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Conducting Business In Ghana

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Conducting Business In Ghana

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· As a rule, your first approach to a Ghanaian company should be by email followed by a call. The country code is +233. Mobile phones are extremely common and are the default form of communication for most business contact. Connection quality varies on local and international calls, and the latter are more expensive. Internet access is common in cities.

  • The best time to call is 0900-1200hrs and 1330-1500hrs local time. NB: Ghana operates on GMT time zone
  • You may also consider buying a local SIM and "pay-as-you-go" cards for your stay in Ghana.


  • Obtaining a visa for Ghana can take about two (2) weeks. So apply for your visa as soon as you can.
  • GTC team can provide a visa facilitation letter to business visitors (through TMIS only) and liaise with the respective Ghana High Commission/Embassies abroad.


  • Greetings in Ghana are important. New arrivals to the country should try to remember not to greet, eat, direct or give things out with the left hand. All greetings start with a handshake and start from the right and work round to the left – no matter the hierarchical structure of the welcoming group. This also applies at funerals where the bereaved will be at the centre of a seated area – start at the right and work one’s way around the whole line. A lack of a formal greeting in a public forum indicates impoliteness and disrespect.
  • It is quite common for the company you visit to field three or more representatives. Ensure you bring enough business cards i.e. bring double the number you think you will need.
  • Dress code – For men Short sleeved shirts are acceptable wear in the office and for calls in town. Most staff wear trousers with shirt and tie in the office. Suits are the normal wear for official occasions. Jackets are frequently taken off, so shirts with breast pockets are useful. Women wear cotton clothes all year round. In the office the dress code is casual smart with dresses, skirts, trousers and tops or lightweight suits being customary.

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