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Bulgaria Business Services

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Opening your company’s bank accounts and also setting-up the e-banking – once your company is officially established and listed, it has got a unique company’s number. Then we shall open on your behalf your company bank account(s) in local and/or foreign currencies, depends on your wish and commercial purposes. Moreover, we shall set-up your e-banking and inquire your debit card. Just give us one day to complete all that.

  • VAT registration– it is obligatory to obtain a Bulgarian VAT number from the Bulgarian National Revenue Agency so your company to be allowed to trade. That procedure takes about 14 calendar days.
  • Registration in the Commission for Personal Data Protection– it is a fact that all working companies enter into collaboration with lots of stakeholders so they get introduced to plenty of personal data. According to the Bulgarian law, each company which is open to even one single set of personal data is obliged to get registered as an Operator of Personal Data, and to receive a unique registration number from the Commission for Personal Data Protection.
  • Registration in the Labour Inspection– it is absolutely necessary to all companies which hire personnel. Before having its first employee, the company does need to register in the Labour Inspection.
  • Selection of Industrial Medicine Agency and concluding a contract– in case your company needs an office space for the business purposes, the premises need to be compliant with the Health & Safety at work regulations. Your company ought to conclude a contract with a licensed Industrial Medicine provider who must verify that their clients strictly observe the Health & Safety at work requirements. We shall help in all the procedure in selection the proper agency and to prepare the contract.
  • EORI registration– in case your business is planning to trade with countries from outside the EU, you must get EORI number. It normally takes 5 working days. You will receive your EORI number from the National Customs Agency in Bulgaria.
  • Registration under the Law for the Excises– in case your business requires that kind of registrations, leave it to us to do it. The registration under the Law for the Excisesis necessary to be done prior to your company’s active trading.

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