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How to marketing towards Chinese community in UK using WeChat Moment Ads

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How to marketing towards Chinese community in UK using WeChat Moment Ads

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According to official statistics in 2011, UK has a Chinese population of 430,000. Another statistics by HESA, there were over 95,000 Chinese students in higher education institutions in UK. Statistics released by Visit Britain shows 260,000 Chinese visitors travelled to UK in 2016.

Many UK businesses, especially property, finance, legal services, etc., have been trying to market their products/services to Chinese community in UK but have been disappointed at the fact that there is no effective marketing tools that could help then achieve their target. However, a good news came recently: Overseas WeChat Moment Ads now offer various targeting criteria that allows UK businesses to reach selected Chinese communities in UK. However, compared to WeChat Moment Ads that is available in China, there are several restrictions, which I will describe below.

Procedure of Purchasing WeChat Moment Ads

  1. Opening a verified overseas WeChat public account. To do this, you only need to show your company certificate and pay related account application and verification fee.
  2. Create ads: you need to create ads content, decide upon WeChat ads format, target audience, pricing model to be adopted, etc.
  3. Approval process: It may take up to 3 working days for you to get feedback from WeChat.
  4. Posting Ads on WeChat Moment
  5. Real time monitoring and tracking

Ads Format

Compared to five format options that WeChat Moment Ads offer in China, overseas WeChat Moment ads only support “image + text” format. It support the configuration of 1, 3, 4, or 6 outer images. I

  1. Brand name and profile image;
  2. Up to 40 character ad description
  3. Up to 6 pictures
  4. Link to an HTML5 page or a WeChat public account article
  5. Users can interact with the ads by liking it or commenting on it.

Precise Reach

Overseas WeChat Moment Ads allowsadvertisers can target users according to


  1. Whether they are living in UK, or traveling in UK;
  2. Age;
  3. Gender;
  4. Interests


Overseas WeChat Moment ads do not support location based targeting in overseas countries, which means, overseas WeChat Moment Ads can target on all Chinese population in UK, instead the Chinese community in a particular city.

This feature is absolutely a good news for businesses that are targeting on Chinese students in UK, as they can choose to select the age group from 18 to 25.

How much does it cost?

Overseas WeChat Moment Ads only support “auction style” purchasing scheme, under which ad price is decided by real time bidding, but the starting price is 100 RMB/CPM, while advertisers can set daily budget. Besides, there is a minimum investment requirement, which is 50,000 RMB. Digipanda charges 20% service fee on top of that.

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