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Set up your Dubai company to benefit from Expo2020

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Richard Smith BSc (Hons), TEP

Richard Smith BSc (Hons), TEP

UAE Freezone and Residence Visa Expert

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Set up your Dubai company to benefit from Expo2020

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Dubai is the place to be from October 2021 to March 2022 when it hosts the delayed Expo2020

The fact Dubai was chosen as the first city in the Middle East, Africa or South Asia to host a World Expo speaks volumes for how the global community sees the Emirate.

And itís going to be a great time to set up your new company Ė taking advantage of a smooth and hassle-free process thanks to the company formation experts at Charterhouse Lombard.

So letís break down 5 ways Expo2020 will boost business opportunities:


  1. Millions of visitors: Whether the visitors are in-person or online, this level of focus is going to boost opportunities in the region. The key is to get set up in time to benefit from so much attention.
  2. Making Dubai a world centre: Dubai is of course globally-renowned for tourism, hospitality and retail. But the Expo will demonstrate that Dubai pushes boundaries in all industries Ė from construction to tech, and from finance to sustainability.
  3. Infrastructure improvements: Set up in Dubai now, and once the Expo is over youíll benefit from the huge infrastructure projects, with 80% of the site being re-used.
  4. Employment: When such a strong focus is put on a city, it attracts highly-skilled workers. That means the employment pool for your business has never been richer.
  5. Economic boost: The event was originally predicted to generate over USD 35bn, with foreign investments of more than USD 100bn. Whatever shape the event next year eventually takes, itís sure to create a huge boost to the economy.

Clearly, a thriving economy is good news for business opportunities. So the question is whether youíre ready to get set up in time to benefit?

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