency of partners Availability of one-man limited partnership, when one person is a sole general and limited partner

  1123. Limited Partnership in Canada For Non-Residents

    Canada 08/04/2016 09:04:15

    Limited Partnership in Ontario Ontario LP

  1124. Dutch Limited Liability Partnership (CV) Advantages

    Holland 08/04/2016 09:01:36

    Legal Aspects A CV is a contract between one or more general partners and one or more limited partners.

  1125. Dutch Partnership (CV) Income Taxation

    Holland 08/04/2016 08:58:21

    There are various forms of partnerships in the Netherlands.

  1126. The Dutch Limited Partnership (Comanditaire Venootschaap) CV

    Holland 08/04/2016 08:52:03

    The Netherlands is not generally considered a tax haven or low tax jurisdiction but the country is well regulated. It is considered an open, top tier jurisdiction which welcomes international business and boasts millenary experience in trade, financial services, and more.

  1127. Expert Recruiting in Russia

    Russia 07/04/2016 14:25:52

    In our twelfth video our expert explains what makes the Russian employment market unique, what can be expected in the near future and what can be done to increase loyalty among employees in a company besides an attractive salary.

  1128. The “Same Surname Rule” & the Remarriage Moratorium for Women

    Japan 07/04/2016 14:21:22

    The Supreme Court recently stopped short of declaring unconstitutional a century-old civil code forcing spouses to adopt a single surname. But the court ruled that a separate law banning female divorcees from remarrying within 6 months of their divorce is unconstitutional.

  1129. For Employees – what if your Employer goes Bankrupt?

    Japan 07/04/2016 10:07:55

    What happens if your employer goes bankrupt? Is there a process to ensure that you are looked after or will you have to wait for payment along with other creditors?

  1130. Slave-like Labour in Japan

    Japan 07/04/2016 09:41:09

    Japan’s reliance on slave-like labour has recently been highlighted. While working conditions for those in the effected group are poor, whether they are “slave-like” depends on your perspective.

  1131. Doing Business In Brazil

    Brazil 06/04/2016 14:37:54

    Brazil is simply too big a market to ignore. It is the fifth-largest country in the world, with a population of approximately 190 million.

  1132. Bogus Outsourcing In Japan

    Japan 06/04/2016 11:39:45

    When a company cannot handle a piece of work, it may outsource this to an individual on a “gyōmu itaku” or outsourcing contract.

  1133. Doing Business In Turkey

    Turkey 06/04/2016 10:32:57

    Now is the right time to explore the prospects for your business in Turkey. With its many and varied opportunities, doing business in Turkey can be highly rewarding for those who are well prepared

  1134. Export insurance policy

    United Kingdom 06/04/2016 08:58:09

    Find out about the Export Insurance Policy - how it works, its benefits, and its main features

  1135. Lord Price embarks on maiden trade visit to Mexico to strengthen trade ties

    Mexico 06/04/2016 07:30:38

    New trade minister’s first visit is to Mexico for meeting of Senior Business Leaders Group; he will also meet with key senior Mexican government officials and businesses.

  1136. Helping 2.2million Small businesses manage their credit scores and improve access to finance

    United Kingdom 05/04/2016 13:29:36

    There are many ways that small businesses can access funding today, so it is essential that small businesses appear as attractive a proposition as possible when seeking investment to grow.

  1137. Doing Business In Singapore

    Singapore 05/04/2016 12:49:40

    Singapore is a small but wealthy city-state, occupying a strategically vital location at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia, where major sea lanes between east and west converge.

  1138. Change of Visa Application Centre in Zagreb, Croatia

    Croatia 04/04/2016 17:12:20

    From 24 March 2014, our new commercial partner Teleperformance Ltd. took over the running of our Visa Application Centre in Zagreb, Croatia.

  1139. Free Webinars For Small Business Entrepreneurs

    USA 04/04/2016 15:04:03

    Incorporate has helped hundreds of thousands of small business owners incorporate or form an LLC.

  1140. New UK visa and immigration services application service

    Turkey 01/04/2016 11:19:34

    Access UK, formerly know as the Online Application Service, will be launched in Turkey in the week commencing 28th March.

  1141. IT / ERP Systems in Russia

    Russia 31/03/2016 11:16:25

    In our 11th expert interview you will understand what is special about ERP in Russia, what is the difference to western countries and whether you can perform customized reporting in 1C.

  1142. How well do you understand the new competitors coming out of China?

    China 30/03/2016 13:55:50

    Strategies for Winning in China here at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

  1143. Internal Controls in Russia

    Russia 25/03/2016 09:51:12

    In this video we explain the difference between an internal and external audit, why the shareholders and the management of a company need internal audit services when it already has external auditors and why is it important for the companies to have internal control procedures?

  1144. Taxation in Russia

    Russia 25/03/2016 09:48:45

    In this video our expert explains why clients normally approach SCHNEIDER GROUP for assistance in connection with tax law matters, what are the main kinds and rates of taxes in Russia and what are the most typical tax law questions we are being asked by our clients.

  1145. Transfer Pricing in Russia

    Russia 25/03/2016 09:46:22

    In this video we explain what transfer pricing is, how the control is performed and how SCHNEIDER GROUP can help.

  1146. Accounting in Russia

    Russia 25/03/2016 09:42:10

    In our expert interview we explain what are the advantages of using an outsourced accounting firm for accounting in Russia, what kind of reports we can offer our clients and what other options for process optimization SCHNEIDER GROUP offers.

  1147. E-exporting match-making event helps UK brands sell into China

    China 24/03/2016 14:38:13

    UKTI and Bank of China host e-commerce event to help British mother and baby goods brands meet buyers from Chinese e-marketplace platforms.

  1148. Why Networking is Great for Your Business

    United Kingdom 23/03/2016 15:38:54

    Now more than ever, technological advances such as live streaming and virtual meeting are making it easier for us to connect with others and consume online content without ever having to leave our desks. Businesses are embracing new opportunities, but are we starting to underestimate the power of face-to-face networking?

  1149. New Shanghai Tax Filing System Requires More Detailed Expatriate Information

    China 23/03/2016 12:47:40

    Shanghai’s tax filing system has been comprehensively upgraded since February this year. The new system requires a more detailed disclosure of foreign expatriates’ income and allowance deduction, which must be recorded in the tax system when the company does the monthly individual income tax filing.

  1150. New Provisions for Online Publishing Services

    China 23/03/2016 12:46:25

    The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (“SAPPRFT”) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) jointly announced Provisions for the Administration of Online Publishing Services (the “Provisions”), which have taken effect since 10 March 2016.

  1151. Announcement of Service Innovation Pilot Programmes

    China 23/03/2016 12:44:39

    On 14 February 2016, China’s State Council announced its plan to conduct pilot programmes for the innovative development of services in 10 cities and 5 new zones under direct control of the central government (“state-level zones”) over the next 2 years.

  1152. New Tax Filing Method for Veterinary Drugs Trading Enterprises

    China 23/03/2016 12:43:13

    On 4 February 2016, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) released the SAT Announcement [2016] No.8 that would take effect from 1 April 2016 for general VAT taxpayers engaged in the veterinary drugs trading business.

  1153. China to Replace Business Tax with Value Added Tax in All Sectors

    China 23/03/2016 12:38:20

    At the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress (NPC) held on 5 March 2016, Premier Li Keqiang announced that effective from 1 May 2016, Value Added Tax (“VAT”) will replace the current Business Tax (“BT”) in all sectors, including real estate & construction, financial services & insurance, lifestyle and other services (including hospitality, food & beverage, healthcare and entertainment).

  1154. UK and China sign agreement to boost exports

    China 22/03/2016 18:12:48

    UK Export Finance (UKEF) and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) have committed to a framework for strengthened co-operation, paving the way for increased UK and Chinese exports.

  1155. Language variants – why your translation should be localised

    United Kingdom 22/03/2016 18:05:01

    When requesting a translation, knowing what languages you want to translate into is sometimes straightforward, e.g. for a marketing campaign in Italy, you'll choose Italian and for a technical manual that will be used in Russia, you'll choose Russian.

  1156. UKTI helps Arena Group win Rio 2016 Olympics contracts in Brazil

    Brazil 22/03/2016 13:53:40

    Arena Group uses UKTI export advice and support to build on its success at London 2012 and secure business with other sports projects

  1157. UK visas application services in Sofia

    Bulgaria 22/03/2016 10:49:20

    All visa applications are processed by the UK Visas and Immigration’s commercial partner Teleperformance Ltd.

  1158. Nine Easy Ways To Build Business Prospects

    United Kingdom 21/03/2016 14:28:06

    Identifying new business prospects and filling your sales pipeline are the building blocks of your sales activity. Without prospects, there wouldn’t be any leads, and if you remove the leads from your sales process, all your sales activity will topple over.

  1159. How To Create Effective Email Marketing Campaigns

    United Kingdom 21/03/2016 14:22:40

    In today’s technologically advanced age, where there is an app for everything and your new smartphone is considered outdated within a month of you buying it, it’s important to remember that in business there is still no substitute for creating a genuine connection with your prospects and customers.

  1160. Doing Business In Venezuela

    21/03/2016 07:51:39

    Venezuela is the UK’s fifth largest trade partner in Latin America and the Caribbean, and has the world’s largest proven oil reserves. Commerce is experiencing a period of sustained expansion in which the UK wants to participate.

  1161. A Guide To Doing Business In Pakistan

    17/03/2016 13:18:22

    Even for the seasoned exporter, Pakistan is not the easiest proposition due to the procedures that need to be followed, but with the right preparation and the assistance of UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) teams throughout UK and in Pakistan, both those experienced in overseas trade and those who are not, can successfully do business in Pakistan.

  1162. 'The UK is the largest G20 investor in India'

    India 16/03/2016 08:57:04

    Transcript of a speech by Sir David King at the inauguration of UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) stand in New Delhi, 16 March 2016.

  1163. UK companies to export smart grid innovation technologies to India

    India 16/03/2016 08:54:31

    Sir David King is visiting India to strengthen UK-India collaboration on combating climate change and enhancing energy security.

  1164. Doing Business In India

    India 15/03/2016 11:26:22

    India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world with growth levels reaching between 5-6% (5.3% in third quarter of 2014). It is a vast country, about a third of the size of the USA, and made up of 29 different states. The market varies widely across its many different regions and states.

  1165. British Food and Drink Festival in Vietnam

    Vietnam 14/03/2016 09:42:40

    The British Embassy and UK Trade and Investment in partnership with Prudential are running a series of events focused around 13 March to 19 March to celebrate British Food and Drink

  1166. New markets, new opportunities: doing business with Iran

    09/03/2016 10:48:50

    Sajid Javid on the steps he’s taking to help British businesses succeed in Iran following the easing of international sanctions.

  1167. UK Government launches campaign to strengthen commercial trade

    UAE 09/03/2016 10:35:14

    The UK Government launches campaign to help UAE companies find British suppliers

  1168. Partnership agreement strengthens UK's export relationship with Iran

    09/03/2016 09:51:28

    UK Export Finance (UKEF) and the Export Guarantee Fund of Iran (EGFI) have committed to enhancing trade and economic co-operation with a Memorandum of Understanding in a move designed to help British businesses export.

  1169. Israeli tech executives see UK as preferred business destination

    Israel 09/03/2016 09:49:16

    Israeli tech companies and investors increasingly view the UK as a key destination for business and technological collaboration

  1170. KIS Celebrates Expansion With A Full Scholarship Opportunity

    Thailand 07/03/2016 13:40:49

    In celebration of the expansion from two to three classes per grade level, KIS International School is introducing a new scholarship, the “Grow With Us” scholarship. The winner of this scholarship will be invited to join KIS without having to pay any tuition fees for the duration of his or her education at KIS.

  1171. Doing Business In China Guide

    China 02/03/2016 10:15:50

    China is the great economic success story of the past 30 years. Since the “reform and opening-up” policy was introduced in 1978, China has changed beyond recognition.

  1172. Doing Business In Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 02/03/2016 09:43:37

    Designated a 'High Growth Market' by UK Trade & Investment, Saudi Arabia is the UK's largest trading partner in the Middle East with combined UK exports of visible goods and services amounting to £7.5 billion in 2012.

  1173. SAT Seeks Public Consultation on Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments

    China 02/03/2016 09:15:50

    The Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments draft (“Discussion Draft”) was released by China’s State Administration of Taxation (SAT) on 17 September 2015 to update the existing Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments (Trial) draft (“Guoshuifa [2009] No.2”).

  1174. Doing Business In The UAE

    UAE 01/03/2016 14:44:27

    The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country located in the Arabian Gulf, bordered by Saudi Arabia and Oman

  1175. Doing Business In Vietnam

    Vietnam 01/03/2016 14:39:40

    Overseas investors in Vietnam remain committed to the country and it is not difficult to see why. With the third largest population in South East Asia, after Indonesia and the Philippines, and more than half of the population below the age of 30, Vietnam is a youthful and vibrant country with a developing culture of entrepreneurship, technological awareness and openness to new ideas.

  1176. Doing Business In Angola

    Africa 01/03/2016 14:19:41

    Angola is the third biggest market in Sub-Saharan Africa, and one of its fastest growing economies. Situated on the south-western coast of the continent, it is estimated that Angola will overtake Nigeria by 2020 to be sub-Saharan Africa’s leading oil producer with production figures currently close to two million barrels per day.

  1177. Doing Business In Kazakhstan

    01/03/2016 14:09:35

    Kazakhstan is the 9th largest country in the world, (the largest land-locked) and is located in central Asia, it is also one of the most sparsely populated with an estimated population of around 17.6 million.

  1178. Introducing IBCF UK

    USA 01/03/2016 11:01:09

    Announcing the opening of our London office! Expect superior service on both sides of the Pond, alongside extremely competitive pricing.

  1179. TASC offers flexible solutions in Dubai

    UAE 29/02/2016 09:41:13

    The UAE is a resource-rich, dynamic economy with a highly efficient business climate.

  1180. Office Sublease in Russia

    Russia 29/02/2016 08:48:46

    In our sixth expert interview we explain what are the advantages of fully equipped office premises, what does SCHNEIDER GROUP offer, how well these offices are equipped and what are the differences to other office spaces?

  1181. Going Global December 2015 Exhibitor Video

    United Kingdom 25/02/2016 17:40:29

    Going Global is Europe's leading show for businesses that are looking to expand internationally, export products or set up overseas operations. If you're interested in exhibiting at the next show at ExCeL on 11th and 12th May, then please contact Simon Chicken at or call him on 07834022995.

  1182. New online visa form for visitors launched

    India 24/02/2016 13:23:59

    On 23 February a new online application service for visitors was launched in India as part of a global rollout over the coming months.

  1183. The Bureau Dubai secures funding for expansion for their coworking ecosystem

    UAE 22/02/2016 10:22:44

    Just in time for to celebrate their one year anniversary, The Bureau Dubai, the first truly co-working space in Dubai has secured funding to expand their current space.

  1184. Doing Business In Russia

    Russia 17/02/2016 09:13:51

    This is the 4th edition of the Maxima Legal guide to the principal legal aspects of conducting business in Russia.

  1185. Living in Thailand and uninsured?

    Thailand 16/02/2016 15:26:40

    The British Embassy Bangkok issues warning about living in Thailand without adequate insurance.

  1186. Tricor launches new interactive website for how to set up a company in Japan!

    Japan 16/02/2016 11:36:57

    Tricor Japan is a back office compliance company supporting only foreign multi-national firms entering or already established in the Japanese market.

  1187. If You Build It, Will They Come?

    United Kingdom 15/02/2016 10:07:31

    The famous quote from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams has been repeatedly used over and over again to affirm any type of action desiring a specific reaction, particularly in business.

  1188. Event Management in Russia

    Russia 10/02/2016 15:40:46

    In our fourth expert interview we explain what exactly SCHNEIDER GROUP offers within event management, for whom this offer might be interesting and what are the advantages of booking a conference room at SCHNEIDER GROUP compared to a hotel?

  1189. Business Set Up in Russia

    Russia 04/02/2016 16:10:56

    In our third video you will learn what kind of legal assistance is usually required when setting up business, whether there are any limitations of doing business in Russia without establishing a legal presence and what is required in order to register an LLC in Russia.

  1190. Britain’s £4 billion car part kitty fuels growth opportunities for Indian businesses

    India 04/02/2016 08:58:25

    British auto manufacturers are in the market for new car part suppliers to service the growing demand for UK automobiles.

  1191. Entering into ecommerce Abroad

    USA 02/02/2016 09:11:02

    With a huge domestic market, a world-famous business reputations,

  1192. U.S Department of Labor to announce new overtime rule by summer

    USA 01/02/2016 10:55:45

    The Department of Labor is proposing a rule that could benefit almost five million workers in the first year. The rule would allow workers earning less than $50,440 a year to be guaranteed overtime pay, if they work more than 40 hours. The current threshold is $23,660.

  1193. Budgeting for 2016 HR Cost

    China 29/01/2016 08:48:22

    When HR departments plan for the HR cost of 2016, they should consider the following issues:

  1194. Foreign Exchange Settlement of Foreign Debt Funds

    China 29/01/2016 08:46:56

    The Shanghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange implemented rules for further promotion of foreign exchange administration reform in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (the “SHFTZ”) that took effect on 17 December 2015.

  1195. Administrative Measures for Non-resident Taxpayers Claiming Tax Treaty Benefits

    China 29/01/2016 08:45:27

    State Administration of Taxation (SAT) Public Notice [2015] No.60 has introduced a new mechanism of self-assessment on the eligibility for tax treaty benefits (reduced taxation or exemption under the relevant tax treaties) by non-resident taxpayers.

  1196. Impact of Public Notice on Certain Corporate Income Tax Matters

    China 29/01/2016 08:43:38

    Released in March 2015, State Administration of Taxation (SAT) Public Notice [2015] No.16 (“Public Notice 16”) is expected to change the way foreign enterprises repatriate profits out of China.

  1197. Importing From China

    China 28/01/2016 12:10:18

    Importing from China guides


    China 28/01/2016 12:03:56

    Create a New Full-Time Income Source Starting from Scratch via Selling Physical Products Online

  1199. Argentina’s plans for economic recovery in 2016

    Argentina 28/01/2016 09:46:53

    Argentina has gone through a period of economic stagnation and will face challenges in 2016; however, there are high hopes that it will become a financially stable and attractive foreign investment opportunity within the next two years.

  1200. Import and customs in Russia

    Russia 28/01/2016 09:23:57

    This is the second from our twelve expert interviews. In this video our expert explains what needs to be considered for the import of goods into Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, what new factors must be considered and what is expected to change in near future.

  1201. Cyprus changes tax regime on royalties

    Cyprus 27/01/2016 09:20:59

    In late December, the Ministry of Finance issued a press release on an amendment to the Intellectual Property tax regime.

  1202. Italian payroll round-up for January 2016

    Italy 27/01/2016 09:11:00

    Following is a summary of recent payroll changes in Italy

  1203. The Vietnam-Korea free trade agreement: What are the challenges and opportunities for businesses in Vietnam?

    Vietnam 27/01/2016 09:06:44

    The Vietnam-Korea free trade agreement came into effect in December 2015 – Suresh G Kumar, Managing Director of TMF Vietnam, examines the multiple tariff incentives, and the business challenges and opportunities it presents for Vietnam.

  1204. Japan: Regulatory changes and business opportunity in 2016

    Japan 26/01/2016 08:40:22

    Over the past 12 months, Japan has implemented two major regulatory changes that are likely to impact business in 2016: the Residency requirement for company representatives and the My Number law.

  1205. 2016: Luxembourg’s business landscape

    Luxembourg 25/01/2016 09:07:55

    Increased substance requirements, remaining compliant under BEPS-related law changes and the CRS; find out what organisations operating in Luxembourg need to know.

  1206. Vietnam: 6 key trade agreements every business should know

    Vietnam 25/01/2016 09:02:37

    Vietnam has signed most free trade agreements (FTA) in the Asia Pacific region. Suresh Kumar, TMF Vietnam Managing Director, outlines the major FTAs, their benefits and impact on business in 2016.

  1207. UK launches ‘platinum’ services for visa applicants in the UAE

    UAE 25/01/2016 08:54:21

    UAE visa applicants set to start their trips in style with brand new ‘Platinum Lounge’ and mobile biometric service

  1208. Market Entry Fast Track

    Russia 21/01/2016 12:24:01

    Welcome to our series of expert interviews! In the first video (out of 12 in total) we explain how to enter the Russian market and minimize the risks involved, whether you need a partner for entering the Russian market and how to find distributors in Russia?

  1209. IPT Rate Changes In The EEA

    Luxembourg 21/01/2016 08:56:35

    A new year brings a raft of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) rate changes and other new developments affecting insurance companies writing cross-border business in the EEA.

  1210. Business Ethics And The Impact Of The Anticorruption Law

    Brazil 21/01/2016 08:51:15

    By now Brazilian companies have probably heard of law No.12.846/13, popularly known as the Anti Corruption Law, which is leading to profound structural changes in companies operating in the country.

  1211. Dutch income tax deduction of interest on family loan to purchase and/or renovate own house in the Netherlands

    Holland 20/01/2016 11:39:47

    If you are planning to enter into, or have already entered into, a loan provided by family and/or friends – or in short all parties other than banks – to purchase and/or renovate an own house, you should take into account the following.

  1212. Lord Mayor of London visits the UAE

    UAE 20/01/2016 11:05:00

    The Lord Mayor of London’s Square Mile, Jeffrey Mountevans, is leading a large business delegation to the United Arab Emirates

  1213. Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing Part 2

    Russia 20/01/2016 09:58:36

    In our previous news we wrote about trends that give rise to increasing popularity of employment outsourcing and emphasized the unique benefits it gives to businesses. In today's post I would like to touch on how companies of different sizes can benefit from apparent benefits of this business phenomenon.

  1214. Exclusive Partnership Offer

    Russia 20/01/2016 09:54:43

    Exclusive Partnership Offer from Acumen International in 33 countries Instantly access emerging markets in ex-Soviet Union, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe plus Central Asia.

  1215. Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing Part 1

    Russia 20/01/2016 09:40:46

    As businesses rapidly grow, the challenges for them multiply daily. Competition rises with increasingly simpler and broader ways of starting a business, cash reserves are required to meet all obligations and handle arising downturns, projects, both short- and long-term, may involve participants from different time zones and speaking several foreign languages. When it comes to employees required to do the job, they may literally live anywhere in the world.

  1216. Hungarian Accounting Act Amendment Now In Force

    Hungary 20/01/2016 09:01:31

    Hungarian Accounting Act amendments regarding mainly the form and content of the Financial Statements (FS) were passed by the government last year, and have been in effect since 1 January 2016

  1217. Mexico Receives 2016 In A Still-Competitive Position

    Mexico 20/01/2016 08:55:15

    Mexico has been actively working to improve its competitiveness, and will kick-off 2016 as an attractive country for investors worldwide.

  1218. UK food & drink companies visit India looking to increase penetration

    India 19/01/2016 10:48:30

    UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) India, in partnership with UK India Business Council (UKIBC), is bringing a food and drink trade delegation to India.

  1219. British Ambassador opens new Visa Application Centre in Surabaya

    19/01/2016 09:19:38

    The new UK Visa Application Centre opens every Thursday

  1220. Changes To UK Company Law

    United Kingdom 19/01/2016 08:32:50

    There were significant changes to accounting and company law in the UK in 2015. The remaining amendments under the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act are to come into force this year.

  1221. Hong Kong: Business Compliance Changes At A Glance

    Hong Kong 19/01/2016 08:28:05

    According to the World Bank’s ‘Doing Business 2016 Report’, Hong Kong continues to be one of the world’s easiest places to do business, and tops the ranks in Asia Pacific for starting one. To sustain its economic growth and competitiveness, the Hong Kong government underwent three key changes in 2015: the statutory minimum wage (SMW), Competition Ordinance and Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

  1222. Personal Income Tax Changes In Hungary

    Hungary 18/01/2016 13:41:43

    Amendments to personal income tax laws passed the Hungarian Parliament in November last year, and came into effect on 1 January 2016.

  1223. Changes In The Netherlands Business Environment

    Holland 18/01/2016 13:32:52

    Worldwide events can significantly impact business - this was the case in the Netherlands last year, and the effects will continue to play out in 2016.

  1224. Peru Paves The Way For Latin America’s Expansion In 2016

    18/01/2016 13:26:52

    Peru is one of the top performing economies in Latin America, its recipe for growth being structural reforms combined with strategic alliances.

  1225. Mandatory Employer-Paid Medical Insurance In France: Syntec CBA

    France 18/01/2016 13:19:51

    Companies in France that depend on the Syntec Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) must now apply the new medical insurance rules published on 24 December 2015.

  1226. Sanctions relief paves the way for developing UK trade relationship with Iran

    18/01/2016 11:22:12

    Iran has received extensive economic and financial sanctions relief as a result of meeting its obligations under the nuclear deal agreed on 14 July 2015, meaning the country is now able to trade more freely.

  1227. Simplified Procedures For Starting A Business In China

    China 18/01/2016 09:19:33

    Last year, China simplified the procedure for company registrations, expatriate work visas and annual compliance to encourage investment and commercial businesses. Let’s look at the changes that are likely to affect the way business is done in 2016.

  1228. An Evolving Colombia Promises Opportunities For Investors In 2016

    Colombia 18/01/2016 09:15:13

    2015 was a challenging year for companies doing business in Colombia; we take a look at the year ahead - what opportunities does the Colombian market offer in 2016?

  1229. Minimum Salary Increases In Latin America

    Mexico 14/01/2016 09:16:28

    Considering the current economic situation and the high inflation levels expected for 2016, multiple countries in Latin America began the year with minimum wage increases.

  1230. Doing Business In Thailand: 3 Key Things To Follow In 2016

    Thailand 14/01/2016 09:11:09

    In 2015, the key change for companies operating in Thailand was the regulation on accounting and legal firms not to disclose registered addresses to clients. Here, let’s take a look at some new requirements that are likely to affect the way business is done in 2016.

  1231. Doing Business In The UAE: 6 Key Issues To Follow In 2016

    UAE 13/01/2016 09:15:30

    The past year has seen big changes for companies operating in the United Arab Emirates and beyond. Let's take a look at some issues and events that are likely to affect the way business is done in 2016.

  1232. China's Move To VAT Expected To Be Complete By July 2016

    China 13/01/2016 09:10:39

    China’s VAT reform is likely to further strengthen the country’s position in the world economy. The Chinese market will become more familiar for global entities and attract investors who were previously discouraged by inefficiencies in the system.

  1233. 2016 VAT Changes For Businesses In France

    France 12/01/2016 08:58:42

    Following is a summary of the impact of French Budget Law on French VAT in 2016, and how it will affect companies with operations in the country over the next 12 months.

  1234. The Growth Of Aircraft Asset Backed Securitizatio

    Ireland 12/01/2016 08:55:55

    The market for Aircraft Asset Backed Securitizations (ABS) has grown considerably in the last couple of years

  1235. Impact Of Changes To Ireland’s Companies Act

    Ireland 11/01/2016 10:04:54

    Last year a new Companies Act came into effect in Ireland. Along with consolidating all historical company law, the Act was designed to reduce business complexity in the country in 2016 and beyond

  1236. European CLO Issuance Expected To Reach As High As €18bn In 2016

    USA 11/01/2016 10:01:56

    Improvements in economic and credit fundamentals will push European Collateral Loan Obligation (CLO) issuance towards €16-18bn in 2016, following a pushed-back issuance over the last 12 months.

  1237. ECOFIN Abandons Plans For A Standard VAT Return; Czech Republic To Pilot Domestic Reverse Charge

    Czech Republic 11/01/2016 09:55:55

    ECOFIN’s latest monthly review of VAT measures includes abandoning plans for a standard VAT return across 28 countries. The Czech Republic has requested to pilot the domestic reverse charge, an anti-VAT fraud measure.

  1238. The Home Office launches new two-year Chinese visa pilot

    China 07/01/2016 08:56:50

    A new two-year visit visa for Chinese nationals will be launched on Monday, 11 January.

  1239. New Year Changes For Businesses In Poland

    Poland 06/01/2016 08:36:58

    Doing business in Poland in 2016? Stay on top of changes to transfer pricing and the potential for tighter local tax regulations.

  1240. Singapore: Understanding The Role Of A Company Director

    Singapore 05/01/2016 08:57:28

    On 15 April 2015, the Singapore Accounting and Regulatory Authority (ACRA) announced legislative changes to Chapter 50 of the Companies Act, effective in two phases: phase one from 1 July 2015 and phase two in the first quarter of 2016 (Q12016). Robin Yoo, Corporate Secretarial Services Director of the Singapore office, explains the changes.

  1241. 2016 tax changes in Austria

    Austria 04/01/2016 17:02:17

    A key element to Austria’s tax law reform which comes into effect on 1 January 2016, is the change to progressive income tax, which is expected to lead to an estimated €5bn in overall tax relief.

  1242. IFRS Adoption In Hungary - Requirements And Consequences

    Hungary 04/01/2016 16:40:48

    In June of this year, the Hungarian government decided to allow Hungarian companies to prepare stand-alone financial statements in accordance with IFRS. The relevant laws were then amended and passed on 17 November

  1243. Changes To The BVI Eligible Introducer Regime And Public Filing Of Registers Of Directors

    Offshore 04/01/2016 15:50:03

    The BVI government shows ongoing commitment in maintaining the jurisdictions’ competitiveness by staying compliant with international transparency standards. The local government has announced two key changes that will improve the authorities’ timely access to information.

  1244. Provisional Intrastat thresholds for 2016

    Germany 04/01/2016 13:11:30

    Following the usual review by authorities of the European Union, the provisional Intrastat thresholds for the new year have been announced

  1245. Reverse Charge Extended To Foreign Entities In Slovakia

    Slovakia 04/01/2016 13:05:52

    The domestic reverse charge will be extended to foreign entities in Slovakia under section 69 of the 222/2004 Slovakian VAT act as from 1 January 2016

  1246. Export to the Eurasian Economic Union

    Russia 04/01/2016 11:50:58

    Despite the difficult political climate, trade between Russia and Europe has not stopped. However, the financing options have deteriorated significantly since the beginning of sanctions. Helge Masannek

  1247. Insurance Supervisory Levies In Eastern/Balkan Europe

    Romania 04/01/2016 11:20:08

    Unlike Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) where the determination of where tax is due is based on the location of the risk covered, supervision levies are due when the entity carrying out insurance business is deemed to be under the supervisory regime.

  1248. Companies In Uruguay Can Now Issue E-Payslips

    16/12/2015 14:14:11

    Implementing an e-payslips system is not mandatory, but it is expected that both private and public companies start using it to accelerate processes, improve controls, reduce costs and physical storage. Our local expert explains some of the requirements companies have to comply with if using an e-payslips system.

  1249. Payroll Made Simple In Turkey

    Turkey 16/12/2015 14:09:44

    Payroll processing and reporting in Turkey is easy when you have the right local expertise.

  1250. New VAT Laws Adopted In Belgium

    Belgium 10/12/2015 09:08:45

    The Belgian Parliament has adopted three pieces of legislation which set out new rules regarding VAT chargeability, groupings and the small business exemption threshold.

  1251. Malaysia’s First Equity Crowdfunding Laws Require Licensed Trustee Services

    Malaysia 10/12/2015 09:03:09

    Businesses that intend to use equity crowdfunding (ECF) to raise capital in Malaysia are now required to appoint a licensed trustee to hold and administer the funds during the crowdfunding offer period. Celine Chan, Managing Director of the Malaysia office, discusses the business advantages of the new ECF legislation and its impact.

  1252. Cost And Market Share Drive US Companies To Expand Overseas

    USA 08/12/2015 13:58:37

    As the US economy returns to strength following the financial crisis, businesses are increasingly looking across borders for growth. However, there are many potential hurdles to consider...

  1253. Singapore’s Employment Act Changes: Mandatory Itemised Payslips And Written Kets Issuances

    Singapore 08/12/2015 13:53:28

    From 1 April 2016, employers in Singapore will need to comply with changes to the Employment Act (EA) on providing their EA employees with written Key Employment Terms (KETs) and itemised payslips. Employers should understand the details of these mandatory issuances, review their employment records, and even keep more detailed employee records than previously required to mitigate the risk of administrative penalties resulting from non-compliance.

  1254. Thinking Of Expanding Your Business Into New Territories?

    Canada 07/12/2015 17:14:20

    Today sees the launch of a new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit, sponsored by TMF Group.

  1255. Ambitious Asia-Pacific Companies Seek Capital, New Markets And Talent In Bid For Growth

    Singapore 07/12/2015 17:10:50

    Stronger economic conditions are driving businesses to look at international expansion. However, there are many potential hurdles to consider… Businesses in the Asia-Pacific are looking to expand for a range of reasons including finding new sources of capital, fresh talent and to extend their market, according to research commissioned by TMF Group, a leading global provider of high-value business servic

  1256. Single VAT Return: Is It Back To The Drawing Board?

    United Kingdom 07/12/2015 17:07:20

    Not long ago I wrote about the single VAT return and how it may be the endgame for complexities across the EU. Fast forward two months, and it would appear that the endgame has come much sooner than expecte

  1257. Sofia in top 10 cities in the world for Start-ups

    Bulgaria 07/12/2015 14:21:41

    The magazine Forbes published the research of The Brighton School of Business and Management for the top 10 places in the world to launch a Startup company.

  1258. The Nuances Of Local Payroll That Your Corporate HQ Won’t Think About

    United Kingdom 07/12/2015 10:55:35

    Think you can use your global banking relationship for global payroll? Think again. Local payroll needs won’t always align with your corporate HQ’s wishes, says our Head of Global Business Services.

  1259. TMF Group Launches Ambitious Capital Markets Growth Plan With Two High-Level Appointments

    United Kingdom 02/12/2015 16:28:32

    TMF Group, a leading global provider of high-value business services, has announced its intent to transform its Capital Markets and SPV business with two high-profile additions to its senior management team.

  1260. The Only Way Is Up For Insurance Tax Rates Globally

    United Kingdom 02/12/2015 16:24:18

    Last month’s 3.5% increase to the UK’s standard Insurance Premium Tax rate is just another example of IPT on the rise, with the insurance industry anticipating future rate hikes both in the EU and worldwide.

  1261. Establishing Your Business Operations In The Nordics

    Finland 01/12/2015 09:52:36

    Looking to establish your business operations in the Nordics? Many international companies choose to take a similar approach to setting up in this region

  1262. El Salvador’s New Tax Will Affect Large Companies

    30/11/2015 11:46:29

    A new tax directed to companies was approved late last month by the Congress of El Salvador. The “Special Contribution to Large Tax Payers” taxes a 5% rate over the net profit of large-sized enterprises.

  1263. IPT Challenges: Retrospective Compliance

    Japan 30/11/2015 11:42:34

    Insurers often find themselves in a position of needing to declare taxes for reporting periods that have elapsed. Let’s take a closer look at the issue of retrospective tax filings, for insurers operating on a Freedom of Service basis in the European Economic Area.

  1264. Size doesn’t matter in exporting

    Russia 30/11/2015 10:26:29

    Companies of all sizes have equal chances to succeed in new and emerging markets

  1265. 5 Things You Need To Know About Paying Staff In Israel

    Israel 26/11/2015 09:10:55

    Do you have employees to pay in Israel? Our experts in Tel Aviv, Gilad Levi and Monika Harel explain five key aspects of local legislation that you’ll need to factor in to your payroll processing.

  1266. Nicaragua's 2020 Vision Is To Do Business Across The Interoceanic Grand Canal

    25/11/2015 09:13:28

    The XIX Conference of Free Trade Zone of the Americas was held on November 5th and 6th, where it was discussed, among other issues, the viability of the Interoceanic Grand Canal of Nicaragua, expected to be ready by 2021. Our TMF Group Nicaragua and El Salvador Manager participated in the conference and tells us what this might mean for investors.

  1267. “Yarn Forward” And Its Impact On Asian Production

    Vietnam 25/11/2015 09:08:32

    While it’s a rule common to all US free trade agreements, including NAFTA, the “yarn forward” rule – or the Rule of Origin – was a major sticking point in recent Trans Pacific Partnership discussions, writes our Vietnam MD.

  1268. What Happens When You Don’t Account For Risk When Running Payroll

    United Kingdom 23/11/2015 10:29:01

    Why is it important to ensure you have a solid risk management plan for your payroll provision? Our Head of Global Business Services looks at some common, real-life scenarios, and how they could have been avoided with a bit of business continuity planning.

  1269. Costa Rican Department Of Social Security Announces Changes In Pension And Retirement

    23/11/2015 10:25:34

    The Costa Rican Department of Social Security (CCSS) has proposed an increase in total contribution to the Disability, Old Age and Death Fund (IVM) from 8.5% to 14%. They have also announced that early retirement will be phased out, while some changes are already in effect beginning this month.

  1270. What Will Be The New Key To Simplified VAT In Europe?

    United Kingdom 23/11/2015 10:15:42

    The European Commission might be abandoning its aim of a single VAT return for the whole of the EU and shifting its focus to the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) scheme and Place of Supply rules, according to a paper released today by TMF Group.

  1271. New Limits On Using Interns In France

    France 23/11/2015 09:59:13

    French companies have been increasingly relying on college interns to control their labour cost. A new law published on 28 October 2015 is intended to protect these students from being used as a form of cheap labour.

  1272. The EU Blue Card From A German Perspective

    Germany 19/11/2015 08:35:24

    The EU Blue Card Directive (Council Directive 2009/50/EC) of 25 May 2009 was adopted to facilitate the admission and mobility of highly qualified migrants and their families from non-EU countries.

  1273. UK Export Finance announces support for line of credit in Brazil

    Brazil 18/11/2015 17:22:18

    New line of credit of US$500m for Petrobras be used to finance the purchase of goods and services from UK exporters

  1274. Non-Resident & Offshore Tax Planning

    United Kingdom 18/11/2015 13:28:43

    How to Cut Your Tax to Zero: 2015/2016

  1275. Using A Company To Save Tax

    United Kingdom 18/11/2015 13:23:14

    Using a company could easily save you over £10,000 in tax every year...possibly over £40,000. Why?

  1276. EU Reviews Low Value Consignment VAT Loophole

    United Kingdom 18/11/2015 11:28:41

    In an effort to minimise VAT evasion, reduce administration and level the playing field for EU traders, the European Commission (EC) wants to abolish the Low Value Consignment Stock Relief (LVCR) scheme.

  1277. New and improved UK visa application centre opens in Connaught Place, Delhi

    India 18/11/2015 11:25:39

    The British High Commissioner for India, Sir James Bevan KCMG, formally opened the UK & Ireland’s new Visa Application Centre (VAC) in Connaught Place, Delhi today.

  1278. Canada's Liberal Agenda To Seed Change In Economy

    Canada 17/11/2015 14:30:01

    Canada - the world’s 11th largest economy – is about to enter a new era under liberal management. Our local expert Joanna Prataviera and TMF Group USA Managing Director, Jason Gerlis, discuss some of the top things investors need to know about this upcoming change.

  1279. Focus On Doing Business In Ukraine

    16/11/2015 08:40:55

    Ukraine offers many business opportunities. Just a few of the positive qualities Ukraine has as a country to invest in are:

  1280. New Invoicing Program Functionality Requirements In Hungary

    Hungary 16/11/2015 08:18:58

    Companies and individuals issuing invoices in Hungary are required to adhere to new processes and program functions from 1 January 2016

  1281. Companies In Brazil Have Less Than Two Months To Meet New ICMS Compliance Deadline

    Brazil 16/11/2015 08:15:23

    From 1 January 2016, companies operating from Brazil will need to comply with changes to Constitutional Amendment EC 87/2015 governing tax rates on interstate transactions where the final consumer is not a Brazilian tax-payer.

  1282. Tax Changes In Norway’s 2016 Budget

    Norway 12/11/2015 08:13:54

    Announced last month, Norway’s 2016 Budget proposals include a corporate tax rate cut and an increase in the VAT rate.

  1283. Are You Covered For Succession Planning?

    Offshore 12/11/2015 08:09:31

    Share Succession Trusts, or SSTs, can hold the secret to protecting your wealth or business when you’re gone. Our BVI expert explains.

  1284. An Excellent Scholarship Opportunity For Outstanding Students

    Thailand 11/11/2015 16:09:47

    KIS International School is inviting ambitious students to create their own success story by applying for the coveted IB Diploma academic scholarship, also known as the “One Million Baht Scholarship”, for the academic year 2016-2017.

  1285. Mathieu Loquet Appointed Managing Director Of TMF Group Belgium

    Belgium 11/11/2015 09:24:58

    TMF Group, a leading provider of high value Global Business Services to clients operating and investing internationally, is pleased to announce the appointment of Mathieu Loquet as Managing Director for Belgium.

  1286. How To Start A Import/export Car Business

    USA 10/11/2015 17:05:42

    This Is A One Of A Kind Manual Written By A Licensed Car Dealer. It Gives You The Complete Details On Importing And Exporting Cars For Big Profits.

  1287. Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing

    Croatia 09/11/2015 11:09:41

    As businesses rapidly grow, the challenges for them multiply daily. Competition rises with increasingly simpler and broader ways of starting a business, cash reserves are required to meet all obligations and handle arising downturns, projects, both short- and long-term, may involve participants from different time zones and speaking several foreign languages. When it comes to employees required to do the job, they may literally live anywhere in the world.

  1288. Regulatory Round-Up: Greece

    Greece 09/11/2015 08:29:54

    Let’s take a look at regulatory changes that have been announced or taken effect in Greece over the past month.

  1289. Latin America Moves Towards Digitizing Payroll

    Brazil 09/11/2015 08:25:04

    Many countries in Latin America are paving the way to a new era of electronic payroll reporting with the development and implementation of tools for digital invoicing and processing.

  1290. How Should A Representative Office Prepare For A Tax Inspection In Vietnam?

    Vietnam 05/11/2015 14:47:00

    Understanding Vietnam’s personal income tax obligations can help companies prepare for tax inspection and mitigate the risk of penalties resulting from non-compliance.

  1291. RAK FTZ wins the 'Global Free Zones of the Year' Award from fDi Magazine

    UAE 05/11/2015 13:06:51

    fDi Magazine, a publication of the Financial Times, recently awarded RAK FTZ as Global Free Zones of The Year. RAK FTZ received several awards including the New Investment, Encouraging Excellence, Facilities Upgrades as well as the Start-Up Support awards.

  1292. Market Entry into the USA

    USA 05/11/2015 10:06:03

    Why European Companies Fail and How to Succeed

  1293. Impact Of The CJEU Skandia America Judgment In The UK

    USA 05/11/2015 09:02:16

    Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC) in the UK has published its reviewed position following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in Skandia America Corp. (USA), filial Sverige (C-7/13).

  1294. UGPP Compliance Caveats To Be Aware Of

    Colombia 05/11/2015 08:56:26

    Companies with operations in Colombia must be aware of and comply with the Parafiscal and Pension Management Unit (UGPP). Our local expert provides three real-life examples of non-compliance situations that are more common that you would expect.

  1295. UK businesses given boost to break into Chinese retail market

    China 05/11/2015 08:47:57

    Access to China’s growing market of more than 650 million internet users is to be widened to British firms.

  1296. Your gateway to the French market

    France 04/11/2015 08:55:33

    A UK Trade & Investment guide for British businesses interested in developing their commercial activity in France.

  1297. Faster Registration Of New Businesses In Ukraine

    04/11/2015 08:41:06

    Looking to register a business in Ukraine? Recent legislation changes have drastically reduced the set up time.

  1298. Venezuela Increases Minimum Wage To Fight Inflation

    04/11/2015 08:39:07

    Effective Monday, 1 November Venezuela’s minimum wage is 30% higher. This is the fourth minimum wage hike this year and is aimed at protecting the workers and the middle class, Venezuela’s President Nicolas Maduro said.

  1299. Benefit From Exporting: Why New And Emerging Markets Are A Goldmine For Your Business

    Bulgaria 03/11/2015 14:01:32

    By 2016, the International Monetary Fund expects an 80% growth for global companies coming from new and emerging markets. Someone is already capitalizing on these opportunities and if you want to grow your business and increase your revenue you must be one of them!

  1300. Benefits Of The New Netherlands And Curacao Tax Agreement

    Holland 03/11/2015 09:42:39

    Jeroen Adeler, Director of Product Development based in Amsterdam and Marjet Rozema, Managing Director of the Curacao office, look at the business advantages of the new tax treaty between the Netherlands and Curacao

  1301. UKTI South Africa promotes the UK as an investment

    South Africa 03/11/2015 09:34:48

    UKTI is working with South African technology accelerator Sw7 to promote the UK as an investment location for South African companies

  1302. 5 Reasons To Choose TMF Group For Your Payroll Partner

    United Kingdom 02/11/2015 12:29:20

    Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of integrated HR and payroll solutions. And yes, we have the people and processes to keep the most complex multi-country payroll requirements compliant with all local regulations … but TMF Group can offer you more.

  1303. The 50 Year File: Employee Record Keeping In Poland

    Poland 02/11/2015 10:05:38

    Polish companies have an obligation to employees that stretches for a long time after their farewell parties. Hiring staff in Poland? Don’t forget to leave some storage space. You may need to retain individual files on employees for decades longer than they’ll hold on to your pay slips.

  1304. Japan’s My Number: Is Your Company Ready?

    Japan 29/10/2015 08:34:28

    Starting in January, Japan’s My Number obliges companies to have the highest level of security system for data and paper handling of their employees’ My Numbers.

  1305. Chinese VAT Reform: A Thorny Path For The Insurance Industry

    China 29/10/2015 08:30:18

    MF Group's IPT expert looks at China's move towards VAT for the services sector and compares this to how similar introductions have fared elsewhere.

  1306. Implementation of Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015

    United Kingdom 27/10/2015 12:49:45

    The Small Business, Enterprise & Employment Act 2015, which was passed in March 2015, introduces changes to the Companies Act which will affect ongoing requirements for all UK Companies. Companies House recently announced that the implementation timetable for parts 7 and 8 of the Act (relating to the Companies Act) has been delayed.

  1307. ERS Refiling

    United Kingdom 27/10/2015 12:45:39

    M Revenue & Customs (HMRC) recently introduced an online portal for filing annual returns in respect of Employee Share Schemes for the 2014-15 tax year.

  1308. Social media and the taxman: the unlikely dangers

    United Kingdom 27/10/2015 12:43:19

    With many companies encouraging their employees to make positive use of social media such as Twitter or LinkedIn in order to generate interest and growth in their business, it’s increasingly important to ensure that employees remain “on message” when engaging with outside interests through these platforms.

  1309. Celebrating 5 Years of F&L’s San Francisco Office

    USA 27/10/2015 12:41:44

    We celebrated our San Francisco office’s 5 year anniversary at AT&T Park on October 1st. It was a fantastic day (despite the result!) and we certainly celebrated in style!

  1310. Complying With Peru’s CTS Payroll Cycle

    27/10/2015 10:27:23

    Companies looking to do business and hire workers in Peru must be aware of the particularities of the local payroll rules. Our local expert explains one of the payroll cycles that companies need to manage to remain compliant.

  1311. Bitcoin Trading Ruled Tax-Free In Europe

    United Kingdom 26/10/2015 14:41:23

    The European Court of Justice (CJEU) has confirmed that bitcoin and other digital currency trading is VAT exempt “..under the provision concerning transactions relating to currency, bank notes and coins used as legal tender."

  1312. First transaction free with Voucher code with Western Union

    United Kingdom 26/10/2015 13:11:05

    Western Union is one of the largest players in the money transfer world offering quick, easy and reliable money transfers around the globe

  1313. Single Regional Professional Employer Organization vs Independent Local PEO Companies

    United Kingdom 26/10/2015 10:34:40

    Benefits of international employment and payroll outsourcing are nothing new to small and large companies today. Businesses of all sizes recognize the value of focusing on business development and revenue-generating activities. Why waste valuable human resources on supportive non-revenue generating tasks when third party Professional Employer Organizations offer fully compliant solutions and allow you to focus on the more important task of running and growing your businesses?

  1314. Berlin: City of Start-ups

    Germany 26/10/2015 10:29:14

    A recent study by Gruenden, a leading Germany advisory agency for new businesses

  1315. Leave Entitlements And Balances In Slovakia Explained

    Slovakia 22/10/2015 08:44:57

    Correctly identifying or balancing leave entitlements in Slovakia can be a complicated process, particularly for employers who are unfamiliar with local legislation.

  1316. Blue Marble Global Payroll Announces New Partnership with Galvin International

    USA 21/10/2015 10:15:30

    Combines the leaders in global payroll, accounting, and tax compliance

  1317. France And Indonesia: A Perfect Aircraft Leasing Partnership

    France 21/10/2015 09:18:23

    Our Commercial Director in Paris explains the important role France plays in the fast-growing aircraft leasing market of Indonesia.

  1318. IPT Round-Up For October 2015

    Romania 21/10/2015 09:14:00

    Round up of recent changes to taxes on insurance premiums around the world. All of these changes have been or will be reflected within IPT Quote.

  1319. 5 Factors To Consider When Defining Your Multicountry Payroll Strategy

    United Kingdom 20/10/2015 15:29:31

    While payroll isn’t typically viewed as a “strategic” business unit, building a global payroll strategy for countries of all sizes becomes increasingly important as companies look to impose central control over their international payroll operations. Our Head of Global Business Services looks at some of the ways this strategy can be defined for small employee populations.

  1320. How to enter over 30 emerging markets through a single agreement with the UK-based company

    United Kingdom 20/10/2015 13:25:43

    Convert your PEO provider’s unique geographic presence into your company’s revenue-generating strength

  1321. Luxembourg: China’s Bridge To Europe

    Luxembourg 20/10/2015 12:02:15

    Late last month I was one of three TMF Group representatives that joined a strong delegation from Luxembourg’s financial sector on a three-stop tour of China.

  1322. Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) - World's Top Free Zone

    UAE 19/10/2015 13:06:05

    fDi Magazine awarded Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) three awards in its yearly international Free Zone ranks. The three awards the DMCC received are the following: Middle East - fDi Free Zone of the Year, Middle East - fDi Free Zone of the Year for Small and Middle Enterprises (SMEs) and Global - fDi Free Zone of the Year.

  1323. Unions And Works Councils In Europe

    Luxembourg 19/10/2015 10:47:13

    Europe’s powerful unions and works councils can influence everything from company pay rates to holiday entitlements and even the way office furniture is arranged, so it’s important to factor their role into your local HR policy.

  1324. Greek TEA EAPAE (Pension Fund) Declaration 2015

    Greece 19/10/2015 10:42:58

    Our Managing Director in Athens provides an update to insurance companies on their obligations to the Greek TEA EAPAE.

  1325. Breder Suasso relocates to Queen Street Auckland, due to expansion

    New Zealand 19/10/2015 10:38:55

    Breder Suasso the leading financial service provider in Auckland New Zealand relocates it’s offices to 300 Queen Street Auckland New Zealand due to a rapid expansion in proving it’s financial services, being corporate and private accounts and MasterCard.

  1326. Why Puerto Rico Still Offers Opportunity For Companies

    USA 19/10/2015 09:26:20

    The Caribbean has more to offer than great vacation destinations - it presents a good opportunity for those looking to start or expand their businesses in the Americas. Our United States Managing Director Jason Gerlis and Eliseo Roques-Arroyo from EDGE Legal look at why it’s a good idea to do business in the island of Puerto Rico.

  1327. Singapore’s Social Security Savings Plan Changes At A Glance: CPF Ceiling And Contribution Rates

    Singapore 19/10/2015 09:21:25

    Singapore’s government raised CPF ceiling and contribution rates for older workers with effect from 1 Jan 2016 to keep pace with the economic growth in the country.

  1328. Vietnam Set To Be Big TPP Winner

    Vietnam 15/10/2015 10:52:25

    Among the 12 signatory countries in the Trans Pacific Partnership, Vietnam stands out as the biggest beneficiary - but it won’t be a free lunch for the country, says our local expert. Here TMF Group’s Vietnam MD looks at the sectors that will win with the TPP, and the changes Vietnam is undergoing to make the most of the potential.

  1329. British Embassy Kuwait is closed for the Islamic New Year

    Kuwait 13/10/2015 09:08:22

    On the occasion of the Islamic New Year, the British Embassy in Kuwait will be closed on Thursday 15 October 2015

  1330. Introduction Of The Wage Protection System In Qatar

    Qatar 13/10/2015 08:56:15

    Qatar’s Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs (MoLSA) and the Qatar Central Bank (QCB) are introducing Wage Protection System (WPS) and companies must be compliant by 3 November 2015.

  1331. The Toy Store brings its magical offering from GCC to Oxford Street, London

    UAE 13/10/2015 08:52:24

    The Toy Store, the most successful toy retailer in the Middle East, opened its doors to UK shoppers for the very first time last

  1332. Complexities And Importance Of Payroll Taxes Compliance

    USA 12/10/2015 10:51:47

    Payroll is not only about employees getting paid. The process requires both the worker and the employer fulfill several responsibilities – and compliance with payroll taxation is one of the top ones for both. TMF Group USA’s HRP Manager explains how payroll taxation works in the US and how local knowledge is vital for compliance risk mitigation.

  1333. Serbia Introduces VAT Proxy

    12/10/2015 10:40:17

    Recent changes made by the Serbian parliament introduce a new gateway to the Serbian market for foreign businesses.

  1334. Costa Rica, Panama And Puerto Rico Lead As Promising FDI Destinations

    12/10/2015 09:29:12

    Foreign direct investment (FDI) has grown at a remarkable rate over the past two decades, and as investors seek new channels it is the developing countries that become more attractive destinations.

  1335. LinkedIn reveals most influential UAE brands

    UAE 08/10/2015 13:51:46

    Airlines, tourism operators, telecoms operators and real estate players have come up trumps in a survey of the UAE’s most-influential brands conducted by the social network site LinkedIn.

  1336. TASC Outsourcing: One of Dubai’s modern-day success stories

    UAE 08/10/2015 13:49:08

    Ambitious to succeed in his own right, after a graduating with a degree in engineering from India’s Manipal Institute of Technology, and a subsequent MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship from Boston University, he spent just over two years as business development manager with Digital Equipment Corporation (bought by Intel) before branching out on his own with his first venture.

  1337. 63 per cent women in UAE prefer flexible staffing

    UAE 08/10/2015 13:46:43

    Regional leader in talent sourcing and people management solutions, TASC, has published a new survey that shows flexible staffing is essential to strengthen the role of women in the workplace in the UAE.

  1338. More UAE companies hiring staff on a temporary basis

    UAE 08/10/2015 13:43:11

    UAE employers are hiring locally available talent on a temporary basis to save money

  1339. Social Security In Europe

    08/10/2015 10:25:22

    The numerous social security, benefits and leave calculations required by payroll departments in some European countries are not for the faint-hearted! Here are just some of the rules that companies looking to expand must get their heads around

  1340. People looking to buy a franchise in the following countries

    07/10/2015 11:27:51

    September 2015 top 10 country searches on

  1341. Become a Franchise Owner!

    USA 07/10/2015 09:09:42

    The Start-Up Guide to Lowering Risk, Making Money, and Owning What You Do

  1342. Trans-Pacific Partnership Deal Is Signed: What Does It Mean For Business In Asia Pacific?

    Canada 07/10/2015 09:02:41

    Controversial in some quarters and welcomed in others, the always attention-grabbing Trans Pacific Partnership deal was officially signed yesterday by the 12 member countries.

  1343. Import and Export Kit For Dummies

    United Kingdom 06/10/2015 10:34:20

    Your easy–to–follow primer on the exciting world of import/export With an increased focus on global trade, this new edition of Import/Export Kit For Dummies provides entrepreneurs and small– to mid–sized businesses with the critical, entry–point information they need to begin exporting their products around the world as well as importing goods to sell.

  1344. Start Your Own Import/Export Business

    06/10/2015 10:15:59

    Importing and exporting are trillion-dollar industries -- but that doesn't mean they're just for big business.

  1345. Capital Control And VAT Changes In Greece

    Greece 06/10/2015 08:27:52

    Our Managing Director in Athens provides a summary of Greek capital control and VAT changes over recent weeks. You may have seen the news posted last week about the abolishment of reduced VAT rates on six popular holiday islands. From 1 October 2015, the Greek mainland VAT rates of 6%, 13% and 23% have applied on the islands of Rhodes, Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, Paros and Skiathos

  1346. 10 Things You Need To Know About Honduras’ Law On Social Protection

    06/10/2015 08:23:31

    Honduras’ Law on Social Protection means that financial institutions under the Private Contribution Regime (RAP) will transition into pension fund management companies (AFPs), with employer and employee contributions rising to 8.7% and 5%, respectively. Our local expert explains 10 things every company need to know about this law.

  1347. New Electronic Payment Rules For VAT In France

    France 05/10/2015 11:57:01

    Local and foreign companies in France will soon be required by law to pay VAT by direct debit

  1348. Non domiciliation and tax exempt salary split United Kingdom – The Netherlands

    Holland 01/10/2015 17:23:20

    Under the United Kingdom (UK) tax laws a difference in fiscal treatment of individuals is made between being domiciled and non domiciled. In short domicileds are residents who have their roots in the UK, or have chosen to become domiciled.

  1349. The Dutch 30%-ruling explained

    Holland 01/10/2015 17:21:56

    On regular basis we advise expats and/or their employers on the 30%-ruling, part of this advisory is preparing the actual request for the ruling

  1350. Communication Across Cultures: Mutual Understanding In A Global World

    China 01/10/2015 15:09:24

    Communication across Cultures explores how cultural context affects the use and (mis)interpretation of language. It provides an accessible and interdisciplinary introduction to language and language variation in intercultural communication by drawing on both classic and cutting-edge research from pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology and politeness studies.

  1351. KIS scores 100% through OPEC quality assessment

    Thailand 01/10/2015 14:32:03

    By Mrs. Kumaree Komarakul Na Nagara On September 10, 2015, KIS welcomed three visitors representing the Office of the Private Education Commission (OPEC), Ministry of Education, on a one-day visit to assess the quality of the school

  1352. 5 reasons you should change your job today

    United Kingdom 01/10/2015 14:20:18

    The modern professional world can be monotonous and a pretty stressful place too. Being stuck in a role that is wrong for you can have serious consequences for your wellbeing in both your mental and physical health. A bad job can make you miserable and have an impact on your home life.

  1353. Offshore Companies Tax Planning

    Offshore 01/10/2015 12:22:38

    This guide contains detailed information on how offshore companies and trusts are taxed in 2015 and how (and when) you can use them to reduce your UK taxes. It is updated for the latest anti avoidance rules that apply from April 2015.

  1354. he Big List Of 1001 Online Wholesalers 2015

    United Kingdom 01/10/2015 11:57:32

    This Ebook will change the way you do business by sourcing the best wholesaler for your products

  1355. The Financial Times Guide to Business Start Up 2015

    United Kingdom 01/10/2015 11:19:26

    The most comprehensive annually updated guide for entrepreneurs: The most comprehensive annually ... (Financial Times Guides) (The FT Guides)

  1356. 5 Things You Need To Know When Switching Or Choosing A New Payroll Provider

    Brazil 01/10/2015 11:03:16

    A multi-country payroll deal can lock you in for many years – are you ready for that sort of commitment? Our head of Global Business Services looks at the drivers that lead payroll managers to switch providers.

  1357. Reduced VAT Rates Abolished On Six Greek Islands

    Greece 01/10/2015 10:57:40

    The latest announcement from the Greek Ministry of Finance sees an end to reduced VAT rates on six popular holiday islands as part of the country’s third bailout agreement.

  1358. TMF Group USA Expands Its Offering To Support Businesses Interested In The US Or Caribbean

    USA 01/10/2015 10:54:47

    Companies looking to start or expand operations in the Caribbean or the United States have a new ally in one of the most flexible entry points in the region: Puerto Rico.

  1359. DMCC Registered Companies Increased by 10% in H1 due to digital transformation

    UAE 01/10/2015 10:45:21

    • By June 2015, a total of 10,624 companies registered in DMCC • All services are available on the internet 24/7 via any device • More than 160 companies register per month due to technology • Digital registration decreases the amount of paper used by 40% annually

  1360. New Tax Arrangement Between Netherlands And Curacao Looms

    Holland 29/09/2015 10:41:12

    The Dutch Lower House (2e Kamer) approved earlier this month the new bilateral rules for the avoidance of double taxation between the Netherlands and Curacao.

  1361. UK Company Secretarial Update

    United Kingdom 29/09/2015 10:11:18

    The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) has now confirmed that the implementation of the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act will be on 10 October 2015.

  1362. Transfer Of Goods Between Italy And The EU

    Italy 29/09/2015 09:46:39

    18 August 2015 saw it no longer possible to apply the VAT suspension regime when moving goods to be processed, without changing owner, within the EU (Italy to other countries and vice versa), where the goods at the end of processing are not returned to their country of origin.

  1363. VAT Law Amendments In Serbia

    28/09/2015 11:11:25

    Serbia Managing Director Jelena Cuk and VAT expert Jacek Szufan outline some key aspects of the draft Law on Amendments of the VAT Law which has been forwarded to the Serbian Parliament for adoption.

  1364. Focus On French IPT: Health And Motor Insurance Changes

    France 28/09/2015 08:49:36

    Changes to the reporting of insurance-based taxes in France are due to take effect from 1 January 2016. Our expert has a detailed look at the implications.

  1365. Agreement to promote UK online exports with China

    China 24/09/2015 13:23:01

    A UKTI partnership agreement with Shanghai Free Trade Zone will help UK companies develop e-commerce sales in China.

  1366. International trends in Franchise Opportunity Searches.

    Japan 22/09/2015 13:08:01 is the definitive online resource for international business, seeing over 30,000 unique visitors a month.

  1367. A UK visa is just five steps away

    United Kingdom 21/09/2015 11:51:44

    UK Visas & Immigration launch new video aimed at first time visitors to the UK.

  1368. VAT Increase On Electricity For Residential Consumption In Belgium

    Belgium 21/09/2015 09:17:28

    The Belgian federal government is expected to raise €712m by 2018 from ‘tax shift’ measures which include this month’s change in the VAT rate for the supply of domestic electricity

  1369. ECJ Ruling: Subscription Contracts For The Supply Of Consulting Services Are Liable For VAT

    Bulgaria 17/09/2015 08:42:37

    Our VAT Technical Manager examines the decision issued by the European Court of Justice in the case of Asparuhovo Lake Investment Company (ALIC).

  1370. BVI Now Ranks Amongst The US, UK And Hong Kong In The OECD’S Latest Tax Transparency Ratings

    United Kingdom 17/09/2015 08:36:58

    In the latest report from the OECD’s Global Forum on Transparency and Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, the BVI was found to be “largely compliant” and rated on a par with many other well respected jurisdictions such as Cayman Islands, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States.

  1371. Forex Market Seminar

    United Kingdom 16/09/2015 16:53:46

    The 1 day FX event is an opportunity like no other. We will teach you all you need to know to start trading the Forex Market and with our help trade it profitably like our traders generating 30% plus per year.

  1372. 1 day Stock Market Seminar

    United Kingdom 16/09/2015 16:50:28

    The 1 day Stock Market Seminar is an opportunity like no other. We teach people all you need to know to start trading the Stock Market profitably from when you leave our trading floor.

  1373. Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

    United Kingdom 16/09/2015 11:20:38

    The details of international business are growing more complex by the day - and even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in need of guidance

  1374. Emerging Europe

    Bulgaria 16/09/2015 10:37:53

    Emerging Europe offers opportunities for all UK companies ranging from novice to experienced exporters, and across multiple sectors.

  1375. CEO Guide to Doing Business in Russia

    Russia 15/09/2015 17:31:56

    CEO Guide to Doing Business in Russia will enable companies and individuals to build their networks, understand how to do business in Russia, and connect with business partners worldwide, this book will increase your opportunities to meet and engage with potential partners

  1376. Doing Business in Emerging Markets

    USA 15/09/2015 17:29:17

    There are many texts available on International Business, but only a few provide a comprehensive coverage of emerging markets, which now play a major role in global business and therefore require deeper study and analysis.

  1377. Online Business Startup

    USA 15/09/2015 17:23:31

    The entrepreneur's guide to launching a fast, lean and profitable online venture

  1378. Business Naming Myth Blasters

    USA 15/09/2015 14:38:00

    Why Incorporate? Show me the comparison chart. Help me choose which entity is right for me.

  1379. Luxembourg Leads On FATCA Transparency

    Luxembourg 15/09/2015 08:44:25

    The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is ranked third in the world for the number of financial institutions per-country that have now signed up to report under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

  1380. Guernsey’s Pension Dilemma

    Guernsey 15/09/2015 08:39:28

    Are we about to see a repeat of 1446 BC, but this time the exodus of Guernsey Pension Scheme members? Bethell Codrington explains

  1381. Important Changes To The Bulgarian Labour Code

    Bulgaria 15/09/2015 08:35:46

    Changes to the Bulgarian Labour Code, announced on 17 July 2015 in the State Gazette, affect various aspects of the legislation as outlined below.

  1382. Shorter Time To Market For Commercial Entities In Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 14/09/2015 08:36:06

    An amendment to the Bulgarian Trade Register Act has resulted in a greatly reduced wait time for those registering a new entity in the country.

  1383. Corruption In Latin America: More Countries Under Scrutiny

    Argentina 14/09/2015 08:34:04

    Guatemala, Panama and Venezuela will be scrutinised after being considered potential corruption practitioners. TMF Group’s North LatAm Sub Regional Director Walter Gutsch looks at how this affects the countries’ reputation and what it could mean for the business environment.

  1384. UKTI Australia's Inward Mission to London for fintech companies

    Australia 14/09/2015 08:30:06

    UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) kicks off the inward mission to London for 10 of Australia's best fintech companies.

  1385. Taxpayers Benefit From Italy’s New E-Invoicing System

    Italy 10/09/2015 08:49:33

    Italian lawmakers created a legislative decree and are employing incentives rather than penalties to encourage more taxpayers to adopt electronic invoicing.

  1386. Ireland: Update To VAT Treatment Of Portfolio Management

    Ireland 10/09/2015 08:46:13

    Our expert outlines an update to Ireland’s VAT manual regarding the VAT treatment of portfolio management services following a review by Irish Tax and Customs (“Revenue”).

  1387. VAT Recovery Claims Deadline Looming

    United Kingdom 07/09/2015 11:59:46

    Experts Matthew Harrison and Dian Shmilev provide details for applicable businesses with outstanding VAT recovery claims for 2014.

  1388. Public Records Filings For Companies Entering Into Statutory Mergers

    USA 07/09/2015 11:54:58

    The statutory merger of two or more business entities is an extensive process involving due diligence, planning and filing activities. This article highlights key pre-planning actions for public filing requirements.

  1389. Legislative Changes In Greece

    Greece 07/09/2015 08:42:31

    Our experts in Greece provide the following summary of the country's legislative changes over the past two weeks as the economic crisis continues.

  1390. Peru’s Economy Maintaining Its Strength Despite The Complex Global Situation

    07/09/2015 08:40:29

    Supported by the commodities sector, Peru´s economy maintains macroeconomic strengths relative to other nations in Latin America. The mining sector in particular - which has significant presence in the country – had a great impact on the local economy.

  1391. Pingu’s English successfully launches in Brazil helped by UKTI

    Brazil 03/09/2015 11:57:09

    Linguaphone Group uses UKTI’s OMIS service to find a local partner to develop exports of their Pingu’s English language course product in Brazil.

  1392. Frequently asked questions on doing business with Iran

    03/09/2015 08:32:19

    What does the nuclear deal agreed on 14 July 2015 mean for business?

  1393. Single EU VAT Return: Is The Endgame Really Near?

    United Kingdom 03/09/2015 08:22:37

    VAT payers around the world have been longing for an easier way to get cross-border reporting done, and they may be in luck. Maybe.

  1394. Who Has To File, What To Declare, When And How.

    Spain 02/09/2015 14:44:39

    FAQ’s SECTIONS • Who Has To File, What To Declare, When And How. • Category 1 Assets - Properties And Rights Over • Properties Owned Outside Spain. • Category 2 Assets - Bank Accounts Outside Spain. • Category 3 Assets - Investments • Other

  1395. Spain's Newly Introduced Exit Tax And How It Affects Those Moving Away

    Spain 02/09/2015 14:39:39

    Spain is one of a number of countries that charge tax on unrealised capital gains when their tax residents leave the country, and it has had a new law in place since January 1, 2015.

  1396. Tax Reform Coming To Costa Rica?

    02/09/2015 08:32:22

    Costa Rica is currently considering reform to its income tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) legislation which could see VAT rise to 15%.

  1397. Mandatory Employer-Paid Medical Insurance For All Staff In France

    France 01/09/2015 10:19:12

    Our expert provides details of a new law effective 1 January 2016 that will require all employers to provide medical insurance to staff

  1398. Michael Sharara, President, A M Shoes & Textiles FZC

    UAE 28/08/2015 11:49:17

    The strategic location of RAK FTZ is one of the main reasons we chose to set up here. The availability of logistics and ease to ship goods to Africa and the Middle East region is another incentive that we received after registering at RAK FTZ. Also, the cost-effectiveness of setting up and operating business in RAK FTZ compared to other free zones in the country attracted us to operate here

  1399. Ulf Peter, Vice President Sales & Customer Relations, Permagard Global

    UAE 28/08/2015 11:47:50

    RAK FTZ’s strategic location is very convenient. Additionally, the fast-track visa process and cost-effective labour charges were the main attractive factors for us to set up our company at RAK FTZ. The ISO certification and quality assurance system at RAK FTZ has helped us meet our business standards

  1400. FDI Success Stories

    26/08/2015 09:36:38

    Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Attraction continues to become and ever more competitive effort and geographic regions are competing for corporate investors on the basis of more than jut costs & tax incentives.

  1401. Turkey Investment and Business Guide

    Turkey 26/08/2015 09:27:23

    Turkey Investment and Business Guide Volume 1 Strategic and Practical Information

  1402. Unlocking Business Opportunities in Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) Markets

    UAE 26/08/2015 09:23:08

    This book assesses the effectiveness of free trade agreements (FTAs) in unlocking international business opportunities in member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

  1403. Open a Business in Brazil

    Brazil 26/08/2015 09:19:50

    Are you thinking about settling down in Brazil? Are you currently living in Brazil and struggling to make ends meet?

  1404. Starting and Running a UK Street Food Business

    United Kingdom 26/08/2015 09:15:54

    The street food industry is booming, and with more and more entrepreneurs hitting the streets it's time we had a book to help guide you through the process. Street Food Soliloquy is the only guide out there written for a UK market by an active street food trader.

  1405. The Complete Step by Step Guide to Starting and Running a Successful Retail Business in Australia

    Australia 26/08/2015 09:09:59

    Retailing is one of the most exciting professions you can enter. In Australia, this dynamic and growing industry is worth over $18 billion a year. Many new enterprises fail because they do not do their homework when they start their business

  1406. Export/Import Procedures

    United Kingdom 25/08/2015 14:23:10

    The details of international business are growing more complex by the day - and even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in need of guidance

  1407. Are you looking to start a business importing products from China?

    China 25/08/2015 14:17:22

    Are you looking to find a inexpensive, quality product from China that you can sell for a huge profit online or in your store? Then this book can help you step by step from finding that great product, finding a great supplier in China for it, and having it delivered to you.

  1408. Guide to Importing and Exporting

    United Kingdom 25/08/2015 14:13:23

    A comprehensive guide to importing and exporting. Topics include – The International Trade Cycle, Managing Risk, Marketing, Setting Yourself Up Overseas, Safety Standards Overseas, Planning Your Transport Logistics, Incoterms, Financing, Insurance, Documentation and more!

  1409. How to Franchise Your Business

    United Kingdom 25/08/2015 13:31:39

    If you are considering franchising your business Clive Sawyer will help you. Clive Sawyer, Managing Director of Business Options, one of the UK's leading Franchise and Business Consultancies, has written this book to cut through the confusion and complexity surrounding franchising a business. Clive, in his renowned plain speaking manner helps the reader assess whether franchising is the right expansion model for them.

  1410. Why Choose RAK FTZ?

    UAE 25/08/2015 08:25:32

    Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ) offers a gateway to emerging markets with over 8,000 registered companies from 106 countries and 50 industry sectors. One of the fastest-growing free trade zones in the UAE, the RAK FTZ is 100% tax-free, allows 100% foreign ownership, and provides award-winning service to its clients.

  1411. Changes to the visa application centre service in Al Khobar

    Saudi Arabia 24/08/2015 12:45:58

    UK Visas & Immigration (UKVI) has announced a change to the Visa Application Centre service in Al Khobar

  1412. Collection Of Deeds: Mandatory Filing Of Documents In The Czech Republic

    Czech Republic 24/08/2015 12:33:34

    Our local expert outlines the Collection of Deeds requirement in the Czech Republic and explains the consequences for companies that do not file the required documents.

  1413. Colombia Intensifies Battle Against Money Laundering

    Colombia 24/08/2015 11:30:03

    Illegal activity fuelled by money laundering is equivalent to 3% of Colombia’s GDP. It’s one of the most pervasive economic issues in Colombia, and local administration is developing and implementing more and better ways to identify and stop companies or individuals of committing this crime.

  1414. 8 Reasons To Be Excited About Investing In Latin America

    Colombia 24/08/2015 11:09:25

    It is no secret that Latin American countries are in an endless battle to attract Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and implementing strategies to help boost their development. Although each country has different social and political environments, most offer an exceptional work force and economic incentives which provide opportunities for investors and businesses. Understanding the local culture, regulations, processes and requirements is key in avoiding the risks when investing in this region.

  1415. Foreign Secretary to reopen British Embassy in Tehran

    24/08/2015 10:40:57

    The Foreign Secretary, Philip Hammond, visits Tehran to re-open the British Embassy.

  1416. Changes In Singapore’s Companies Act Exempts Private Limited Companies From Audit Requirement

    Singapore 24/08/2015 10:35:23

    Singapore’s Accounting and Regulatory Authority (ACRA) announced in April that the legislative changes to the Companies Act - Capther 50 (CA), passed in October 2014 - would be rolled out in two phases as it involves numerous technical amendments as well as the introduction or abolition of many sections within the CA.

  1417. Romanian MPS Finally Reach Agreement On VAT Rate Cuts

    Romania 24/08/2015 10:30:08

    After being approved and then rejected by the President, Romania this week finally achieved cross-party agreement on the extent of VAT cuts; it will drop to 20% from next year, and to 19% from 2017. Romanian lawmakers agreed to shave 4.4 billion lei ($1.1 billion) off planned tax cuts, amid worries the proposals may blow a hole in the budget next year.

  1418. CJEU Judgement Affects Vat Deduction Position Of Holding Companies

    United Kingdom 17/08/2015 11:08:27

    The CJEU recently rendered its judgment (16 July 2015) in the joined cases Larentia + Minerva and Marenave Schiffahrts concerning the VAT deduction position of holding companies. It also answered the question of whether entities without ‘legal personality” can be included as part of a VAT group.

  1419. UK Accounting Regulation Changes: Disclosure Of Subsidiary Entities

    United Kingdom 14/08/2015 09:21:59

    Our UK Corporate Secretarial expert outlines accounting regulation changes implemented on 6 April 2015, that affect how disclosure of subsidiary entities are dealt with.

  1420. Doing Business In The Uruguay Free Trade Zone

    14/08/2015 09:13:16

    Uruguay has open and solid financial and banking systems and offers a business-friendly environment. No wonder why the country and its more than 10 free zones are attractive for many multinationals and investors.

  1421. Advantages to Invest in Real Estate in Brazil

    Brazil 13/08/2015 08:57:24

    It is internationally known that Brazil is going through a crisis period. However, only a few are able to see the opportunities it can bring. Brazil Real Estate market has been warmed up for a while, but now it is starting to face a high vacancy scenario, while construction companies are still delivering projects that started before the crisis.

  1422. VAT Reverse Charge Mechanism Expansion In The Czech Republic

    Czech Republic 13/08/2015 08:37:59

    Our VAT expert provides details of an expansion to the reverse charge mechanism - for VAT purposes - for certain crops and cereal grains in the Czech Republic.

  1423. Does it make financial sense to buy a vehicle through your business?

    United Kingdom 12/08/2015 14:46:48

    If you own a business, a lesser known fact is that buying or leasing your car through your company can work out cheaper than if you were to buy it through a personal finance plan.

  1424. Transfer money online without the fee!

    United Kingdom 12/08/2015 13:34:24

  1425. Catering Startups: Health & Safety Rules & Regulations

    United Kingdom 12/08/2015 12:20:55

    Following the ongoing British love affair with all things food related there are a large number of new catering companies starting up in the UK. Before these firms can begin to trade, though, it is important they understand hygiene and health and safety regulations – as detailed below.

  1426. Foreign Secretary in China to foster partnership on global challenges

    China 12/08/2015 10:38:12

    Philip Hammond has arrived in China for a two day official visit, his first to the country since becoming Foreign Secretary.

  1427. The Pacific Alliance: Creating Opportunities For Investors

    Mexico 12/08/2015 10:32:34

    A new briefing paper from TMF Group – The Pacific Alliance: creating opportunities for investors - examines the impact of this far-reaching trade agreement and how international businesses can best harness the potential of this vibrant, growing region.

  1428. Potential To Estimate IPT For Forthcoming Increase In UK

    United Kingdom 12/08/2015 10:25:10

    The Association of British Insurers (ABI) is reporting that HMRC are willing to permit the submission of estimated IPT (Insurance Premium Tax) returns if insurers are experiencing issues implementing the forthcoming UK IPT standard rate increase (to 9.5%).

  1429. Transfer Of A Going Concern (TOGC) To A VAT Group: Bumpy Road Or A Smooth Highway?

    United Kingdom 10/08/2015 09:39:09

    European courts have been arguing exactly what constitutes TOGC and what does not; our VAT expert delves into the detail.

  1430. Foreign Secretary visit boosts UK’s Strategic Partnership with Japan

    Japan 10/08/2015 09:34:25

    Foreign Secretary’s visit to Japan boosts cooperation on international peace and security, and supports recent growth in inward investment and trade.

  1431. What The Recent Successes Of The SEC'S Whistleblower Program Means For Companies

    USA 10/08/2015 09:31:57

    Since the passing of Dodd-Frank in 2010, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has experienced increasing success with its whistleblower awards program with a pay out to date of over $50 million. Our friends from CT Corp bring us this report.

  1432. British Embassy Moscow statement regarding visa service in Russia

    Russia 06/08/2015 16:24:07

    British Embassy Moscow issued a statement in response to allegations by the Russian Embassy in London about the treatment of Russian citizens seeking to enter the UK.

  1433. Business Taxation Changes In The UK

    United Kingdom 06/08/2015 09:25:57

    Our Senior Director of Corporate Accounting Services examines the key UK Summer Budget announcements that affect businesses.

  1434. Bookkeeping Simplified For Small Businesses In Poland

    Poland 06/08/2015 09:16:18

    The Polish Parliament has agreed to implement the majority of amendments proposed by the Senate regarding simplifications in bookkeeping for small businesses. The amendments will now be forwarded to President Bronisław Komorowski for review.

  1435. Local Knowledge Is The Key To Success In Latin America

    Argentina 05/08/2015 09:14:49

    It can take companies years to build up local knowledge when they enter an overseas market and establish a presence. From the outset, there are all kinds of hurdles that can quickly imperil a firm's operations if they're not careful, so it's vital that expert advice and assistance be available from the start.

  1436. British Embassy creates Anglo-French start-up network

    United Kingdom 04/08/2015 14:36:50

    Embassy event helps young UK and French technology companies share ideas and resources.

  1437. Changes to the visa service in Russia - August 2015

    Russia 04/08/2015 13:19:44

    UK Visa and Immigration introduces new changes to visa services in Russia

  1438. Know Your Tax Points

    United Kingdom 04/08/2015 10:09:57

    Insurers writing cross-border business in multiple jurisdictions within the EEA can face myriad unforeseen challenges if tax point filings get out of sync. Our IPT expert looks at the challenges of IPT in the EEA.

  1439. Romanian Legislation Changes

    Romania 04/08/2015 09:59:58

    Our experts in Romania detail important changes to legislation, as published in the Official Gazette, and in force from 16 July 2015.

  1440. Incentives for investing/relocating in Cyprus

    Cyprus 03/08/2015 15:27:29

    As part of its effort to attract foreign high net worth individuals as well as to attract qualified individuals to relocate and work in the country, either on their own or as part of a group structuring/reorganisation, Cyprus offers some very attractive incentives

  1441. Top Innovations In Technology and How They Will Impact On Businesses

    United Kingdom 03/08/2015 10:23:02

    All businesses look for ways to do their work more effectively and efficiently. Increasingly, the way to achieve that is by embracing the latest developments technology has to offer.

  1442. What's wrong with your advertising flyers?

    United Kingdom 03/08/2015 10:19:48

    Designing a great advertising flyer can be a tricky business and while you might think there’s nothing wrong with yours, we’re sorry to say that there are probably a few aspects turning your customers off from you and your business.

  1443. Changes to Passport Services in Vietnam

    Vietnam 31/07/2015 10:08:30

    The process for applying for a British passport in Vietnam has changed

  1444. The Past, Present and Future of Communication

    31/07/2015 10:04:12

  1445. Doing business in the Philippines

    29/07/2015 13:40:15

    Philippines trade and export guide

  1446. UK committed to enhanced partnership with India

    India 27/07/2015 09:44:18

    First India visit by British minister after UK polls.

  1447. David Cameron is leading a trade delegation to south-east Asia this week to boost UK trade and investment.

    China 27/07/2015 09:42:27

    The Prime Minister is joined by 31 representatives from businesses from every region of the UK. Deals worth over £750 million and creating 270 new jobs across the UK are due to be agreed this week.

  1448. Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates

    UAE 22/07/2015 12:54:13

    Ras Al Khaimah Investment Authority (RAKIA), one of the major business destinations in the GCC, offers innovative and world-class Free Zone and Non Free Zone facilities to companies and entrepreneurs looking for low operating costs and highly-competitive business solutions.

  1449. Government extends accounting rules making it easier for American and Japanese companies to call the UK home

    United Kingdom 20/07/2015 13:06:42

    The government has announced its intention to enhance existing accounting rules for US and Japanese companies moving to the UK.

  1450. DeMontford Bell

    Malta 20/07/2015 09:32:08

    DeMontford Bell, the UK-headquartered financial introducer, has announced that it is in talks to acquire a leading Edinburgh financial consultancy firm.

  1451. The General Director in Russia: Recent changes in legislation and trends

    Russia 10/07/2015 09:16:27

    We would like to inform you of important changes in Russian legislation with regards to the responsibility of General Directors and Shareholders.

  1452. Marketing on social networks in France : stats and consuming habits.

    France 08/07/2015 11:55:35

    A new report by Harris Interactive « Social Life 2015 » has come out, aggregating key stats about the use of social networks in France. The study was based on 2000 French consumers, over 15 years of age. The figures show a huge penetration of social media in the everyday life of the French, with certain specificities in comparison with foreign markets.

  1453. Greece updates: advice for UK citizens and businesses

    Greece 06/07/2015 10:13:49

    Banking controls have now been introduced in Greece alongside bank holidays which are likely to see banks in Greece closed until at least 6 July (inclusive).

  1454. Is Your Cultural Leadership Style Killing Your Team’s Potential? Cultural Training Workshops

    China 30/06/2015 11:23:12

    Identifying the key leadership competencies your executives need in today’s competitive global environment includes intercultural skills. Organizations have to look for every advantage they can get. And understanding cultural differences in leadership and their impact on the bottom line gives them a competitive edge.

  1455. Visa Application Center in Mexico

    Mexico 29/06/2015 15:55:59

    From 1st July 2015, the UK visa application process for submission of biometrics will be carried out by VFS at a new Visa Application Centre (VAC).

  1456. Foundation of a GmbH

    Germany 29/06/2015 08:58:30

    The foundation of a GmbH isn´t as easy as one might think. It is a time-consuming and formal procedure and without any professional assistance, it may be difficult for foreign companies to handle this procedure on their own.

  1457. Doing business in Pakistan

    25/06/2015 13:19:27

    Pakistan export overview

  1458. Doing business in the Dominican Republic

    24/06/2015 10:34:38

    Dominican Republic export overview

  1459. Digital Marketing in Asia

    China 10/06/2015 12:26:22

    A Start-up Guide for Search Engine Marketing in APAC

  1460. New Information and Cultural Insights Entrepreneurs Need to Start a Business in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 10/06/2015 11:46:15

    Hong Kong is the #2 destination in Asia for ease of doing business and one of the world's leading financial centers. It is in the "business of business" so it's no wonder so many foreign companies launch or open branches in Hong Kong.

  1461. Chinese Business Etiquette

    China 10/06/2015 11:42:48

    "No one doing business with the Chinese should be without [it]."-Midwest Book Review

  1462. Managing Business Culture in a Global Europe

    10/06/2015 11:37:36

    Praised by Business Week as 'invaluable political and psychological profiles of each nationality

  1463. Winning Over the Japanese Consumer

    Japan 10/06/2015 11:31:19

    How to Build a Successful Business in Japan

  1464. IP Tax Planning In The Age Of Anti-Tax Avoidance Intellectual Property (IP)

    02/06/2015 15:54:18

    Intellectual property (IP) is increasingly the catapult to wealth creation in this age of innovation and globalisation. The World Economic Forum named innovative IP has estimated at least 75 industries are highly dependent on IP creation for further growth.

  1465. The Luxembourg IP Company

    Luxembourg 02/06/2015 15:46:25

    By the Act of 21 December 2007 the legislator in Luxembourg introduced a new Luxembourg IP regime that provides for a 80% tax exemption for income derived from intellectual property, as well as from capital gains realized on the disposal of such intellectual property.

  1466. Foreign Account Compliance Tax Act

    02/06/2015 15:29:46

    What Is FATCA FATCA is a law aimed at identifying US taxpayers controlling bank accounts and investments overseas who are not declaring any taxable income or chargeable gains.

  1467. E-Commerce Solutions

    02/06/2015 15:24:26

    E-Commerce Solutions Corporate Merchant Accounts Merchant Accounts Fully Integrated Merchant Solutions

  1468. Automatic Exchange Of Information

    02/06/2015 15:17:47

    Tax Purposes The automatic exchange of information is regarded as the best system for ensuring that national tax authorities can assess and collect the taxes they are due on income and capital that their residents have abroad.

  1469. Company Registration In Belize

    Offshore 02/06/2015 14:22:00

    International Business Corporation (IBC)

  1470. Australia Company Formation Services

    Australia 02/06/2015 13:58:13

    Registering Company In Australia

  1471. Seychelles Private Foundations

    Offshore 02/06/2015 13:44:31

    Company formation services in the Seychelles

  1472. Advantages To Be Licensed In New Zealand As FSP - Financial Services Provider

    New Zealand 02/06/2015 13:34:25

    New Zealand Financial Services Provider FSP Registration

  1473. New Zealand Private Limited Company

    New Zealand 02/06/2015 13:22:30

    Company formation in New Zealand

  1474. Company Formation Isle Of Man

    Isle of Man 02/06/2015 12:59:38

    The Isle of Man, situated in the centre of the British Isles, is an internally self-governing dependent territory of the British Crown which is not and never has been part of the United Kingdom.

  1475. Cyprus CySEC License

    Cyprus 02/06/2015 12:43:31

    An Investment Firm licensed in Cyprus, can be for the provision of investment services from Cyprus in all EU markets by simply pass porting its license, while it can also offer investment services to third countries. Such services can be offered on a cross-border basis or by establishing a physical presence in the jurisdiction into which the services will be provided.

  1476. Switzerland Company Formation Services

    Switzerland 02/06/2015 10:33:10

    General Information The country is a federal republic and is officially known as the Swiss Confederation. The total area is 41,295 sq. km.

  1477. Company Formation In The Netherlands

    Holland 02/06/2015 10:17:13

    A BV may be incorporated by one or more shareholders, either being individuals or corporate bodies.

  1478. Malta Company Information

    Malta 02/06/2015 09:29:33

    Introduction The Republic of Malta is a small island consisting of an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea of which only the three largest islands Malta (Malta), Gozo (Ghawdex) and Comino (Kemmuna) are inhabited. The strategically located islands constituting the Maltese nation have been ruled by various powers and fought over for centuries, and they have a deeply rooted history dating back to neolithic times.

  1479. Malta Company Formation

    Malta 02/06/2015 09:05:38

    Malta Holding Company

  1480. Luxembourg Company Formation

    Luxembourg 02/06/2015 08:51:06

    Lying in the centre of Western Europe between Belgium, France and Germany, the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg covers an area of 2,586 square kilometres. It is one of the smallest Countries in Europe, but the countryside varies greatly, from the hilly Ardennes in the North, to a mineral rich and beautiful forest and farmlands in the South.

  1481. Private Asset Management Company (SPF) In Luxembourg

    Luxembourg 02/06/2015 08:37:43

    Concept The SPF was created by Luxembourg law issued on 11th May 2007 to allow the registration of an investment corporate vehicle dedicated to the management of the estate of private individuals.

  1482. Introduction Italy Company Formation

    Italy 01/06/2015 17:46:24

    Italy Company Formation Incorporation Of An S.R.L. Società A Responsabilità Limitada

  1483. Company Formation Ireland

    Ireland 01/06/2015 16:51:33

    Ireland is a large island situated to the west of Great Britain, separated from it by the Irish Sea and is often regarded as being on the very perimeter of Europe. With a land mass of 84,079 square kilometres Ireland it is the 20th largest island in the world. Ireland is in fact two independent countries. The larger area forms “The Republic of Ireland” and the smaller area, in the north eastern corner, is part of the United Kingdom.

  1484. Incorporation In Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 01/06/2015 16:10:58

    Large multi-national corporations set up overseas companies to reinforce the competitive edge of the group as a whole, and hence maximize profitability. For example, they can reduce taxation expenses legally by booking some incomes to lower taxation regions, such as Hong Kong.

  1485. Cyprus An Excellent European Option For International Trade

    Cyprus 01/06/2015 15:09:42

    The Use Of The Cyprus International Trading Company In International Tax Planning

  1486. Canada British Columbia Company Registration Services

    Canada 01/06/2015 14:36:35

    Most Canadian provinces have residency restrictions for the board of directors. We do not provide nominee director services, however we can provide incorporation services in provinces which do not have residency restrictions. Those provinces are British Columbia and New Brunswick. Companies incorporated in any of those three provinces can then be registered to do business in other provinces as well.

  1487. Incorporating in Belize

    Offshore 01/06/2015 14:20:08

    Belize became a British Crown Colony in 1862 and became independent in 1981. Belize is now a parliamentary democracy.

  1488. Mauritius Company Registration Investment Dealer Broker License

    Offshore 01/06/2015 12:12:42

    Registration And Licensing In Mauritius Investment Dealer – Broker

  1489. Gibraltar Company Formation Services

    Offshore 01/06/2015 10:25:58

    Gibraltar General Information Gibraltar is famous for its dramatic rock. It is located in a strategic position at the southern end of the Iberian Peninsula. It overlooks the Straits of Gibraltar and is linked to Spain by a narrow peninsular. Gibraltar is imposing but small and measures approximately 6.5 sq km.

  1490. UKTI publishes new guide to selling goods and services in China

    China 28/05/2015 08:22:46

    New guide aims to help UK businesses access opportunities and win export business in the lucrative Chinese market.

  1491. Making it as a blogger: Choosing the right name

    United Kingdom 21/05/2015 13:48:19

    You like writing, you are eager to get your ideas out, maintain your independence, but would still like to climb some kind of a career ladder?

  1492. Thinking outside of the box - the rationale for outsourcing

    USA 20/05/2015 16:13:50

    Outsourcing is a comparatively recent concept. However, it is one that has literally ‘caught on’ very quickly. We now see outsourcing in a variety of different business formats. We also see outsourcing opportunities arising for both small and large business organizations, as well as many different levels of government

  1493. Export insurance made easy: new toolkit for brokers

    United Kingdom 18/05/2015 11:16:24

    A new online guide to help credit insurance brokers work with their clients to access government-backed export insurance has been published by UK Export Finance.

  1494. Programme to support fledgling exporters launched by trade minister

    United Kingdom 18/05/2015 10:45:20

    Francis Maude announces programme of expert advice and support to help companies expand into international markets for the first time.

  1495. Are You An Eastern Entrepreneur?

    Bulgaria 11/05/2015 09:36:34

    Lime Pictures, a BAFTA award winning television production company, are developing a television series which will flip the journey of Eastern European immigrants coming to Britain. We aim to follow the adventures of a group of Brits who are heading to Eastern Europe with hopes of making their fortune.

  1496. Fintech Startups Cash-In on Online Payment Industry

    United Kingdom 05/05/2015 10:33:13

    Think of the online payment industry today and you think of giants such as VISA and PayPal dominating the landscape. Its future, however, is already being decided in converted warehouses by groups of talented twenty to thirty-somethings, wearing sneakers and sipping organic juice.

  1497. Going Global

    United Kingdom 27/04/2015 16:13:08

    Going Global – the biggest exhibition for businesses looking for international expansion – returns to ExCeL on the 13th and 14th of May 2015. Packed with seminars, live features and exhibitors, this is THE show to help your business impact the international market.

  1498. Due Diligence – Yes Instant Gratification - No

    USA 27/04/2015 15:33:03

    As every day passes we seem to live more and more in a world that requires instant gratification. The email we just received needs an immediate answer. If our computer doesn’t respond in less than a second we are annoyed and start thinking about a faster, newer model. Remember when you had to line up at the bank to get to a cashier? Well at least that has changed - now we line up at the bank machine in the hope that it will be faster and better.

  1499. SMEs Urged to Protect Against Currency Shocks Ahead of Election

    United Kingdom 23/04/2015 09:26:29

    Small businesses who plan to make international payments and transfers in the next 6 weeks may be in for a shock, foreign exchange experts FAIRFX have warned saying that Sterling could now become increasingly volatile as we get closer to the 2015 election.

  1500. Calling All Franchisors Looking To Expand Internationally

    United Kingdom 21/04/2015 14:20:25

    An abundance of experience in overseas trading and an internationally recognised figure for her contribution to business, Sarah Pavlou is here to share the skills and steps essential to achieving global trading success.

  1501. Frankfurt office moves to FRA Airport

    Russia 21/04/2015 09:28:34

    Within 3 years of existence, our Frankfurt office established a reliable contact point for our clients and partners in Germany’s financial center. Taking into account that Frankfurt is not only a financial center, but also one of Europe’s most important logistics hubs, we decided to move to Germany’s largest business center THE SQUAIRE at Frankfurt Airport.

  1502. Change for the Sake of Change

    United Kingdom 08/04/2015 16:26:32

    We live in a world of fast‐changing technology. As soon as we master one process, it is replaced by the next version. Can we keep up with innovation and change? Is it change just for the sake of change?

  1503. Wafeek BMC helps companies around the world to grow

    UAE 08/04/2015 11:57:09

    Wafeek Business Management Consultants (BMC), an elite business management consulting firm, specialises in setting up new businesses and improving the performance of existing companies. The company also creates and promotes economic and commercial events with its partners.

  1504. RAK FTZ Honoured by fDi Magazine as a Top Global Free Zone for SMEs

    UAE 08/04/2015 11:55:23

    Award recognises RAK Free Trade Zone as one of the most welcoming, efficient, and effective destinations for starting up or expanding companies in the Middle East

  1505. Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Wins Awards for CSR and Environmentally Sound Business Practices

    UAE 08/04/2015 11:53:18

    RAS AL KHAIMAH, 24 March 2015: Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone (RAK FTZ), a leader in community outreach activities and environmentally sustainable business practices across the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has won an award from the German Emirati Joint Council for Industry and Commerce (AHK) for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

  1506. Going Global Live May 2015

    United Kingdom 25/03/2015 09:48:27

    If you’re looking to expand your business internationally, export products or set up overseas operations, then you need to visit the Going Global exhibition and conference at ExCeL, London on 13th & 14th May 2015. The show specially caters for the latest globalisation demands that are being placed on UK businesses and promises to be an unmissable event for companies that are looking to ‘go global’.

  1507. Open for business?

    25/03/2015 09:33:02

    There is talk circulating that maybe the ‘credit crisis’ is over. We suspect that that may indeed be just ‘talk’.

  1508. 25/03/2015 09:19:17

  1509. Introduction of appointments for notarial and ETDs in Hong Kong

    Hong Kong 24/03/2015 10:05:24

    From 23 March 2015 you will need to make an online appointment before visiting the Consulate for notarial services and ETDs.

  1510. UK introduces new Health Surcharge

    United Kingdom 24/03/2015 09:58:02

    From 6 April, all nationals outside of Europe, including Malaysia, coming to live in the UK longer than six months to pay ‘health surcharge’

  1511. Main opportunities for UK exporters in France

    France 23/03/2015 10:44:03

    France and the UK are major economic and trade partners. In 2013, the UK was France’s fourth largest export market (7% of all French exports) behind Germany, Belgium and Italy, and France’s eights largest supplier (4%). The trade balance is in France’s favour but the UK has substantial surpluses in the machinery, pharmaceutical and energy sectors.

  1512. FAIRFX sponsors Sky Sports F1®

    United Kingdom 23/03/2015 10:28:26

    FAIRFX, (AIM: FFX) the travel money and foreign exchange specialist, is pleased to announce it has brokered a deal with Sky Media for the cross platform sponsorship of Sky Sports F1® in 2015.

  1513. ‘System’ is Not a Dirty Word

    Australia 19/03/2015 10:46:50

    Business owners are wary of ‘systems’, feeling they deprive them of flexibility.

  1514. British Trade and Investment Minister visits South Korea

    South Korea 16/03/2015 09:06:53

    British Minister for Trade and Investment Lord Livingston will visit South Korea from 16-17 March 2015.

  1515. Foundations of Documentary Credit Operations

    United Kingdom 13/03/2015 09:28:51

    In this first in a new series of Trade Finance Webinars Vincent O'Brien takes us through the fundamentals of the cornerstone method of payment in international trade, the Documentary Letter of Credit.

  1516. Step-by-step guide to going global

    United Kingdom 12/03/2015 16:35:58

    As online cross border trade is set to increase fivefold by 2018, professional sellers have to look internationally to be competitive in today’s global market.

  1517. International Franchising

    Ireland 12/03/2015 16:32:31

    How to Successfully Expand Your Brand internationally

  1518. Overview of the ITS Accreditation and Using WebPortGlobal Business Networking Platform

    United Kingdom 12/03/2015 16:30:12

    In this webinar session we will learn about the structure of the International Trade Specialist Accreditation program

  1519. Bilateral Agreements signed between Cyprus and Bahrain

    Cyprus 12/03/2015 14:48:02

    On Monday 9th of March 2015, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nicos Anastasiades officially visited Bahrain, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Ioannis Kasoulides and the Government spokesman, Mr Nicos Christodoulides, whereas they were welcomed by the King of Bahrain Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa at the Palace in Manama.

  1520. Four Things To Consider Before Doing Business In China

    China 12/03/2015 10:34:22

    Thinking about doing business in China? Most businesses are. But to be successful there are 4 things you need to know before you start. Here they are.

  1521. UK Export Finance signs agreement to give UK exporters greater access to markets in Mexico

    Mexico 05/03/2015 14:51:32

    An agreement signed by UK Export Finance (UKEF) will help to open up markets in Mexico to UK exporters.

  1522. Cyprus Tax Authorities will soon tap into taxpayers’ bank accounts

    Cyprus 05/03/2015 12:42:25

    A new legislation, according to which the Tax Department will have the authority to tap into bank accounts of taxpayers without a court order in order to obtain any unsettled taxes, is expected to be enacted soon. The legislation was voted a few months ago for the purpose of boosting governmental funds and it was recently announced by the Cyprus Minister of Finance during the parliamentary discussions that the new law will be applied as early as March 2015.

  1523. Exporting to Mozambique

    Africa 03/03/2015 13:59:16

    Doing business in Mozambique: Mozambique trade and export guide

  1524. Landmark deal secures future of British film in China

    China 03/03/2015 13:55:39

    Ratification of film co-production treaty between UK and China

  1525. The rise of implementing big data visualisation

    United Kingdom 26/02/2015 14:26:29

    In terms of business buzzwords, the latest one you’re bound to keep hearing is ‘data visualisation’. As companies strive to better comprehend market trends and customer patterns, help is arriving in the form of analytical technology and business intelligence

  1526. Russia’s Deoffshorization Law and Cyprus companies

    Cyprus 25/02/2015 13:40:44

    Cyprus companies have a long history of presence in Russian structures. The Russian Deoffshorization Law and more specific the introduction of Controlled Foreign Company (“CFC”) rules which was set to prevent the shift of profits in preferential tax jurisdictions and re-route funds back to Russian could also shudder the domination of Cyprus companies in such structures.

  1527. How to Buy a Franchise: A Comprehensive Guide to Due Diligence

    United Kingdom 23/02/2015 17:16:47

    Buying a franchise can help take some of the fear out of starting a business from scratch.

  1528. Have you ever thought about running your own import / export business?

    United Kingdom 23/02/2015 17:11:33

    How To Make £1,000 Per Week Running Your Own Import / Export Agency

  1529. Choosing the most profitable goods to buy and sell

    United Kingdom 23/02/2015 17:08:06

    Start Your Own Import/Export Business. Get your share of an ever-expanding economy with the essential advice in this top-selling guide.

  1530. Thirteen more acts set to promote UK music abroad

    United Kingdom 19/02/2015 09:06:33

    Thirteen more music acts are set to receive support to sell UK music abroad through the Music Export Growth Scheme

  1531. Channel Sales Doesn’t Get You On A New Market

    Germany 19/02/2015 08:56:52

    I often hear from companies that their initial market expansion strategy is channel sales (VAR, SI) but later they had to add direct sales because it didn’t bring the expected results. Here’s my take on that.

  1532. Long term export support confirmed for small and medium sized firms

    United Kingdom 18/02/2015 12:18:54

    Government signs new 5 year contracts with locally based providers to deliver export support to businesses.

  1533. 6 Reasons To Market By Text

    United Kingdom 17/02/2015 17:12:43

  1534. The Interface Financial Group Latest News

    United Kingdom 11/02/2015 14:12:23

    ONE - We are very pleased to welcome MARK MONUMENT to the Interface team as the new head of our Business Development Group for the U.K.

  1535. Offer Domain Names

    United Kingdom 11/02/2015 09:55:43

    You can buy a 1 year .COM for just £1.99! This offer is exclusive to affiliates on the network and for a limited time only (until 28th Feb 2015).

  1536. 4 secrets to McDonald’s success on the French Market

    France 09/02/2015 14:33:32

    Lately, fast-food giant McDonald’s announced important sales drop on its home market and around the world. The only national market that seems to be thriving is France. In a country where quality food and high end gastronomy are almost a religion, how can the symbol of Fast Food keep encountering such a strong success? Lack of strong competition? Taste of young people for American way of life?

  1537. Changes to Accreditation of Branch and Representative Offices in Russia

    Russia 09/02/2015 14:14:39

    What is changing? Single state agency with authority over accreditation – The accreditation of Offices will be handled by a single state agency (hereinafter – the “SSA”). While it is currently not clear which agency will be appointed to deal with the accreditation of Offices, it is widely presumed that the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation (hereinafter – the “FTS”) will be responsible for the accreditation of Offices.

  1538. Blogging Their Way to the Top

    United Kingdom 09/02/2015 08:09:47

    If poets were once the unacknowledged legislators of the world, it now appears that the mantle has been taken over by those dominant in the blogosphere. Governed by none but themselves, bloggers can now influence millions simply with a sense of timing and an affinity with the reigning zeitgeist

  1539. Helping Britain Prosper Globally

    United Kingdom 05/02/2015 12:50:57

    Speech to Lloyds and UKTI Business Leaders’ Summit

  1540. UK and Croatia signed Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

    Croatia 04/02/2015 15:35:35

    Croatia and the UK have signed an Agreement for the avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital gains. The Agreement was duly signed on January 15th, 2015 and it shall enter into force when both countries complete their Parliamentary procedures and exchange a diplomatic note, which is expected by the end of 2015.

  1541. Your Product Value Is More Important Than Your Relationships

    Ghana 04/02/2015 09:59:02

    I’m often asked about how strong my personal business network is in a particular industry or vertical.

  1542. Invoice Discounting offers Entrepreneurs Attractive Start-up Opportunity

    USA 03/02/2015 13:52:05

    Have you decided to start a business? Maybe you're fed up with your current job and looking for an alternative or have decided that it’s time to start making money for yourself for a change?

  1543. Exporting to Iraq

    03/02/2015 11:36:30

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Iraq, including the Iraqi Kurdistan region.

  1544. Cultural clichés between the French and their EU business partners remain strong!

    France 03/02/2015 08:47:40

    Marketing your products and services to an international audience can be a great opportunity to grow your company and reach new customers.

  1545. Women’s Business Visit To China & Hong Kong 30 May To 7 June 2015

    China 02/02/2015 12:39:58

    Are you a woman-led business? Are you looking to expand your business or source new products in China?

  1546. How To Lower Your Risk When Expanding Overseas

    Germany 30/01/2015 10:35:13

    International growth is always on the table when looking at how to make your business grow. If you are B2B and complex decision processes apply, the risks associated with this expansion are often too big to absorb.

  1547. How US Companies Expand Internationally

    USA 30/01/2015 10:29:24

    In the age of the Internet, it could be argued that there is less of a need for companies to establish a physical presence in new countries simply to establish access to and to service a new and larger customer base. However, the reality is that people still buy from people and ultimately this requires a physical presence in key target markets.

  1548. Grown in Britain Global Business Programme at Milan Expo 2015

    Italy 28/01/2015 12:06:35

    Register your interest in taking part in the ‘GREAT Weeks’ sector events, the centrepiece of the Grown in Britain Business Programme in Milan

  1549. Cyprus expands its Double Tax Treaty network - Lithuania

    Cyprus 28/01/2015 10:50:35

    A double tax treaty (“DTT”) was signed between Cyprus and Lithuania in June 2013. The treaty which follows the OECD Model Convention for the avoidance of Double Taxation on Income and on Capital has been ratified by the two Contracting States and has entered into force as of 1 January 2015.

  1550. Austrian companies explore the UK and EU

    Austria 26/01/2015 15:26:28

    Economic outlook at the UKTI Investment Forum 2015

  1551. Potential temporary impact on visa application payment in China

    China 26/01/2015 15:21:44

    Visa application payments may encounter temporary impact

  1552. UK-Hong Kong partnership on the RMB market

    United Kingdom 26/01/2015 14:23:10

    UKTI promotes the UK as an RMB and global fund management centre to a Hong Kong audience of international asset managers.

  1553. UKTI celebrates Italian investors in Milan

    Italy 26/01/2015 14:18:06

    UK-Italy Business Awards assigned by UK Trade & Investment to Italian companies at gala dinner at Milan Stock Exchange.

  1554. Over 200 British companies exhibit in Dubai's Arab Health 2015

    UAE 26/01/2015 13:56:21

    Taking place in Dubai from 26th to 29th January, this is the UK’s largest ever presence. The UK pavilion will be showcasing the latest technology and talent, including through a series of surgical simulations.

  1555. Interested in looking at business opportunities in Kazakhstan?

    21/01/2015 10:13:13

    The Euroasia Business Forum will be held on 23-24th April 2015 in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

  1556. Berlin Start Ups to Watch

    United Kingdom 20/01/2015 10:33:37

    Berlin is one of the most affordable and hippest cities in Europe. Combine these two factors and a flourishing start up market is a natural consequence.

  1557. Powering Change In India

    India 19/01/2015 10:48:22

    In order to deliver on its ambitious plan to position India as a global economic powerhouse over the coming years, the Government of India needs to urgently develop its domestic energy network.

  1558. Security expert to head government export sales organisation

    United Kingdom 15/01/2015 16:51:14

    Stephen Phipson CBE to become Head of UKTI Defence and Security Organisation

  1559. PM celebrates US investment and jobs boost on Washington trip

    United Kingdom 15/01/2015 16:34:01

    UK companies have announced US trade and investment deals worth more than £1.1 billion that will create 1,700 new jobs in the UK.

  1560. Embargo for Crimea?

    Russia 13/01/2015 13:08:19

    Is business activity on the peninsula still possible? On 18th December, the EU announced new sanctions regarding doing business with Crimean legal entities and doing business in Crimea. The next day, the US followed with similar sanctions. Here is an overview of the changes.

  1561. FAIRFX Corporate prepaid card

    United Kingdom 08/01/2015 11:19:55

    Free transaction fee and very competitive 1.5% foreign transaction fee when used overseas.

  1562. £75 referral gift

    United Kingdom 05/01/2015 13:41:36

    Refer someone buying or selling their property to us and we will give you £75

  1563. Going Global Live

    United Kingdom 16/12/2014 14:53:01

    Wendy Smith, Senior Business Development Manager, shares her insights into the Going Global Live event that took place last month in London and how she thinks businesses should prepare to go global

  1564. Will sanctions against Russia come to an end?

    Russia 16/12/2014 08:51:56

    Will sanctions against Russia come to an end? May a citizen of the EU, who works in Moscow for a Russian company, deal with a sanctioned persons? And how can one be sure, he or she stays on the safe side?

  1565. Overseas property owners in the UK – the honeymoon is over!

    United Kingdom 08/12/2014 15:45:06

    The UK’s unique exemption from Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for non UK residents has been reformed with the government’s realisation that tax should be paid on gains arising from the sale of UK residential properties. Currently most foreign property owners in the UK are not subject to CGT and this article outlines the changes to the UK’s CGT regime for non-residents with effect from 5th April 2015.

  1566. Exporting Essentials: Selling Products and Services to the World Successfully

    USA 08/12/2014 09:41:02

    Exporting Essentials: Selling Products and Services to the World Successfully is for entrepreneurs and small business owners—the makers, movers, and shakers in our world—interested in taking their businesses to the next level of growth through exports. This short, hard-hitting book covers just the essentials, providing the tools you need to tap new markets. And it couldn't be more timely.

  1567. Supporting UK business in Australia

    Australia 08/12/2014 09:20:55

    Speech by HE Paul Madden, British High Commissioner to Australia, to UK Business Lunch Group in Sydney

  1568. 4 reasons your export marketing strategy is failing

    France 08/12/2014 09:16:35

    A few months (or years) back, strengthened by successes on your home market, you decided it was time to aim big and consider expanding overseas. You selected a market where demand seemed present, defined export sales targets that seemed pretty realistic to start with, and set up a team that would drive this new sales market.

  1569. The Growth of Italian Franchising

    Italy 04/12/2014 09:23:58

    Franchising in Italy Written by Giuseppe Bonani

  1570. Signing of FATCA agreement between the Republic of Cyprus and United States of America

    Cyprus 03/12/2014 11:06:18

    On 2nd of December 2014, the Minister of Finance Mr Harris Georgiades on behalf of the Republic of Cyprus and the Ambassador of the United States in Nicosia, Mr John M.Koenig, have signed the Intergovernmental agreement (Model 1A Intergovernmental Agreement –“IGA”) to strengthen the international tax cooperation for the implementation of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act).

  1571. How to Register Tax-Free Companies in High-Tax Countries

    Offshore 02/12/2014 17:30:34

    Offshore Companies

  1572. Emerging Markets For Dummies

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 17:26:22

    A comprehensive explanation of emerging markets In this global economy, it is important to understand the power that other countries possess, and how they can affect the global market and your investment portfolio

  1573. Guide to Emerging Markets

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 17:24:18

    The business outlook, opportunities and obstacles

  1574. Small businesses: delivering in one piece

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 14:46:46

    How do you ensure your precious product isn't damaged in transit when delivering to your customers?

  1575. Simple Guidelines For Trouble-Free Delivery Of Your Seasonal Gifts

    USA 02/12/2014 11:23:16

    You can make sure your seasonal presents get to your customers, friends and family safely and on time this holiday season by taking just a few moments to read these handy shipping tips.

  1576. Getting the right marketing strategy

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 11:19:45

    Different businesses require different types of market strategy, ranging from traditional advertising to an inventive use of online tools

  1577. Big Opportunity for Small Business

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 11:04:30

    Study Cites Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership helps both US and EU

  1578. How SMEs can overcome common barriers to growth

    United Kingdom 02/12/2014 11:00:34

    Each business has a unique set of barriers which may be preventing them from looking to expand. Here are some of the most prevalent issues in the SME community.

  1579. VAT registration in Germany

    Germany 02/12/2014 08:54:15

    WW+KN Wagner Winkler & Collegen GmbH is a tax consultancy office assisting foreign companies with the VAT registration and VAT accounting in Germany.

  1580. Chinese students to help UK businesses

    China 25/11/2014 08:47:08

    Chinese-speaking students are to be placed with UK companies to help them break into the Chinese market or find new investment

  1581. The Case For Tax Havens

    Offshore 20/11/2014 11:56:13

    There seems to be building publicity a case for so called Tax Havens which I totally agree with, but the label 'Tax Haven' is a poorly chosen description that causes the most emotional reaction from those and in particular politicians, who believe the citizens of the world should pay as much tax as possible to prop up free spending, inefficient and in some cases, corrupt Governments.

  1582. Free Seminars For Limited Clients

    Offshore 20/11/2014 11:05:46

    We are planning a series of free seminars at our office in Dorset limited for a maximum of 10 attendees per seminar.

  1583. Controlled Foreign Companies (“CFC”) legislation voted by the State Duma

    Cyprus 19/11/2014 13:17:10

    A lot has taken place since the Russian President Vladimir Putin had called for the deoffshorization of the Russian economy in order to repatriate capital being channeled in offshore jurisdictions and to combat tax avoidance.

  1584. Opportunities for UK exporters in Latin America

    Brazil 13/11/2014 10:30:33

    Lord Livingston urged UK businesses to consider the opportunities for export to Latin America during 'Export Week' event in Bournemouth on 12 November 2014

  1585. Mexican Tax Law 2014

    Mexico 10/11/2014 10:06:32

    Electronic accounting Tax payers must upload monthly trial Balance to the tax administration office

  1586. Thinking of moving to sunnier climes or overseas for work?

    United Kingdom 10/11/2014 09:16:55

    Offshore accounts can be a must-have for anyone who lives, works or buys property abroad and routinely transfers money between international accounts or currencies at a moment's notice.

  1587. UK Company Incorporation

    United Kingdom 10/11/2014 09:12:13

    Why might you want to incorporate a UK company or LLP for your clients?

  1588. New Zealand - Economy and Infrastructure

    New Zealand 10/11/2014 09:07:47

    New Zealand has a modern, developed economy and a high standard of living. The main export industries are agriculture, horticulture, fishing and forestry.

  1589. Doing business in Switzerland

    Switzerland 10/11/2014 08:43:14

    Switzerland trade and export guide

  1590. Explore export during ‘Export Week’

    United Kingdom 03/11/2014 14:30:16

    UKTI’s Export Week taking place in November around the UK will provide practical advice to UK companies wanting to do business overseas.

  1591. The Great British Export Report

    United Kingdom 03/11/2014 11:51:29

    For the first time since 2007, things are looking up for the economy. As the UK eases away from recession, and towards sustained growth, there is mounting optimism amongst businesses that a period of prosperity is on the horizon. Exporting is a vital to this, as evidenced by the demanding government target of increasing exports to £1tn by 20201. Comprising a staggering 99.9% of private sector businesses2, which account for 49.8% of GDP3, SMEs have a crucial role to play in this process.

  1592. How to export to EU and beyond

    United Kingdom 03/11/2014 11:36:51

    Opportunities to sell their goods overseas are increasing all the time for British SMEs, yet many are reluctant to start exporting because of their concerns over the complexities of the process; things like tax and duty implications and the myriad of customs regulations and export control that can differ enormously between countries and regions.

  1593. Do you know someone who needs a will?

    United Kingdom 03/11/2014 08:35:47

    Or someone selling their property or looking to buy? If you refer someone we will give you £20 - cash. All they need to do is use our service and tell us that you referred them.

  1594. West Country Brands Explore export Opportunities In China

    China 28/10/2014 11:12:21

    UKTI South West helps UK brands take their first steps into Chinese market through the GREAT British brands festival.

  1595. Business Leaders Headlining At UK Investment Summit Announced

    United Kingdom 28/10/2014 11:09:27

    Businesses are backing this autumn’s UK Investment Summit Wales 2014, which will explore how new technologies are fuelling business growth.

  1596. Japan: Visit By UK Energy Minister

    Japan 28/10/2014 11:01:40

    Matthew Hancock advances work with Japan on nuclear, new generation, low-emission vehicles and investment in hydrogen infrastructure.

  1597. RenePort

    Africa 28/10/2014 09:40:13

    RenePort has made some key strategic changes as the business grows to focus on longer term plans.

  1598. The GREAT Festival of Creativity will promote the best of British business

    China 22/10/2014 09:37:59

    The GREAT Festival of Creativity event run by UKTI in Shanghai will demonstrate the best of British creativity.

  1599. Firms receiving government export support increases by 50%

    United Kingdom 20/10/2014 15:45:43

    The number of businesses receiving export support has increased by 50% in the last financial year.

  1600. UKTI wins United Nations award for attracting foreign investment

    United Kingdom 16/10/2014 16:51:22

    UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has won an award at the United Nations World Investment Forum for excellence in attracting foreign investment.

  1601. Brazil Approves Import Taxes Reduction On 252 Items

    Brazil 16/10/2014 09:27:53

    The Brazilian Foreign Trade Board, CAMEX,has just released a new list of items included on the ex-tarifário regime.

  1602. Exporting to Rwanda

    13/10/2014 08:59:59

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Rwanda.

  1603. What’s the Bottom Line? Introducing Winning Globally Chapter 4

    USA 10/10/2014 08:52:08

    In July, we released the first chapter of Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams, by Radius’ Vice Chairman, Larry Harding.

  1604. International HR: Mandatory Time Off - What's That?

    USA 08/10/2014 18:19:01

    Getting ready to hire employees for a new overseas office? Quick! How many paid vacation days will you be required to give them?

  1605. International Marketing

    08/10/2014 12:05:16

    Why international marketing management strategies should be viewed from a global perspective

  1606. International Business: An Asian Perspective

    China 08/10/2014 10:23:54

    In most Asian countries including China, Japan, Korea, India, and ASEAN countries, the market structure is shaped and regulated not only by market competition but also by government policy.

  1607. Market Entry Strategies

    08/10/2014 10:17:30

    This book is aimed at students and professionals who are interested or involved in international market entries or product launches.

  1608. Exporting to Venezuela

    07/10/2014 10:23:51

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Venezuela.

  1609. Overseas Business Risk

    United Kingdom 06/10/2014 09:14:34

    Information for UK businesses on how to identify and guard against security and political risks when trading overseas.

  1610. Trade Minister urges oil and gas firms to export

    United Kingdom 06/10/2014 09:12:26

    Trade and Investment Minister, Lord Livingston, saw how the North East is leading the way in the oil and gas industry on a visit to Tyneside.

  1611. Half Price Powers of Attorney

    United Kingdom 06/10/2014 09:04:15

    This month we are offering a half price discount on drafting general or limited powers of attorney

  1612. Exporting to Kenya

    Africa 03/10/2014 11:15:10

    Kenya is a member of East African Community (EAC). It has the largest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) economy in south east and central Africa. Kenya’s has a population of approximately 41 million.

  1613. How to deal with the sanctions labyrinth?

    Russia 03/10/2014 11:11:55

    What do the new sanctions really forbid?

  1614. The GREAT Festival of Creativity events run by UKTI in Hong Kong and Shanghai will demonstrate the best of British creativity

    United Kingdom 01/10/2014 10:00:30

    The GREAT Festivals showcase the best of British creativity and how British companies are the best partners to do business with across a variety of sectors including:

  1615. FedEx Express has reached another important milestone in its European growth program

    Poland 29/09/2014 09:56:25

    which has involved business expansion and acquisitions and started in October 2011—by successfully completing the integration of Opek Sp. z o.o. into its global network. The Polish shipping company was acquired in 2012.

  1616. Ryder Cup Europe announce that FedEx will be an Official Supplier to The 2014 Ryder Cup

    USA 29/09/2014 09:53:57

    FedEx to Serve as Official Supplier of Shipping, Courier and Logistics Services to The 2014 Ryder Cup

  1617. Great British Export Report Shows UK SMEs Require Additional Support In Order To Seize Global Opportunities

    United Kingdom 29/09/2014 09:48:31

    Only one quarter of UK SMEs are currently ‘internationally active,’ according to the new Great British Export Report, released today by FedEx Express. However, a third (35%) of UK businesses identify tapping into new markets as essential to their success in the next twelve months.

  1618. What’s the hurry?

    USA 25/09/2014 14:44:48

    If your flight has been called and you are not yet at the gate, there is good reason to make a spirited dash to the departure gate.

  1619. Opening a Foreign Bank Account — If Only It Were That Easy

    USA 25/09/2014 10:30:30

    Sometimes, opening a bank account is quick and easy. In the US and UK, you can do it on your way out of a grocery store.

  1620. eBook Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams Chapter 3

    USA 24/09/2014 17:14:58

    Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams

  1621. Molybank Now Offer Merchant Card Services For UK & Cyprus Companies

    Cyprus 24/09/2014 12:18:15

    Further to meeting this week with our friends at Rietumu Bank we are now able to offer Merchant Card facilities for certain business sectors.

  1622. 'The Tax Party Is Over' Multinational Companies Told By OECD

    24/09/2014 12:14:35

    Pascal Saint-Amans, head of tax policy at the OECD is leading the charge in an attempt to crack down on what the OECD sees as the abuse of the international tax affairs of multinational Companies.

  1623. Exporting to Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 24/09/2014 12:01:13

    A detailed guide on doing business in and with Bulgaria.

  1624. Investing in UK Infrastructure

    United Kingdom 24/09/2014 11:49:40

    Investing in UK Infrastructure provides international and domestic investors with an insight into the opportunities available in the UK.

  1625. Entering The Chinese Market

    China 18/09/2014 17:51:10

    A Practical Guide for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. The Get Ready For China Business Series

  1626. Business Opportunities in Canada

    Canada 18/09/2014 17:47:10

    Canada continues to maintain its ranking as the United States' largest export market in the world accounting for $365.8 billion (19% of total exports) of U.S. goods and services.

  1627. Trade Finance Guide: A Quick Reference for U.S. Exporters

    USA 18/09/2014 17:07:27

    This guide is designed to help U.S. companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), learn the basic fundamentals of trade finance to turn their export opportunities into actual sales and to achieve the ultimate goal:to get paid for their export sales, especially on time.

  1628. Australian Export: A Guide to Law and Practice

    Australia 18/09/2014 17:01:29

    Australian Export: A Guide to Law and Practice remains an ideal introduction and guide to the legal requirements and processes that affect international transactions, and their commercial implications.

  1629. Exporting to Oman

    18/09/2014 15:32:24

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Oman.

  1630. Doing business in Russia. Sanctions latest

    Russia 18/09/2014 10:42:08

    Latest information for UK businesses on Russia and Ukraine, including the Crimea,

  1631. Your Duty of Care Overseas: It Extends Further Than You Think

    USA 18/09/2014 09:27:36

    When planning for an overseas expansion, HR executives should put duty of care at the top of their list of priorities.

  1632. Why substance is important to Cyprus companies?

    Cyprus 18/09/2014 08:53:38

    The need for tax efficient structures has magnified with the recent global economic downturn and the increased scrutiny from Tax Authorities worldwide. Companies need to carefully select the jurisdiction they use for implementing such structures as well as implement their structuring with a careful look on substance so as to be able to mitigate risks and taxes.

  1633. Recent Ontario Decision Casts Doubt On Statutory Severance Pay Threshold

    Canada 17/09/2014 18:10:31

    Ontario employees are entitled to termination payments in accordance with the Employment Standards Act (ESA) – namely notice on termination (or payment in lieu) and by virtue of section 64(2), the employee is entitled to an additional statutory severance payment if they have worked for their employer for 5 years or more or if the employer has an annual payroll of at least CAD$2.5 million.

  1634. Newly Elected Government ‘Reintroduces’ Ontario Budget and Retains Income Tax Increases

    Canada 17/09/2014 18:08:06

    The original May Budget was rejected by opposition parties. Fresh from their win, the newly elected liberal government have reintroduced the measures – this time as the July Budget (essentially the same as the May Budget).

  1635. Federal Revenue Service Confirms Accrual Basis Method

    Brazil 17/09/2014 18:05:56

    The Federal Revenue Service finally clarifies the position on what method should be used to calculate withholding tax on professional services delivered between two resident entities.

  1636. Tax Reduction for IT Companies Extended

    Brazil 17/09/2014 18:04:07

    On August 11, the official gazette confirmed that the 80% reduction in IPI tax currently enjoyed by the IT industry due to expire at the end of this year is to be extended to 2024, after which a 75% reduction will be applied between 2025 and 2026 and a 70% reduction from 2027 until 2029.

  1637. Tax Regime Eased for 'Micro' Business Exports

    Brazil 17/09/2014 18:01:08

    The simplified tax regime is available to ‘micro’ businesses with an annual gross income not exceeding BRL 360,000 and ‘small’ businesses with an annual gross income of between BRL 360,000 and BRL 3.6 million.

  1638. Take Your Business Worldwide

    United Kingdom 17/09/2014 16:39:14

    Going Global exhibition and conference returns to Olympia London on 27-28 Nov

  1639. Hellenic Bank Ranked Safest Bank In Cyprus In 2014

    Cyprus 17/09/2014 12:27:46

    Molybank are licensed introducers to Hellenic Bank

  1640. Concerns Over Keeping Accounts For Seychelles & Belize IBCs

    Offshore 17/09/2014 12:24:01

    New requirements regarding keeping accounts for Seychelles and Belize IBC Companies.

  1641. Salary Thresholds for Short-Term Work Permits Relaxed for IT Specialists

    Belgium 17/09/2014 09:38:14

    IT specialists are now eligible for a ‘B Work Permit for Specialized Technicians’.

  1642. Proposed New Copyright Laws Would Seriously Impact Social Media

    Australia 17/09/2014 09:03:44

    Given that Australia ranks as one of the worst offenders for illegal downloads, it is not surprising that it wants to clean up its act and introduce stricter laws that limit improper use of copyrighted content.

  1643. Minimum Wage Increased by Almost One-Third Percent

    Argentina 17/09/2014 08:41:11

    In the latest official gazette, the Argentine government has taken the bold step of increasing the national minimum wage by 31% to 4,400 pesos a month

  1644. New office facilities for LV Jakarta

    16/09/2014 11:53:20

    Last week PT LV Logistics Indonesia has opened its new office facilities in Jakarta, to facilitate the rapid growth of the company.

  1645. New rules for retailers

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 14:11:58

    The Consumer Contracts (Information, Cancellation and Additional Charges) Regulations 2013 came into force with effect from 13 June 2014. Businesses selling retail products to consumers - including digital content sellers - must comply with the new rules.

  1646. Flexible Working Policy Changes

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 14:09:21

    Amendments to the UK Flexible Working Regulations mean that all employees can now request flexible working after 26 weeks' service. Previously, the right to request flexibility (in terms of hours worked, reducing from full time to part time or job sharing) were limited to those with dependents.

  1647. Capital allowance increase

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 13:54:26

    The Annual Investment Allowance (AIA) provides a tax write-off against profits for expenditure incurred on plant and machinery by businesses and owners of commercial property

  1648. US Expats: IRS announces expiration of unused ITINs

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 13:51:22

    From 2016, US Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITINs) will expire if they are not used on a federal income tax return for five consecutive years.

  1649. Are you missing out on R&D?

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 13:46:07

    International companies: the latest UK R&D figures are in

  1650. New Audit Director for Fitzgerald & Law

    United Kingdom 15/09/2014 13:43:22

    Fitzgerald & Law (F&L) has appointed Geoff Graham as its new audit Director to strengthen the existing service offering.

  1651. Cyprus - New Residence Permits for third country nationals

    Cyprus 15/09/2014 11:03:41

    On the 23rd of August 2014 the Civil Registry and Immigration Department of Cyprus (CRID), announced that new special residence permits for third country nationals who are employed by foreign-owned companies will be issued.

  1652. Cyprus expands its Double Tax Treaty network with Lithuania & Guernsey

    Cyprus 05/09/2014 10:53:15

    Cyprus, which has been long established as a solid economic and business centre worldwide, seeks to reinforce its title as a beneficial investment hub by expanding its double tax treaty network and creating stronger economic and trade relations with other Contracting States.

  1653. UAE (Dubai RAK) Ras Al Khaimah Companies: A Success Story.

    UAE 04/09/2014 12:01:30

    In my opinion, the best IBC jurisdiction available today. Totally secure and confidential. With a great image. What is their not to like?

  1654. The Organisation For Economic Co-Operation & Development OECD

    Offshore 04/09/2014 11:56:56

    Accountancy requirements for Seychelles and Belize Companies. Although we have sent emails to all our clients regarding rule changes to Seychelles and Belize IBC Companies, we feel it necessary to repeat the changes to keep our clients informed. It is now a requirement for clients to keep accounts for Seychelles and Belize IBC Companies.

  1655. Why China Will Start Off-Shoring to Mexico

    Mexico 04/09/2014 09:23:21

    Mexico’s manufacturing boom has proceeded in stages. At first, it was built on auto manufacturing. While that continues to surge, American companies have now started relocating simpler manufacturing from China to Mexico.

  1656. Top 10 cultural and linguistic blunders in international advertising

    France 01/09/2014 17:43:50

    So you’ve made up your mind: your company is going to expand internationally!!

  1657. Expand your international business to make it faster, bigger, and better

    UAE 29/08/2014 09:07:52

    This essential hands-on book will show you how to successfully navigate the region's most attractive markets: the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Oman.

  1658. Are The New Import Embargos Of Big Importance?

    Russia 27/08/2014 10:06:00

    Yes, they are. On August 6 and 7, Russia reacted to the sectorial EU-sanctions with an embargo on the import of food and agricultural products from the EU, USA, Norway, Canada and Australia.

  1659. 195 Countries - Where to Go First? Introducing Winning Globally Chapter 2

    USA 22/08/2014 08:41:01

    In July, we released the first chapter of Winning Globally

  1660. Opportunities for UK oil and gas companies in Africa

    Africa 20/08/2014 09:22:10

    UKTI’s event in Glasgow during the Commonwealth Games highlighted support available to help UK business access export opportunities in east and west Africa.

  1661. Notice to Exporters

    Russia 18/08/2014 12:56:47

    Russia added to prohibited destinations for certain licences

  1662. Accelerated Market access in sub-Sahara Africa for your company

    South Africa 15/08/2014 13:09:38

    Meet us in the UK and Germany in September 2014 for a non-binding consultation, InterGest South Africa is heading on a road-show to the UK and Germany.

  1663. Tax incentives to promote energy efficient measures

    South Africa 15/08/2014 13:05:39

    Nelisiwe Magubane, Director of the Department of Energy (DoE) has announced to reduce the primary energy demand of businesses through tax incentives

  1664. Opportunities in Africa’s food processing / packaging sector : 7-fold growth forecasted

    South Africa 15/08/2014 13:03:02

    According to recent market research forecasts, diet and food patterns concerning the majority of Africa’s population will see a radical change in the next ten years.

  1665. Investors are looking to Africa full of confidence

    South Africa 15/08/2014 12:57:21

    According to a survey of more than 300 market leading companies and their directors, South Africa gained two ranks (ranking 13) being one of the most desired countries in terms of foreign direct investments.

  1666. Change of border entry regulations in South Africa – Important !!!!

    South Africa 15/08/2014 12:54:16

    From 26 May 2014 onward, South Africa has tightened it’s border entry regulations. According to the Department of Home Affairs, a person overstaying their visa (starting from day one of the overstay) will be declared an undesirable person.

  1667. Preparing for workplace pension reform and automatic enrolment:

    United Kingdom 15/08/2014 10:38:43

    The Government introduced new pension legislation through the Pensions Act 2008. This legislation is likely to affect all businesses who have people working for them, irrespective of the size of the business or the number of employees

  1668. The Power of One

    United Kingdom 13/08/2014 13:18:02

    QuickStart to Simplicity

  1669. The Story of Globalisation

    United Kingdom 13/08/2014 13:15:53

    QuickStart to Market Entry

  1670. Doing business in Russia and Ukraine: Sanctions latest

    Russia 11/08/2014 15:48:32

    Latest information for UK businesses on Russia and Ukraine, including the Crimea, following the introduction of EU sanctions on 29 July 2014.

  1671. Notary Express is pleased to announce that it is opening a new branch in Norwich

    United Kingdom 08/08/2014 11:45:59

    Norwich is one of the oldest cities in England and from the 11th century right up until the industrial revolution was one of the most populous.

  1672. A Sanctions War?

    Russia 08/08/2014 11:33:36

    Russia announced massive sanctions against the EU, the US, Canada, Australia and Norway, imposing bans for agricultural imports and food imports as a response to the sectorial sanctions of the EU. What would it mean for you business?

  1673. Sanctions Affecting International Business

    Russia 08/08/2014 11:28:58

    As new sanctions are imposed by the US and EU, and the consolidated list already includes 167 individuals and companies, a major concern is growing among the international business. We present our new sanctions-related publication.

  1674. Tax Planning With Offshore Companies

    06/08/2014 09:57:24

    If you're planning on using an offshore, non-resident company or trust to reduce your UK taxes, there are some tremendous opportunities available.

  1675. How to Register Tax-Free Companies in High-Tax Countries

    06/08/2014 09:54:55

    This book will teach you how to incorporate tax-free companies in those countries.

  1676. Update for UK companies trading in Russia and Ukraine

    Russia 05/08/2014 13:38:25

    Latest information for UK businesses on Russia and Ukraine, including the Crimea, following the introduction of EU sanctions on 29 July 2014.

  1677. Winning Globally - Stay Local or Go Global

    USA 01/08/2014 08:49:05

    An opportunity to download chapter 1 of our new eBook, Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams (chapter 1 Stay Local or Go Global?

  1678. Digital advertising methods French consumers HATE !

    France 31/07/2014 08:54:01

    No exception here, French consumers are the targets of numerous advertising campaigns, both online and offline. With the Internet and new mobile marketing tools, communication opportunities towards consumers are rising, and it’s hard to determine which better tool to use to address potential clients.

  1679. Start Your Own Freight Brokerage Business

    29/07/2014 17:21:03

    The experts at Entrepreneur Press lay out a step-by-step approach to starting a freight brokerage business

  1680. Start Your Own Import/Export Business

    29/07/2014 17:18:11

    Importing and exporting are trillion-dollar industries -- but that doesn't mean they're just for big business.

  1681. Lord Livingston meets top exporters from the south east region

    United Kingdom 29/07/2014 17:15:17

    Winners of the 2014 Queen’s Award for Enterprise from the south east celebrated their success at a special event in London hosted by Lord Livingston.

  1682. Offshore Tax Secrets 2014

    Offshore 28/07/2014 11:00:45

    This new guide is essential reading for anyone interested in using offshore tax planning techniques to legally reduce UK taxes.

  1683. Offshore Companies

    Offshore 28/07/2014 10:58:38

    How To Register Tax-Free Companies in High-Tax Countries

  1684. Company Formation: A Practical Global Guide

    United Kingdom 28/07/2014 10:50:45

    How to set up a company in a wide range of jurisdictions

  1685. Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS)

    Cyprus 25/07/2014 14:14:28

    From 1 January 2015 significant changes will be introduced in the EU VAT legislation for the provision of services in the areas of telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services.

  1686. 3 important mistakes to avoid when doing business with the French

    France 25/07/2014 09:22:14

    So you’ve made the marketing research, business plans are looking good, and so you’ve have decided that France will be your next big market

  1687. Road Map to Asia Business Success

    Japan 24/07/2014 14:15:30

    Launch your company or raise your performance in your targeted Asia Pacific market.

  1688. Doing business in China

    China 24/07/2014 14:00:46

    David Clive Price offers companies insider knowledge and strategies of how to optimize global business operations and build brand recognition in Asian markets

  1689. Winning Globally: A Playbook for International Expansion Teams

    USA 23/07/2014 08:50:01

    In 2014, the face of global enterprise continues to change rapidly. The signs are everywhere: This year, the fastest-growing economy is expected to be Mongolia’s, at a rate of 15.3 percent.

  1690. Do your mail and logistics providers need to be ‘local’ to your country of business?

    United Kingdom 22/07/2014 11:55:40

    We work in an ever smaller world. The rise of global supply chains means that, whether your new business is involved in retail or manufacturing, the chances are your regular shipments and deliveries will involve products or parts from a number of different countries and probably continents.

  1691. The UK has attracted the most inward investment projects since records began in the 1980s.

    United Kingdom 22/07/2014 09:04:50

    Foreign investment projects create highest number of new UK jobs since 2001 Commonwealth Games Business Conference in Glasgow starts this week (22 July 2014)

  1692. Latest information for UK exporters on the impact of Russia’s recent intervention in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea on business

    Russia 22/07/2014 09:02:57

    The UK government is keeping our economic engagement with Russia under close review. Some bilateral cooperation and trade support activity is being affected

  1693. How to Break Into the World's High-Growth Markets

    United Kingdom 21/07/2014 11:16:32

    International trade

  1694. Export/Import Procedures and Documentation

    United Kingdom 21/07/2014 11:11:41

    The details of international business are growing more complex by the day--and even the most seasoned professionals can find themselves in need of guidance.

  1695. IFG Opens South Africa Master Licensee Office in Pretoria

    South Africa 17/07/2014 16:31:56

    Markham, Ontario, Canada (14th July 2014) - The Interface Financial Group is pleased to announce the opening of their South Africa Master Licensee office in Pretoria.

  1696. Is offshore tax-planning dead? Maybe not but, as Dylan once sang: “the times they are a-changing’”.

    Offshore 14/07/2014 17:21:31

    I’m writing during a month which saw US FATCA come into effect; a law providing for the automatic worldwide exchange of tax information related to US-citizens.

  1697. You don't have to choose a bank to invest your money.

    United Kingdom 14/07/2014 09:55:10

    At Funding Circle you could earn a great rate and help the economy at the same time

  1698. What is the difference between a free trade zone, a customs union and an economic union?

    Russia 08/07/2014 16:11:10

    What is the difference between a free trade zone, a customs union and an economic union? The economic integration of different countries results in the simplification of trade, capital and personal transfers, and it provides economic and social progress. However it is not always understood what exactly defines the different forms of economic integration.

  1699. Making documents for use overseas legally valid

    United Kingdom 07/07/2014 16:40:24

    Certified copies and documents requiring a witness or authentication for use overseas should be signed before a notary public. There have been recent cases where a solicitor in England or Wales has offered to certify a document and the client has opted for their service believing it will save a little money. The document has subsequently been rejected in the foreign country, costing the client even more money and time spent in starting the process again.

  1700. Foreign Currency

    United Kingdom 04/07/2014 10:27:23

    We are pleased to announce that the Post Office will be running a fantastic Travel Money flash promotion from 8am today, Friday 4th July to 8am Tuesday 8th July.

  1701. Trust or Foundation: what should you choose?

    United Kingdom 30/06/2014 17:58:10

    Trusts and foundations are both valuable solutions if you are thinking of ways to protect your assets or succession planning for the future. But there are a number of similarities and important differences between both options so you need to find what’s right for you.

  1702. Bulgaria and the U.S. agree on the implementation of FATCA

    Bulgaria 30/06/2014 15:38:18

    The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency and the U.S. Department of Finance agreed on the text of the agreement between Bulgaria and the United States, aimed to improve the compliance of the tax legislation from an international aspect and the enforcement of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), voted in 2010. To this effect, Bulgaria is included in the list of countries the Unites States is having a FATCA agreement in force with.

  1703. Asia Cross Cultural Gift Giving Etiquette: Singapore

    Singapore 30/06/2014 09:09:30

    In Asia, gifts are an important part of cultivating relationships. Maybe you need a gift to give at a wedding. Maybe you need to thank team members who have exceeded their goals. Or maybe you need to thank a friend or client. Whatever the reason, choosing the right gift can be a challenge due to cross cultural gift-giving considerations.

  1704. The Cyprus Emerging Companies Market. A safeguard to CFC rules?

    Cyprus 30/06/2014 08:58:52

    In light of the recent financial turmoil and the ever increasing need for the attraction of new investors and companies in the country, the CSE established in 2010 its Emerging Companies Market (“ECM”).

  1705. Networking: you got to be in it to win it

    Brazil 30/06/2014 08:22:02

    By Gabriel de Carvalho Jacintho* In a wide range of business sectors, many otherwise technically impeccable professionals have poor social skills. When it comes to building relationship or closing business deals some of them are simply terrified of approaching people. On the other hand, we also know there are salespeople whose strong skills to sell is innate – they could sell sand in the desert.

  1706. UAE Strike A Tax Evasion Agreement With The USA

    UAE 20/06/2014 09:05:49

    The UAE has signed an agreement with the US on curbing tax evasion of US citizens through a financial data sharing program.

  1707. New Cyprus –UAE Double Tax Agreement Takes Effect

    UAE 18/06/2014 16:15:07

    New Agreement The new double tax agreement signed between Cyprus and the UAE (United Arab Emirates) came into force from 1st January 2014. For the greater part, the agreement issues the corresponding OECD’s provision on the recent Model Tax Convention. The principal that originates from the OECD model include:

  1708. Trade and Investment Deals Announced During the UK-China Summit.

    China 18/06/2014 10:25:29

    £14 billion of trade and investment deals have been signed between UK and Chinese firms as the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang meets Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to the UK.

  1709. Agent for Service of Legal Process (ASP) – Choose the right provider

    United Kingdom 17/06/2014 14:30:36

    If your company enters into an agreement or contract subject to English law, you will normally be required to provide an English address to which the British courts can serve notice of legal proceedings. Where your company is not incorporated within England then an agent can be used to receive notice of legal proceedings on your behalf.

  1710. Develop your exports in Emerging Europe

    Austria 16/06/2014 17:15:47

    The central and eastern Europe(CEE) region offers opportunities for all UK companies ranging from novice to experienced exporters

  1711. Alternative Housing Start-Up Schemes

    Germany 16/06/2014 11:57:51

    Whilst the housing market has long been seen as a solid investment for those unwilling to bear the ups-and-downs of the stock market, the past few years have made many think twice before sinking their funds into what was once seen as a sure thing.

  1712. EU-US sanctions against Russian Companies

    Russia 16/06/2014 10:36:36

    The EU-US sanctions against Russian companies and individuals forbid any economic interaction with the persons from the sanctions list and companies which are owned for 50% or more by these persons, or controlled by them. A violation of sanctions can be punished very hard: a sanctions violation can cost a company fines over $1,000,000 and imprisonment for managers for up to 30 years (US) or 10 years (Germany or other European countries). Irresponsible action (i.e. negligence) is punishable too.

  1713. Mexican Energy Reform 2014

    Mexico 16/06/2014 08:23:02

    Great Opening ! ! ! To Foreign And Private Investment

  1714. Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF): A good vehicle into the European Investment Arena

    Cyprus 13/06/2014 10:53:24

    The introduction of the Market in Financial Instruments Directive of the European Union marked a new era in the regulation of investment firms in Europe. Cyprus has implemented the Directive, offering in this way a flexible and reliable entering point into the EU market for both EU firms that require a license and for non-EU firms that wish to have a place of business in the EU.

  1715. LV opens office in Baku

    11/06/2014 09:49:23

    LV Shipping & Transport is proud to announce the company registration of LV Caspian Ltd. With this new office in Baku (Azerbaijan) LV Shipping & Transport now has a representation in the capital of the Oil & Gas industry at the Caspian Sea.

  1716. LV partner Logitrans opens a new office & terminal in Denmark

    Denmark 11/06/2014 09:47:07

    LV's long standing partner Logitrans has opened a new office and terminal in Herning, Denmark

  1717. New criteria for a Cypriot Citizenship

    Cyprus 10/06/2014 14:46:34

    Scheme for naturalization of investors in Cyprus by exception on the basis of subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws of 2002-2013

  1718. FedEx strengthens its domestic ground and supply chain services in India following successful integration

    India 10/06/2014 13:51:22

    FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announces the successful integration of its acquired AFL and UFL businesses in India.

  1719. FedEx Marks European Growth Milestone

    Belgium 10/06/2014 13:50:06

    FedEx Express has reached a significant milestone in its European growth programme – which has involved business expansion and acquisitions and started in October 2011 – by opening its 100th new station in Seville, southern Spain.

  1720. Hong Kong v Singapore. Which has the edge for expanding businesses?

    Hong Kong 10/06/2014 08:34:46

    Jordans Trust Company receives many enquiries for both Hong Kong and Singapore from businesses expanding into Asia. But what are the key characteristics of each, and which has the edge?

  1721. Tax News Russia: Double taxation treaty

    Russia 06/06/2014 09:25:40

    By the letter of the Ministry of Finance No. 03-00-RZ/16236 of 9.04.14 it is established that on the basis of the double taxation treaty only the beneficial owner of the corresponding income abroad can use privileges.

  1722. What is it – sanctions against Russia?

    Russia 03/06/2014 16:55:44

    To be exact, sanctions against Russia do not exist. There are sanctions of the EU and the USA (and also some other countries, for example Switzerland or Norway) against certain Russian and Ukrainian persons (individuals and legal entities). In total in the lists there are 77 individuals and 20 legal entities (as of 27.05.2014).

  1723. Timeframes for registration of Cyprus International Trusts

    Cyprus 03/06/2014 09:15:30

    The Law Regulating Companies Providing Administrative Services and Related Matters, Law 196(I)/2012 ('the Fiduciaries Law') was enacted in December 2012 establishing a licensing and supervisory body for corporate and fiduciary services providers as per Directive 2005/ 60/EC of the European Union.

  1724. Bulgarian National Revenue Agency’s official position on reinvoicing of expenses

    Bulgaria 03/06/2014 09:12:58

    The Bulgarian National Revenue Agency published an official opinion regarding the VAT Act, and more specifically related to the part concerning the reinvoicing of expenses, when they are not part of explicit obligations, related to major transactions between two VAT registered companies. This action is a step towards unifying the local Bulgarian legislation with the standards applicable in the EU.

  1725. New Appendix to the Corporate Annual Tax Return in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria 03/06/2014 09:10:44

    The Bulgarian Ministry of Finance added a new very important Appendix (Reference No.1 to Appendix 4) to the Annual Tax Return that legal entities are obliged to submit for the calendar year of 2013.

  1726. Cyprus to sign a FATCA agreement with the US Treasury

    Cyprus 03/06/2014 09:06:56

    The Inland Revenue Department of the Republic of Cyprus is expected to sign the Model 1 InterGovernmental Agreement (“IGA”) with the US Treasury in accordance with the provisions of the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA).

  1727. The Cabinet of Cyprus passes Bill for the formation of a Unified Single Tax Authority

    Cyprus 03/06/2014 09:03:16

    On the 23rd of April 2014 the Cabinet of Cyprus has passed a Bill providing for the establishment of a “Unified Single Tax Authority” which will be dealing with all tax issues in the country. This new unified body will essentially absorb the powers of the Cyprus Income Tax Authority and the Cyprus VAT Authority while the last two bodies will be abolished.

  1728. Cambodia Cultural Training: Leading Effectively

    02/06/2014 08:09:37

    Making a good impression when doing business among Cambodians is relatively easy if you're well mannered, calm and friendly. Business relationships are usually based on trust and familiarity and will always exist between individuals, rather than companies. If a key person in a deal is replaced, the relationship building will often need to start again.

  1729. UK and China agree £2 billion digitial media link-up

    China 30/05/2014 17:19:29

    Creative companies from the UK and China are set to benefit from £2 billion worth of trade and investment opportunities.

  1730. Tax News Russia: Transfer pricing audit 2014

    Russia 28/05/2014 12:15:03

    Transfer pricing audit 2014 Russia

  1731. Tax News Russia: Plan of tax system optimization

    Russia 28/05/2014 12:13:09

    Plan of tax system optimization

  1732. Tax News Russia: Offshore structures

    Russia 28/05/2014 12:11:11

    Fight with offshore structures

  1733. New US and EU Sanctions. How to Stay on the Safe Side

    Russia 28/05/2014 12:08:42

    On May 13, the EU published an extended sanctions list concerning the Ukrainian crisis

  1734. German business concerns grow over Russia ties

    Russia 28/05/2014 12:06:36

    German companies are concerned about their business ties with Russia and most oppose economic sanctions

  1735. CBS and Lindt & Sprüngli

    UAE 20/05/2014 08:23:58

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) was featured in a press release with Dubai FDI, an agency of the Department of Economic Development to highlight the successful establishment of a recent addition to CBS clients, Lindt & Sprüngli on 14th of April 2014 that was covered by leading regional newspapers and online magazines.

  1736. CBS and GeoHarbour

    UAE 20/05/2014 08:20:52

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) was featured in a press release with Dubai FDI, an agency of the Department of Economic Development to highlight the successful establishment of a recent addition to CBS clients, GeoHarbour on 1st of April 2014 that was covered by leading regional newspapers. The article introduces details of GeoHarbour’s journey in establishing its base in Dubai and its ecologically-friendly technologies and unique approach.

  1737. CBS and Gulf Education London

    UAE 20/05/2014 08:16:46

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) was invited to participate in Gulf Education in London on 31 March 2014 and 1 April 2014.

  1738. Going Global May 2014

    Holland 19/05/2014 11:46:42

  1739. Cultural Training Philippines: Multicultural Leadership

    Malaysia 19/05/2014 10:54:38

    Learning how to approach certain tasks as a foreign manager in the Philippines with greater cultural sensitivity and skill will help you get the job done. When doing business with Filipinos you may assume your cultural business style is just fine in building trust, cooperation and efficiency but you are probably headed for big trouble.

  1740. Setting a Saudi Strategy or Want to Create a Saudi Company / Business?

    Saudi Arabia 07/05/2014 10:23:56

    At AEI we regularly receive requests for information and support on our client’s strategies for Saudi Arabia and also a surprising number of companies wanting to dive in and secure a Saudi commercial registration or apply for a particular license.

  1741. RenePort Q1 2014

    Brazil 06/05/2014 08:58:04

    RenePort has had a great start to the year appointing four key partners and extending their reach to support businesses in over 20 of the key emerging & frontier markets

  1742. Vietnam Cultural Business Tips

    01/05/2014 11:09:34

    When working with the Vietnamese it is important to remember that there are essentially two Vietnams

  1743. Update for UK companies trading in Russia and Ukraine

    Russia 01/05/2014 09:38:55

    Latest information for UK exporters on the impact of Russia’s recent intervention in Ukraine on business.

  1744. Lawrence Grant On The International Scene

    United Kingdom 28/04/2014 13:10:53

    The last couple of months have seen us highly active on the cross-border trail. Firstly, in regard to our active membership of GGI (formerly Geneva Group International), in March we were represented at the GGI “Easymeet”, a bi-annual conference for young professionals held on this occasion in Dusseldorf. Partner Ben Korklin and senior staff members Prodipta Patel and Timon Witschi flew the LG flag high and were all highly active in the various technical discussions.

  1745. The Road Map to Asia Business Success

    China 28/04/2014 11:09:29

    If you're feeling blocked or you haven't reached the right level in your business yet (or you haven't even dared to start!), you need a Road Map to Success.

  1746. Exporting to Canada

    Canada 24/04/2014 18:01:43

    Canada is the UK’s 16th largest export market for goods. Canada has cultural, historic, and linguistic links with the UK.

  1747. Exporting to Brazil

    Brazil 24/04/2014 17:59:18

    Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world, with a population of approximately 190 million. Brazil is the world’s sixth largest economy and by far the largest in South America.

  1748. Working Effectively in Hong Kong: Overcoming Cultural Differences

    Hong Kong 24/04/2014 12:21:37

    Hong Kong is the bridge between China and the West. Many companies looking to expand into Asia and concerned about intellectual property protection and financing will start their venture in Hong Kong.

  1749. Exporting to Argentina

    Argentina 23/04/2014 08:40:00

    Argentina is the world’s 22nd largest economy and the second largest in South America. Its Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita is the second highest in South America

  1750. Exporting to South Africa

    South Africa 23/04/2014 08:31:38

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in South Africa.

  1751. Exporting to Nigeria

    Nigeria 23/04/2014 08:29:51

    A guide for British businesses who are interested in developing their overseas trade and doing business in Nigeria.

  1752. Exporting to Ghana

    Ghana 23/04/2014 08:28:33

    Are you a member of a UK company wishing to export overseas? Interested in entering or expanding your activity in the Ghanaian market? Then this guide is for you!

  1753. Exporting to Egypt

    Egypt 23/04/2014 07:31:05

    Are you a UK company wishing to export overseas? Interested in entering or expanding your activity in the Egyptian market? Then this guide is for you

  1754. The Austrian Private Foundation

    Austria 22/04/2014 10:55:51

    The Austrian Private Foundation came into existence in 1993 and is a pure success story since then. The Austrian Private Foundation was designed to preserve and create wealth for the benefit of a family.

  1755. The Austrian Holding Company

    Austria 22/04/2014 10:50:06

    Austria, right in the Center of the European Union and the historical gateway between East and West, serves as a perfect jurisdiction for establishing a Holding Company.

  1756. Doing Business in South Korea: Managing Cultural Differences

    South Korea 17/04/2014 13:58:16

    Koreans will not expect you to be an expert on the nuances of their culture, but they will appreciate a show of interest in matters that are important to them. Often what is most valued by Koreans involves the ability to build influential relationships and skilfully navigate hierarchy

  1757. Total moves it’s financial headquarters to London.

    United Kingdom 14/04/2014 08:29:26

    In order to get a little closer to the international market, the kind of market valued by major global firms, the French oil giant Total is in the process of moving its management financial personnel to London; a move confirmed by a firm’s spokesperson to Reuters.

  1758. Effective Cross Cultural Communication in the Workplace: Tips for Success

    China 10/04/2014 08:50:53

    Working across cultures is usually more interesting, if not always more enjoyable, than if we were just doing business with our own nationality. It is most likely that many of “the ways we like to do business” are quite familiar among our cross-cultural colleagues and clients.

  1759. Chancellor uses trade trip to Brazil to hail further finance support to back British exporters

    Brazil 09/04/2014 10:36:22

    At the start of a three day trade trip to Brazil, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, the Rt Hon George Osborne MP, announced the next stage in the government’s fundamental overhaul of finance for British exporters.

  1760. Over 50% of FedEx Flights at Cologne Bonn Airport Use Ultra-Modern B777F

    Germany 08/04/2014 10:44:43

    FedEx B777F deployed on even more routes: Effective immediately, FedEx will now operate 30 of its 58 weekly flights to and from Cologne Bonn Airport with the ultra-modern Boeing 777 (B777F) aircraft

  1761. Riyadh Office: Our second office in Saudi Arabia

    Saudi Arabia 08/04/2014 09:44:50

    On 3 March 2014 Al Khodari LV Shipping Logistics Ltd has opened its second office in Saudi Arabia.

  1762. Slovakia Elects Independent President, Andrej Kiska

    Slovakia 07/04/2014 08:13:01

    Andrej Kiska has beaten Prime Minister Robert Fico in the presidential elections, making him the first truly independent president in the country’s modern-day history to be elected to office, providing hope that the country might finally be freeing itself from political groups and their hidden sponsors

  1763. VC Insights: Conquer the Domestic Market First*

    United Kingdom 28/03/2014 12:57:59

    “You have to think globally from the start.”

  1764. International Operations Update

    USA 28/03/2014 12:55:24

    What Does Spring Mean If You’re Operating Overseas? Budget Season, of Course

  1765. What the Crisis in Crimea Means for Your Business in Russia

    Russia 28/03/2014 12:53:07

    The United States and the European Union are now in open geopolitical conflict with Russia over Vladimir Putin’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine.

  1766. MINT May Be the New BRIC, but Do We Really Need It?

    Mexico 28/03/2014 12:49:39

    IKEA ready-to-assemble Swedish furniture warehouse is coming to greater Jakarta. Shipments of smart devices to Mexico­– PCs, tablets, and smartphones–grew 46% last year.

  1767. UK visa application service changes in Australia

    Australia 28/03/2014 11:40:49

    During March, the UK visa service in Australia will change with the opening of new Visa Application Centres (VACs) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Canberra.

  1768. Change to UK Visa Applications in Spain

    Spain 28/03/2014 11:38:01

    From 21st March 2014, the process for applying for a UK Visa in Spain has changed.

  1769. New guide to UK creative excellence in visitor attractions

    United Kingdom 28/03/2014 11:36:43

    The new UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) guide was launched at the London Dungeon on 25 March 2014.

  1770. China’s economy speeds up again… worldwide trade to benefit?

    China 27/03/2014 16:19:20

    China has reported better-than-expected trade surplus figures, reversing recent forecasts and easing fears that a slowdown in Chinese trade would slow down a recovery in the wider world economy.

  1771. Cultural Training China: Effective Negotiation Skills

    China 27/03/2014 10:59:07

    How can we adapt our cultural work styles to manage more effectively when doing business in China?

  1772. International Festival for Business 2014 and UK Trade & Investment

    United Kingdom 27/03/2014 09:31:52

    The International Festival for Business (IFB) will be the UK’s most significant international trade and commerce showcase since 1951.

  1773. UK Trade Minister calls for speedy conclusion to £1.3 billion Canada trade agreement

    Canada 27/03/2014 09:27:22

    Lord Livingston begins a 3 day trade visit to Canada

  1774. ATP And FedEx Renew Sponsorship

    United Kingdom 26/03/2014 09:23:53

    LONDON - The ATP and FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) announce the continuation of the shipping giant’s sponsorship as a global Platinum Partner of the ATP World Tour.

  1775. Cultural Training Malaysia: Effective Multicultural Team Management Tips

    Malaysia 20/03/2014 09:46:01

    When working in multicultural teams in Malaysia our cultural differences can impact our work relationships and project success.

  1776. Trade minister brings UK business delegation to the Gulf

    UAE 17/03/2014 17:18:43

    Lord Livingston has begun a 3 day visit to the UAE and Qatar to help cement the position of the UK as a long term trade and investment partner.

  1777. Lawrence Grant, Chartered Accountants re-launches website

    United Kingdom 17/03/2014 14:25:48

    We are pleased to announce the unveiling of our revamped website:

  1778. FedEx Earns #8 Spot on the FORTUNE World’s Most Admired Companies List

    Belgium 14/03/2014 14:05:34

    FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) is once again among the most admired companies in the world, according to a survey published in FORTUNE magazine.

  1779. FedEx Express Named as a Top Employer in Britain for 2014

    United Kingdom 14/03/2014 14:04:00

    LONDON, 12 March 2014 FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company has been officially certified as one of Britain’s Top Employers for the fourth year running, a testament to placing people at the heart of its organisation.

  1780. FedEx Voted UK Business Superbrand

    United Kingdom 14/03/2014 14:02:37

    FedEx, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company has been officially named as a Business Superbrand in the influential annual survey that identifies the UK’s strongest business-to-business brands.

  1781. FedEx Express Acknowledged as Great Place to Work in Ireland for Eighth Year Running

    Ireland 14/03/2014 13:58:01

    FedEx Express, a subsidiary of FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) and the world’s largest express transportation company, has been officially named as one of the Best Workplaces in Ireland.

  1782. FedEx Express Launches SenseAware in Europe

    Belgium 14/03/2014 13:53:20

    Service Designed for Healthcare Industry to Ship Critical and Time-Sensitive Packages

  1783. Leading Effectively Across Cultures: Focus Asia

    China 14/03/2014 10:04:02

    Identifying the key leadership competencies your executives need in today’s competitive global environment includes intercultural skills. Organizations have to look for every advantage they can get. And understanding cultural differences in leadership and their impact on the bottom line gives them a competitive edge.

  1784. Two Chinese Automotive Firms Eyeing Slovakia

    Slovakia 12/03/2014 13:59:52

    Two potential Chinese investments from the automotive sector could be heading to Slovakia, according to reports in today’s newspapers, with the possibility of yet another car plant being located here.

  1785. Fitch Affirms Slovakia at 'A+'; Outlook Stable

    Slovakia 12/03/2014 13:58:02

    LONDON, February 28 (Fitch) Fitch Ratings has affirmed Slovakia's Long-term foreign and local currency Issuer Default Ratings (IDR) at 'A+' with Stable Outlooks. The issue ratings on Slovakia's senior unsecured foreign and local currency bonds have also been affirmed at 'A+'. The Country Ceiling has been affirmed at 'AAA' and the Short-term foreign currency IDR at 'F1'.

  1786. Ceo Guide To Doing Business In South Africa

    South Africa 12/03/2014 11:58:57

    South Africa business guide

  1787. Why the UK visa service is the best in India

    India 12/03/2014 07:36:10

    Remarks by Sir James Bevan KCMG, UK High Commissioner in Mumbai, 12 March 2014.

  1788. New Hong Kong Company Law Ordinance – Taking Hong Kong’s competitiveness into a new era

    Hong Kong 11/03/2014 12:52:39

    A new Company Ordinance was first introduced in July 2012 which has effectively revamping the old company law enforced since the early 80s with an aim to maintain Hong Kong city’s status quo as one of the most attractive business and financial centre in the world.

  1789. Changes to how you apply for a visa from outside the UK: 3 March to 16 March 2014

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 16:41:33

    The commercial partner (the company you deal with when applying for a UK visa) may be changing.

  1790. Cross-Border Due Diligence

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 13:43:23

    Cases and Guidance for Planning Business in Emerging Markets

  1791. Five Keys to Entering New Markets

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 13:38:30

    Learn how your business can tap into foreign markets In Export Now , two international business experts reveal the secrets to taking your company global.

  1792. Winning in the Global Marketplace

    USA 07/03/2014 13:23:14

    Export & Import - Winning in the Global Marketplace: A Practical Hands-On Guide to Success in International Business, with 100s of Real-World Examples + Exercises

  1793. Import/export Kit for Dummies

    USA 07/03/2014 13:03:34

    An easy–to–understand primer on the exciting world of import/export With significant changes in technology, expanding economies, and international trade agreements, the global marketplace continues to grow and change rapidly.

  1794. Letters of Credit In International Trade

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 12:53:33

    A Guide for Exporters and Importers

  1795. The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 12:45:28

    Exporting: The Definitive Guide to Selling Abroad Profitably is for entrepreneurs and small business owners—the makers, movers, and shakers in our world—interested in taking their businesses to the next level of growth through exports.

  1796. How to Startup an Import/Export Business

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 12:41:05

    Do you like the idea of running your own business?

  1797. Explore Import Procedures and Export Regulations

    United Kingdom 07/03/2014 12:28:50

    Export-Import Theory, Practices, and Procedures .

  1798. Indian business angels to make first UK investment

    India 07/03/2014 08:31:49

    India’s largest business angels group is set to make its first investment in a UK start-up.

  1799. Japanese Cultural Leadership Training: Eye Opener On Power Harassment

    Japan 06/03/2014 07:49:40

    Most expatriate managers only have two or three years on a foreign assignment before they have to go back home. In this short amount of time they are usually under a lot of pressure and can be very impatient to achieve their goals.

  1800. New cooperation arrangement signed with European Patent Office

    United Kingdom 05/03/2014 09:16:09

    Boost for businesses and inventors as UK signs new working arrangement with European Patent Office.

  1801. New Rotherham Organisation Building Links With Eastern Europe

    United Kingdom 03/03/2014 14:55:48

    A new business and social enterprise in Rotherham is bringing Polish and UK businesses closer together and promoting Yorkshire as a tourist destination, with the support of the ERDF funded project ‘Growth and Prosperity in Rotherham’ (Soft Landing Zone) managed by RiDO (Rotherham Investment Development Office).

  1802. Industry grew again in December

    Slovakia 03/03/2014 09:26:08

    INDUSTRY in Slovakia in December 2013 again saw double-digit growth. The data of the Statistics Office show that industrial production in the last month of 2013, excluding the impact of working days, grew 12.2 percent year-on-year, slowing from 12.6 percent in November. This was only the second double-digit growth rate of the Slovak industry over the past year and one of the highest monthly growth rates in recent years, the SITA newswire reported.

  1803. Q4 GDP marks fastest pace of expansion in over a year

    Slovakia 03/03/2014 09:24:54

    SLOVAKIA will be the second fastest growing economy of the Eurozone and will contribute to Europe’s overall economic recovery, which according to the recent winter 2014 forecast of the European Commission (EC), “began in the second quarter of 2013 and is expected to continue spreading across countries and gain strength, while at the same time becoming more balanced”.

  1804. Changes In Residence And Employment Of Foreign Nationals In Slovakia

    Slovakia 03/03/2014 09:23:14

    On 3 December 2013, an amendment to the Act No. 404/2011 Coll. on Residence of Foreign Nationals and Act 5/2004 Coll. on Employment Services was approved and will be effective from 1 January 2014.

  1805. Expanding into Germany

    Germany 25/02/2014 07:22:13

    With a population of over just over 80 million people, Germany is Europe’s most populous country and has the largest and most powerful national economy in the Eurozone.

  1806. BDG opens UK office to help UK SME’s do business in Germany

    Germany 25/02/2014 07:19:43

    Horsham, 25th February 2014 – A consortium of experienced German Business professionals have announced the opening of a UK satellite office, as part of their expansion plans to help UK companies expand into Europe’s largest market.

  1807. Working Effectively With Indians In Global Teams

    India 24/02/2014 09:22:01

    As more and more Indian expats join multinational companies it is helpful to look at some of the best practices for global team work with Indian professionals.

  1808. App Sales & European VAT

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:09:24

    The Value Added Tax (VAT) implications of making Apps available to download in different European countries is a common area of concern for App developers. Free to download Apps do not incur VAT as they are not classed as sales; however ‘paid for’ Apps will be of interest to the VAT authorities and it is the developer’s responsibility to get it right.

  1809. Defined Benefit Pensions: VAT recovery changes

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:07:15

    HMRC has announced changes to the VAT recovery position of employers who pay Value Added Tax (VAT) on services relating to the administration and management of a defined benefit pension plan.

  1810. Zero-hours contracts

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:05:48

    Business Secretary, Vince Cable, has announced that, under new proposals, employers could be banned from imposing ‘exclusivity’ on zero-hours contracts which offer no guarantee of work and stop employees from working for another employer.

  1811. PAYE coding notices

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:04:07

    Over the next few months HMRC will be sending out new PAYE tax codes for the 2014/15 tax year. HMRC are advising that some individuals may receive more than one coding especially if they have:

  1812. Using personal mobile devices in the workplace

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:02:23

    A recent survey showed that 60% of the UK population now own a smart phone and 20% own a tablet and an increasing number want to use their personal devices at work. Known as ‘bring your own device’, studies indicate that the benefits to business of allowing BYOD include increased efficiency, flexibility and employee morale, but the practice also carries a number of risks which employers must consider when allowing employees’ devices to be used to process work-related data.

  1813. UK GAAP Changes Ahead

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 13:00:14

    From 1 January 2015, a complete overhaul of UK accounting standards will change how and when companies account for certain assets and liabilities - with potential implications on both profitability and net assets.

  1814. UK Micro-entities

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 12:57:38

    A micro-entity is a sub-classification of a ‘Small Company’. Legislation came into force on 1 December 2013 and is effective for financial years ending on or after 30 September 2013, where the company’s Financial Statements are filed at Companies House on or after 1 December 2013. Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) are excluded from the legislation.

  1815. Intercompany Debt: Thin Capitalisation

    United Kingdom 21/02/2014 12:54:33

    In response to the sluggish flow of credit into the UK since the banking crisis of 2008, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are scrutinising the ‘arm’s length’ principle of interest applied to lending in relation to companies that form part of groups.

  1816. FedEx Express Launches SenseAware in Europe

    Switzerland 17/02/2014 09:46:05

    Service Designed to Ship High-Value and Time-Sensitive Packages

  1817. Putting International Business In The Spotlight

    United Kingdom 14/02/2014 10:04:13

    Going Global exhibition and conference returns to ExCeL London on 15-16 May

  1818. Cross Cultural Management: Thai Style

    Thailand 12/02/2014 10:25:43

    Foreign managers coming to work in Thailand will probably have to adjust their management style considerably. Pushing Thais to speak up in meetings, report bad news and meet rigid deadlines will not usually produce results, and nor will heavy-handedness.

  1819. FedEx Supports Charity Art Exhibition Featuring Paintings of Robbie Williams

    United Kingdom 07/02/2014 11:12:37

    LONDON, January 14, 2014 – Robbie Williams, the best selling British solo artist in UK history, is the theme of a charity art exhibition for which FedEx will transport 70 valuable paintings from Milan, Italy to the UK and back free of charge. The works of art, which all depict Robbie Williams, will be put on show in his hometown of Stoke – on – Trent, at the Burslem School of Art

  1820. Working Effectively Across Cultures: Focus Singapore

    Singapore 06/02/2014 08:41:08

    When executives are posted to work in a foreign country most realize they have to adapt and adjust their cultural business skills to be more effective with colleagues and clients.

  1821. Leaden EU start-up scene looks across the Atlantic

    USA 03/02/2014 13:30:45

    The biggest success stories to come out of the start-up scene in the last two decades are primarily tech companies; the majority are from the US and mostly centred around Silicon Valley. From Google to Facebook, Twitter to Pinterest, the disproportionate global dominance of these companies has given rise to despondency in Europe, and a lack of confidence in what the continent has to offer in response.

  1822. Why not trade with – Finland?

    Finland 30/01/2014 13:42:55

    Although best known for its famous mobile phone brand Nokia, Finland is a major world import-exporter offering many other opportunities for international traders

  1823. Emerging-market currency turmoil

    United Kingdom 30/01/2014 13:37:26

    Apparently triggered by the US Federal Bank's reduction in quantitive easing, this week turmoil has struck the global money markets

  1824. CBS Participation in London’s Going Global Exhibition

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:56:34

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) has participated in Going Global Exhibition in London on 28 and 29 November as part of its global mission to reach out to international partners and businesses.

  1825. CBS Winning SME Stars of Business Award 2013

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:52:31

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) has won SME Stars of Business Award 2013 for the “Business Set-Up” category at the exclusive gala dinner, at the Events Arena of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel on November 28, 2013.

  1826. Dubai Has Become a Lucrative Destination for Doing Business after Winning the Bid for Hosting World Expo 2020

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:49:31

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) congratulates UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Dubai Expo 2020 team for the achievement made in winning the bid to host the World Expo in Dubai in 2020.

  1827. CBS Participation at Dynamic Dubai Event in Jersey

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:46:26

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) Managing Director, Ayman Al Awadhi gave an informative talk about doing business in Dubai at the event Dynamic Dubai which took place in Jersey on 27th November 2013.

  1828. CBS in Dubai SME 100 Ranking

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:43:39

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) has been recognized as one of Dubai SME’s 100 Top-Performing Small and Medium Enterprise for 2013. Dubai SME 100 is a premier ranking which was launched by Dubai SME, the agency of the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  1829. CBS Annual Participation in BurJuman Pink Walkathon

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:40:25

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) team participated in the Annual BurJuman Pink Walkathon; the signature event of the campaign in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Day.

  1830. Women in Business

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:22:05

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) representatives have attended ‘Women in International Business Forum’ which took place 22 September 2013 in Dubai as part of the events launched by the State Government of Victoria, Australia’s Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business, Minister for Tourism and Major Events, and Minister for Employment and Trade, Louise Asher.

  1831. CBS - Award Finalist 

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:19:02

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) has been announced as a finalist and has been shortlisted in the Gulf Capital SMEinfo Awards 2013 for the ‘Emirati Business of the Year’ category. 

  1832. Arabic Press Coverage

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:14:23

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) Managing Director, Mr. Ayman Al Awadhi was interviewed by the Arabic newspaper Al Khaleej reporter, Midhat Al Suwaifi with headline:

  1833. The Business Factory

    UAE 30/01/2014 11:02:02

    Corporate Business Services (CBS) has participated in The Business Factory exhibition and workshop that took place at Meydan IMAX Theatre, Dubai on Tuesday 30 April 2013.

  1834. Integrc Opening Ceremony with CBS

    UAE 30/01/2014 10:56:45

    Integrc, a specialist in providing GRC (governance, risk management, and compliance) services to companies that run SAP, has recently commenced operations in the MENA region and has now launched its new regional headquarters in Dubai, highlighting the continued influx of UK investors in the region.

  1835. CBS Participation in Dubai Entrepreneurship & SME Development Event

    UAE 30/01/2014 10:01:33

    A well-attended Dubai Entrepreneurship & SME Development event took place on October 22nd, 2012 at the Address Hotel, Dubai Mall and organized by the British Business Group (BBG) in cooperation with Corporate Business Services (CBS) and Dubai SME - a government agency under the Department of Economic Development (DED).

  1836. CBS Makes Headlines in DTCM Newsletter

    UAE 30/01/2014 09:58:32

    CBS is proud to be part of Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM) newsletter that was published in September 2012. 

  1837. New Paths, New Opportunities for Small and Medium Businesses

    Germany 24/01/2014 16:44:16

    I have been with FedEx now for 29 years. One of the bonuses of my job is that I meet new and interesting people all the time.

  1838. Zimbabwe economy to grow 6%+ in 2014

    Africa 24/01/2014 08:32:21

    Although not often thought of as a trading partner, Zimbabwe is yet another African country which is experiencing economic growth while the major economies of the world struggle. Recent official figures forecast Zimbabwe’s economy will grow 6.1% this year.

  1839. European Union membership – who’s next?

    United Kingdom 24/01/2014 08:30:16

    At the end of last year, the European Union issued an update on the current status of countries presently on the fringes of the EU but that have indicated an interest in joining the trading bloc in the future. Foreign affairs MEPs called on the European Council to grant Albania EU Candidate Status as soon as possible.

  1840. Let the Machines Do the Work

    United Kingdom 23/01/2014 10:28:32

    2014 is being hotly tipped as the year that the Internet of Things – or the Thingternent as it has become colloquially known – will finally make a meaningful impact on our everyday lives.

  1841. Design competition launched for UK pavilion at Milan Expo 2015

    Italy 20/01/2014 11:21:14

    Companies are invited to submit proposals for an innovative design for the UK pavilion at Milan Expo.

  1842. Business Secretary beats the drum for UK business in the UAE

    UAE 20/01/2014 11:19:55

    Vince Cable embarks on his first government trip to the UAE to boost trade with the region and encourage more inward investment into the UK.

  1843. Singapore-Belarus Double Taxation Agreement

    Singapore 16/01/2014 16:20:17

    Singapore’s and Belarus’s Double Taxation Agreement (DTA) came into force on the 27/12/2013.

  1844. The Challenges of Multi-Currency Accounting

    United Kingdom 15/01/2014 13:02:25

    For many SMEs, multi-currency accounting is one of the biggest administrative challenges. Cloud accounting services aim to make that easier.

  1845. New fund on London Stock Exchange gives investors access to Chinese stock markets

    China 13/01/2014 13:32:40

    Landmark agreement means from today, investors able to invest in Chinese stock markets in Renminbi through the London Stock Exchange.

  1846. Asia Business Success With Competitive

    09/01/2014 15:44:24

    What is competitive intelligence and why is it important for Asia business, for example doing business in China?

  1847. GREAT retail campaign: All Rhodes lead to Malaysia

    Malaysia 02/01/2014 09:03:58

    Fashion Meets Food: Iconic designer Zandra Rhodes and celebrity chef Gary Rhodes add glitz to the GREAT Retail Campaign in Malaysia

  1848. 2nd annual UK/Pakistan Trade and Investment Conference in London

    United Kingdom 02/01/2014 09:01:42

    UK and Pakistan hold joint conference to raise awareness of the opportunities in Pakistan for UK businesses.

  1849. UK electronic visa waiver introduced for Oman, Qatar and UAE

    Qatar 02/01/2014 08:59:18

    From 1 January 2014 passport holders of Oman, Qatar and United Arab Emirates can visit the UK for up to 6 months with an electronic visa waiver.

  1850. Why learning Italian is a smart career move

    Italy 23/12/2013 13:05:03

    It doesn't matter what career path you're on – a second language is always beneficial.

  1851. Talented graduate entrepreneurs brought to UK

    United Kingdom 17/12/2013 12:25:12

    Start ups kick off enterprise careers by Opening the Markets at the London Stock Exchange.

  1852. FedEx Express Recognised for Excellence in Customer Service

    United Kingdom 17/12/2013 10:10:15

    FedEx Express has been recognised once again in the list of the TOP 50 companies in the UK for superior customer service. FedEx Express was highly accredited in the 2013 listing which celebrates the best in UK customer service, helping provide a benchmark for the UK’s largest customer contact centres.

  1853. UK exports on a winning streak

    United Kingdom 12/12/2013 10:20:40

    Five UK companies are celebrating their success in a nationwide competition to help the next wave of UK businesses expand overseas.

  1854. Lord Livingston becomes new Trade Minister

    United Kingdom 11/12/2013 08:33:21

    Lord Livingston has today (10 December 2013) succeeded Lord Green as Trade and Investment Minister.

  1855. Changes to passport services for British nationals in Malaysia

    Malaysia 11/12/2013 08:31:37

    The British Government is making important changes to the passport service for British nationals living overseas

  1856. Sending Money Abroad for Christmas

    United Kingdom 09/12/2013 16:28:59

    We've blinked and it's December! The month of celebrating, over-indulging and over-spending!

  1857. Business Secretary takes trade delegation to India's growing regional cities

    India 09/12/2013 09:10:06

    Vince Cable takes a delegation of 25 British companies to India's growing regional cities on a 4 day trade visit.

  1858. It’s all about the money…or is it?

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 10:29:14

    Recent press articles suggest that employers in the UK are now open for hiring with recruitment activity near to pre-2008 levels. For those businesses looking to recruit in and around London, the competition to hire high calibre staff is about to get much harder.

  1859. R&D credits aren’t just for the ‘lab coat’ community!

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 10:27:19

    The Times recently reported that celebrity chef Sat Bains has successfully claimed R&D tax credits from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC).

  1860. Rental Properties under the Microscope

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 10:24:20

    HM Revenue & Customs’ (HMRC) latest campaign is to target property owners suspected of having undeclared rental income.

  1861. F&L Highly Commended for Firm of the Year

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 10:20:21

    Fitzgerald & Law (F&L) is proud to announce that they have been “Highly Commended” in the British Accountancy Awards 2013 ‘Mid-Tier Firm of the Year’ category.

  1862. Workplace Pensions

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 10:17:13

    Following the Pensions Act 2008, Workplace Pensions were introduced (starting with the largest employers of 120,000+ employees) in October 2012 to ensure that all employers provide a funded pension and auto-enrol those relevant jobholders on joining the company. These requirements replace those in place historically for Stakeholder Pensions.

  1863. £5.6 billion worth of deals signed in China

    China 05/12/2013 09:08:44

    Trade and investment deals totalling over £5.6 billion and creating over 1,500 UK jobs have been signed between UK and Chinese firms.

  1864. Boost for exporters and banks as UK Export Finance increases risk underwritten

    United Kingdom 05/12/2013 09:06:42

    The news that UK Export Finance will increase the risk it underwrites from 50% to 80% across its Bond Support and Export Working Capital schemes, will enable banks to assist more exporters seeking to maximise opportunities in international trade.

  1865. European economies growing - which offer the best potential?

    United Kingdom 04/12/2013 13:05:43

    The EU economy has started growing again, according to official figures. Following a slow expansion of economic activity during the remainder of 2013, growth is set to become more robust in 2014 and 2015 – so says the Autumn Forecast 2013 published by the European Commission.

  1866. UK Taxpayers: new Tax Guide just published - save 25%

    United Kingdom 04/12/2013 13:03:21

    Alan Pink, the editor of the Schmidt Tax Report, has published the first ever tax guide designed to show UK entrepreneurs and businesses how they can minimise their tax bills. In The Entrepreneur’s Tax Guide he offers action-oriented, proven, jargon-free advice on how to:

  1867. Prince of Wales champions export drive of traditional manufacturers

    United Kingdom 03/12/2013 14:08:55

    The Prince of Wales visits Bedfordshire firms that use the heritage of their products to increase overseas sales.

  1868. PM champions EU free trade deal with China

    China 02/12/2013 12:17:05

    David Cameron arrives in Beijing with the message that ‘an open Britain is the ideal partner for an opening China’.

  1869. UK and China: building a long-term relationship

    China 02/12/2013 12:15:40

    Prime Minister David Cameron, accompanied by 6 government ministers, is leading a trade mission to China this week.

  1870. Struggling to Expand into a New Market & Culture?

    Malaysia 26/11/2013 08:50:00

    Unable to Spot Profitable Opportunities in Untested Markets? Losing Lucrative Partnerships and Competitive Advantage?

  1871. Revised Double Tax Agreement (DTA) between Singapore and Luxembourg

    Singapore 22/11/2013 09:17:11

    A double tax agreement (DTA) stipulates the cooperation of two countries for reporting requirements upon its citizens of any tax obligations payable for profits earned by an individual or company.

  1872. Lawrence Grant, Chartered Accountants presented with a long standing membership award

    United Kingdom 20/11/2013 16:40:07

    GGI, one of global Top Ten associations of accounting, tax consulting and law firms, that provide clients with specialist solutions for their international business requirements, has presented the firm with an award recognizing the loyalty and commitment the firm has given over the past 17 years.

  1873. Save time, place an Order!

    United Kingdom 19/11/2013 15:49:11

    How many times have you looked at an exchange rate and had that horrible sinking feeling? You waited to book a currency exchange and now the market's moved against you. Want to avoid that feeling? We thought so. This is why we give you the option to place an Order.

  1874. UK Government closing the tax loophole on company registration

    United Kingdom 19/11/2013 14:43:24

    Philip McCarron and Susan Fadil of TMF Group’s UK Corporate Secretarial team analyse the impact of the UK’s hunt for phantom companies on the country’s company registration practices.

  1875. Want to grow your business but not sure where to start?

    United Kingdom 19/11/2013 14:41:27

    For a small business looking to grow and expand, knowing how and where to start can be a daunting prospect. Expanding a company’s existing operations or setting up in a new country can be complex and time-consuming; navigating different regulatory requirements, local employment law and complicated taxation rules can all put a company at risk of non-compliance or – worse - failure.

  1876. £11 billion Olympic legacy target smashed during UK’s biggest ever Export Week

    United Kingdom 18/11/2013 10:17:34

    UK has met a 4 year target to raise £11 billion worth of economic benefit from the London Olympic and Paralympic Games in just over 1 year

  1877. Professor Rory Shaw to lead NHS International Development Team

    United Kingdom 18/11/2013 10:13:32

    Professor Rory Shaw appointed as Medical Director of Healthcare UK, leading the newly established NHS International Development Team

  1878. British trade mission to sell tea to China

    China 18/11/2013 10:10:17

    Owen Paterson is in Shanghai with British exporters to help get more British food and drink onto their supermarket shelves.

  1879. Turkish textile exports booming

    Turkey 14/11/2013 12:05:34

    Textiles are one of the most often-traded products in the world – and Turkey is an increasingly important source of low-cost products for you to consider.

  1880. Netherlands economy improving: more opportunities to trade?

    Holland 14/11/2013 12:02:47

    There could be more opportunities to trade with the Netherlands, with the news that the economy there could be emerging from recession.

  1881. New $50 million finance facility to help small businesses export to Russia

    Russia 14/11/2013 09:43:43

    UK Export Finance (UKEF) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the Russian-based bank, Alfa Bank, to help British firms looking to export to Russia.

  1882. Prime Minister targets overseas funds with new inward investment body

    United Kingdom 13/11/2013 08:30:22

    A new one-stop-shop has been set up to help international investors identify and fund regeneration opportunities in the UK

  1883. Vince Cable in Russia to launch biggest ever push to get UK companies exporting

    Russia 11/11/2013 09:19:17

    Business Secretary is in Russia today (11 November 2013) on a trade visit with over 30 British companies to boost growing economic links

  1884. Building Long-Term Business Relationships in Asia

    Malaysia 08/11/2013 16:42:28

    I’m often asked, why do you need to worry about culture – after all we live in a globalised world. Isn’t business the same everywhere?

  1885. Winning Over Asian Clients

    Malaysia 08/11/2013 16:38:57

    Have you thought about launching or developing your business in Asia but you can't seem to fully grasp the way business is done?

  1886. The Day The Internet Stopped

    United Kingdom 08/11/2013 15:00:26

    Imagine not just a slow connection, or a browser or server needing a quick reboot, but no internet at all.

  1887. I May Know Your Credit Card PIN

    United Kingdom 08/11/2013 14:57:30

    A while back I explained how your password can be cracked. Well, it seems that a large number of people are almost inviting someone to empty their bank accounts if their credit cards or debit cards get stolen.

  1888. Security Loophole Access to Credit Files

    United Kingdom 08/11/2013 14:55:20

    Access to personal credit reports is strictly controlled with legal requirements limiting who can search files. To be authorised to search someone else’s credit file requires the searcher to be registered under the Data Protection Act.

  1889. Is It True? A Credit Check Suggests...

    United Kingdom 06/11/2013 16:46:14

    The recent media reports about large companies delaying payment has encouraged me to look at the ‘inside information.’

  1890. No Credit - Your Name Worries Us

    United Kingdom 06/11/2013 16:43:29

    One of our clients wondered what to make of it when a company name is spelt wrong. It’s a good point.

  1891. UK Export Finance joins forces with Korean agencies to seize opportunities in third markets

    South Korea 06/11/2013 15:29:54

    UK Export Finance has today signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on reinsurance with the Korean export credit agency, Korea Trade Insurance Corporation.

  1892. South Korea state visit delivers UK trade boost

    South Korea 06/11/2013 15:28:14

    UK companies are celebrating new trade partnerships with South Korea which will boost commercial ties between the 2 countries.

  1893. Singapore and Hong Kong rank top for business

    Singapore 06/11/2013 10:45:46

    According to the World Bank’s annual competitiveness survey, Singapore and Hong Kong rank the world’s best places to run a business for the eighth year in a row, with New Zealand, the United States and Denmark following up in the top five.

  1894. Bitcoin Investment Pays Off

    Norway 04/11/2013 17:28:49

    A Norwegian man has discovered a Bitcoin investment he made four years ago has earned him an impressive £551,000!

  1895. Businesses to get greater intellectual property support

    United Kingdom 31/10/2013 10:21:34

    New support tool launched to help small firms identify, protect and grow their intellectual property assets

  1896. GBP/EUR remains flat even after positive GDP data released

    United Kingdom 29/10/2013 11:43:43

    With many in the Eurozone trading the Euro is always one to watch and the past month has seen a staggered decrease of the British Pound Sterling to Euros. Earlier in the month reaching over 1.1975 to todays rate which stands at 1.1608.

  1897. Opportunities for Islamic finance in the UK

    United Kingdom 28/10/2013 11:46:56

    The UK has provided Islamic financial services for over 30 years, and is a leader amongst Western countries in this field.

  1898. China: Challenges and opportunities for UK business

    China 25/10/2013 09:36:50

    FCO Minister Hugo Swire spoke at the China Association Autumn Lunch about opportunities China presents for British business and UK growth.

  1899. Sue Langley to lead the Financial Services Investment Organisation

    United Kingdom 24/10/2013 18:29:11

    UK Trade & Investment has appointed Sue Langley as head of its newly created Financial Services Investment Organisation

  1900. The Africa Lounge will provide delegates with practical business development tips

    United Kingdom 24/10/2013 18:18:52

    We are proud to announce that Business in Africa Pays will be sponsoring the Africa Lounge at this seasons’ Going Global Live exhibition.

  1901. Export? Why?…… Top 5 reasons why you should Export

    Brazil 24/10/2013 12:37:31

    ‘Export? that’s for the big companies right?'

  1902. Export Market Entry; What Key Market Research Do You Need?

    Brazil 24/10/2013 12:35:28

    So you want to grow your business and you want to identify export opportunities for your goods…… Great! But what next?

  1903. European Commission Survey on SME Taxation

    United Kingdom 24/10/2013 11:52:20

    Startup Overseas has been asked to circulate this survey.

  1904. Take control of your multiple foreign payments

    United Kingdom 21/10/2013 11:16:03

    Whether you pay one overseas invoice or hundreds per month, our service manages, converts, tracks and delivers your funds. We save you time and money whilst providing you with absolute visibility and control every step of the way.

  1905. Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Asia

    Malaysia 18/10/2013 16:35:34

    Support of entrepreneurs, innovation and SMEs key themes of APEC CEO Summit for Asian & Western companies.

  1906. Joining the Asia Pacific Family

    Malaysia 18/10/2013 16:32:58

    Update from APEC Summit in Bali on achieving cross-border success in Asia business

  1907. Government welcomes historic EU-Canada free trade agreement

    Canada 18/10/2013 14:31:33

    Landmark trade deal between the EU and Canada will benefit the UK economy and businesses by over £1.3 billion a year.

  1908. Malta Holding Company

    Malta 16/10/2013 15:34:24

    Malta is an ideal EU jurisdiction to establish a holding company for the purpose of holding shares in one or more entities, both within the EU and beyond. This is due to the participation exemption and other features available to the Malta Company

  1909. New support to help 7,000 businesses export online

    United Kingdom 16/10/2013 14:11:39

    Seven thousand UK small and medium sized enterprises to benefit from a new programme to help them attract overseas customers

  1910. RUSSIA CONSULTING at the Going Global show in London

    Russia 16/10/2013 11:47:18

    RUSSIA CONSULTING supports companies from all over the world on matters concerning doing business in Russia, irrespective of their size and industry sector.

  1911. Doing Business in Emerging Markets

    United Kingdom 16/10/2013 10:11:07

  1912. FCO and UKTI welcome NAO report supporting UK exporters

    United Kingdom 16/10/2013 09:03:46

    FCO and UKTI are supporting UK prosperity and growth by helping British business to export more overseas.

  1913. New export scheme to promote British music overseas now open for business

    United Kingdom 16/10/2013 09:02:36

    UK Trade & Investment and BPI today opened up applications to a new Music Export Growth Scheme

  1914. London hosts transatlantic summit for brightest creative technology companies

    United Kingdom 15/10/2013 08:34:14

    Industry leaders from the UK and US creative sectors arrive in London today for a 2 day Technology Innovators Forum (TIF-IN)

  1915. Start Up Overseas Weekly Currency Report

    United Kingdom 14/10/2013 12:30:15

    Towards the end of last week, the dollar continued to look firmer into trading, showing signs that US congregational leaders are reaching a short-term debt agreement.

  1916. Boston: A First-Class Educational and Business Hub

    USA 10/10/2013 18:40:10

    Among the large cities in the US, Boston certainly has a unique charm. Founded in 1630 by some of the first colonists to arrive in North America, it is one of the oldest cities in the US and has ever since maintained its own cultural heritage. As of today, some visitors still emphasize that there is a certain European feel to the city, although this somewhat subjective notion lies in the eye of the beholder.

  1917. New partner joins UK Inward Investment Specialists, Fitzgerald & Law

    United Kingdom 10/10/2013 16:17:36

    Fitzgerald & Law (F&L) has announced the appointment of Kiki Stannard as Tax Partner to lead the international private client and employers tax team.

  1918. Anyone planning a Christmas party for their UK office?

    United Kingdom 10/10/2013 16:15:38

    As we say goodbye to Summer, many businesses throughout the UK will be turning their attention to the staff Christmas party. Whether that means thinking about a suitable location (good luck keeping everyone happy!) or choosing your menu preferences (the carrots will be undercooked) there is also another aspect of the festivities that employers should keep in mind; the tax that will be due on the party costs.

  1919. Top 5 Tips for Global Expansion

    United King