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Preparing to Move Overseas for a Franchise Start-Up - Five Tips to Make the Process Smoother

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Preparing to Move Overseas for a Franchise Start-Up - Five Tips to Make the Process Smoother

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As an owner of a franchise, there are all sorts of benefits that you are able to take advantage of. Because it isnít a brand new start-up in the sense of a new name, vision, and business plan, youíve already got that built-in brand recognition that can help you to establish a customer base right out of the gate.

You can also typically access such ever-important items as marketing tools and materials, training guides, software systems and equipment, and much more.

Another big benefit is that depending on the franchise you are opening, you arenít just limited to your home country. Opening a new franchise can often allow you to relocate overseas and really experience something new and exciting in life.

If youíre in the middle of preparing for an overseas move in order to open up a new franchise, here are five tips that can make your life a whole smoother.

Hire Professional Movers and Take the Stress Off Your Shoulders

Part of making the move smoother is to find ways to alleviate the stress thatís on your shoulders and get help where you can. Professional movers arenít just something that will come in handy; they are absolutely necessary when dealing with an overseas move. It can be hard enough to pack up all your belongings and move to a neighbouring town, never mind moving to a whole other country on a different continent.

Just be sure when you do hire a mover you look for one that has specific experience with overseas and international moves. Take for example Phillips Moving & Storage, who have decades worth of experience as well as partners all around the world; allowing them to deal with custom forms and legal paperwork with ease. So with a company like this, you know your items will all be moved securely and safely, and without any added hassle and stress on your plate.

Make Sure You Have all Travel Documentation Organized

Here's a step that should be taken well in advance of the move. Making sure you have the proper travel documentation or visa is imperative for the move to be successful. It's best to look at the country's government website to figure out what documents are needed, and then tick off the boxes.

Secure a Place to Live Before You Leave

If youíre moving to a country you have never visited before, or have only been there once or twice, it can be pretty difficult to find a place to live before you arrive. In fact, it can be downright intimidating. How do you know what the most desirable neighbourhoods are, budgeting may be a mystery since you are unfamiliar with prices, and how do you even go about the rental or purchasing process?

Youíve got a couple of options here, but both have you securing accommodations before you leave your home country. The first option is to look for a hotel or apartment that allows you to rent on a month-to-month basis. This kind of short-term rental basically buys you time so you can get to know the city/town you have moved to before finding a permanent place to live. These places come fully furnished, giving you everything you need to move in straight away and be comfortable.

Your other option is to look for a permanent place before you leave. If this is the route you plan to use, you may want to consider working with a local real estate agent that has experience with people moving from overseas. They can help to guide you where pricing is concerned, the best neighbourhoods, amenities to look for, and help you to make sense of the documents and legal process when it comes to renting or buying a property.

Start Learning the Language

For those moving to a country where a different language is used, there is no time like the present to start brushing up on it and learning the basics. Today you can enrol in online classes, attend a class in person, purchase books, and even make use of language learning apps on your mobile device. The more you learn, the more comfortable you will be when you arrive.

Learn About Your Competition

The final tip is to take the time to learn about your competition in your new town or city. Chances are you won't be the first offering the service or product, so figure out what the local market is like and where you can get a leg up on the competition. You'll want to focus on the customer base, the market trends, customer behaviour, and their preferences.

Youíre Well Prepared

By following each of these tips, youíll be ensuring that you are well-prepared for your move, which means it can go ahead smoothly and with only minor bumps and obstacles along the way.

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