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8 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Start-Up

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8 Tips to Help You Find the Perfect Office Furniture for Your Start-Up

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When it comes to designing an office, it isn’t hard to get carried away with purchasing the latest furniture designs and splashing out on the fanciest looking items.

Creating an office can be expensive, so others think that it is better to go for cheap and cheerful items that are easy on the budget but do the job. When purchasing office furniture for your start-up, ideally, you should go for something that provides the most amount of physical support to employees and offers a great feel and the appearance of the office. Before you order furniture for your office start-up, you should be well aware of the furniture options, sizes, quality and the best way to get the most out of the space you have. To help you find the perfect office furniture for your start-up, here are 8 tips to help you on your way.

Plan Your Space

Before you order any furniture, you should plan your space. You should take a step back from the image of a typical office and actually use the space you have as a blank canvas. This is to ensure you get the most out of your office and improve its efficiency. You need to put the safety of your employees first, by considering the spacing between desks, trip hazards (like loose items and wires), lighting, etc. If you plan the space in the correct way, then you will be able to fit as many workers as possible, while giving them enough room and reducing health and safety risks.

Measure the Area

Even if you know the size of your office, you should take measurements before you purchase any furniture. You should do this before you plan your space and before you purchase the furniture you have in mind. This can help you determine the size of the furniture that you purchase. Nothing is worse than having an idea in your head, then the desks or chairs being too big or small when they arrive. If they are wrong, then you will have to return them and you could potentially lose money, so measuring the area and understanding the size of the furniture is essential.

Consider Flexible Design

One of the key design trends of the modern office is flexibility. This includes flexible working hours, hot-desking, and encouraging a collaborative workspace. To improve the popularity of your office and the happiness of the employees, then you should consider purchasing furniture that is readily accessible, can be easily moved and adjusted, and safe, so each employees’ needs are catered for. Making things easier and more flexible for office workers will improve their attitude, organisation, mood and productivity, which will benefit the work environment and the efficiency of the company.

Style and Aesthetics

The function and quality of the furniture are important when designing an office; however, you should not leave out style and aesthetics when making your choices. Office furniture will make up a huge part of the appearance and feel of the workspace. If it is dull, drab, and depressing, then it will affect the mood and motivation levels of employees and you may not set a good example to clients that enter the office. To improve the style and appearance of your office space, consider bright, modern furniture and a cool interior design. Just don’t let this affect the safety and functionality of the office.

Put Health First

If office furniture is of poor quality and is not designed well, it can have a very negative impact on the workforce. Some of the effects of poorly designed office furniture can cause long-term, chronic health conditions to the user, which could have an extremely negative impact on the business. Purchasing well-designed desks will play a huge part in reducing these issues. A great design to consider is height adjustable standing desks from FRISKA is Swedish for ‘health and wellness.’ They offer quality design and commercial grade products to support office workers.

Make it Multifunctional

A premium office space should be multifunctional. You can do so by making the most out of the space that you have, by purchasing furniture that has more than one use, e.g. dual-purpose tables and power source furniture. The key to achieving a multifunctional office is to be practical, creative, and to use your imagination. By making an office multifunctional, you can improve storage and employee productivity, and you will get more out of your space and give the office a more modern and sleek appearance. It can also make an office look less cluttered, which will make it appear more spacious.

Fit for Purpose

Purchasing something that looks good, well-designed, and is high-quality is all well and good, but if it is not fit for purpose, then it will make your office less enjoyable and could increase stress levels, e.g. purchasing chairs that don’t stack up. Modern offices tend to have different zones for various activities, so you should consider purchasing furniture that supports this variance. Break areas should be comfortable to allow employees to recuperate and relax. You should consider the function of the room and how you want employees to perform before you purchase any furniture.

Find a Supplier

There are so many elements to consider when purchasing office furniture, so you should make sure you choose a reliable supplier. This is one of the most important decisions you could make. The right supplier can help cater to every element and requirement that you have in mind for your office furniture, such as the size, practicality, functionality, style, and your budget. A reliable supplier will ensure that your office furniture is delivered on time, doesn’t have parts missing and isn’t damaged in transit. There are lots of things that could go wrong, so do your research before you choose a supplier.

Taking your time to plan and purchase office furniture will have a positive impact on your bottom line. It will reduce stress, help you stick within your budget, decrease the risk of money being lost or wasted, and improve the appearance and functionality of your new office space.

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