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Start-Up Ideas For Entrepreneurs Looking To Move To The UK

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Start-Up Ideas For Entrepreneurs Looking To Move To The UK

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Having just left the European Union, the UK is looking to attract investors, innovations and workers from around the world.

The country has already launched many initiatives to help drive international businesses and investors to consider the UK as a viable opportunity.

If youíre keen to start a business in this thriving country, here are some great ideas to help you get started.

A Removal Service

Throughout the UK, individuals and businesses are seeking companies to help them to move to a new house, transport bulky items and get rid of large waste products, so consider offering these services. It can be expensive to purchase a van large enough to carry everything you need, so consider exploring the van leasing companies in the UK, like Swiss Vans. This experienced company are committed to offering clients the latest models of vans in all shapes and sizes, so you can find the one that suits you and allows you to start a prosperous removals business.

An International Restaurant

The English are adventurous eaters who like to sample new cuisines, and with a diverse population the country has a big market for dishes from around the world. If you have experience in the cooking and hospitality markets, then consider establishing a restaurant that offers fresh, vibrant food from your country of origin or a region that youíre familiar with. Try to create an establishment that offers something a little different from the curry houses and Chinese takeaways that prevail throughout the UK; the country is receptive to new cuisines and eager to educate its taste buds, so you could enjoy success with an inventive eatery.

Brexit Consultation

Following the UKís exit from the EU, many British businesses are unsure of how this monumental change will affect their organisation. As such, if youíve got strong knowledge of European law and qualifications in areas such as business management or law, then you could establish a profitable Brexit consultancy service. This might seem like a short-term proposition, but the law is constantly evolving, and as such UK businesses will need support for many years to come.

Reusable Packaging

Thanks to the worsening global climate crisis, many companies around the world and throughout the UK are trialling reusable packing options. As such, inventive entrepreneurs can create pioneering reusable products that could change the way consumers use packaging. These solutions can be sold to food producers, restaurants or even directly to consumers, who are regularly seeking ways to save money by making their own meals.

Smartphone Repairs

Smartphones are rising in popularity around the world, and particularly in countries like the UK, where many consumers have a significant amount of disposable income and are keen to use the latest technology. The key issue many users have with smartphones is that they are easy to damage, thanks to their responsive touchscreens and slippery outer casings. As such, a smartphone repair service could be the perfect option for a technically minded visionary looking to enter the UK market and provide a service that consumers will need time and time again.

App Development

The popularity of smartphones in the UK has led to a prevalence of apps, with everything from games through to creative music streaming services available in app form. For those with the technical skills and app development knowledge, this could be a profitable venture. The UK is always looking for innovative apps that are unlike anything that phone users have ever seen before, and you can monetise your idea by charging for it or even offering in-app purchases.

A Takeaway Delivery Service

Takeaway food is popular across the UK, and as a result many big companies, including Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber Eats have flourished in the country. Whilst these companies are big names that have popular apps and recognisable logos, there is still space in the market for smaller firms to enter and flourish. You could offer the benefit of local knowledge by focusing on one particular region of the UK and partnering with popular local takeaway providers, or you could create innovative technology that has unique features that users canít find elsewhere.

A Pet Products Or Services Company

The UK is a nation of animal lovers, with the countryís pet market predicted to reach £7 billion by 2021. If you want to get into this market, then consider creating an innovative pet care product or a service such as pet sitting or alternative therapies. These solutions are lucrative, as many pet owners will pay significant amount of money for unique solutions that will make their furry friend stand out from the crowd.

Setting up a new business in a country youíre not familiar with can be a challenge, but by using this article as a guide youíll have some inventive ideas to build upon.

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