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The Growing Popularity of ITIL Certification: Is ITIL Certification Offering Value to the Marketplace?

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The Growing Popularity of ITIL Certification: Is ITIL Certification Offering Value to the Marketplace?

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The competition in the IT space is insane. Corporations are competing with businesses all over the world.

IT companies face a lot of challenges in regards to offering a smooth service to their clients/customers. According to the study, around 75% of the venture-backed startups fail.

A company needs a well-structured system to operate smoothly and sustain it. ITIL aims to fulfill the needs of, and it has been successful in doing so. ITIL means an information technology infrastructure library. Since its introduction, it has been growing in popularity.

The ITIL certification consists of the set of ITSL (Information Technology Service Management) practices. These practices are implemented to interconnect the business needs with technology for better operation of an organization. The huge corporations, such as IBM, HSBC, NASA, and so on follow it. ITIL covers everything from strategies to continual improvement that practitioners need to stay competitive in the hostile business environment.

Image Source: CertGuidance

An ITIL professional usually earns over $70k annually (Source). The latest update to ITIL is ITIL v4. Anyone who gets ITIL v4 Certification increases their value on the market. An ITIL certification covers all the essential parts of ITIL that a professional needs to apply their knowledge in an organization that can increase the value of an organization.

Image Source: BMC Software

How is ITIL Certification Offering Value to the Marketplace?

When we talk about the value, we are speaking from both organization and employees point of view. We are going to discuss some critical contributions of ITIL in the marketplace that is resulting in increasing popularity of this framework.

Here are the essential contributions of ITIL certification:

1. Higher paying opportunities

The corporations usually pay higher to an employee when he/she offers value to the organization. The ITIL certified professionals are continually offering excellent service to an organization, which is making recruiters happy enough to pay them more than usual.

According to technopedia, ITIL certification is one of the most valuable certifications in the world. These certified professionals charge over $70k to even surpassing six figures annually.

2. Organizations get a business-savvy professionals

A company is not all about technology or its specific service. Every business organizations exist to offer product/service to generate profit. There is a supply of workforce in the marketplace, but a lack of competent human resources.

An ITIL certification offers a professional with the mastery of ITIL processes. These ITIL certified professionals look at the operations from the perspective of a business, which is lacked by many tech employees.

The ITIL certification has five parts, and they are foundation, practitioner, intermediate, expert, and master. An organization can pick the candidate, according to the level of expertise they need in their organization.

3. Saves a lot of time for an organization

The process of searching and hiring an employee can cost a lot of time and money for an organization. It will be worse if an employee does not perform, according to the expectation of an organization.

An investment in an ITIL certified professional is a low-risk investment with a high return. It takes a lot of talent, knowledge, and hard work to be ITIL certified. The organizations assure themselves of the skills and understanding of the certified professional, which prevent them from a lot of headaches.

It is almost sure that ITIL certified professionals will meet the needs of an organization. With a reasonable payment, the professionals are also motivated to contribute more to the company. It is a win-win situation for the recruiter and the candidate.

4. It is creating a higher standard in the business world

The ITIL certified professionals are in higher demand in the marketplace. The number of companies that are adopting ITIL is increasing every single year. As of now, there are over 10,000 organizations that are incorporating ITIL framework.

Many organizations are now relying on highly controlled IT services, all thanks to the ITIL framework. The professionals are not limited to any one industry or nation with their ITIL certification. There are companies in all parts of the world that want ITIL certified professionals to work with them.

Hence, it raises the bar for both professionals and organizations.

5. Can cover the various roles in an organization

As discussed earlier, an ITIL certification offers more job opportunities for a professional. It is not limited to more job opportunities. Those who have entered an organization have the knowledge and skills to take more than one position within an organization.

There is no need to finish all the certifications to get started. One can cover a few levels of ITIL certification at first and then move to a higher level of certifications to jump into a more senior position within a company. It makes them capable enough to handle more significant responsibilities.

IT professionals are not only limited to low-level and technical positions in an organization. The ITIL certification is like a proof that shows that the candidate is good enough to understand the business side of the company and can handle higher positions.

6. Makes both employees and organization futureproof

The world of business and technology is changing at a rapid rate. We can see new technology popping up now and then. There is no escaping from the changes. It is evident that no single technology or framework is going to last forever.

Image Source: Wikipedia

It is not a wise thing to adopt every new technology that comes out in the market. However, there are some technologies that an organization must implement. AXELOS understand the business needs and the importance of technology. It updates its courses as per the requirement of the modern time.

Being ITIL certified means being an expert in the fields of change management, incident management, service management, and other areas of ITIL that allow businesses to be still amid challenges. It makes both professionals and organizations futureproof.

7. An impressive return on investment

We have discussed earlier that ITIL professionals paid more. It shows that the employees are getting a massive return on investment on their ITIL certification investment. The higher return on investment is for companies as well who hire ITIL certified professionals.

The businesses that adopt the ITIL framework needs certified employees that can work efficiently in their system. By employing certified human resources, they can leverage the knowledge and skills of the newly hired employee right away without spending a lot on their training.

There is an excellent chance that certified professionals can bring in innovative strategies and ideas to give a competitive edge to the company and reduce the operational cost. These employees can get more out of the existing IT department by spending less money on the IT department.

The Final Say

If one carefully analyzes the top corporations in the world who have managed to sustain themselves, there is one thing in common. All of them have a system in place. ITIL aims to bring the proven system that is lacking in an organization to help it operate smoothly by combining technology aspects to the management.

The professionals do not need to face a lot of problems in their workplace, while organizations can reduce their risk of failures by following ITIL framework. It is offering tremendous value to organizations. The ITIL framework is updated now and then to meet the needs of the dynamic market, which makes it reliable.

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