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People, Passion and Perspective  

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We recently celebrated six years of Paul Beare Ltd: six years of hard work supporting clients. Over the last 18 months, Covid has taken its toll on a lot of us. And although itís sad that it took a global pandemic to re-evaluate life decisions, it has also put things into perspective.

Over six years, we have helped more than 300 clients with a whole range of different endeavors: from navigating UK compliance to investing for growth. I havenít done it alone: and Iíve met some wonderful friends throughout the journey. And itís the people that underpin my values that cascade throughout the team. There is no hierarchy within our company culture.

I recall vividly at the beginning of the pandemic, when a client asked me what protocols we had in place to continue supporting them as the outbreak began to spread.  People werenít working from home at this point, but were still unsure of the massive impact Covid would eventually create. We were providing this client with payroll support, and unsurprisingly, they were concerned whether we could continue to support them if we became a victim to the virus. 

My response was simplewe were already working from home, as we have always done so. 

Six years ago, I took a decision to ďgo it aloneĒ, and not work for someone else. I wanted to work with a team, rather than for a team. One of the key aspects of that ethosĖalthough recent events have changed that Ėis that I would be travelling for a considerable amount of the year, soI wanted everything to be cloudĖbased. This is pre-O365 and the huge range of tools that cloud-based platforms now offer. 

Using the cloud,it didnít matter where I was in the world, or in fact where my team was.Indeed, just a few months ago, we engaged a new colleague in Wanaka New Zealand, to support those clients who are based in Asia/Pacific. 

I recently saw a post on LinkedIn asking employees where they wanted to work. 

  • 7% wanted to go back to the office full time
  • 62% wanted to work from home
  • 31% wanted a hybrid option 

Itís a classic conclusion:

Productivity doesnít come from pizza parties. It comes from happy employees.  

Iím proud to have such a passionate team supporting me as we grow, and supporting our clients as they grow too. Itís truly inspiring to see a new UK setup with turnover of zero, grow to be an £8m+ turnover within six months. Itís also fulfilling to work with owner-managed businesses closely and share their vision and passion for the future. Hereís to many more years of the same. 

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