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Communications in Russia


Communications in Russia

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Communications in Russia


The postal system in Russia is very poor and extremely slow. It is common for items to go astray. Airmail to Western Europe takes over 10 days.
Post office hours are generally 0900-1900.


The country dialling code is 7. Russia's telephone system is adequate, and nearly every house and apartment has a fixed line already installed.


Russia has three main mobile phone network providers: MTS, BeeLine, and Megafon, offering similar services and coverage. Most of the country has mobile phone coverage, except for some very remote areas. Russia also has roaming agreements with many international network providers.


Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP is a new technology which allows users to verbally communicate through their computer. Essentially a telephone call made using the internet, VoIP is becoming increasingly more common in the business world due to its low costs, and easy set-up and maintenance.

Forget installation engineers and phone number changes, as long as you have a broadband connection, you can use VoIP any time, any where.

For businesses, this software is sure to eventually phase out the traditional phonecall. For as low as 4p for local and national calls, the economical potential is vast. With international calls often even less than that, VoIP is perfect if you are prone to long-distance telecommunication, or have offices, clients, partners, etc, overseas. What's more, calls made between VoIP users are typically free all you pay for is the standard internet service.


There are a large number of internet providers, but the quality of service varies, and connections are slow and unreliable compared with other countries. Major providers include Cityline, Matrix, and Russia Online. Broadband and cable internet access is widely available.

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