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Forex Brokers and Binary Options

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Vanuatu regulation increasingly popular among Binary Options and Forex Brokers


Forex Securities Dealers License

No other license offers such a value for limited costs.

Despite of the growing demand for financial services, it has become difficult for financial service providers to obtain a license for their activities or stand the pressure of ever-increasing rules and requirements in order to retain that license.

Controlling authorities impose strict rules and increase entry barriers (such as enormous capital requirement), trying to oust medium-sized companies from this business area.

One of the solutions TBA offers with this regard is Vanuatu Securities Dealers License. It is a relatively new product, but it already gained an approval and popularity of many firms, offering financial services to the customers worldwide.

Obtaining of a license of the Securities Dealer becomes possible due to the Dealers in Securities (Licensing) Act [Cap 70 of the laws of Vanuatu] (previously called Prevention of Fraud (Investment) Act), which allows individuals and companies to apply for such license.

Vanuatu SDL Advantages

This company can offer bank-like services, additionally a permission to provide Forex (FX) and commodity activities;

No limitations of clients you can accept;

Costs to obtain the Vanuatu FX license are low.

Very low fee to get the permissions granted (US$2.000,-);

No local office and/or employees are required in Vanuatu;

Vanuatu offers the fastest regulation available on the industry;

There are no restrictions on public solicitations and web sites being open to the general public;

We offer you a full package including an international bank account for your new Vanuatu Financial Company.

You do not need to travel to Vanuatu to undersign application forms; all we be done by email and mailing if you decide to incorporate via TBA & Associates.


Financial and Legal Background

Licenses are granted by the Minister of Finance Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). Basically, the Act has two functions. First is to regulate the issuance of the license of securities dealer and the second is to impose penalties for persons/corporations dealing with securities without a permission or fraudulently inducing people to invest money in securities.

Vanuatu has a very user friendly Act, the Prevention of Frauds Act which allows an individual or a company to apply for a Securities Dealers License.

This license allows you to buy, sell, trade securities such as shares, bonds, options etc and managed a portfolio of investments for and on behalf of your clients.

This License can be useful for investment/fund management institutions such as Brokerage firms, mutual or hedge funds etc who may have clients wishing to invest in securities which may not be permissible or must comply with onerous and costly compliance of their resident jurisdiction. Such investments can be done through an entity incorporated in Vanuatu licensed to carry on Securities dealing business thereby bypassing these constraints legally.

By having a Vanuatu Securities Dealer or Forex License, these types of investments can be done through a brokerage incorporated in Vanuatu, licensed to trade securities, thus bypassing constraints existing in other countries in a legal manner.

How TBA can Help Brokers Interested in Vanuatu Forex Regulation

TBA & Associates, together its local Lawyers, has been offering legal services related to acquiring a Vanuatu Forex license since 2006 and are today able to assist clients with every step needed in order to receive one.

The license will be issued by the Vanuatu FSC Financial Services Commission, the entity regulating and supervising the financial industry in the country.

The steps required include incorporating a company in Vanuatu, applying for the license, paying all the necessary fees, guidance on compliance and other practical matters Forex brokers need to be aware of.

Additionally our lawyers offer free and non-binding consultations for Forex brokers and potential Forex brokers in order to help them understand if they fulfil the requirements set by the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission for a license.

Our experienced lawyers offer regulation related services in many other popular jurisdictions as well, and can therefore advise brokers who have not decided on the most suitable jurisdiction yet on what the most beneficial jurisdiction is.

Please do not hesitate to contact one of our business experts for any question you would like to discuss with us.

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