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Helping your global teams simplify payroll

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Helping your global teams simplify payroll

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Payroll teams are usually overwhelmed by global payroll due to keeping up with local regulations, lack of reporting, and no control over the monthly process.

In order to manage payroll effectively in any country, access to information is the key to success. If you donít have the tools and reporting to view payroll in real-time, things can quickly get out of control.

Just like in the US, each country has unique payroll laws that affect the way you pay employees each year. Your team managing global payroll has to be aware of any changes, ensure compliance with new regulations, and maintain on-time accurate payroll for your global employees. So how can you simplify this process across multiple countries and ensure you are compliant?

The quick answer to simplifying payroll is to use technology, but what does that really mean for your global team? In reality, there are many technology solutions that offer to manage payroll in other countries. But what you really need is a single platform that integrates with your systems, is GDPR-compliant, and helps you manage evolving regulations in each country every year.

Using spreadsheets, manual processes, and email to manage global payroll is not only time-consuming, it is not in compliance with regulations in many countries. Your employee personal data is at risk and your company can face fines and penalties for data privacy compliance. Blue Marble has helped companies redefine and simplify global payroll with a cloud-based solution that manages payroll in 145+ countries, ensures compliance with in-country regulations, and provides customized reporting so you have access to your payroll data in real-time.

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