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24/05/2018 10:41:44

Getting a corporate bank account for your China business

When setting up a business in China, it can feel like your to-do list is never-ending.

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  1. China feeling Western crunch?

    Is China feeling the crunch at all? If not, will it?

    Total Posts: 72 Last post by capitalfinance

  2. Legal and business advice for foreign businesses

    Starting up a business abroad is never easy. Entrepreneurs are finding themselves facing complex transnational legal issues affecting their ability to make sound business decisions. Language barriers, different legal systems and high legal fees are the main barriers when looking for cost effective and quick answers to these legal issues.E-commerce website for the exchange of legal and business

    Total Posts: 15 Last post by capitalfinance

News - China

  1. Choosing your company name in China

    China 23/05/2018 13:06:51

    In the words of Shakespeare – what’s in a name? Well when it comes to setting up a business in China, the answer is quite a lot

  2. How to choose the right business activity for your China company

    China 22/05/2018 10:28:52

    When starting a new business, entrepreneurs are faced with several important decisions.

  3. WeChat Moment Ads: Help You Precisely Reach Your Target Audience in China

    China 30/04/2018 13:09:18

    WeChat has become the upgraded portable combination of newspaper, radio and TV of Chinese people. According to Tencent’s own statistics, by the 3rd quarter of 2017, WeChat has 963 million active users, most of whom are aging between 15-40.

  4. Mobile Marketing is Key to Attracting Chinese Visitors

    China 18/04/2018 09:00:17

    “The use of mobile phones has surpassed the one of PC/tablets and is now the core of e-commerce, and the entire user’s behavior is around mobile phones, at least in China.” —-Kevin Guo, General Manager Strategic Cooperation & Marketing Innovation at Ctrip.

  5. How to set up online presence in China (Part 2)

    China 16/04/2018 08:55:03

    In an article posted last week, we discussed how to set up official Chinese website in China.

  6. How to set up online presence in China? (Part 1)

    China 10/04/2018 08:34:10

    As more and more UK businesses start switching their eyes onto China market, how to have an online presence there has become one of the most asked questions, as apparently, having an online presence is a more cost effective way to reach out to potential customers in that country.

  7. Digipanda Marketing Is Running Liverpool’s Official WeChat Account

    China 09/04/2018 14:19:49

    Digipanda Marketing has entered into a contract with Liverpool Vision, under which Digipanda has been authorised to operate Liverpool’s official WeChat public account.

  8. Three Most Common Misconceptions about China Marketing Efforts by UK Inbound Businesses

    China 05/04/2018 14:49:16

    Inbound travel & tourism industry may be one of the few sectors that have been benefited from the chaotic Brexit. The depreciation of pound sterling has helped bring in greater influx of visitors from all over the world, especially China.

  9. Digipanda Connects Inbound Travel & Tourism Businesses with Alipay & WeChat Pay

    China 05/04/2018 11:18:39

    London based digital marketing agency Digipanda Marketing, specialists in the Chinese market, has launched a new service in which it can connect inbound travel & tourism businesses with Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two most popular mobile payment solutions among Chinese visitors.

  10. Looking to establish a company in China?

    China 23/03/2018 14:24:16

    When you establish a company in China, there have 4 questions waiting for your decision

  11. Local Labor Laws: Our Expertise

    China 23/01/2018 15:08:16

    Employee leasing has been found out as one of the best solutions for companies who want to set up a new office in a foreign jurisdiction or hire overseas employee.

  12. Your Most Valuable Resource is Our Specialty

    China 10/11/2017 09:23:09

    A business owner only wants what is best for the business. We can all agree that the main driving force why a business is running is its employees. Getting quality employees to work for your business will help it to grow and succeed. But the thing is, it’s going to be quite hard to get the right employees to help your business in achieving its goals. From the pool of applicants and fresh graduates, it’s quite daunting to come up with a shortlist and ensure that you only hire top shape employees.

  13. 7 Things You Need To Know When Starting a Business in China

    China 10/11/2017 09:16:14

    Starting a business in China can become quite challenging to most companies and firms of foreign origin. If your business is Western, you might find almost total opposite. Business owners find themselves getting the advice of a Chinese consulting firm. It is the most obvious method to follow as these consulting firms know the ways of the complex business system in China. You might find that the legal structure is unique and it isn’t like the legal structure you are used to.

  14. The Right Benefits for the Best Talent

    China 10/11/2017 07:02:53

    Employees are the main driving force of a company. They are the ones responsible in doing tasks to uplift the image and competency of the business in the global setting.

  15. Importing in China (2017)

    China 26/10/2017 11:51:57

    How to Make a Living Importing Products from China and Selling it on Amazon for Huge Profits

  16. Importing From China Is Easy

    China 26/10/2017 11:46:59

    How I Make $1 million a Year by Private Labeling: How to Find Products to Import, Find Suppliers, and Have Them Delivered to Your Doorstep

  17. China Goes West: Everything You Need to Know About Chinese Companies Going Global

    China 26/10/2017 11:36:31

    Presenting an unrivalled perspective into the inner-workings of Chinese corporations and their expansion plans for international markets, this book combines executive interviews and first-hand accounts providing the sorely needed context to the rise of Chinese companies in home and overseas markets and how the West can successfully compete.

  18. Doing Business in China Paperback – 25 Jan 2017

    China 09/05/2017 10:21:55

    China has changed dramatically since the first edition of Doing Business in China was published in 2000 but the second, third and now this fourth edition have kept pace with the rapid developments.

  19. UK-China discuss the next step for economic and trade relations

    China 10/11/2016 09:17:39

    Billions of pounds of projects will be showcased to the delegation, while talks will focus on building on the UK-China trade relationship.

  20. Labor Dispatch: a new way to start a business in China

    China 13/07/2016 12:45:00

    In terms of business opportunities, China stays one of the main focus for foreign companies’ development strategies. However, a strong economic growth, the promise of a huge output market and a diverse group of customers make investing in China both a chance and a risk.

  21. Trade and Investment Minister works towards deeper trading relationship with Hong Kong and China

    China 11/07/2016 17:05:45

    Trade and Investment Minister Lord Price returns from his first official trip to Hong Kong and China.

  22. How To Import From China

    China 20/06/2016 14:54:46

    In This Ebook, We Are Providing Proper Guidance Of Detailed Step By Step Importing Procedure,

  23. In Asia, online shopping gets lost in translation

    China 25/05/2016 10:21:12

    No proper translation in my language

  24. Overseas Business Risk – China

    China 18/05/2016 08:48:19

    Information on key security and political risks which UK businesses may face when operating in China.

  25. How well do you understand the new competitors coming out of China?

    China 30/03/2016 13:55:50

    Strategies for Winning in China here at the University of Cambridge Judge Business School.

  26. E-exporting match-making event helps UK brands sell into China

    China 24/03/2016 14:38:13

    UKTI and Bank of China host e-commerce event to help British mother and baby goods brands meet buyers from Chinese e-marketplace platforms.

  27. New Shanghai Tax Filing System Requires More Detailed Expatriate Information

    China 23/03/2016 12:47:40

    Shanghai’s tax filing system has been comprehensively upgraded since February this year. The new system requires a more detailed disclosure of foreign expatriates’ income and allowance deduction, which must be recorded in the tax system when the company does the monthly individual income tax filing.

  28. New Provisions for Online Publishing Services

    China 23/03/2016 12:46:25

    The State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (“SAPPRFT”) and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (“MIIT”) jointly announced Provisions for the Administration of Online Publishing Services (the “Provisions”), which have taken effect since 10 March 2016.

  29. Announcement of Service Innovation Pilot Programmes

    China 23/03/2016 12:44:39

    On 14 February 2016, China’s State Council announced its plan to conduct pilot programmes for the innovative development of services in 10 cities and 5 new zones under direct control of the central government (“state-level zones”) over the next 2 years.

  30. New Tax Filing Method for Veterinary Drugs Trading Enterprises

    China 23/03/2016 12:43:13

    On 4 February 2016, the State Administration of Taxation (SAT) released the SAT Announcement [2016] No.8 that would take effect from 1 April 2016 for general VAT taxpayers engaged in the veterinary drugs trading business.

  31. China to Replace Business Tax with Value Added Tax in All Sectors

    China 23/03/2016 12:38:20

    At the opening ceremony of the National People’s Congress (NPC) held on 5 March 2016, Premier Li Keqiang announced that effective from 1 May 2016, Value Added Tax (“VAT”) will replace the current Business Tax (“BT”) in all sectors, including real estate & construction, financial services & insurance, lifestyle and other services (including hospitality, food & beverage, healthcare and entertainment).

  32. UK and China sign agreement to boost exports

    China 22/03/2016 18:12:48

    UK Export Finance (UKEF) and the China Export & Credit Insurance Corporation (SINOSURE) have committed to a framework for strengthened co-operation, paving the way for increased UK and Chinese exports.

  33. Doing Business In China Guide

    China 02/03/2016 10:15:50

    China is the great economic success story of the past 30 years. Since the “reform and opening-up” policy was introduced in 1978, China has changed beyond recognition.

  34. SAT Seeks Public Consultation on Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments

    China 02/03/2016 09:15:50

    The Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments draft (“Discussion Draft”) was released by China’s State Administration of Taxation (SAT) on 17 September 2015 to update the existing Implementation of Special Tax Adjustments (Trial) draft (“Guoshuifa [2009] No.2”).

  35. Budgeting for 2016 HR Cost

    China 29/01/2016 08:48:22

    When HR departments plan for the HR cost of 2016, they should consider the following issues:

  36. Foreign Exchange Settlement of Foreign Debt Funds

    China 29/01/2016 08:46:56

    The Shanghai Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange implemented rules for further promotion of foreign exchange administration reform in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone (the “SHFTZ”) that took effect on 17 December 2015.

  37. Administrative Measures for Non-resident Taxpayers Claiming Tax Treaty Benefits

    China 29/01/2016 08:45:27

    State Administration of Taxation (SAT) Public Notice [2015] No.60 has introduced a new mechanism of self-assessment on the eligibility for tax treaty benefits (reduced taxation or exemption under the relevant tax treaties) by non-resident taxpayers.

  38. Impact of Public Notice on Certain Corporate Income Tax Matters

    China 29/01/2016 08:43:38

    Released in March 2015, State Administration of Taxation (SAT) Public Notice [2015] No.16 (“Public Notice 16”) is expected to change the way foreign enterprises repatriate profits out of China.

  39. Importing From China

    China 28/01/2016 12:10:18

    Importing from China guides


    China 28/01/2016 12:03:56

    Create a New Full-Time Income Source Starting from Scratch via Selling Physical Products Online

  41. Simplified Procedures For Starting A Business In China

    China 18/01/2016 09:19:33

    Last year, China simplified the procedure for company registrations, expatriate work visas and annual compliance to encourage investment and commercial businesses. Let’s look at the changes that are likely to affect the way business is done in 2016.

  42. China's Move To VAT Expected To Be Complete By July 2016

    China 13/01/2016 09:10:39

    China’s VAT reform is likely to further strengthen the country’s position in the world economy. The Chinese market will become more familiar for global entities and attract investors who were previously discouraged by inefficiencies in the system.

  43. The Home Office launches new two-year Chinese visa pilot

    China 07/01/2016 08:56:50

    A new two-year visit visa for Chinese nationals will be launched on Monday, 11 January.

  44. UK businesses given boost to break into Chinese retail market

    China 05/11/2015 08:47:57

    Access to China’s growing market of more than 650 million internet users is to be widened to British firms.

  45. Chinese VAT Reform: A Thorny Path For The Insurance Industry

    China 29/10/2015 08:30:18

    MF Group's IPT expert looks at China's move towards VAT for the services sector and compares this to how similar introductions have fared elsewhere.

  46. Communication Across Cultures: Mutual Understanding In A Global World

    China 01/10/2015 15:09:24

    Communication across Cultures explores how cultural context affects the use and (mis)interpretation of language. It provides an accessible and interdisciplinary introduction to language and language variation in intercultural communication by drawing on both classic and cutting-edge research from pragmatics, discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology and politeness studies.

  47. Agreement to promote UK online exports with China

    China 24/09/2015 13:23:01

    A UKTI partnership agreement with Shanghai Free Trade Zone will help UK companies develop e-commerce sales in China.

  48. Are you looking to start a business importing products from China?

    China 25/08/2015 14:17:22

    Are you looking to find a inexpensive, quality product from China that you can sell for a huge profit online or in your store? Then this book can help you step by step from finding that great product, finding a great supplier in China for it, and having it delivered to you.

  49. Foreign Secretary in China to foster partnership on global challenges

    China 12/08/2015 10:38:12

    Philip Hammond has arrived in China for a two day official visit, his first to the country since becoming Foreign Secretary.

  50. David Cameron is leading a trade delegation to south-east Asia this week to boost UK trade and investment.

    China 27/07/2015 09:42:27

    The Prime Minister is joined by 31 representatives from businesses from every region of the UK. Deals worth over £750 million and creating 270 new jobs across the UK are due to be agreed this week.

  51. Is Your Cultural Leadership Style Killing Your Team’s Potential? Cultural Training Workshops

    China 30/06/2015 11:23:12

    Identifying the key leadership competencies your executives need in today’s competitive global environment includes intercultural skills. Organizations have to look for every advantage they can get. And understanding cultural differences in leadership and their impact on the bottom line gives them a competitive edge.

  52. Digital Marketing in Asia

    China 10/06/2015 12:26:22

    A Start-up Guide for Search Engine Marketing in APAC

  53. Chinese Business Etiquette

    China 10/06/2015 11:42:48

    "No one doing business with the Chinese should be without [it]."-Midwest Book Review

  54. UKTI publishes new guide to selling goods and services in China

    China 28/05/2015 08:22:46

    New guide aims to help UK businesses access opportunities and win export business in the lucrative Chinese market.

  55. Four Things To Consider Before Doing Business In China

    China 12/03/2015 10:34:22

    Thinking about doing business in China? Most businesses are. But to be successful there are 4 things you need to know before you start. Here they are.

  56. Landmark deal secures future of British film in China

    China 03/03/2015 13:55:39

    Ratification of film co-production treaty between UK and China

  57. Women’s Business Visit To China & Hong Kong 30 May To 7 June 2015

    China 02/02/2015 12:39:58

    Are you a woman-led business? Are you looking to expand your business or source new products in China?

  58. Potential temporary impact on visa application payment in China

    China 26/01/2015 15:21:44

    Visa application payments may encounter temporary impact

  59. Chinese students to help UK businesses

    China 25/11/2014 08:47:08

    Chinese-speaking students are to be placed with UK companies to help them break into the Chinese market or find new investment

  60. West Country Brands Explore export Opportunities In China

    China 28/10/2014 11:12:21

    UKTI South West helps UK brands take their first steps into Chinese market through the GREAT British brands festival.

  61. The GREAT Festival of Creativity will promote the best of British business

    China 22/10/2014 09:37:59

    The GREAT Festival of Creativity event run by UKTI in Shanghai will demonstrate the best of British creativity.

  62. International Business: An Asian Perspective

    China 08/10/2014 10:23:54

    In most Asian countries including China, Japan, Korea, India, and ASEAN countries, the market structure is shaped and regulated not only by market competition but also by government policy.

  63. Entering The Chinese Market

    China 18/09/2014 17:51:10

    A Practical Guide for SMEs and Entrepreneurs. The Get Ready For China Business Series

  64. Doing business in China

    China 24/07/2014 14:00:46

    David Clive Price offers companies insider knowledge and strategies of how to optimize global business operations and build brand recognition in Asian markets

  65. Trade and Investment Deals Announced During the UK-China Summit.

    China 18/06/2014 10:25:29

    £14 billion of trade and investment deals have been signed between UK and Chinese firms as the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang meets Prime Minister David Cameron during a visit to the UK.

  66. UK and China agree £2 billion digitial media link-up

    China 30/05/2014 17:19:29

    Creative companies from the UK and China are set to benefit from £2 billion worth of trade and investment opportunities.

  67. The Road Map to Asia Business Success

    China 28/04/2014 11:09:29

    If you're feeling blocked or you haven't reached the right level in your business yet (or you haven't even dared to start!), you need a Road Map to Success.

  68. Effective Cross Cultural Communication in the Workplace: Tips for Success

    China 10/04/2014 08:50:53

    Working across cultures is usually more interesting, if not always more enjoyable, than if we were just doing business with our own nationality. It is most likely that many of “the ways we like to do business” are quite familiar among our cross-cultural colleagues and clients.

  69. China’s economy speeds up again… worldwide trade to benefit?

    China 27/03/2014 16:19:20

    China has reported better-than-expected trade surplus figures, reversing recent forecasts and easing fears that a slowdown in Chinese trade would slow down a recovery in the wider world economy.

  70. Cultural Training China: Effective Negotiation Skills

    China 27/03/2014 10:59:07

    How can we adapt our cultural work styles to manage more effectively when doing business in China?

  71. Leading Effectively Across Cultures: Focus Asia

    China 14/03/2014 10:04:02

    Identifying the key leadership competencies your executives need in today’s competitive global environment includes intercultural skills. Organizations have to look for every advantage they can get. And understanding cultural differences in leadership and their impact on the bottom line gives them a competitive edge.

  72. New fund on London Stock Exchange gives investors access to Chinese stock markets

    China 13/01/2014 13:32:40

    Landmark agreement means from today, investors able to invest in Chinese stock markets in Renminbi through the London Stock Exchange.

  73. £5.6 billion worth of deals signed in China

    China 05/12/2013 09:08:44

    Trade and investment deals totalling over £5.6 billion and creating over 1,500 UK jobs have been signed between UK and Chinese firms.

  74. PM champions EU free trade deal with China

    China 02/12/2013 12:17:05

    David Cameron arrives in Beijing with the message that ‘an open Britain is the ideal partner for an opening China’.

  75. UK and China: building a long-term relationship

    China 02/12/2013 12:15:40

    Prime Minister David Cameron, accompanied by 6 government ministers, is leading a trade mission to China this week.

  76. British trade mission to sell tea to China

    China 18/11/2013 10:10:17

    Owen Paterson is in Shanghai with British exporters to help get more British food and drink onto their supermarket shelves.

  77. China: Challenges and opportunities for UK business

    China 25/10/2013 09:36:50

    FCO Minister Hugo Swire spoke at the China Association Autumn Lunch about opportunities China presents for British business and UK growth.

  78. Immigration Update

    China 20/09/2013 10:30:14

    Changes made to Entry and Exit Administrative Laws in China

  79. Information for British Nationals living in China

    China 16/08/2013 12:31:18

    For British Nationals living in or visiting China, please read the following information for our opening hours and services.

  80. Smart Business Set-up in China

    China 12/07/2013 09:42:07

    - Tired of costly and endless market researches in China? - Scared of the risks you might face when entering the Chinese market? - Looking to be immediately active and operational in China?

  81. Do Not Delay – Seek IP Protection in China

    China 25/06/2013 11:54:19

    Ella Cheong of Ella Cheong (Hong Kong & Beijing) explores the benefits of trademark protection in China

  82. China’s Latest Space Mission Lifts Off, Whilst UK Business Remains On The Launch Pad.

    China 11/06/2013 11:09:28

    Nie Haisheng, Zhang Xiaoguang and Wang Yaping made a traditional walk in front of cheering crowds prior to leaving for the Launchpad. This morning (11 June 2013), the mission designated Shenzhou-10 lifted off and started a 40 hour journey to where it will complete the next step in China’s plan to put a permanently manned space station above the Earth by the beginning of the next decade, and does anyone doubt China will achieve what China sets out to do anymore?

  83. Where will you find prosperity in 2013?

    China 30/05/2013 13:34:32

    CHINA IS NOT JUST FOR THE BIG BOYS ANYMORE. As the ‘recession’ in the UK continues, more small and medium-sized enterprises will be forced to go international to grow their business and they should not shy away from China, assuming it to be too big or too distant for the likes of them.

  84. Why Expand To China?


    Foreign investment walks hand-in-hand with China's decision to finally welcome in the outside world especially the West

  85. China: Economic Convalescence Accelerates


    Much of Chinese convalescence process has been the direct result of its consumers, something which can be heeded by other flagging economies.

  86. China: Event Organisation Case Study


    London Metal Exchange (LME) sought to increase understanding of its services within the financial and regulatory community.

  87. All The Tea In China


    While China may not be the most accessible country with which to do business, its progress and commercial success have been incredible. With 1.6 billion consumers, staggering GDP increases and ever-growing foreign trade surpluses, China's continuing economic ascendancy is undeniable.

  88. Business In China Explained: Joint Ventures


    Joint Ventures are still seen as the most viable way of entering the Chinese market.

  89. Business In China Explained: Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprises


    This form of set-up is becoming increasingly more popular with investors, due its nature of maximum control: there is no prerequisite involvement from Chinese investors.

  90. China Case Study: Establish Presence and Export Facility


    The Blayson Group Ltd is one of few British companies in the SME category to export their products to China.

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