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Day to Day Living in China


Day to Day Living in China

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  2. SAFR- The Safest Rideshare Company In The World Looking For Franchises to operate in China

    Hello,My name is Michael Pelletz. I am the founder of SAFR, the world's safest rideshare company designed for men, women and children. We are expanding across the globe and we have recently opened up 5 franchises in Pakistan.We are looking to expand in China as well as many other countries. If you are interested, please contact me at or 508-400-1712.Best Regards,

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Day-to-day Living in China

Being a Westerner in China

The divide between Chinese people and foreigners is breaking down steadily. Foreigners are much less curious than they once were. Levels of comprehension are far higher than they were two decades ago. This is no doubt another benefit of economic liberalisation, and the staggering metamorphosis of big cities into metropolises.

It is also consequential of a Chinese desire and fascination to learn and absorb from the West. They have adopted and integrated many aspects of Western living into their own lives without jeopardising heritage and tradition.

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