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Austria Market Entry

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Austria Market Entry

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My name is Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner I am a business consultant from Austria. I am glad that I may introduce the advantages of my homeland to you.

In times of the constantly changing political and economic relations, many enterprises are in search of a stable market with concurrent possibility for international expansion offers. You find exactly this in Austria.

Austria stands for security, for stability and internationality.

Austria is a country that scores with a stable and, above all, long-term predictable political and economic situation and with lower entry costs than in other German-speaking countries. The regulations are reliable and entrepreneur-friendly.

Due to the geographic location, Austria has always been an interface between different economic regions. At times when the names East and West were used, contacts were already established in Austria and business was carried out which would not have been possible elsewhere or only very difficult. These relationships still give an economic advantage to companies established in Austria. From here, you can not only access the entire German-speaking EU market with its GDP of around 4700 billion USD, 5 million companies and about 98 million inhabitants. You also have the opportunity to further internationalize your business in the shortest possible way. Within one to two hours you are in Frankfurt, Brussels, Rome, Chisinau, Kiev or in London and within three hours you are for example in Barcelona, Ankara or in Moscow.

The Austrians have an average per capita purchasing power of around 22000 euros per year and are well educated. We have high-carat colleges and universities who produce internationally asked graduates. Companies from the future technologies have settled in Austria and are developing their newest products here. These include, for example, companies dealing with IT security, battery systems for eMobility, autonomous driving, smart living, or even new medical robotic systems.

Of course I leave the tourism not unmentioned one. In this branch you find in Austria from the small family business up to the international hotel chains all representatives of the branch. No matter whether you yourselves want to open a business or whether you want to get as a finance investor into the tourism, you will surely find the right solution for you in Austria.

Despite the open orientation towards internationality, there is a secure economic law in Austria, which also contributes to the fact that companies based in Austria have a high reputation internationally.

Finally, I would like to mention that in Austria we offer the appropriate company form for every company size. This means that small entrepreneurs can already start a business with just a few hundred euros, but existing companies can also start a subsidiary in the form of a limited liability company with a few thousand Euros. As an alternative to the limited liability company, large companies still have the option of a stock company. Depending on the size of the company, there are of course also interesting tax advantages and public funds in Austria.

More about your business opportunities in Austria you can find here:

And here you can find some services for your first step to Austria:

I hope I could arouse your interest in Austria and look forward to your questions.

With nice greetings from Austria Dietmar Erwin Ruttensteiner

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