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Avoid Miss-Hiring to Boost Performance

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Avoid Miss-Hiring to Boost Performance

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If you’re owning and managing a business for a long time, you might have come across at least one situation when you felt, “I wish I’d never hired him/her.” Looking back, you might recognize a lack of experience or skills, however, you released the offer for ending the cycle of CVs, interviews and phone calls. For convenience, you might have rationalized the hiring decision feeling optimistic that he/she might just require few training sessions to nail the work. Does it work out?

Organizations are as good as its employees, however, hiring a suitable candidate is difficult and on several occasions not well done. For an organization hiring a right individual is the most important task. There are several reasons for mis-hiring which happens in companies and to generalize isn’t easy, as every job is different as is every company. Additionally, the stakeholders and ecosystem in every organization are different.

Hiring comprises a lot of guess work. CVs range from exaggerated ones to blunt lies. Most people who finally make the cut quite often do so by defeating the screening process, and you’re left predicting who can do a decent job based on subjective preferences and instinct.

As the unemployment drops, employers find it hard filling the vacancies. Possibly there aren’t sufficient resumes, or the pool of candidates doesn’t match your requirement. It is very enticing to hire the best available candidate and move forward as you require people. However, if you mis-hire, it would cost your business lot of money, hurt the morale of existing good employees, and you might find yourself tangled in the legal web which accompanies un-hiring.

It also includes the negative productivity caused by injecting the poor performers into the organization. The existing employees need to help the struggling newbie, spend the time to fix the mistakes, mend relationships with the customers, and at times apologize to the vendors. There’s no benefit in settling for someone who cannot get your job done.


Looking closely at the following could improve the outcomes:

Compatibility: Organizations today are clever enough in hiring smart candidates with good educational credentials, intelligence, track record and adequate experience with good organizations. Though, at times it results in miss-hiring due to compatibility issues of candidates with the new ecosystem, culture, and frame of mind of the stakeholders in the organization. At times, there’s a complete mismatch because of inadequate attention is given to the all-important compatibility of a candidate with stakeholders and whether such candidate’s DNA would be compatible with the boss and the organization as a whole. It is crucial to apprehending what sort of a person would work best with the major stakeholders, particularly the candidate’s boss, for determining not just the relationship but also the end result. Incompatibility could be disastrous for the candidate and also for the organization.


Avoiding Absurdness in Job Description: Job descriptions more often than not nothing more than just a paper with a list detailing the duties. Most of the times, these job descriptions would be outdated or would have been picked from duties of the last person handling such job instead of the key deliverables which are relevant now. Focusing on key stuff in the job description would yield better results rather than making it bulky and vague. Hence, organizations must invest time for getting clarity on key deliverables and also prioritize them.

Understanding the CV: CV is a crucial document which helps the hiring manager in understanding what a candidate could offer. It’s advisable to insist on a three or four page CV. A short CV with career objectives and adjectives wouldn’t help. It is also equally important to meet a candidate at least twice to understand him/her better.


How recruitment agencies can help you in avoiding miss-hires

In most of the cases, employers require a specialist to support their hiring strategies. Employing a recruitment agency for identifying and attracting talent, and negotiating terms could relieve the company from a huge amount of work pressure. This approach could assist organizations in finding the right set of people they require for moving forward, arrange interviews, and get them onboard within budget.

The advantage of employing a recruitment agency is that theywork both with the professionals hunting for career opportunities as well as employers searching for the right talent. As such, HR consulting firms are ideally placed bridging the gap between these two parties. The understanding and expertise recruitment consultants hold abouthow to avoid mis-hiring could be very valuable; they have their own database of candidates looking for work along with the necessary details. Once the employer creates a vacancy and has established the roles, HR consultants can go about finding right people for such position. Recruitment consultants have strong networks and concise ideas of where to find such individuals.

If you’re looking for best HR consulting firmsemploy the one which hasbroad knowledge about the individual segments of jobs market and talent which is available in specific localities. HR consultants also understand the employers’ goals and requirements. It means they’re in a good position to source skilled and proficient individuals capable of doing the required job.

When interviewing applicants, the advantage of usingrecruitment agencies is that they couldconduct interviews on behalf of the employer, which could save money and time.Top HR consulting firms like Interactive Recruiters follow a process which reduces the time for both candidates as well as the employers.They initially provides screening of the candidate, mostly over the phone. This narrow down the pool of applicants. The HR consultants go through the shortlisted candidates after the initial screening and exclude profiles which are unsuitable for the overall process. They also conduct background verification of the selected candidates, implying that the HR department of the employer doesn’t have to do so. A recruitment agency could also advise the employer about whatquestions to ask during the interview.

Recruitment consultantsspend all their day working to offer staffing solutions for various organizations across a wide range of sectors such as financial services, finance and accounting, technology, office administration and interim management. As such, they’re equipped with significant expertise and market insight, nationally, internationally, and locally, which the employers could tap into when they plan for their recruitment strategy.

HR consulting firms understand the needs of the employer and expectations of the candidate which means they can help employers in avoiding mis-hiring and making educated decisions that would have a positive impact on their bottom line. Employers don’t have to do all alone when it comes to recruiting. Recruitment agencies can help organizations and businesses access their experience and skills they require, in time, without breaking their bank.

Finally, running a business successfully requires jumping of hurdles every day. Management could make their business a little easier if they could avoid creating further hurdles with regrettable decisions with respect to mis-hiring. It is a well-known thing that proficient employees are the building blocks of every successful organization. The progress of the organization is directly proportional to the talent which it acquires. In today’s competitive business environment, an ideal candidate could turn out to be a crucial asset that an organization could use as a stairway to success and credibility. Contact any specialized startup and management consulting firm who could guide your business and HR processes.

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