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  1. Excise Duties and Procedures – 29th Jul 2024

    29th Jul 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Excise duties are indirect taxes on the sale or use of specific products such as petrol and diesel, alcoholic drinks and tobacco products. Read More >

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  2. Practical workshops: Valuation – 31st Jul 2024

    31st Jul 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Embark on a comprehensive exploration of customs valuation in our Customs Valuation Workshop. Read More >

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  3. Trading with the EU – 1st Aug 2024

    1st Aug 2024

    Following the end of the transition period businesses will face changes to the way they trade with Europe. In order to maximise profitability and to trade successfully and compliantly businesses must understand new trade and customs rules. Read More >

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  4. Moving goods into or out of Northern Ireland – 6th Aug 2024

    6th Aug 2024

    Under the Northern Ireland Protocol, businesses moving goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland are required to comply with new customs rules and processes. Read More >

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  5. Introduction to Exporting – 5th Sep 2024

    5th Sep 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    International markets offer huge opportunities for UK businesses. Selling internationally can seem daunting but, as with most things, it is easy with help and appropriate training. Read More >

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  6. Understanding US & UK export controls – 19th Sep 2024

    19th Sep 2024

    Export control regulations vary from region to region and the UK and US rules have some important differences. Read More >

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  7. Practical workshops: Classification – 1st Oct 2024

    1st Oct 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Embark on a captivating exploration of customs classification in our Customs Classification Workshop. Read More >

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  8. Rules of Origin – 2nd Oct 2024

    2nd Oct 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Learn how to interpret and comply with the rules of origin in free trade agreements to remove or reduce duty payments on the goods you trade Read More >

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  9. Introduction to Export Licensing Controls – 7th Oct 2024

    7th Oct 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    This course looks at what export controls could apply on goods leaving the United Kingdom. It covers the export of both military and dual-use goods, as well as software and technology. Read More >

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  10. Practical workshops: Inward and outward processing – 16th Oct 2024

    16th Oct 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Embark on a journey through our Inward and Outward Processing Workshop, an immersive program designed to unravel the intricacies of these essential trade processes. Read More >

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  11. Sanitary and phytosanitary controls – 24th Oct 2024

    24th Oct 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Since the UK left the EU, British traders have been required to comply with new customs controls and standards. Read More >

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  12. Digital identity – connect to virtual trust framework – 28th Oct 2024

    28th Oct 2024

    Learn about digital identities, their vital role in the future of global trade and how establishing your verifiable credentials will benefit your business Read More >

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  13. VAT for GB Traders – 29th Oct 2024

    29th Oct 2024

    In this course, we will guide you through the fundamentals of cross-border VAT in a post-Brexit trading environment. Read More >

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  14. Practical workshops: Rules of Origin – 6th Nov 2024

    6th Nov 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    Embark on an enlightening journey through our Rules of Origin Workshop, meticulously crafted to demystify the complexities surrounding this crucial aspect of international trade. Read More >

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  15. Moving goods using Transit – 7th Nov 2024

    7th Nov 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    'Transit' procedures allow goods to be moved through multiple territories under duty suspension and without the requirement for customs declarations to be completed at each border. Read More >

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  16. How To Classify Your Goods – 20th Nov 2024

    20th Nov 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    This course explains the role and importance of commodity codes and how to correctly use ‘the Tariff’ to determine the correct code for your goods. Read More >

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  17. International Trade Documentation – going digital – 22nd Nov 2024

    22nd Nov 2024

    Learn how to handle and benefit from new digital formats of international trade documentation Read More >

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  18. Advanced Compliance – 5th Dec 2024

    5th Dec 2024 |Virtual Classroom via Microsoft Teams

    This course aims to heighten awareness of the intricate challenges that trade compliance can pose for businesses. It will provide insights into the optimal methods and best practices for incorporating essential compliance activities within your respective roles, thereby bolstering, and mutually benefiting both the business and your individual responsibilities. Read More >

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  19. Authorised Economic Operator accreditation – 23rd Dec 2024

    23rd Dec 2024

    This course explains the Authorised Economic Operator accreditation and the advantages it can bring to your business. Read More >

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