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How to Choose a Career Coach

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How to Choose a Career Coach

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1. The coach you hire is going to have a direct interest in you. They will focus on your and try to find what your career needs so you can reach your income, wealth, lifestyle and equity goals. This will help in building a relationship and trust. This is important because it involves your future. It is great when there is someone who is invested in your “why”.

2. A coach will help in uncovering your strength and areas that need growth. If you want to improve your career, then you need to stretch yourself in terms of career and attitude, you are going to need to work with someone who will be exploring the different aspects of your professional life: skillsets, philosophy, work history, and even professional relationships who will be candid when doing it. Coaching is not being told how wonderful you are. Coaching is about offering new thought processes and challenging the current ones. Finding someone who will challenge you is very important when you consider hiring a professional career coach.

3. Coaches are usually experienced. Experience is one of the best teachers whether the lessons being taught are good or awful. Some usually offer great game but have never been in the trenches you are in. It is a good idea to have a coach who has been through what you are going through because they are invaluable since you can ask the same questions. Such coaches will go a long way in helping you because they will help you in conducting deep dives into opportunities you have.

4. A coach believes in you –and there are times even more than you believe in yourself. A mentor or coach can see real potential in people, even though it might not be evident to them. They will help in uncovering your hidden gifts or talents you have been ignoring and maximizing your level of confidence, which will position you for success.

5. A coach will help in providing clarity. You will notice more than one voice when you are thinking about your career, with each of the voices claiming to be the best option for you. During such instances, you need to ensure you are giving each option the attention it deserves so you can know whether you are attracted to it for all the wrong reasons. It is a good idea to have a person providing you with awareness, clear education, and discovery needed to make the right decision.

6. A coach offers unbiased feedback. Some people in coaching roles usually have hidden agendas, they will try to convince you to quickly make a decision that will benefit them, and not you. You should avoid them. A good coach is the one who will provide you with unbiased information, and give you the time to choose the right option.

7. A coach is not going to be afraid of kicking you in the tail. The process of searching for career fulfillment is not going to be easy or quick. You will have to deal with doubt and discouragement that is going to cross your mind. These are the times when the coach is going to be by your side. They will become very instrumental in challenging and encouraging you to keep moving forward. They have the necessary tools and resources needed for candid dialogue and helping you reach your goals.

8. A coach remains with you. You are not just another number, they will be invested in your journey, and they will still be in the picture even after making your career choice. They will help in dealing with the transition. They will be there to provide you with any help you might need in your new path.

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