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Day to Day Living in Lithuania


Day to Day Living in Lithuania

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Day to Day Living in Lithuania

Public holidays: if you already decided to choose Lithuania you should know our public holidays.


  • January 1st - New Year's event
  • February 16th - Lithuania State recovery day
  • March 11th - Lithuanian Independence Day
  • Easter - Date varies from March 22nd to April 25th.
  • May 1st - National work day
  • June 24th - Midsummer Day
  • July 6th - King of Mindaugas Coronation Day
  • August 15th - Herbal Day
  • November 1st - All Saints Day
  • December 24th - Christmas Eve
  • December 25 - 26th - Christmas


Getting around. Lithuania offers your business reliable and steady support from our local and national government. The quality of life you deserve and can afford. A balance between urbanisation and nature. A free-thinking, tolerant society that blends the best of West and East.

A place to live. Before moving forward, you should consider in which city you would like to live.

Vilnius - the capital of Lithuania, is perfect for both: urban type and nature lovers. You can choose from a classy Vilnius centre apartment or a house in one of the city's many green and large suburbs. Vilnius old town is the biggest in Eastern Europe and included in UNESCO world heritage list. Inhabitants of Vilnius are the most satisfied people in Europe.

Kaunas - an important industrial, transport, and cultural centre located in the centre of Lithuania. Its art deco buildings give you inspiration and creativity. One of the most important centres of science and education in Lithuania. Due to its perfect geographical position, you will be able to reach Klaipeda in 2 hours and capital Vilnius in less than an hour.

Klaipeda - Lithuania's port city. Located next to the Baltic Sea. Klaipeda makes it a perfect place for those who prefer the sharp bite of sea air. You will also find it easy to reach the gorgeous and famous seaside resort, Nida. Area of Nida provides fans of watersport activities like boating, windsurfing, fishing and waterskiing.

Considering how much would it cost to rent an apartment? In Lithuania, you will always be able to afford the lifestyle you deserve. A quick comparison:

Lovely apartment with one bedroom in the City Center:

Vilnius - 500 EUR;

Kaunas - 400 EUR;

Klaipeda - 400 EUR;

While in Moscow - 900 EUR, London 1900 EUR.

Education. This step is essential when considering moving to Lithuania. Kindergartens are available for children up to 5 with supervision in English, Lithuanian, Russian, German, Polish and French. Kids starting from 6-7 can enter schools with an opportunity to the Russian and Polish language of instruction. Vilnius also offers a range of international school options for studying in either English or French.

Activities and sports. In Lithuania, we are obsessed with in and outdoor activities. You will find it very easy to participate in one that you like. Despite the fact that we are basketball country, Druskininkai city can offer you Snow Arena as well as extensive range of spa complexes.

Smart commuting. Wherever you are going to live, your commute will never be more than 1 hour. Parking is cheap in range of 0.10 to 0.30 EUR for 10 minutes, and you can pay via Parking in Lithuania app.

Public transport is an integral part of Kaunas and Vilnius. Ride for a person cost 1 EUR while students can travel with 50% discount. Monthly ticket price is 28-29 EUR. Moreover, if you need fast transportation, I would suggest getting a Taxify, Uber and City bee apps.

Bicycles are becoming a more and more regular sight on the roads and pavements of Lithuanian cities. With the availability of rental bikes in Vilnius and Kaunas, this trend is genuinely set to continue.

Groceries. In Lithuania, an average person spends about 200 EUR per month. There are lots of supermarkets raised all over the city. Working hours are Monday-Sunday 08:00 to 22:00-23:00.

Utilities and more. Lithuanian tap water is among the cleanest in Europe and is perfectly drinkable. It is because 100% is taken from abundant underground sources sheltered from human interference.

Electricity in Lithuania is 230V. Power plugs have two round pins.

Heating in Lithuania can be expensive. Especially for the 55% of all dwellings (mostly Soviet-built apartments) that have central public heating without any possibilities to either regulate temperature, choose another supplier or disconnect altogether. But not for a long. Vilnius and Kaunas in the next few years are going to launch cogeneration plants with a vision to cover most of the heat demand in both cities using only biofuels and trash. Therefore, it should create competitive price and make the price much lower.

In cities, many homes still have centralised gas pipes for kitchens. Others use electricity to prepare food.

Lithuanian homeowners pay utility bills every month. Typically, every home has hot water, cold water, gas and electricity meters installed. In case the authorities suspect incorrectly declared usage, they may come to check the meter. If the utilities are left unpaid, they may be eventually turned off.

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