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How To Use Instagram For Business

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How To Use Instagram For Business

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The best tips to improve your business using Instagram

Instagram is a social media platform that is quite popular and well known for its ability to share photos, videos and network with like-minded people based on shared interested. It is actually seen as the fastest growing and most popular social media platform and it is now being used by various businesses in order to market their products and services.

Check out our 6 tips that will ensure you get the most out of Instagram for your company.

1. Be clear about your goals

You need to figure out the role that you want Instagram to play, especially when it comes to your marketing strategy. This can be done by closely considering your main objectives such as getting new customers, getting more brand awareness, changing how consumers think about your business etc.

2. Create an audience or following

It is important that you not just post randomly on Instagram, but have a strategy that progressively builds up your following over time. There are many ways you can do this and one popular method is to connect your Instagram account to your business's Facebook account so that you can easily share photos on both platforms at the same time. You can do cross sharing while utilizing various hashtags that are relevant to your business. This will ensure that people can find your Instagram or Facebook page via these hashtags, even if they have never heard about your company. You could also find out how to get 50 likes on Instagram instantly, giving your account a boost of engagement.

3. Ensure you have a balance between fun and business

Instagram is a social media network that people mostly use for fun and entertainment. As a result, you should post lots of fun and interesting pictures on your Instagram page. However, you should not just post 100% fun photos, but have a balance between fun and business related photos and content. You should also take the time to track the engagement of your audience so that you can see what type of content they like the most. When it comes to balancing between fun and business posts, you should go according to the 80/20 rule. Basically, 80% of the photos and content posted should be fun and interesting whereas 20% of your content should be business related.

4. Use hashtags properly according to your industry

A hashtag is a phrase that is preceded by the # sign. Basically, these tags work so that people who search for these terms will see your content that has the same hashtag. You can use multiple tags on your photos and even according to specific events. For example, if your company attended and took pictures at an event such as Digital DNA, you can hash tag those photos using #DigitalDNA so that other people interested in that event can easily find your and see your photos.

5. Paid advertising

Instagram is a free social media platform, however, you can now do paid advertising on it. There are many different types of ads you can create such as carousel, video as well as photo ads. These ads can showcase your company, products, services etc with a clickable link to your blog, website, app or even directly to your products.

6. Be creative and focus on more than just advertising

Lastly, you should avoid going overboard with the ads, since you don't want your feed to look like a never ending billboard. Instead, you should use a lot of interesting and creative images that present your products and services in new ways that will make people want to share them.

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