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Liquidation of Companies in Bulgaria

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Liquidation of Companies in Bulgaria

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Our law office, acting as company lawyers In Bulgaria, works with many legal issues & problems.

However, dissolving or liquidation a companies may be a voluntary procedure. Sometimes the decision has to be adopted by the company’s shareholders, or a company might merge with another legal entity.

The company lawyers in Bulgaria are the specialist for dissolving or liquidating a company in Bulgaria which may also be mandatory – may be the company experiences bankruptcy procedures, or a decision may be adopted by the Bulgarian court. We, as company lawyers in Bulgaria, do work also from the whole legal process of setting up a company in Bulgaria and including it in the Commercial Act of the Republic of Bulgaria. Completing of the winding up process requires undertaking certain actions and the owners may ask for the services of a law office in Bulgaria to assist with the formalities.
Regardless of the reasons which have resulted in liquidation of companies, our team of company lawyers in Bulgaria will be happy to provide assistance and legal counsels for the full duration of the procedure.

Legal steps required for dissolution and liquidation ofcompanies in Bulgaria

The whole procedure for liquidation of a company in Bulgaria starts with accepting a decision by the shareholders of the company, or a ruling by a competent Bulgarian court. We, having a professional company lawyer in Bulgaria, move the procedure and prepare the documents on the first stage which consists the full suspension of the company operations – the stage of dissolving the company. Dissolving & Liquidation of company in Bulgaria, as a first phase is required because the company has to terminate any and all businesses and procedures before its assets are transferred to any other party.

The company liquidation in Bulgaria shall be started and dissolved with a decision of the shareholders. The legal decision for a company liquidation in Bulgaria is adopted with a majority of the shareholders (at least 75% of the company equity). Following the company decisions, the manager of the company has to notify the National Revenue Agency of this company decisions and of the start of the liquidation procedures in a Trade & Commercial Register.

Despite the fact that the company still exists for the duration of the liquidation procedure, it may not perform any business activity. Following the conclusion of the procedure, the company will no longer exist and shall be deleted from the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria.

The most relevant step in the liquidation procedure in Bulgaria, according to our Bulgarian company lawyers, is settling any and all payables and debts of the company to other parties. The assets of the company have to be divided amongst all company creditors and any remaining assets of the company shall be divided between all shareholders. This is an out-of-court procedure involving all partners in the company and all creditors.

Insolvency procedure against the company

An insolvency procedure against the company may be initiated by any other party during the liquidation procedure, if the insolvency procedure in Bulgaria has been complied with. After this procedure is finalized, a liquidator shall be appointed and the role of the liquidator is to terminate the company. The liquidator may be a former manager of the company, or any other person appointed by the Commercial Register of the Republic of Bulgaria. Our Bulgarian company lawyers are ready to prepare all the documents necessary and to submit them in the court, if the liquidation procedure is required.

The liquidator shall have the right to undertake any and all actions necessary to complete the liquidation and shall represent the company before the competent authorities. The responsibilities of the liquidator shall include, among other things:

  • terminating any current deals;
  • collecting debts;
  • conversion of any assets into cash-at-hand;
  • repaying all loans to creditors;
  • preparing a balance sheet;
  • terminating the company’s accounts.

Any and all new transactions during this period will only take place for converting the assets into money, or concluding any other actions related to the liquidation. A liquidation certificates shall be issued by the National Revenue Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria. This certificate of liquidation, along with the shareholder’s decision to liquidate the company, the appointment of the liquidator and a report, which details the manner for the performance of the liquidation procedure, are to be submitted to the Commercial Register. Our Bulgarian company lawyers can help you with submitting any and all of the legal documents necessary.

Finalizing the company liquidation procedure in Bulgaria

The liquidator of the company has to ensure that all creditors of the company will file their claims. The existing claims may be submitted maximum within six months after the delivery of the liquidation announcement to the creditors. After all liabilities have been settled and all assets of the company have been divided, the liquidator shall take any and all measures necessary for deleting the company from the Commercial Register in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Liquidation of a company in Bulgaria will take not more than six months, also by existing claims. Our Bulgarian company lawyer can prepare all documents necessary and suggest you a legal assistance for dissolving and liquidating the company.

Article supplied by International law office D.Vladimirov & Partners


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