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Communications in Lithuania


Communications in Lithuania

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Communication in Lithuania

Telephone. To call other cities from a landline within Lithuania, dial 8, wait for the tone, then dial the area code and telephone number.

To make an international call from Lithuania, dial 00 followed by the country code.

To call Lithuania from abroad, dial Lithuania's country code (370), the area code and telephone number.

Mobile telephone services in Lithuania can be purchased by long-term contract or paid monthly. To call a mobile within Lithuania, dial 8 followed by the eight-digit mobile number. To reach a mobile from abroad, just dial 370 followed by the eight-digit mobile number.

Internet. Lithuanians can be proud having the fastest internet in the world. There is free Wifi access in most public places. Majority of restaurants, bars and cafes also have free wireless internet. If you can't find the password, just ask the bartender. A wireless network is all over the place in Lithuania. Most internet providers in Lithuania offer wireless internet at speeds of 100 Mb/s, with some companies providing rates many times greater than this.

Voice over Internet Protocol (Google talk, Skype, Viber). VoIP is a new technology which allows users to communicate through their computer verbally. Essentially a telephone call made using the internet, VoIP is becoming increasingly more common in the business world due to its low costs, and easy set-up and maintenance.

For businesses, this software is sure to phase out the traditional phone call eventually. With international calls often even less than that, VoIP is perfect if you are prone to long-distance telecommunication, or have offices, clients, partners overseas. What's more, calls made between VoIP users are typically free all you pay for is the standard internet service.

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