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Companies created in Spain May 2018

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Companies created in Spain May 2018

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The Spanish Institute of National Statistics have collated figures from the mercantile registry for the incorporation of companies in Spain during May 2018.

The information released includes;

  • Total number of companies formed
  • Number of companies dissolved
  • A breakdown by region
  • Increases in capital of companies
  • Average capital of new companies formed
  • Data by business sector

The data from the mercantile registry often confirms and reflects the general state of the economy and confidence levels.

New company formations May 2018

During the month of May 2018 a total of 8,830 companies were formed throughout Spain.

This is a slight increase of 0.5% compared with May 2017.

The most common types of company entity in Spain are;

S.L. (sociedad limitada) with a minimum share capital of €3,000. This is a limited liability company similar to LLC in the US and a Ltd company in the UK.

S.A. (sociedad anónima) with a minimum share capital of €60,000. This is the equivalent of a Corporation in the US and a PLC in the UK.

Of the companies formed in May 2018 8,784 were S.L.s and 45 were S.A.s.

Capital of companies

The average share capital for newly formed companies in May 2018 was €44,601.

In addition to new formations, some 2,565 companies increased their share capital.

Companies Dissolved

The number of companies dissolved in May 2018 was 1,522.

Of these companies 1,085 were dissolved voluntarily, 182 concluded a merger and 255 for other reasons.

Company formation by region

Spain is divided into 17 autonomous regions. The figures released by the Spanish Institute of National Statistics provides a breakdown by region.

The number of companies formed by region was as follows;

  • Andalucía 1,499
  • Aragón 166
  • Asturias 119
  • Balearics 312
  • Canary Islands 341
  • Cantabria 69
  • Castilla y León 271
  • Castilla – La Mancha 263
  • Cataluña 1,635
  • Cumunitat Valenciana 1,071
  • Extremedura 103
  • Galicia 346
  • Madrid 1,949
  • Murcia 257
  • Navarra 74
  • Pais Vasco 283
  • La Rioja 41

Company formation by business sector

A breakdown of companies formed by business sector is as follows;

  • Commerce 20.8% of company formations in May 2018
  • Real estate, finance & insurance 15.5%
  • Construction 14.7%
  • Hospitality 10.5%
  • Professional services 9.4%
  • General services 7.3%
  • Industry & energy 7%
  • Administration & auxiliary services 4.6%
  • Information & communications 4.3%
  • Agriculture & fishing 3%
  • Transport & logistics 2.9%

The business sectors experiencing the greatest amount of dissolved companies were commerce, construction, industry & energy.

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