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8/3/2022 9:43:48 AM

Confined establishments approved to export ungulates to the EU

Lists of confined establishments in Great Britain, Jersey and the Isle of Man approved to export or move ungulates to the EU and Northern Ireland.

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News - Malta

  1. Sovereign acquires Azure Retirement Benefit Scheme in Malta.

    Malta 2/16/2022 8:45:12 AM

    Malta-based Sovereign Pension Services Limited has acquired ‘Azure Retirement Benefit Scheme’, which is licensed and registered with the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) as a defined contribution personal retirement scheme. It remains open to new members.

  2. Using similar goods to replace customs special procedure goods

    Malta 1/12/2022 1:29:50 PM

    Find out how you can use, process or store similar free circulation goods in place of goods that you have declared for a customs special procedure.


    Malta 1/10/2022 2:04:17 PM

    Malta’s Companies Act was amended, on 26 October, by Act LX of 2021 to introduce changes related to the qualifications required for a person to be a director of a company, as well as the registration of electronic addresses and the obligation of every company to have a register of officers’ and shareholders’ residential addresses.

  4. Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme

    Malta 5/26/2020 2:06:35 PM

    The Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme or the Malta Individual Investor Programme (MIIP) as it is commonly known is the first EU Approved citizenship programme

  5. Malta Maritime Tax Advisors

    Malta 5/26/2020 2:03:38 PM

  6. Malta Company Formation: Your Business Guide to Setting Up In Malta

    Malta 5/26/2020 2:01:35 PM

    Setting up your business in Malta? Why should you consider the Maltese islands as your hub for doing business in and what are the residency requirements?

  7. Malta One of the Best Jurisdictions to Set Up your Holding Company

    Malta 12/9/2019 12:33:41 PM

  8. Setting up your Business Company in Malta

    Malta 11/12/2019 2:12:55 PM

    General Information

  9. Your Guide to Starting a Business in Malta

    Malta 7/29/2019 5:03:41 PM

    There are many advantages to starting a business in Malta, and you may be wondering about the steps you need to take to do so yourself, read on for more.

  10. Economic Growth Forecast For All EU Countries In 2019

    Malta 2/11/2019 2:11:31 PM

  11. Open A Company In Malta

    Malta 6/15/2017 3:41:32 PM

    The most common form of business entity in Malta, be it for trading, holding or other purposes, is the limited liability company. A Maltese limited liability company may have the status of a private or public limited liability company.

  12. A One Stop Shop Service

    Malta 8/22/2016 1:21:25 PM

    DeMontford Bell is a highly renowned financial services introducer. Over the years, this company has built up a global network of financial services providers, including banks, law firms, accountants and company formation agents

  13. DeMontford Bell

    Malta 7/20/2015 9:32:08 AM

    DeMontford Bell, the UK-headquartered financial introducer, has announced that it is in talks to acquire a leading Edinburgh financial consultancy firm.

  14. Malta Company Information

    Malta 6/2/2015 9:29:33 AM

    Introduction The Republic of Malta is a small island consisting of an archipelago in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea of which only the three largest islands Malta (Malta), Gozo (Ghawdex) and Comino (Kemmuna) are inhabited. The strategically located islands constituting the Maltese nation have been ruled by various powers and fought over for centuries, and they have a deeply rooted history dating back to neolithic times.

  15. Malta Company Formation

    Malta 6/2/2015 9:05:38 AM

    Malta Holding Company

  16. Malta Holding Company

    Malta 10/16/2013 3:34:24 PM

    Malta is an ideal EU jurisdiction to establish a holding company for the purpose of holding shares in one or more entities, both within the EU and beyond. This is due to the participation exemption and other features available to the Malta Company

  17. The Corporate Tax System In Malta

    Malta 9/6/2013 3:21:45 PM

    A company registered under the laws of Malta is deemed to be ordinarily resident and domiciled in Malta and subject to tax on a world-wide basis. Any expenses incurred in the production of the income may be deducted from the income and gains derived by such company. Any gains and profits derived by a Maltese company are subject corporate income tax at the rate of 35%. The accounting profit adjusted for tax purposes is used as a basis to determine the taxable income derived by a Maltese company.

  18. The Global Residence Programme Rules

    Malta 8/7/2013 10:51:47 AM

    The Global Residence Programme Rules were introduced by virtue of Legal Notice 167 of 2013 and these rules came into force with effect from 1st July 2013.

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