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Day to Day Living in Luxembourg


Day to Day Living in Luxembourg

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Day-to-day Living in Luxembourg

Social Security

All employees and self-employed persons must be covered by social security. Contributions are mandatory and are divided between employer and the employee.


Rental properties

If you plan to live in Luxembourg for less than five years, renting is probably the best option. However, rental properties are hard to find, especially in Luxembourg City. Most rental properties in Luxembourg are unfurnished, and the ones that do come furnished rare and generally expensive. The optimal place to look for property to rent is in local newspapers and magazines, advertisements in shop windows, and letting agents. Most landlords require a deposit of one to three months rent in advance.

Property to buy

The process of buying a property in Luxembourg is similar to the UK system. The prices for houses are high and deposit prices are around 25% and estate agents fees are high. Because of this, many Luxembourgers prefer to buy a plot of land and build their own house.


There are many modes of transport that can get you to and from Luxembourg such as regular air services to a number of European destinations. Luxembourg City is also linked by rail to most European countries.

It is also very easy to travel within and around the country. There is an excellent network of roads and motorways for car driving and there are also lots of efficient, punctual bus services which operate between all major towns.

Many people also travel by rail and there are fast and frequent schedules connecting cities and towns all around the country.

Cost of Living

The cost of living in Luxembourg is relatively high it is the second most expensive European country to acquire property. However, the high wages balance the high cost of living.

Things to do and see

There standard of living in Luxembourg is high and it offers many things to do and see. There are cinemas, theatres and a vibrant music scene.

Luxembourg boasts idyllic locations to walk, such as its lush countryside, and the landscape consists of many traditional villages and hillsides flowing with grapevines. There are also excellent bicycle paths that span the country and riversides.

For the historians amongst you, there are many castles situated around the countryside that are open to the public.

Luxembourg also has a big sport scene with favourites including golf, water-sports, climbing, and cycling.

The cuisine of Luxembourg varies and can be described as a mix between French and German. There is something to suit everyone.

Public Holidays

  • 1st January New Years's Day
  • February Carnival
  • March/April Easter Monday
  • 1st May Labour Day
  • 40th days after Easter Ascension
  • JuneWhit Monday
  • 23rd June National Day
  • 15th August Assumption
  • 1st September Luxembourg City Kermesse
  • 1st November All Saints' Day
  • 25th December Christmas Day
  • 26th December Boxing Day


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