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Holding Company in Canada

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Holding Company in Canada

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Holding company or holding corporation is being used to support future business development and expansion of almost every successful business.

In addition to more advanced tax planning opportunities, holding structure provides further protection to the assets of your business operations as well as other operating and future planning benefits.

The incorporation and reorganization of a holding company would usually be required when the business assets of your corporation become substantial and might become endangered by the actual business operations of the corporation. Being the same legal entity, these assets might be used to pay for the liabilities of the business operations. The situation becomes even more demanding in a case of multiple corporations all owned fully or partially by the same individual, in this case the volume of assets and corresponding liabilities will grow even faster.

A holding corporation is being introduced as an intermediary legal entity between our personal assets and the business operations. The shares of the holding company will be owned by an entrepreneur, while in its turn, the holding corporation will hold (own) the shares and the assets of the operating corporation(s). In this structure the business assets once again become protected and separated from business liabilities. Moreover, this structure will allow more advanced and sophisticated tax planning for the future growth of a business.

In order to achieve a holding structure, we need to incorporate a new company to which we will transition assets of the already existing corporations. All our shares in the existing companies will be transferred to the holding company and we will remain as the direct owners of only the shares of the holding company.

Needless to say that this kind of transaction requires a professional assistance from tax and legal professionals that will plan and strategize the transition of your business into the holding structure. We at CBES offer a complete scope of professional services to support business growth and development of our clients and will provide our professional support for business owners interested in transitioning their business operations into a holding structure.

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