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Finding it impossible to open a bank account in EU for your offshore company? We have solutions!

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Finding it impossible to open a bank account in EU for your offshore company? We have solutions!

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The past years were quite tough for offshore companiesí owners when it was coming to the bank account opening.

By offshore we donít mean the classic offshores only, but also at one time popular structure like Limited Partnership. LPs are regarded as an offshore by almost all the banks.

In current circumstances, itís hardly possible to open account for offshore company in EU banks but we are one of the only few companies in the world that can still do that for you or your clients.

What differentiate our offer from the other providers that claim they would assist you with account opening in Europe for your offshore entity?


  • We do not take prepayment and invoice you only when the account is opened
  • We support account opening from the beginning and until its open. Other providers would charge you upfront, send you a bank account application and tell you that they do not guarantee account opening. You then are left on your own and in 99.9% cases, the bank will refuse and you will lose the money you have paid to that provider
  • We have a dedicated account opening manager that would work with you all the way until the account is opened
  • We assist with drafting supporting documentation that is sometimes required by the bank
  • Our internal compliance department will check your documents and advise on what additional will be required; what you will need to amend or add to satisfy the requirements of our partner banks
  • Our success rate is 97%
  • We accept all types of business activities (apart from the obvious blacklisted ones)
  • We open account remotely
  • We work directly with all the banks and do not resell the services of local providers


We are expensive but we offer quality and a guarantee comparing to the trash proposals you find online! We don't open accounts for EUR 500 (for that you will only get a bank application form from the provider who would forget about you straight after with a 0% of a successful account opening), we open accounts starting from EUR 5000 and provide you a piece of mind, world class customer service and a risk free transaction. We open accounts in EU, not in random places everyone are offering now, like Albania, Bosnia, Georgia, Belorus, Serbia, etc. If you don't want to waste your time and lose your money at the end, have your account opened in EU, and not be afraid that your funds will be frozen for no reason, get in touch with us now

Our bank account introduction is a professional service provided by our Irish and Swiss based licensed fiduciary and financial intermediary companies and the banks we have chosen to work with, meet our highest standards of confidentiality, have excellent reputations, offer a wide range of financial products, and operate in countries with political and economic stability.

Mikhail Yegorov
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*For agencies or affiliates, we offer great commissions and work conditions.

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