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How You Can Improve Your Skills When Going For A Promotion

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How You Can Improve Your Skills When Going For A Promotion

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When seeking a promotion at work there are a few things you should be doing. Whatís important to consider is that this isnít something you can achieve overnight, as bosses will notice when your work habit completely changes at the first sign of extra money. Instead, put in the work and then you will reap the rewards.

Get Colleague Support

If you can get the support and backing of your colleagues at your level then this will put you in a good position for promotion. You could have got this support by being someone who is caring and eager to help everyone out due to your extra skills, or you could just be well liked. Either way, this will be something that bosses will notice and be happy to see.

Stand Out And Go The Extra Mile

One of the most effective things you can do to help yourself get that promotion youíre after is to stand out amongst your peers. To stand out, you have to be doing something that the others simply arenít. It could be that you need to take some initiative or show more commitment to tasks and responsibilities that you perhaps wouldnít have before.

Maybe the promotion will actually need some proof of your knowledge of new business practices, such as finance that you may not have been in charge of before. The good news is that there are a variety of different online courses available that you can look into to put you above the rest of the competition.

You donít necessarily need to pay for them yourself either, your business could fund it if you show a willingness to get the qualification. For promotions, you should consider looking into an executive finance course that will help you gain the corporate finance knowledge that will put you in good stead for making strategic decisions and offering more value to the business.

Learn Some Leadership Skills

A promotion usually means you will be working above others in your business. That means you need to be capable of managing and leading a team which will require different skills than youíre perhaps used to.

Leaders need to lead by example, which means you canít send work down the pipeline simply because you donít want to do it. All that will do is put them off from doing the work too, and alienate everyone in the process.

Leaders need to work with their team to be effective. Communication, and especially listening are some of the most important leadership skills that you can develop.

Ask For Feedback

If youíre not sure what you need to be doing to earn that promotion, then you should consider speaking to your superiors to find what you need to be doing in order to get to the next step. You may find it is only something small you need to change, or it could be a mindset related issue.

Whatever it is, they will be the best to speak to about it. At the end of the day, it will be their decision as to who gets the promotion.

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