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advies s.r.o

Consultancy company - advies s.r.o.

Independent, clear and reliable information about Slovakia and Czech republic. Focusing on legal regulations, economics, politics, real estates and future trends.

Providing guidance, support and mediation for foreigners interested in various affairs related to Slovakia. Tailor-made market research, benchmark, economic and labour insights, company regulations, real estates, cultural standards, communication and representation.

Mainly for the clients of advies s.r.o. but also for the public sector interested in the latest happenings in the V4 region.


Virtual assistant

Your very personal care service that is dedicated to you so you can experience on all the levels of business administration the highest possible satisfaction. You don't have to hire someone who just wants to prove some time spent in your office. Pay only for the real things that have been done in favor of your company.

Representing and assisting on meetings, in front of state authorities or during other occasions. Taking care of your affairs according to your demands.

  • Empty chair in your company ?
  • Can't find the right person ?
  • Don't have the need to hire someone full-time ?
  • Need someone on short notice ?
  • Need a temporary help ?
  • Need to make a system in the work-flow ?
  • Need to manage your website ?
  • Need to translate or process your e-mails ?

Initiation, formation and management of your company in Slovakia

The initiation phase is the very beginning of the business lifecycle. You have your business idea and expectations but you must consider all the aspects how viable your start-up is in the conditions of a foreign country.​ What kind of infrastructure do I need, what level of Labour force, what mentality suits my business, what is the best region that has enough resources for my case, etc.

There are many possibilities in terms of business models to start with and how can we bring up a meaningful strategy and measurable goals with appropriate timing.

The other two steps Formation and Management of your company are more formal. Initiation on the other hand can vary from business to business, considering the environment of the concrete segment in which you work, making tailor made simulations and estimations is the very first and most important phase in order to be prepared for all possibilities and challenges standing on your path towards a successful business. The client has to be really honest to himself and provide the right data for making the right decisions.

The formation process is a strictly formal and must be performed in cooperation with a Law office or in front of a Notary. Your company is formed in 2 days after signing all the necessary documents. In two weeks you receive also your tax number and you can start to send your first invoices. The Slovak business law is characterized as "everything what's not forbidden can be done" and this means that you have to settle very clearly your relationships with owners, managing directors or customers and make clear decision channels.

You need a reliable partner. This is one of the crucial points of all 3 stages in the Company formation process. It's necessary that someone can guide you trough the first two stages and than after a successful start handle your incoming post and e-post, doing for you the translations in communication with state authorities, handling your employee's agenda, customer database, contract overview and all the other issues that you need so you can focus on your core business.

Research & Analysis of data in Slovakia

Research and analysis are two separate but closely linked activities. Research is all about detecting what is the situation, it's a fact based part and often includes extensive numeric data. Analysis is the process that follows the acquisition and explanation of diverse facts; analysis is the intellectual process of realizing consequences from the clusters of facts that have been pulled out through research.

Information is not always available from public sources and in this case it's necessary to go deeper via consultation techniques that include Online Surveys, Telephone interviews, Face to face meetings, Focus Groups etc.

​The approach depends on the demand of the client. ​Focus is placed on the client’s specific market/interest and competitors. Goal is to do the painstaking work so that we are able to provide a solid basis of information relevant to assist in strategic and operative decision-making. In addition we compile and prepare an extensive range of industry rankings already well-established in the market.

Your Real Estate agent in Slovakia

Central and Eastern Europe is very popular for their prices in the field of real estates. Compared to the West there is still a huge gap in the prices especially agricultural land but also in the terms of housing, renting, administrative space etc. Bratislava as the business and political center of Slovakia is partly competitive in the prices compared to the western countries of the EU but only few kilometers away from the capital you can find very attractive housing and business opportunities.

There isn't any relevant reason for you to relay on a real estate agency, particularly as a foreigner. My approach is very simple in the terms of real estate research on all levels, consulting the prices and possibilities across the real estate sector, taking into account also the long term view of the location and future development of the region. Real estate agents have to find a path between the demands of their employees and customers and this isn't the right way how to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction.

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