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Mexico, the best country in LATAM to do business

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Mexico, the best country in LATAM to do business

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Mexico has gone through different facets that have made it the country it is today, with a political and economic stability. Currently, Mexico has global competitive advantages, which make it a totally attractive country for foreign entrepreneurs, such as low inflation, the size and strength of its internal market, its economic rate in growth and its ability to generate advanced manufacturing.

According to the "Doing Business 2017" report, Mexico is the best country to do business in all of Latin America, where it is ranked in the place 47 out of 190, the best position obtained by a Latin American nation.

In addition, Mexico is among the 15 economies in the world for its great market potential, this is because of the competitive costs it offers and for its strategic geographical position.

Mexico has an opened economy by countless Free Trade agreements around the world, guaranteeing the access to international markets of 45 countries like the United States, Canada, Colombia, Costa Rica, European Union, Norway, Switzerland, Japan, Peru, among others.

Why Mexico?

There are many factors that benefit foreign companies to start businesses in Mexico, including:

  • It has an emerging market of more than 100 million of consumers.
  • Mexico's access to the EU (Free Trade Agreement between Mexico and the European Union).
  • NAFTA market reaches almost 18,700,000,000,000 dollars.
  • Manifold opportunities for foreign investors such as new structural reforms, good financing and competitive employees
  • Modern world-class infrastructure with an approximate investment of 100 billion dollars by the federal government.
  • Access to the TTP (Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty), the member countries represent 38% of the World GDP, 23% of world exports, 11% of the world population and 28% of global imports.

  • It is important to mention that Mexico has highly competitive and productive sectors, such as:
  • Automotive and auto parts sector that contributes 15% of manufacturing GDP and generates around 645,000 jobs.
  • Aerospace sector where Mexico is the sixth largest supplier in the USA industry and generates around 32,600 jobs.
  • Technological sector that manages to occupy the third place as an exporter of IT services.
  • Agri-food sector where Mexico exported more than twenty-four million dollars in Agri-food products.
  • Energy sector where almost a quarter of The installed capacity in Mexico generates electricity derived from renewable sources.

For these and many other reasons, Mexico offers a favorable outlook for foreign investors and the trend to be a global potential economy is growing.

The best way to achieve the success of an organization in other countries is to outsource processes and activities through an expert company in the field, which knows and fully understands the customs and regulations of the country.

Welcome to a new way of doing more with less, welcome to Serviap.

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