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How to Establish the Right Pricing Rules for Your Business

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How to Establish the Right Pricing Rules for Your Business

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Today, if businesses want to have a good position in their industry, the prices that they offer have to be optimal. As a result, implementing pricing rules into your business strategy has proven to be highly beneficial. However, realizing this form of pricing is not as simple as many would like it to be, especially if they do so manually.

After all, if you spend countless hours manually filling out spreadsheets with calculations, you will find very little time to focus on more critical business tasks. In addition to taking up a lot of your time, there will also be a much higher rate of error since humans are not perfect. Therefore, all of your hard work will not even lead you to the results that you need to reach your objectives. So, how can pricing rules help you?

With a solution like Competera, pricing rules are implemented automatically into all products and services that have a price, providing you with the most optimal price at any given time. However, to reap the benefits, your firm has to use updated pricing rules and strategies, or even have them for starters! Therefore, down below, we have outlined how to establish the best pricing rules specific to your firm!

How to Pinpoint the Best Pricing Rules for Your Firm

Before you can do any research, you first have to figure out who your customers truly are, everything that you can about your industry, get to know your competition, and define your objectives as well. With this information, you will have a solid understanding of your market, which, in turn, will help you establish the best pricing rules that are specific to your company. Let's break it down.

The first thing that you will have to do is try out different strategies. Whether it be on a product or your business model, you must be hands-on in this process. This way, you will be able to figure out how consumers respond to a higher or lower price, for instance. Also, be sure to monitor how your sales do on each platform. Don't neglect to track how your rivals react to your changes in prices, too! While this part is manual, know that this hard work will pay off in the long run as your rules-based pricing solution will operate with a much higher rate of success. This task is daunting, though, so let's go over a few standard pricing rules that you can consider.

The first thing that you can try is setting your price to its MAP, otherwise known as its Minimum Advertised Price. You will find the most success with this strategy if the item or service is not unique while it has a reasonably large sales volume, with many retailers selling it as well. If you end up noticing your profit getting impacted in a negative way, then use this information to understand where your lower limits lie.

You can also try pricing your products or services higher than your usual prices to get a good understanding of where your upper limits lie. By knowing the location of both your upper and your lower limits, you will know exactly where to keep your prices at to not only keep your sales afloat but also to keep your brand image intact.


To conclude, once you test out various pricing rules and strategies, you can use this information alongside an automated tool that implements pricing rules to see the results that you have been going after all this time. Make sure that you also include other, more varying information such as promotions and competitor prices, to name a few, to ensure the most optimal prices at all times!

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