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If You Build It, Will They Come?

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If You Build It, Will They Come?

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The famous quote from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams has been repeatedly used over and over again to affirm any type of action desiring a specific reaction, particularly in business.

Branding and Marketing

Whether you are thinking of expanding an existing business into new territories, or you are creating something entirely fresh from the ground up, a contemporary market and an original business venture requires new marketing and branding tactics.

First you need to identify what exactly you want your image to be and develop a brand voice, and then you need to develop an initial strategy in order to direct your marketing efforts. Startups have a particular advantage of being able to leverage the personal or human connection and to tell a great story of how the brand came into being, so be sure to use that to your advantage, along with your other content marketing strategies.

Of course you need to also look professional and credible, as well as actually show up on the radar for people to actually come across the brand that you have so carefully crafted. Having invested a good amount of time and energy into your web design and business operation and services, be sure to also invest in SEO strategies and to optimise your website as best as possible to generate a high level of traffic and conversion. If you are unsure of your website performance, use a website checker like this one to assess how well your site meets the optimisation criteria.

Selling your Product

Once you have caught the eye of some potential clients or investors with the professional branding of your business, it’s now time to sell your product or service for all that you know it is worth. Your product or service is after all the whole reason that you founded your startup, so you need to relay not only the value and benefit of your product, but your own passion about it. There are many great selling essentials for startups, but one of the biggest advantages is selling something unique, new, and full of potential, backed by exceptional passion and commitment.

Building Relationships with Customers and Partners

Like with any business, the journey doesn’t end at the sale. This part is especially crucial for startups, as the repeat business or continued partnerships and investments are crucial to your overall business’ success. Of course building great customer relationships isn’t easy, but then again, almost anything that is worthwhile doesn’t come easily. You need to invest in networking to establish original connections, and then maintain communication through social media and email marketing campaigns. Obviously, if the situation presents itself, personally tailored email correspondence or phone conversations with potential partners or investors is also important.

Generating some kind of customer loyalty program is also highly beneficial; by rewarding your loyal customers, they not only return the favour to you by remaining loyal and giving you repeat business, but their word of mouth actually carries significant weight. In fact, good word of mouth can be one of the best sales tactics that a startup can bank on. Some startups increase their business exponentially just because of a good word of mouth that actually goes further than all of their marketing and branding efforts. Building and maintaining relationships takes time, but it is one of the biggest keys to success that any startup can invest in.

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