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Start a business in Bulgaria

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Start a business in Bulgaria

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Why choose Bulgaria to start your business?

Every business person knows that one of the main things when starting any activity is choosing the right location. Maybe you have been heard much about Bulgaria. It is a famous country due to its beauty, a destination with proper conditions for both summer and winter tourism, the rose oil, the “magical” voices and much more nice stuff regarding that country with a long and quite interesting history. What about nowadays when it comes to the economic stability? It is an attractive country to start business in. Here you can find the essential reasons why to choose exactly Bulgaria:

Start a business in Bulgaria

  • Bulgaria is a strategic logistics place also due to its location – in the “heart”of the Balkan peninsula. The name “Balkan” actually comes from the mountain which is spread along in the middle of the country, and it is the longest mountain chain in the That location provides an easy access to all important markets in Europe, Middle East and Asia.
  • Since 2007 Bulgaria is a member of the European Union, and earlier – of NATO and WTO. Our currency BGN (Bulgarian Lev) is steady thanks to the support by the currency board. The exchange course keeps the level 1 EUR = between 1.95 and 1.96 BGN.
  • The tax regime in Bulgaria is not hard. Our country has got the most favourable one comparing to the other European countries.
  • The rate of the Corporate income tax is 10% which is the lowest in the European Union.
  • The rate of the Personal income tax is 10 %.
  • Personal income tax is only 10 %.
  • High-unemployment areas are granted with 0% tax rate.
  • Withholding tax on dividends and liquidation quotas is 5% (0% for EU tax residents).
  • Bulgaria is gifted with clever, highly educated and skilled professional employees, lots of them – multilingual. That makes our work force preferable.

Law firm D. Vladimirov & Partners is here for you to support your business to start well and seamlessly, so that you will be able to take advantage of all the opportunities and options our country is giving you.

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