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5 Reasons To Choose TMF Group For Your Payroll Partner

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5 Reasons To Choose TMF Group For Your Payroll Partner

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Yes, we offer a comprehensive range of integrated HR and payroll solutions. And yes, we have the people and processes to keep the most complex multi-country payroll requirements compliant with all local regulations … but TMF Group can offer you more.

1. Support tailored to you

TMF Group understands that every business is different. One size does not fit all. So we adapt our service to give you what you need, when you need it, where you need it. We’re a partner that can grow with you, right from the point of entry to a market, setting up and incorporating your legal entity, ensuring local compliance and supporting the complete employee lifecycle. And we don’t just do payroll: we offer a whole suite of business services, from accounting and tax to corporate secretarial, making us a one-stop shop for business administrative support.

2. Local people with local knowledge

Unlike other service providers, our people are based in-country. We have more than 1000 HR and payroll specialists in more than 80 countries around the world. As well as being a credible recognised supplier, fully accredited and compliant with legal and industry standards, we have the people on-the-ground that really understand the nuances of your local market, local currency and local dialect. If you need to speak to someone in the local office, about a local issue, in the local language, you can with TMF Group.

3. A single supplier worldwide

Our global reach and operational coverage is unsurpassed. Many leading multi-country payroll suppliers, despite appearances, do not operate a wholly-owned network. They sub-contract to local, in-country providers and that lack of continuity in transferring information and data between multiple suppliers could cause delays and mistakes.

4. Management of costs, compliance and risk

Being there, on the ground, also allows TMF Group to bill you in local currency, report in local languages and pay your staff via multiple banking solutions; removing foreign exchange and data protection risks as well as significant tax withholdings in certain territories. We also support the development of your own in-house team: administering local recruitment, processing visas, on-boarding new employees and ensuring all appropriate documentation is completed.

5. A trusted partner

But don’t just take our word for it. In 2015, the Everest Multi-Country Payroll PEAK Matrix rated TMF Group as a major contender globally and the strongest provider of payroll in Latin America. Our robust risk management framework, know your client and anti-money laundering processes all add that extra tier of reassurance which, coupled with our consistently strong D&B rating, means that you can confidently place your business with a financially secure and trustworthy partner.

How we can help

Wherever in the world you are, wherever in the world you want to go, you can trust TMF Group. We are the experts in low volume payroll populations – from 1 to 3000 employees per country – and we have more than 1000 of our own payroll experts in more than 80 countries. We handle more than EUR 5bn in salary payments annually, in full compliance with local rules and regulations, and have the business continuity measures to give you peace of mind.

Talk to our payroll experts where you are.Find out more here.

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