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Effective Strategies to Attract UK Consumers

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Effective Strategies to Attract UK Consumers

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Customers from all over the world are different, and this is why it is so important for businesses to tailor their marketing messages and the way they try to attract these customers according to where these customers are located.

UK customers are known to be loyal to the brands that go above and beyond to provide a good after-sale service. Additionally, about half of all UK customers prefer physical stores while the rest do almost all their shopping online, on their mobile devices and using social media. Taking all this into consideration, it is possible to come up with effective strategies to promote your business effectively in the UK.

Use Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing strategies still attract a lot of UK customers. This is especially true for businesses where customers need to see and experience the products such as clothing and jewellery stores.

A good way of using traditional marketing in the United Kingdom is through promotional gifts and materials, direct mail, or going door to door. This level of personal exposure is largely appreciated and people will have no difficulty understanding what your products and services are all about.

Donít forget about radio and other traditional media formats. They still have a large following and are a good way of attracting customers, especially for events and merchandising businesses.

Be Visible Online

Half of British customers who use the internet to shop for products do so almost exclusively. This means that if you do not have an online presence, you are likely missing out on a huge number of potential customers.

Since both Google and Bing are used in the UK, you would do well to ensure you can be found on both of those search engines. Donít forget to optimise your presence on Google maps. There has been a sharp increase in the number of people searching for businesses near them and the search results are usually displayed on a map. If you are not on it, you are missing out.

Since customers can leave a review on Google maps, and with an overwhelming majority of UK customers referring to themselves as loyal, you should try to provide the best service so that customers can leave positive feedback about your business. The people who see them are likely to believe them and if they are overwhelmingly positive, that could benefit your business a lot.

Understand Your Customers and Meet Their Needs

A major challenge for businesses that want to enter the UK market is understanding what their customers need. Every businessís customers will be different and this is why a business must take the time to find out what their needs are and what they can do to fulfil them.

For example, if you want to start a loan facility business, you need to understand that your customers value their privacy and would not like their credit scores affected as you assess whether or not you will lend them the amount they ask for. A good example of a business that understands its customersí needs in this way is Pay Day UK. They help people find the best payday loan direct lender, all while maintaining their customersí privacy and ensuring their credit scores are not affected when they apply for a loan. They also understand that applicants need access to loans fast so they facilitate the disbursement of approved loans in less than 10 minutes.

If you sell physical products, you may know that your customers need exceptional delivery services, easy product returns and free shipping in some cases. You can then do your best to fulfil these needs as doing so remains the best way of ensuring these customers become repeat customers.

Establish a Social Media Presence

Building your social media presence by having a positive business image and presence and establishing yourself as an authority will endear you a lot to millennial customers if that is the demographic you are going for.

When establishing a social media presence, start by choosing a platform that works for you. Facebook can be used to promote your brand, Twitter to engage with your customers in real time, Instagram to boost the commerce component of your business and YouTube to educate people about your products and services.

Once you have decided which combination of platforms would work best for your business, have a posting strategy. This tells you what to post, when to post it and if to promote it using paid advertising. You should then also be ready to listen to your customers and respond to them since this is a good way to draw people to your brand.

UK customers are very different from customers around the world because they are very loyal to the brands they like, choosy about the brands they do not like, and value brands that go above and beyond for them. Ticking all these boxes will help you attract customers in this challenging market, retain them, and in that way, help with the growth of your business.

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