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AEI hits 100!

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AEI hits 100!

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AEI Saudi was founded in 2012 by two people working out of a borrowed office near the Kingdom Tower in central Riyadh. Our guiding principle was that:

When one person gives something to another, a trade of some kind has likely occurred. Trade is one of the few ways that people genuinely connect. By supporting foreign companies to trade in the Kingdom, we hence connect people from all over the world with Saudi Arabia and vice versa. In this way we bring the world closer together and play our part in making it more harmonious for all.

We appreciate the concerns being expressed around the world with regards to recent events dominating Saudi headlines. However we remain steadfast in our commitment to Saudi Arabia and to the above principle; because we know it is only through dialogue and mutual cooperation that progress in the Kingdom will, and must, continue to be made.

With this in mind, Stuart and I are particularly pleased to announce that, six years on from our first day working from that borrowed office, AEI now employs over 100 staff located throughout the Kingdom. This is a hugely significant milestone in any company’s journey and one that we are all extremely proud of. We also know that this year-on-year growth could not have been achieved without the hard work and success of not only our team but also of our clients, suppliers and all of their teams.

Finally, by way of introduction, I would like to welcome two more staff to AEI. Scott Kennedy has taken up the role of Head of Programmes and will oversee our largest deliveries and lead on our client-facing consultancy services. Scott joins AEI with 14 years’ experience of Operations and International Management Consultancy, having supported multiple governmental change programmes in the Middle East and Europe. As part of Scott’s team we also welcome Alan Godfrey, who will take over as AEI Manpower Services Manager. Alan has been in the Kingdom for almost 4 years and brings with him significant experience in Supply Chain Management, Employability and Recruitment. Alan has worked for a number of the largest UK employability and welfare service providers.

The remainder of 2018 continues to look eventful with AEI hosting trade missions from both the US and the UK this month and next.Not to mention our next major announcement due before the year is out..

Here’s to the next 100!


Article supplied by Arabian Enterprise Incubators

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