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How many times have you looked at an exchange rate and had that horrible sinking feeling? You waited to book a currency exchange and now the market's moved against you. Want to avoid that feeling? We thought so. This is why we give you the option to place an Order.

Place a Profit Order to achieve a rate better than what the current market is offering or a Stop-Loss Order to protect yourself in a falling market and can ensure your funds get to your supplier or staff overseas on time. Startup Overseas can secure the rate no matter what the time and make sure you get the most from your money.

All you have to do is tell us what your desired exchange rate is and we will monitor the market for you 24/7. If your rate becomes available at any time, we will make your booking and send you a confirmation email on what to do next.

How it works…

A motor cycle importer needs to make a EUR 250,000 payment in 10 daystime.

The current rate of exchange is 1.4825 Euros to the Pound requiring the importer to pay £168,634 to buy the required amount of Euros.

He would like to pay less for the Euros and decides to place a Profit-Order at a rate of 1.4925. FTT Global monitors the currency exchange rates 24/7 for him and in three daystime at 4am, the currency exchange rate hits 1.4925.

The Profit-Order immediately triggers and the client achieves the desired exchange rate of 1.4925. Startup Overseas immediately notifies the importer that the rate has been achieved and the importer now only pays £167,504. He makes a total saving £1,130 on his currency exchange.

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