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Translation for law firms

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Translation for law firms

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Offering high quality legal and business translations at competitive prices.

Vision and Mission

Law firms not only rely on language translation agencies and professional legal translators to produce high-quality and accurate content within fast turnaround times, but also require them to be precise and have an in-depth understanding of current legislations together with legal terminology. Consequently, working with an agency which specializes specifically in professional legal translation services can be extremely beneficial.

Honest Translation is a powerful business growth tool when applied in the right way.


In both a challenging economic environment and a period of market exchange, you need an experienced Translation Services provider (Honest Translation) to help you accomplish your business translation needs. Honest Translations, works with large, medium and small companies on a daily basis for all their business translations requirements. Having a multinational/multicultural marks is an absolute must in today’s global economy.

A mistake in a translation can have dramatic consequences.

In Particular, the strong relationships we build with agency members, upper management, partner organizations and all stakeholders often result in win-win situation.

Understanding of legal systems, processes and terminology. This knowledge is reflected in the high-quality translations that we produce.

Whether your document relates to commercial, contract, family, employment, probate, property, etc., you and your clients can be sure that your documents will be translated accurately and using correct legal terminology.

There are multiple cases where the translation of foreign documents into English and vice-versa might be necessary. Below are some of the areas language translation services can assist law firms with:

  • Legal documents for immigration purposes
  • Copyright, patent and trademark
  • Business contracts for overseas transactions
  • Financial records involving foreign banks
  • Corporate documents i.e. T&C, warranty
  • Regulatory translation for businesses expanding overseas
  • International fraud claims
  • E-discovery for litigation claims
  • Agreements
  • Articles of association
  • Certificates
  • Company documents
  • Contracts
  • Convincing documents
  • Court documents
  • Court judgments
  • Employment contracts
  • European enforcement orders
  • Legislation
  • Notarized deeds
  • Powers of attorney
  • Registration documents
  • Trademark applications and oppositions
  • Wills

The global community is becoming more widespread and with the high number of workers settling in the UAE, legal caseloads involving overseas clients will continue to increase. Therefore, a language translation agency that is equipped to handle a high volume of legal translations is an important partner for law firms to have on your team.

In order to guarantee high quality we ensure the following:


  • All translators are native speakers.
  • All translators have successfully completed a degree in translation and/or have a degree or relevant experience in a specific field.
  • All the translations are checked by another translator.
  • An experienced project leader acts as your contact person.
  • We build a client portfolio and a client specific translation memory.


Our Translators are selected according to their specialist skills in areas requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology such as technical translation - financial translation, legal translation and marketing translation.

With a network of over 100 specialist translators world-wide, there’s a friendly, language-loving translator available to help at any time.

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