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Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria

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Litigation Lawyer in Bulgaria

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The litigation procedures in Bulgaria are very interesting and conservative and could continue for different periods, depending on the complexity of every legal case.

Our Bulgarian litigation lawyers are experienced in many court procedures for debt collection, commercial law cases and civil procedures. They all are ready to assist you and support you legally, if you need a legal advice for your issue in Bulgaria.

The litigation lawyer in Bulgaria

Litigation lawyer

The most important responsibilities of the Bulgaria litigation lawyers are to prepare all legal documents. They are necessary in court procedures in Bulgaria, needed for the defense or the assistance, giving legal advices and representing the clients & defending clients before the authorities in the court & public procedures in Bulgaria.

Our Bulgarian litigation lawyers will support you by preparation of legal documents. They work usually on hourly basis and follow a specific legal procedure in whole litigation process before the Bulgarian courts. Sometimes we need and require additional information from the clients or from the authorities. That takes more time, especially when we need to prepare your defence or statement for the Bulgarian courts.

During the litigation procedures before the Bulgarian court we have an access to all legal acts and documents shown, and could investigate the case for additional information regarding the cases. We can also ask for copies and samples of documents, as well as receive information of high priority from the Bulgarian authorities. In regular cases, our Bulgarian litigation lawyers are owed remuneration for their work determined on hourly basis according to written or mutual contracts. The payment of the Bulgarian litigation lawyers is in accordance with the Ordinance of the Supreme Attorney Council.


Before we start, there are some technical limitations for a regular litigation lawyer in Bulgaria. For instance, to represent his/her clients in Bulgaria in front of the Supreme Court, the lawyers must have NO less than five years of legal & attorney experience in courts.

Some individuals cannot be litigation lawyers in Bulgaria:

  • people convicted in crimes;
  • lawyers who had lost their attorney rights of practice;
  • traders or managers of a trade company;
  • governmental people & public office employees or the individuals who has declared the insolvency.

If you need our support or are looking for a litigation lawyer in Bulgaria, do not hesitate to contact us here

We will support you during the entire court proceedings and will give you all the legal advices to fix your problems and to save your time and funds!

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