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How UK Businesses Can Attract Younger Customers

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How UK Businesses Can Attract Younger Customers

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Many businesses already feel as though they have enough customers, or at least enough to stay sustainable and keep growing. However, people spend less as they age, so the businesses that understand this strive to keep attracting younger customers or create a youthful customer base. Getting younger people to embrace and adopt your brand can be challenging, especially if they already view you as a brand for older customers.

Thankfully, doing so is not impossible, but it will take work and is easier for some businesses than others. It will entail looking beyond your business and encompass everything you do online and after making the initial sale. Here are some practical ways to solve this puzzle, attract younger customers, and convert them into long-term paying customers.

Redesign Your Website

Younger customers expect a lot from business websites that they will spend their time and money on. They expect it to be designed expertly, but also intuitive and easy to use and navigate. They want it to load fast and be usable on their mobile devices, where most purchases and conversions now happen.

Contact web development agencies that have worked with brands that target the same younger audience you are. They will design the website with the understanding that the preferences and expectations of younger audiences are different from those of older ones.

Rethink Your Content Strategy

In the past, textual content was king. However, that has changed in recent years, with video emerging as the preferred information and marketing medium. Younger people are flocking to social media platforms that have embraced video like TikTok and Instagram. If your business is not creating content for these platforms and their younger audiences, you are doing it a disservice.

Once you have researched to discover the types of video and content that would appeal to your target audience, you can use tools like Adobe Express to create ones that capture and keep the attention of those who watch them. The longer you can keep them engaged, the higher the chance they will convert. Longer watch times can also boost brand recognition, awareness, and memorability.

Improve Your Social Media Presence

Improving your social media presence should go hand in hand with rethinking your content strategy. In addition to repurposing content between platforms, you also get a chance to engage directly with and market to people between the ages of 20 and 29 who are the biggest social media users.

These platforms also allow people to buy what they see in a post. By improving your social media presence, you increase the likelihood of your posts being seen by more people, boosting conversion and sales.

When doing this, consider the social media platforms that would work best for your business; ideally, pick those where your target audience congregates. Next, create targeted posts to attract them. You can use these posts to get them into your funnels and let your digital marketing team take over.

Remember, maintaining a social media presence is also about consistency, so post often and engage as much as possible for the best results.

Leverage the Latest Marketing Trends

Younger customers change the market all the time through their behaviour and are more likely to be influenced by trends than older audiences. Understanding these two things will help you be at the forefront of leveraging market changes and the latest changes before your competitors do.

You could start by learning about established trends and keeping an eye on social media to know when new ones appear, and old ones disappear. Doing so will help you remain proactive, offering your target audience what they want before anyone else does. If you are first to notice and take advantage of a trend, that could be huge for your business when it gains traction.

Make Everything as Convenient as Possible

Younger people are not as patient as older ones and will abandon a business at the first sign of friction. You should have removed most of it when designing your website, but it is still crucial to provide convenient experiences.

For example, businesses have realised the value of providing different payment options, and you should, too. Such experiences can enhance brand affiliation and help build brand loyalty that will pay dividends in the future.

Businesses that are not looking forward and putting strategies in place to attract younger audiences and customers risk seeing sales and revenue drops as their currency customer base ages. Understanding young customers’ expectations, needs, and wants already puts you far ahead of your competitors and is a long-term strategy that will pay off.

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