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The rise of implementing big data visualisation

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The rise of implementing big data visualisation

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In terms of business buzzwords, the latest one you’re bound to keep hearing is ‘data visualisation’. As companies strive to better comprehend market trends and customer patterns, help is arriving in the form of analytical technology and business intelligence

Although five years ago everyone was talking about how best to gain data from customers, the debate raging now is how best to process and visualise that data. The ones administering aid to businesses large and small come in the form of ambitious startups such as datapine. The young German tech company are muscling their way into the hearts, minds and strategies of companies, due to their ability to take business intelligence to a new level with simple SQL query building and acute data visualisation software.

With an aim of streamlining and simplifying the overall process of reviewing data, tech companies specialising in advanced analytical software are giving businesses the chance to view their data in clear and novel formats in real time, allowing informed strategically decisions to be made right away.

Catching Up and Processing Big Data

Data analytics is still under-deployed. A recent article on readwrite looked at the results of a poll from the information technology research centre Gartner, where 56% of the professionals who took part admitted to not knowing exactly how to get value from their big data. However, 64% of those quizzed by Gartner stated that they were beginning to plan big data projects, while 54% said that they believed big data could be used to improve customer satisfaction. The challenge for them now, is how to process that data.

Though still only a buzzword too many, data visualisation is soon to become as integral to business strategy as big data has become.

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