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Why VoIP is a Good Option for Your Startup

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Why VoIP is a Good Option for Your Startup

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Whether for customer support or team collaboration, a reliable communication infrastructure is a must for any startup. Traditionally, this need would be met by a landline. But that means paying sky-high monthly rates, not to mention additional fees for installation and making international calls. Enter VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

In addition to being far more affordable, this innovative technology hosts a range of benefits that make it a superior choice for growing businesses that require a flexible and effective way to stay in touch with stakeholders. Following are some of the reasons why VoIP is a good option for your startup.


Instead of using a dedicated phone line, which requires on-premise wiring and its associated installation fees, VoIP utilizes your existing internet connection.

Moreover, you can rent the necessary equipment as part of the monthly fee, which still works out to be lower than that of a landline. According to Lifewire, you can expect to save an impressive 90% on international calls, allowing you to collaborate with companies abroad without having to worry about ridiculous fees.


VoIP software is no different to any other app. You simply need to download it onto your laptop and youíre set.

This means that you and your team can use it anywhere, be it the local cafe or your garage. If your startup is yet to determine a dedicated office space, the accessibility of VoIP becomes a tremendous advantage. When youíre ready to move, the technology can move with you with no additional effort or complications.


As youíre probably aware, data is extremely valuable these days. The more you know about what your business is doing, the more valuable insights you can gain into how you can do things better. VoIP can help with that.

This is because most VoIP apps include reporting and metrics tools to help you gather information. You can use the data thatís collected to improve your performance and prepare reports for stakeholders. Itís also a powerful way to improve the quality of your customer service.


Being cloud-based, VoIP software is capable of integrating with the other tools your startup uses.

Through software such as PieSync, this makes it possible to create custom connections between apps, thus improving your efficiency and reducing the need for manual data entry. Linked below is a post on the PieSync blog comparing these features between the top VoIP tools, Ringcentral and Aircall:


In a startup, growth is both an exciting and daunting prospect. The latter is only made worse by clunky technology that fails to grow with your business. Fortunately, VoIP isnít that.

Unlike a landline, VoIP software is extremely scalable, allowing you to multiply your number of lines overnight if necessary. In addition, you can easily implement new connections in separate locations, giving you one less thing to worry about during times of rapid growth.


Itís clear that VoIP is a great choice for startups of all kinds. Be sure to consider it moving forward.

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