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Legalities in Lithuania


Legalities in Lithuania

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Lithuanian Legalities

The legal system of the Republic of Lithuania recognizes accepted principles of the legal regulation of investments. The principle of equal treatment means that both Lithuanian and foreign investors are subject to similar business conditions under the Law on Investment as well as other legislation.

Working time

Average working time, including overtime but excluding agreement on additional work, cannot exceed 48 hours within each period of 7 consecutive days. Maximum working time, including both overtime and additional work, may not exceed 12 hours per day and 60 hours within each period of 7 consecutive days.

Annual leave

Employees have to be granted with annual leave not shorter than 20 business days (or not shorter than 24 business days if an employee works 6 days per week). One instalment of annual leave may not be: shorter than 10 business days;

According to new Labour Code, minimum salary may only be paid for unqualified work. Unqualified work is defined as work not requiring any special or professional skills.

Commercial Laws

Lithuania has very strict rules in advertising so check it before the start of creating. Be careful in situations when a commercial is with children or for children or using comparative advertising.

Use of misleading advertising shall be banned. Advertising of service and personal weapons and ammunition shall be permitted only in the places where these are being sold, specialised exhibits or fairs and publications specifically intended for specialists.

Since January 2018 Lithuania has a total alcohol marketing ban.

Civil / Common Law

Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania provides all information you might have to know. The Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania shall govern property relationships and personal non-property relationships related to the relations above, as well as family relationships. In the cases provided for by laws, other personal non-property relationships shall likewise be regulated by this Code.

The provisions established by this Code shall apply to property relationships based on the legal subordination of persons to state institutions and directly resultant from their exercise of functions of state power (realization of subordination), or from the performance of personsí obligations established by laws towards the state, or from the infliction of administrative or criminal sanctions determined by rules, including relationships in the field of taxation and other obligatory payments or dues to the state or to its institutions, also in the area of the state budget, as well as to any other relationships governed by the provisions of public law to the extent that these relationships are not regulated by the relevant laws, also in the cases when it is expressly prescribed by the Code.

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