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Bulgarian Construction Law Requirements

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Bulgarian Construction Law Requirements

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Based on the Construction Law in Bulgaria the construction of a building could be divided in four major stages:

Getting of building permission– that document represents the official start of the building process. It is issued by the municipality council per location of the future building and after the architectural plan of the building has been given and approved. Every building without this document, even if finished, is illegal according to the Cosntruction Law and is to be demolished by the competent authorities.

Our Construction Law lawyers can you assist you the issuing of the Building Permission. Call:+359 (897) 90 43 91.

Issue of Certificate for rough construction, roof level, (Act 14)– this act certifies that certain stage of the construction process is reached. More specifically, the separate floors, staircases, outdoor and indoor walls, as well as the roof of the building are completed.

During the construction process the authorities issue an acceptance of the completed works by the investor and the supervisor

The completion of construction is certified by execution of a protocol (the so called “Act 15”) which is signed by the investor, the designer, the contractor and the supervisor. Act 15 is the document evidencing the delivery and acceptance of the completed works between the contractor and the investor. With it, they certify that the works have been executed in compliance with the approved design, the “as-built” drawings, the legal requirements for the construction works and the terms of the construction contract.

This Certificate called Act 15, the supervisor prepares a final report on the execution of the works. the inside doors are fixed at that stage, as well as the water pipes, electric wiring, central heating, the outdoor and indoor plastering is completed. The executor of the construction works hands over the building to the investor.

Issue of Certificate for Permission for usage (Act 16)– the building is completed in full at that stage. It is examined by government construction authorities if it corresponds to the initial architectural project about which the building permission is received and the other technical requirements and the construction legislation. The buyer could now inhabit the apartment or it could be rented.

These four stages are absolutelyobligatoryand a must according to the Bulgarian Construction Law and our company provides professional consulting services and negotiaton assistanceship bteween the foreign investors and the construction contractors.


Real Estate and Construction

Throughout the years of our practice in the fields of construction law we actively took part into the development of projects, linear and site infrastructure projects, gas stations, environmental and water projects, waste treatment facilities construction projects, etc.

We have experience at all stages of the construction process – from the proper development of a detailed zoning plan procedure, giving the frames of the future construction project, and providing due diligence support to dispute resolution through court and adjudication and less formal resolution procedures.

We are also able to provide legal advice upon the necessary demolition of equipment, whose operation is terminated, and the related consequent land restoration procedures.

We are used to work in each and every step of the construction process, including demolition of lawful buildings and the consequent waste management issues.

Our practice includes legal advice and drafting of

  1. various types of contracts needed for the organization and implementation of the construction process, i.e. design contracts,
  2. EPC contracts,
  3. design supervision contracts,
  4. construction supervision contracts.

We represent our clients in the negotiations on the specific terms and conditions, rights, obligations and responsibilities of the participants in the construction process.

Our team coordinates the necessary matters with civil engineers, designers and other experts who help us deliver first class and effective legal support.

LAST changes in the construction law in Bulgaria

Аfter it came into force last month, changes in the law on spatial planning, which set the functions of the Ministry of regional development and the new Ministry of investment design, the management decided to make new revisions in the law.

The legal act to be divided into two separate, one will govern the territory, and the other will affect the investment process in construction.

Before that, however, will be prepared a “map” of the problems in the legislation and the obstacles placed in front of the business. On this basis will be made and changes in legislation to alleviate regulatory regimes.

The deputy hopes that with the new changes in the law will stimulate investment in construction. In his words, the decline of investments is not due only to the crisis, and the conditions under which they are forced to operate at the moment investors – without predictability in terms of time for the realization of the projects, their price, as well as participants in the entire investment process.

Another major problem that hinders the investments, is the lack of general development plans of municipalities. A total of 262 municipalities, 220 do not have urban plans, which investors must demonstrate the compatibility of the projects, the territory.

Regardless of whether you are a contractor with a changed conditions claim, an owner of a real estate property on where a landslide occurred and caused damage to another property we can help and consult you.

If you have any Construction Law issues and you need an expert lawyer to protect your rights all you have to do is to contact our Bulgarian law office.

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