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Financing a Business in Japan


Financing a Business in Japan

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Financing a Business in Japan

Government Finance

Local Government (prefectures) Loans: Although the Japanese national government does not offer subsidies for foreign investors, the local government offices have their own financial incentives, which are open to businesses regardless of their nationality. They are mostly property related and are usually in the form of long-term, low interest loans or land tax subsidies. As a result of the governments decision to encourage FDI (Foreign Development Investment) in the economy, most local offices now have a specific department for dealing with foreign investment enquiries.

Since the prefectural financial incentive schemes tend to favour companies making large investments (typically over Y500 million or £2.5 million) and employing a substantial number of employees, large manufacturers who are likely to fulfill these conditions are strongly recommended to speak to the local prefecture team.

The Embassy in Tokyo and the British Consulate-General in Osaka will be pleased to assist in establishing contact with the local prefectures.

The Development Bank of Japan (DBJ) which is a governmental bank offers low interest long term loans to foreign affiliated companies. They have a team dedicated to assisting foreign investors.

Private Finance

When attempting to secure business finance it is important to research as much as possible. It is recommended to contact your accountant. Money is their business and they can offer advice and help.

Here are possible ways of obtaining finance:

  • Floating your business on a public stock exchange: This is a way of raising money for future growth. AIM, the junior partner of the London Stock Exchange (LSE), has established itself as the preferred route for younger companies wanting to go public.
  • Bank Financing: A well researched and coherent business plan can help a business to obtain credit from their bank.

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