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What's wrong with your advertising flyers?

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What's wrong with your advertising flyers?

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Designing a great advertising flyer can be a tricky business and while you might think thereís nothing wrong with yours, weíre sorry to say that there are probably a few aspects turning your customers off from you and your business.

In this digital age you probably think your advertising flyers can get lost amongst the social media and paid for ad placement babble people are used to, but thereís still something satisfying about receiving a physical advertisement through the letterbox Ė if itís something you need, of course.

Remember, your advertising flyer isnít for everyone and it will probably end up in the recycling bin nine times out of ten but if you ensure the design is intriguing and conveys the message clearly you might be remembered for the future.

So first, make sure your message is clear. People can sometimes hire graphic designers now who are a little too experimental when it comes to design. The end result might leave you with a very attractive flyer but one that is such a jumble of numbers and words in nice fonts that youíre not really sure what its purpose is.

Your layout is the next issue to tackle before paying for flyer printing from Helloprint. People want to know who you are before anything, so your logo or company name should be bold and clear. Next they want to know what youíre selling and finally why they should do business with you.

Colour schemes are also important and evoke different meanings from those looking at your advertising flyers. Many companies use the colour red if they are advertising a sale or discount, simply because red is believed to reduce rational thinking and encourage impulsivity with its dangerous connotations.

Think about the message you are trying to convey and use colour wisely. Sure, you might want to make your flyer bright yellow to match your company logo but if youíre selling bedding intended to offer you a good nightís sleep then yellow probably isnít the best colour to use.

Your actual content is also very important. People will quickly notice spelling mistakes and grammatical errors or content that could be deemed offensive. Keep your content simple, a line that calls your customers to action is important as well as a few bullet points detailing what you offer. You donít need wordy paragraphs to convey your message; you donít need to be too clever.

Finally, another thing that could be wrong with your advertising flyers is the fact that thereís only a phone number on there. People donít make phone calls now; sad but true, they simply want to browse your website, follow you on social media and then send you an email with an enquiry if theyíre interested. Always include your website, email, social media URLs (if they are used often) and finally, your telephone number, in an attempt to cater to everyone.

You might have believed your advertising flyers were in good shape but once you consider these points - and go back through your design with a fine tooth comb - you might realise you were sending out the wrong messages, or that there was a glaring spelling error in the midst of the copy, that deterred potential customers from reaching out to you.

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