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Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing Part 2

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Seemed impossible, real now: unmissable opportunities of employment outsourcing Part 2

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In our previous news we wrote about trends that give rise to increasing popularity of employment outsourcing and emphasized the unique benefits it gives to businesses. In today's post I would like to touch on how companies of different sizes can benefit from apparent benefits of this business phenomenon.

Small businesses

Employment outsourcing makes the most sense for small businesses that cannot always afford to hire full-time human resources staff. Start-ups in particular do not always have enough workload to justify hiring full-time employees. Besides projects of a few months' duration often require temporary staff.

This is where remote work comes in place.The advantages of working remotely are too visible to ignore. When managing remote employees managers can distribute work among the employees in a more efficient way, avoid various distractions that do not exist at home as well as get better performance because motivation may differ. According to surveys of 1,000 Americans, 67 percent feel more productive when working remotely and an even higher percentage of big companies take advantage of home and virtual offices.

So, surprising as it may seem employment outsourcing gives business owners an opportunity to run a truly international business even without ever hiring a single employee.

Large businesses

Owners and heads of established businesses clearly realize they cannot possibly handle all processes their business involves and that it is no use being a jack-of-all-trades. Nor does it seem possible. Instead, they turn to outsourcing certain aspects of their business, from basic functions to human resources specifically.So, outsourcing lets them focus on their core competencies while another company focuses on theirs.Similar to that all individuals do the same thing when turning to professionals for plumbing or car repairs services.

Other unique opportunities of employment outsourcing for businesses of all sizes

  • Developing a global mindset and an international view of different legal and political environments helping to successfully handle unforeseen changes.
  • Opportunity to travel the world for free investing your time and effort into the development of the company you are working for.
  • Geographic barriers reduction or elimination with more and more companies choosing to outsource to locations that have a reputation for high service delivery.
  • Access to better products, services and innovative technologies which otherwise will not be available or necessary.

Exclusivity.Exclusive market information about foreign customers/prospects, marketplaces or market situations that are not known to others can serve as a strong competitive advantage of your business.

Our company offers employment solutions in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, ex-Soviet Union plus Central Asia to help companies instantly enter or start serving their clients in 33 emerging markets.We assist export companies in FMCG, Agriculture, Automotive, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals as well as IT and Telecom companies with their entry to our region in search of new business opportunities and outside expertise. We also help international IT and Telecom contractor recruitment agencies meet the needs of their clients.

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