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Making it as a blogger: Choosing the right name

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Making it as a blogger: Choosing the right name

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You like writing, you are eager to get your ideas out, maintain your independence, but would still like to climb some kind of a career ladder?

How about blogging your way to the top?

The World Wide Web has opened up an ocean of information, and even supplies us with the necessary means for fishing, preparing and selling the content we think important.

The very first consideration should obviously be your subject. But lacking an idea or a passion for a specific niche possibly already disqualifies you as a blogger. Millions of people set up blogs, looking fancy with easy-to-use templates. You really need to be passionate and have something worth telling.

If you are not discouraged yet, you might as well enjoy the ride and do it properly. The very first operational step is choosing a name from a web hosting service..

There are a few things to take into consideration:

Keep it simple

One of marketing’s core values it to be memorable, and simplicity is usually a good tool for that. Of course, you shouldn’t aim for ordinariness, but the length and complexity of a URL should not be too playful. Try to create a name no longer than two or three words, no unusual spelling (‘z’ instead of ‘s’ is only allowed if you were a legit rapper in the '90s) and avoid phonetic confusions.

Focus on your brand

Remember that the domain name is often the first thing potential readers see. It has to hint at what they can be expecting on your blog. You don’t need to be full-on descriptive, but you should give the recipient enough info to get started – and to get interested.

Don't forget about Google

Google wants to help people find exactly what they are searching for. That means you have to let Google know what your page is about. Keyword is the key word here. If you’ve got a clever and funny blog name but it has no bearing on your actual content, then it is unlikely that your URL is going to be within the first few options of a search. You don’t have to make it boring as hell just so it ranks well, but you need to be able to strike that balance between witty and useful.

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