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Market entry and expansion to Austria

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Market entry and expansion to Austria

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Physical borders are becoming ever less important due to new technologies but everyday technologies are not so simple to apply in the real world of business.

We can now communicate with the whole world thanks to digital media but it is not possible to establish a business with new customers in Austria on a digital basis alone. After all, business is still done between people and this means that you need to meet people in person and build up mutual trust. You will also find lots of networks and relationships in Austria which, despite the use of new technologies, you will be unable to exploit without an on-site partner. Each country has its own specific peculiarities in terms of how to do business. One of the peculiarities of Austria is that people prefer to choose the second-best deal with a familiar company than the best deal with an unknown company with no contact partner in Austria. In addition to these informal challenges, there are also various ‘formal’ hurdles to be overcome in terms of requirements, guidelines and regulations.

This explains why many companies which have been successful in other countries have failed to achieve the required results in Austria because they have nobody to advise them, represent their interests or help them secure an appropriate positioning.

And this is the advantage of my services:

I serve as a local interface for you; my team and I can identify potential customers or business partners for you; I can devise a strategy to enable you to operate successfully on the Austrian market; I can establish a site for you and position your company in line with your goals. If you want to drive your expansion through company acquisitions, I can support you by providing background information. If there are any issues to be addressed at a political level, I can make contact with the relevant political bodies for you.

The key thing is that you will have an informal representative of your company in Austria in the form of me and my team, providing you with much easier access to the information and business you require. I can provide the following:

  • Faster access to new business
  • Faster access to new partners
  • Strategies tailored to Austria
  • Information about the Austrian market
  • Financial & economic data about potential customers and partners
  • Support with business set-up and authorisation procedures

With some 630,000 companies, around 4.3 million employees, public tenders worth 35 billion euros and a GDP of approx. 428 billion USD, Austria is an attractive location as a springboard or gateway to other countries as well as being an independent market and a strategic and profitable option.

If you want to operate successfully on the Austrian market, request an initial appointment with us in the form of a telephone conference or suggest a date when we can meet in person. We would be happy to accept your invitation and visit you at your company premises.

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